Bean Bag Love

15 Apr

Hi folks ✨

We’ve been feeling the Bean Bag Planet love here in Thorne Towers. Seth absolutely adores his Bean Bag!      


 In fact… Seth loves his bean bag so much… That he just falls asleep straight away whenever we put him in it. Seth is 1 month old today & has been using his bean bag from day one really. We filled the bag up full, so it’s nice & firm for him. As he grows we can reduce the amount of beans, making it softer.

The cover is amazing – it’s so easy to clean & wipe down with it being waterproof. Seth has been sick on his a few times & it’s cleaned up perfectly with no marks. 

So far, I’ve only used his bean bag upstairs on our double bed, purely because; we have a chihuahua – Coco. Coco has become so protective of Seth, but if anyone comes to our front door – she goes nuts. So I’m a little scared that if Seth was in it on the floor downstairs, she’d jump on him. So while he’s only really little… I’m using it upstairs for now. But, as Seth grows & gets bigger… I’ll be blogging about his bean bag. Almost like a bean bag journey journal ☺️ you can all watch Seth grow with his bean bag. Which is good as the bean bags are from birth to 8 year old! Such good value for money! Also… If you head on over to their website right now – you can pick up a bargain as they’re having an offer! 

If you’re on Facebook… Give their Facebook Page a like. You’ll be kept up to date of offers & competitions.

The bean bags mound & support your babies posture & frame. Also, as they’re slightly tilted & raised, they help with colic & reflux. Seth loves sitting in his after he’s had his breakfast bottle. And don’t forget that the comfy beans prevent flat head syndrome. 

The harness is really secure. It’s also fully adjustable. I can’t recommend this product enough. I’ve found it to be so helpful… This bean bag allows me to do my hair & make up… It really does! Seth is safe & secure & snug while I quickly get ready. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to their website now to view the beautiful designs! 

Thanks Bean Bag Planet! 

Thanks for reading & I hope you’ve found this review helpful & interesting! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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