Sunshine & Showers 

8 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Where on earth has our beautiful Summer sunshine gone? I really hope that the weather picks  up by the weekend ☀️ My Mammy & Daddy are coming to stay at the weekend & I had my heart set on sparkles in the Sun.. Pimms on the lawn… & a yummy BBQ. 

We’re now entering into the Summer Vacation period at work. So Monday saw my my last late 8pm finish for this academic year.  I started he day with a Yorkshire brew as usual & getting ready for work. I went with Naked Palette 2.

Breakfast was my usual Weetabix & semi-skimmed milk. For lunch I made a fat free cottage cheese & hard boiled egg salad. 

   It was such a long day at work… It was extremely quiet. I was so happy to get home & get into my pjs & chill out with my hubster & little chi ❤️✨ 
Tuesday began in the same sorta way… Like you’re totally surprised. Tea & make up  

 I chose Naked Palette 2 again. I love the Avon Super Shock eyeliner… It’s literally my favourite eyeliner right now. You can normally get it for around £6 in the Avon Brochure. 

Breakfast & lunch were the same as Monday’s  

   I decided to take my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag to work with me today. I’ve been using my Michael Kors Jetsetter loads lately, so decided to have a change  
 Tuesday turned out to be a really naughty day for food… Me & Anna decided we needed some food around 11am  

 A bacon buttie was snaffled at my desk. It’s literally been years since I’ve bought a bacon buttie at work from the refectory. 

I came across this recipe yesterday on Instagram… I thought I’d share for anyone who’s interested. 

 Matt came for tea on Tuesday, so that can only mean one thing… Dominoes Pizza & Horror Films. The evening began with a Dandelion & Burdock in the garden with some nachos  


We ordered Two for Tuesday’s  

   The 3 of us totally demolished it all. Then watched 2 horror films… They were awful haha. I think we literally chose the worst horror films EVER. We watched Mercy & Mockingbird. To make things worse… We actually paid for them for them via Sky Store. Although… It is buy one get one free right now… So it weren’t too bad.
Today I’m having a mid week day off. I’ve felt so bloated from last nights pizza that I just had Yorskhire Tea for breakfast  

   I’ve been busying myself with housework & laundry. I like things to be kept neat, tidy & sparkly. I’ve also sorted another delivery from Ocado with a few essentials on it for the coming weekend. Hopefully that shall arrive tomorrow evening after I get in from work. 
I’ve also been hard boiling some eggs ready for tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I’m really loving my egg salads lately.  

 While I’ve been busy, Coco has been snoozing in one of her beds.

 She just loves to snooze ❤️  

Nail update: they’re still pretty brittle & sore to touch. So I’m keeping up with painting the nail hardener on & I’ve painted them with CND Vinylux in Tutti Fruitti. I love this colour. They have grown a bit, but as soon as they do they’re bending & splitting. So I think I’m best keeping them really short until the filed bits have totally grown out & are back to normal ✨

 I’m now sat watching Hollyoaks. Sharlene is coming to visit soon with her two teeny Princesses 👑 Sharlene is the Bride to Be in going to be bridesmaid for✨ I’d best get the kettle on ready for her arrival. 

So, I’ll leave this post here for now.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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