Feeling scared by the word ‘hysterectomy’… But the glass is definitely half full!

22 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Wowzers… Only 3 more sleeps to go!!! How exciting is that!? I’m super excited!!! I’m such a Christmassy soul 🎄

 We had such a lovely relaxed date night last night… It was just what we needed. But… after all that horrendously naughty pizza… I’m craving clean, healthy foods! So today is gonna be spent eating well. I got on the scales this morning & I’ve gained 11lbs – not from the pizza lol, but since the strt of my pregnancy. I’m 26wks pregnant today… so I’m hoping I can continue with only little gains. Then once he’s here… you can all join me on my weightloss journey back to my before figure. 

 I need to tell you all about a fab-tastic night cream I’ve been kindly sent by Birchbox HQ. Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Cream. It’s priced at £26 for 40ml & right now that includes free shipping. Now… That’s not bad when you think of how expensive some premium brands are… & then for a supermarket/pharmacy own brand you’re gonna pay around £15. I have very pink skin. Most things will make it either very pink or red… especially after a shower. I have lost count of the brands I’ve tried in the past. But this one is most definitely a keeper. It’s really thick – but isn’t greasy. It’s almost like an overnight face mask, but completely absorbs in. It smells amazing too. I don’t know how, but it’s really calmed my skin tone down a lot. I can’t recommend it enough. (Please excuse my naked face in the pic) 

Eeeeeck… So I’m 26wks pregnant. That’s only 14wks left to go. But for me I’ll be meeting our little boy sooner than that. As you all already know, I’ll be having a planned c-section at around 36 to 37wks. I needed one anyway with what is wrong with my back, but now with my fibroid’s & along with the infection, it’s safer to have a c-section. I want my Mam to be here for when I go into hospital. If I had of been having a natural birth – my Mam would’ve been my second birthing partner, but obviously with a section you can have only one. Of course I want my gorgeous hubster to be there. Like any operation I’ve had in the past, I’m understandably scared. But I think more so now as I’m scared for my baby too. But I’m also scared for my hubster. We’ve been told by my consultant that they will do everything possible to allow me to be awake during the birth, but, with any fibroids – there is a massive risk of hemorrhaging, even more so for me, due to the infection, the amount of fibroids I have & the size of them. They said if I begin to hemorrhage my hubster will be removed from the theatre & I will be knocked out. I just know how panicked Graham will be. At least if my Mam is there, she can be there to hold his hand & be a support. She’s s amazing in a drama… She was a rock for us while I was having my leg surgeries as my hubster was a lecturer at the time & couldn’t just take time off to be with me. I’ll feel less scared knowing my Mammy & Hubster are there close by. The other thing we found out at my last meeting was that removing the fibroids when they’re this big is a very risky operation. Again down to the amount of blood loss & the damage it can do to your womb. So, he’s recommended that if we want more children, to not wait too long to try again… then they recommend a hysterectomy. I could literally cry every time I hear that word. I just feel far too young to even consider such a big operation. So I think after baby number two (hopefully) I’ll ask for guidance on just living with the condition the way I am. All I think now is just how lucky I am to be pregnant. With everything stacked against me… This little prince so wants to be part of our lives 💙 It’s just another reason why I’m feeling more drawn back to the Northeast… I think with my family closer by I’ll feel better. I’ve dealt with medical drama & surgeries before… so I’m sure I can do it again. Just like being pregnant again won’t phase me either… Pain & recovery just doesn’t frighten me anymore. I’ll do it in a heart beat to have another miracle. I’m just so happy I lost the bulk of my weight before any of this, because being the size I was would’ve made this so much harder to cope with. 

 On that healthier note… It’s a vegetarian day today in the Thorne household. I’m going to make a tomato & spinach pasta bake with a nice side salad for tea tonight. I may even push the boat out & do some garlic bread lol. I do enjoy naughty treat food, but I always feel bloated the next day & start craving healthy foods. I think I’m just so used to a new healthier diet these days.

Well, I’m going to leave this post right here ✨

Thanks for reading & hello to my new readers in Singapore ☺️ my stats seems to be booming right now… So thank you!!! 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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