Neuners Tea

27 Apr

Hi folks ✨

Well, for the last few weeks I’ve been trying some gorgeous tea sent to me from Neuners.

I must admit that I’d never heard of them before being sent this lovely package. But, considering I’d never heard of them… They’ve totally become my favourite brand of tea!!! 

Seth is now 6wks old & has been suffering a little with trapped wind & some mild reflux. He doesn’t cry with the trapped wind, but you can tell he’s just not happy sometimes. Even winding him sometimes just doesn’t work. So, I decided to give the Baby Stomach Ease tea a go. I brewed 250ml in a jug & left the tea bag in for 7mins. After leaving it to cool I poured 3 teaspoons worth into his bottle. I gave him it after his bottle of formula. At first he was a bit unsure but drank it. It eased all of his trapped wind, he had very little reflux & it cleaned his little mouth out. Formula fed babies seem to get a very milky mouth, this gave it a good rinse. Now, every day he has a small amount of his tea twice a day. He loves it. He knows he’s getting it now & slurps it straight down. It’s caffeine & sugar free. Babies can have this tea from 2wks old. You can even use the tea to mix in with the formula. I considered that, but since Seth likes the taste, I just give it to him separate. If you’re breastfeeding & don’t want to give it via a bottle, you could easily use a dropper or syringe. Once your baby is weaned you can give them a larger amount, so I think this tea may become a firm favourite with us. It’s eased his tummy no end. Actually, once weaned, you could even use the tea to mix with porridge or baby rice etc… 

I’ve also been drinking the Red Clover Tea. Red Clover tea has such a mild flavour. It’s great for cleansing, detoxing & helping with some weightloss alongside a healthy balanced diet. It’s also caffeine free. I’ve lost 2 stone 3lbs now since Seth was born, I’m trying to be super healthy to shift more weight. I just really want to lose this post baby belly. So I’m hoping that this will help. I’ve lost 2lbs in the last week… So it could be the tea helping? Even if it’s not the tea… The tea tastes lovely & its stopping me from drinking my usual milky tea. So that in itself is saving me extra calories! This tea is lovely when drank chilled too. I’ve been adding some frozen slices of lemon, lime & orange. Chill the tea & add it to a water bottle & you have a lovely refreshing drink for on the go! No need to buy an expensive flavoured detoxing water! 

Neuners can by purchased from Ocado. I LOVE Ocado. As you all know – I just love an Ocado delivery. Quite often you find an organic herbal product you love, but then it’s super hard to find. At least you can buy this tea with your grocery shopping! 

You can also find Neuners on Facebook here. On their Facebook page you’ll find a link to their online shop too.

Well, I’m off to go brew a Neuners! 

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx

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