Healthy Eating… Cravings… & Baby Brain 

28 Jul

Hi Everyone 💕

Thanks so much for the response I got from yesterday’s post. The amount of support & lovely comments I’ve received has been unreal… So thank you thank you thank you, so very much ❤️

My views have been building day on day… Yesterday my blog reached over 500 views in one day. So amazing!!! Considering I started off with 1 view per week. I just can’t believe that you’re reading this internationally too ✨ I’m so glad you find my posts vaguely interesting ☺️ it truly means a lot! 

   Well…. Today has been a really good day – no queasiness at all ☺️ although – I really could not face my Weetabix for breakfast… It just turned my stomach. So instead I tried a Nestle cereal  
 It was actually really nice & didn’t make me feel sick at all… So that’s good! 

Before breakfast (I’m doing this back to front aren’t I!?) was unleaded (decaf)  tea time & make up time . Honestly… My thought patterns have been all tipsy turvy & I keep forgetting stuff… Do I really have baby brain already!? Lol. 

   It was a Mac & Benefit eye make up kinda day ☺️ 
For lunch I made a plain old Ham & Pickle sandwich. I’m so craving pickles right now… Especially gherkins! I’m really craving strong flavours.  I’ve also switched my diet coke to caffeine free – it’s actually pretty nice. 

My new favourite thing to do every day now is to log onto my Pregnancy app… I love seeing what my little poppy seed is up too & how she’s developing. I don’t care that she makes me feel queasy or tired… I just love her so much already. She’s just so super perfect already – I can tell.  

 Everyone at work is really excited too. It’s been a little while since we last had a library baby 💕 

When I got home I was utterly famished! So I started making tea right away. The hubster is working late tonight with an art gallery opening, so it was tea alone whilst being harassed by Coco lol. Poppy seed wanted gherkins & oodles of salad! So I made a jacket potato with FatFree cottage cheese, salad with extra gherkins & some ham that I slow cooked in diet coke on Sunday – it was so super yummy  

 So now… I’m snuggled up on my cuddler chair with Coco… Wrapped in a blanket & with a cup of decaf tea  

 It feels so good to relax & just rest. My plan for tonight is to watch loads of trashy TV until the hubster gets in later on. 

I shall leave you guys there.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Poppy Seed xxx

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