Eventful Weekends 

17 Jan

Hi Folks ✨

Wow… The last few days have been super busy! I literally feel as though I’ve never stopped. 

Friday was the day I got to meet our Health Visitor… I was so ridiculously nervous about it. I think it was just the thought of someone coming into my home & being a snoop lol… I’m so suspicious of people it’s unreal. Wellobviously, that wasn’t the case at all. She was so unbelievably lovely & a total fountain of knowledge when it came to breast feeding. I think she would’ve left sooner, but once you get me talking, you quite literally cannot shut me up lol. I showed her bambino’s nursery… I showed her all of my scans pics & told her all about this blog. So if you’re reading this… Hi & it was lovely to meet you on Friday 💙  

 I even tried to get my make up just right… You know, just in case that was something I’d get marks out of 10 for from the Health Visitor lol… Well – you just never know! ☺️

As our health visitor came in the morning, it meant we had a free Friday afternoon! That’s so rare with us both working Mon-Fri full time. But with me being on annual leave & the hubster taking the day off – we had a fun Friday afternoon of shopping & lunch. The hubster treated me to some new clothes from H&M as my bump is quite literally getting bigger & bigger lol & he also bought me some new sparkly gel pens & a colouring book.  

   Honestly… Colouring is so therapeutic. It really helps me to unwind & relax. 
We also bought Baby T a few more books for his reading corner in the nursery  

 We headed to our local Hungry Horse pub for a purse friendly lunch. Mmmmmm Piri Piri Fajitas… I would’ve taken a pic – but I was too excited to eat it all & forgot to take a pic… Oooopsie! 

Saturday was ‘girlie Afternoon Tea’ day ✨ It was so nice. I headed to The Georgian Tea Rooms (I’ll be doing a full review soon) with Rachel & her Mam. Our food was so nice… Rachel even had a special gluten free afternoon tea stand made for her  

   Afterwards, I felt as though I’d snaffled my own body weight in cake! Lol. I was showered with gifts whilst there which was so lovely & kind… This Mammy to Be lark is fun! 💙
I gained top marks for being a fab-tastic wife by fetching the hubster a wedge of Red Velvet Cake  

 Saturday evening was so lovely & chilled out. We watched trashy Saturday Night TV & a dodgy horror gore film called ‘Girl House’. Oh, we also had a naughty Chinese take away for supper & I drank lots of pink lemonade ✨ Oh &… The best part was that it snowed!!!  

 When I woke up super early this morning, I was disappointed to discover that it hasn’t snowed much in the night. I was hoping to be able to build a snowman in the gardens 😩 So I’m hoping it may snow again later on. 

This morning has been spent doing loads of work on my website. I’ve now added plenty of content… All the links seem to be working… There just needs to be a few tweaks on the formatting of the mobile device view. Once that’s all sorted… It’ll be utterly perfect ✨ We’ve also purchased a new camera for my upcoming make up tutorials & beauty tip videos. So many people have contacted me telling me I should ‘Vlog’ or do some make up tutorials on Youtube… So that’s what I’m gonna do ✨ 

After hours spent tarting up my website & sending a blog post off to Sugar Babies, I’ve decided to reward myself with a lovely bubble bath. 

So… After my bath I think I shall be getting into some clean PJs & chillaxing for the rest of the day ✨ Oh, as well as making a yummy Steak & Dumpling dinner 😋 

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Sunday & thanks so much for reading… Since yesterday I’ve had over 1200 views… So that’s utterly amazing – thank you! ✨ 

 As ever… If you’d like to me to review your products or brand… You can email me at: ixxypoco@gmail.com 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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