The Countdown to Baby T 

21 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all enjoyed/are enjoying a lovely weekend. 

My parents have been to stay for the last few days. They arrived on Thursday. It was so lovely to see them. Getting around is getting that much harder now & I can’t sleep with pain, so having them here gave me a great distraction. Obviously they came bearing gifts – as per usual! My Mammy always bakes  

When you’re not feeling great – home baked food is always much appreciated. One of the girls I work with said to me that the best gift someone can bring you when you’re pregnant or have just had a baby is food. She said it’s the one thing you need & with everything else – you just don’t get round making nutritious yummies. I’ve already got my food order in for her next visit lol. I think she’ll be staying for a week after bambino arrives… So her task will be to fill our freezers with homemade yummies ready to just pop into the oven! 

Baby bear has even more home knit items from my Mammy now too… I must take a pic of everything she’s knit so far… It’s all so beautiful. Some items I had asked for in particular… & others she just decided to knit.   

 We’re now on the countdown to bambino’s arrival. I’ll be 35wks on Tuesday. Everything is getting so exciting now. Albeit a little scary too. I’m mainly scared of going into labour. Purely because I’ve been told that labour is far too dangerous for me as they don’t know how my body will respond. So, we have several plans of action in place for in case that scenario arises! In case it was to happen during the day while the hubster is at work, I have two people on standby who are literally 5mins away. I can call them at any time to be my support buddy. 

My hospital bag & baby bears bag are both packed now. I have everything, pretty much including the kitchen sink lol. We bought him his little snow suit this weekend too. He has several outfit options for his coming home attire… I just can’t choose! My Mammy has knit a stunning cape too  

   Being as organised as I possibly can before his arrival & for his arrival is massively comforting to me. I’ve got lots of things swimming around my head & I have lots of apprehensions & things I’m scared of based around his arrival. I just wish he was here safe & sound. 
I’ve put together some ‘changing kits’ for around the house… So I have fresh nappies, cream, wipes, etc… At arms reach at all times.  

Within a month, our little baby bear is going to be here, & I just can’t wait 💙 I’m so glad I made that change 3 year ago to lose 6 stone in order to get pregnant  

 With the pain during this pregnancy, I know I could not have done it if I’d not lost the weight. Being so big & pregnant would’ve been so much harder for me & the baby. If I’m lucky enough to have another baby in the future, I’ll be making sure I lose a little more weight before hand. I think the thinner & healthier I can be, it’ll be easier on my joints & the areas I’ve had surgery. 

I cannot wait to have that first glimpse & then skin on skin cuddles with my baby boy. So many people keep telling me that I’ll never sleep again, I’ll never wear make up again, my life will change, I’ll never be organised again, life will be tough, how much breastfeeding hurts & its total agony blah blah blah. Maybe they think they’re being helpful. But I just find the negativity so strange. I’ve had 4 years of dreaming of becoming a Mammy. I know our lives will never be the same again… But surely these precious bundles of joy are to be cherished & loved. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m gonna embrace motherhood whole heartedly. I’m going to enjoy every single second with my baby bear. I sometimes think the negative minded people, forget about those who struggle with fertility issues. Life is hard & very fast paced these days, I just think people forget to stop & cherish what they have & to look at life with loving & postive eyes. I know many people criticise me for wearing rose tinted spectacles… But I can’t change who I am. I’m the forever postive thinker. I’ll always strive for happiness, positivity & success. I adore & cherish those close to me. Yes… I have trials & tribulations – just like everyone else… But I choose to use the trials as a learning curve & turn them in to positives. 

Soon… I’ll be blogging about our new arrival & just cannot wait 💙 

Thank you so much for continuing to read & for the positive support I’ve received. Don’t forget you can contact me or follow me via my website: 

I have more items arriving soon too for review… So keep your beautiful rose tinted peepers peeled for those! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 




4 Responses to “The Countdown to Baby T ”

  1. simplyhumphreys February 21, 2016 at 4:46 pm #

    Screw the negativity, nothing wrong with being excited and happy and a little nervous! You’re going to be a fab mummy and theres lots of people that are looking forward to seeing your adventure! 🙂 xx

    • ixxypoco February 21, 2016 at 4:47 pm #

      Aww thank you! I just can’t wait… I keep thinking it’s all a dream. Eeeeck… Not long to go xxxxx

  2. Laura February 23, 2016 at 8:24 pm #

    Don’t pay any attention to the negative comments. Of course life is going to change & there are going to be times when it gets a bit difficult but ultimately everything is worth it. Enjoy your bundle of joy as time flies so quickly – my eldest is 7 now & it feels like only yesterday that she came into our lives. Xxx

    • ixxypoco February 23, 2016 at 8:52 pm #

      Aww thank you Laura. I can’t wait until I’m blogging about little arrival xxxx

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