“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel 

22 May

Evening Peeps,

I saw this quote on a friends Facebook Page 

 There’s just something about this that I love. It’s so true… So many people feel like they need to portray a certain persona. You should always strive to be your true self. I’m so glad I named my furbaby after Coco Chanel.

It’s so nice knowing that we have a Bank Holiday weekend ❤️ In celebration of being a Friday & a Bank Holiday…  I decided to use my Dior eye makeup palette for the first time.  



I paired it with my most favourite shade & brand of lipstick: Mac – Chattebox. 

I’ve never used Dior eye make up before – it went on so well.  

 For breakfast I decided to go with the same as yesterday’s choice: Hard Boiled Egg, Cooked Ham & Baked Beans 

 It was super yummy.  

I had a lovely short day at work & finished at 12:20. I came home to find this little pickle snoozing  

 I may not have a ‘human’ baby… But I have the most gorgeous furbaby & I love her with all of my heart.  

 I spent this afternoon catching up on Hollyoaks… Reading Elle & Elle Decoration & doing some work for my Social Media business. I like to keep busy & feel as though I’m developing & progressing. I just want to expand to my full potential & feel as though I’m achieving something. 

I decided to get into the spirit of ‘lazy’ Friday afternoon & donned my University Centre Doncaster hoodie to lounge around in.  

 After taking this pic I realised just how long my hair has gotten lately! I’m all about the long locks. 

I got a little creative in the kitchen & decided to try something new for tea… Chilli Dogs… But healthy.  

           The Quorn hot dogs are actually so nice & taste just like a normal hot dog but waaaaaaay lower in fat. Only 55 Calories & 0.2g Sat Fat. I used a homemade low fat beef chilli for the topping & 20g lowfat cheddar cheese shared over two hotdogs. I made the wedges by cutting tinned potatoes into wedges & spraying with garlic infused FryLight & baking. It was so super tasty. 

I may have had a few glass of Pinto Grigio this evening to… Ooooopsie!  

It was rather yum! I love sitting at our new dining table & drinking wine… I just look around at our gorgeous spacious home & smile. We’ve never had so much room & so much brand new furniture. I’m just so proud with the progress we’ve made in such a short space of time. We’ve still got some decorating to do… But that can wait until the weather is that little bit nicer so we can leave the doors open to let things dry off. 

We’re planning on doing some housewares shopping tomorrow… We’d really like another floor lamp & a table lamp. So ,of an evening we can create more of a cosy ambience. I shall keep you posted on any purchases made.

We’re also heading over to Paul & Anna’s for sparkles tomorrow evening… I wonder if they’ll have the Eurovision Song Contest on? ☺️

I’m looking to the future a lot lately… Smiling about all the sparkly things to come… “Good things come to those who wait”… apparently  

So I shall sign off there & leave you guys to enjoy the rest of your evening. 

Thank you so much again for reading ☺️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley ❤️ xxx

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