Christmas… Reviews… and Resolutions for 2016

29 Dec

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas!? We’ve had a lovely family Christmas here. It’s been nice & relaxed… which was just what we needed with how hectic things have been lately. We’re now looking forward to a nice New Years Eve & a fantastical & sparkly New Year to come ✨

Christmas Eve was such a lovely day… It’s also my most favourite day of the year. We spent the day with two of our best friends. We had lunch at The Boat Inn which was beautiful as usual & then we came home for cups of tea… giggles & some gift opening. Oh I also lit my Christmas Eve candle. I buy a one each year 🎄 

We decided to be really good this year & not spend too much on each other for Christmas. Purely as we’re putting money aside for our little bundle 💙 But… the hubster was really naughty & still totally spoilt me with a new laptop… laptop bag & Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette. I think he thought by giving me them before Christmas then they wouldn’t count lol. I still seemed to have loads of gifts though on the day… I felt very spoilt! 🎁 

 It’s funny, even though I’m obviously not drinking alcohol with being pregnant… people are still buying me sparkles & vino lol. So it’s pretty much safe to say that I’ll be fully stocked for next Christmas! 🍾 

Our laid back Christmas day began with Christmas Tree crumpets & orange juice. I don’t know about about you  but I can never be bothered to make a full on English Breakfast on Christmas morning. Crumpets are always a good quick breakfast. For New Years Day I have French Pastries in the freezer ready to be baked fresh. Mmmmm yummy! 

 Our Christmas Dinner was traditional apart from the fact I did a Chicken rather than a Turkey. I also did homemade piggies in blankies, roast potatoes, root mash, sprouts, broccoli, yorkshire puddings, roast parsnips & petite pois. Oh & sage & onion with pork sausage meat stuffing balls… It was so yummy. But wowzers we were stuffed. I think Christmas Dinner is most definitely my most favourite meal of the year. I never thought I’d be able to make a Christmas Dinner as nice as my Mam’s… but I think I could give her a run for her money these days. Even Coco had herself a little mini Christmas Dinner. Eeeeeck… we’ll have our gorgeous little boy joining us for dinner next year. I just cannot wait. I feel so lucky knowing that our little family is growing 💙 

 Boxing day was sooooo lazy. We stayed in our PJs… watched films… ate yummy food… It was a much needed relaxing day. I also managed to use up the leftover chicken in fajitas… I washed my fajitas down with sugar free cranberry juice.

Being so lazy all day meant that we had plenty energy saved up for a spot of shopping on Sunday. We headed to a local retail park. We went along with every intention of treating ourselves… but we ended up just buying things for our little Prince 💙 We’ve bought him lot of things ready for his little vacation to next Years Winter Wonderland at Sherwood Forest. There’s just so much cute clothing out there… It’s hard to stop buying! 

Monday – we headed into town to spend our gift cards & treat ourselves. I got 3 bottles of perfume: 100ml DKNY, 50ml Vera Wang & an Estee Lauder gift set… I love having new perfumes to add to my collection. 

 When we got home I started to sort out Baby T’s little reading corner in his nursery. A lot of the books are my own books from when I was little. They’re all in pristine condition. It’s going to be so nice reading him the stories I loved having read to me as a child. I’ve also made a list of must have books I need to buy him. I really want literacy to be something he is very confident with. I’ve always been good with English as a subject & I really believe it’s all down to being read too, then reading myself from a very young age. 

 Today marks being 27 weeks pregnant. So exciting 💙 I’ve spent this morning filling in our new family organiser & sorting out our menu’s for the next 4 weeks. One of my New Year Resolutions is to carry on my healthy eating & cooking as many things from scratch. I want to remain healthy & then to lose my baby weight gain once Baby T is here. So far I have gained 11lbs. My midwife seems really happy with that. I can still fit into my size 14 & size 16 clothes so I’m happy. But I definitely want to be back into my size 12 dresses as soon as possible. I seem more focused when I’m organised & have set goals to work toward. 

 I have lots of reviews coming up. On 23rd December… Coco received a lovely Bark Beats Christmas box. So keep your peepers peeled for her review coming up very soon. 

 Also that day, I received some Benefit goodies & Caudalie goodies to review. I’ve received so much lately. I’ll be doing a full review asap!!! 

 Well I’m gonna leave this post here & I’m going to do some more travel system research. Me & the hubster are off to test out & try lots of different systems this Saturday & hopefully we’ll find the perfect set of wheels for the little Prince 💙 Then… we need to by us some new wheels too in the shape of a family car. Oooooo… Exciting!

Thanks again for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx





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