New Skin 

20 Apr

Hi folks ✨

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out some new skincare products. With having a new baby, you can feel really tired while trying to get your little one into a good routine that works for you both. I can handle feeling tired as I can survive on small amounts of sleep. But, a massive concern of mine was my skin suffering. I may sound vain, but I truly was. It doesn’t take much for me to starting showing dark circles under my eyes. I don’t suffer with eye puffiness… But I do gain dark circles when I’m super sleepy. I’ll also suffer break outs of spots along my jawline. Pair those things with my usual very red complexion & you’ve not got a good combo. 

Well… I received the most gorgeous skin care set from ESK. ESK are an Australian based skin care company. The whole skincare range has been carefully developed by doctors, dermatologists & scientists. 

I love the simple design of the packaging… Maybe insignificant to some people… But how a product looks is a major factor for me. 

The products I was sent:

  • Make Up Remover – can be used Morning & Night
  • Hydroxy Cleanser – can be used Morning & Night 
  • Reverse ‘C’ Serum – to be used Morning
  • Zinc Shade – to be used Morning
  • Peptide Primer – can be used Morning & Night
  • Smooth Serum – to be used Evening 
  • Ultimate A – to be used Evening

**Ultimate A shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. As I was pregnant  when I received this set & then breastfeeding Seth to begin with – I haven’t tried Ultimate A yet. 


I have been using the hydroxy cleanser each day with warm water – it’s so refreshing on a morning… Specially after a few night feeds. I’ve not had any spots whilst using this cleanser. It really does make your skin feel squeaky clean, but not tight. I’ve found that some wash cleansers can tighten the skin – this didn’t do that. After cleansing I’ve been using Reverse ‘C’ every other day. I have been using every other day as the instructions stated to do that with acne prone skin. Even though I don’t have acne… I do have very pink skin. So I thought it’d be best to adopt that routine. Now, this product is meant to reduce the signs of aging… It must be doing something right as I’ve had so many compliments since Seth was born, telling me I look younger. I’ve been using Zinc Shade each morning as my moisturiser & primer. It creates a gorgeous base to apply your make up on top of. The consistency of the cream is lovely too – not greasy. 

Night: Before bed I use the Make Up Remover with some cotton wool to remove all of my make up. The Aloe Vera makes it feel so mild. I sometimes find that make up removers can feel very ‘astringent’ or harsh… This is lovely & mild. I wear a lot of eye make up & this really does remove it all effortlessly. I follow with the hydroxy cleanser. Afterwards I use either Peptide Primer or Smooth Serum. I tend to alternate them every other night. Both are lovely products. Generally after cleansing, my skin can become very red. Not now… these products seem to calm & cool my skin so well. 

  As you can see – I have no blemishes &I’m actually much less red than usual. I’m being very brave sharing this ‘naked’ face selfie. I have noticed such a positive change in my skin since starting this new skincare regime. 
  My make up seems to appear a lot more flawless too. I think it’s the good base from the Zinc Shade. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I’m glowing & I looking younger. That’s not bad for a new Mammy who is turning 34 years old in less than a month! 
Overall, this skincare is fantastic! I’m always very nervous of trying new skincare products as I do have fairly sensitive skin, but I’ve had no breakouts or reactions. All I’ve had is a positive improvement & lots of compliments! 

You can find the ESK website here. You can find their online shop via their website. Postage to the UK is available so there’s no need for us to miss out on these fabulous products! 

I hope you’ve found this review useful. Thank you ESK!

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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