Top Collar are Top Notch!

23 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

As you all know – Coco is recovering from surgery… so she’s been feeling a little down in the dumps. Well, you can imagine her glee when a gorgeous box of treats arrived from Top Collar! Coco was so excited when the box arrived… She spotted herself on the front of the personalised box & she could smell the yumminess within 🎁

 The treats are home baked then posted shortly after… so they’re super fresh. All ingredients are healthy & fully gluten free. Coco was sent the Christmas Dinner treats. Now, Coco is a fussy little lady & is very hard to impress… but she snaffled up one the treats in minutes. Coco is a very small Chihuahua – she only weighs 1lb 7oz. I had every intention of breaking one of the biscuits in half… before I could she’d snatched the whole thing & gobbled it all up. The biscuits are very soft in texture – so will easily break up for smaller doggies. Coco hasn’t long had 4 baby teeth removed & she could eat them no problem. So for older doggies with delicate mouths – these treats are ideal! 

I’ve been give a coupon code to use that will allow you to order your first box for free! Yep that’s right… Free!!! Simply order here then add coupon code: ALLBOXES Now your precious pooches can try a box for free!!!! How good is that!? 

 It’s nice to find a treat for our doggies that’s homemade & delicate enough for sensitive tummies. 

 Coco would definitely recommend 🐾

Thanks for reading! ✨

Hayley & Coco xxx

2 Responses to “Top Collar are Top Notch!”

  1. Christie December 23, 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    Oh my gosh Coco is the most precious wee thing I’ve ever seen! xx

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