Size 10 Here I Come

2 Mar

Morning Everyone,

Well I’m still plodding on with my weightloss… I’m currently 46lbs lighter, so only 2 more pounds to go until I hit 3 and a half stone lighter. I started off at 17st 4lbs in September and now I’m 13st 13lbs under 6months later… I feel so proud of myself. I’ve still got another 3 stone to do but hopefully I’ll reach that target by the end of the Summer.

A few people have been asking me what I have for my lunch at work so I’ve been taking a few pictures:



I generally have a salad with fat free cottage cheese and fish… Usually either Salmon fillet, Tuna or Mackerel. They’re always filling and naturally low in fat and calories. If you’re concerned about portion control you could always try taking your lunch to work in little tubs. That way you can’t over indulge too much.

I’m still continuing with a good range of healthy meals for an evening meal too… I mean you don’t want to bore yourself with the same old food day in and day out.



I like to make a good range of meals from something spicy to a hearty meat and veg combo. Above are a few pictures of some yummy meals I’ve Meade over this week.

Another trick up my sleeve is keeping a few essentials in my bag for when I’m out and about 20130302-095520.jpg
I always keep a little snack with me in case I get hungry and can’t find anything healthy to snack on and I always have my box of sweeteners with me in case I call in somewhere for a coffee and there isn’t a sugar alternative. I’ve gone from drinking sugary milky tea or coffee to drinking green tea and black coffee. That way there’s no hidden calories. I mean if you order a large hot chocolate with whipped cream or a large full fat latte on a regular basis then you’re potentially consuming an extra 900 calories in one drink!!! It’s crazy!

Well thank you for reading again and I hope you’re all doing well in your weightloss too! 🙂

Hayley xx

3 Responses to “Size 10 Here I Come”

  1. Sarah March 19, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Hi – just wanted to say – well done!! 🙂 It may be worth looking at your Aspartame intake though….

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