Sassy Bloom Box

30 Oct

Hi folks,

On Wednesday me & Seth received our first ever Sassy Bloom Box

If you’ve never heard of Sassy Bloom – they’re a baby box gifting service ranging in age from pregnancy to 3 years old. You can subscribe to monthly boxes or you can buy one off boxes. The price for a one off box is £29. But if you subscribe & purchase 3 months worth altogether then you’ll get the boxes a little cheaper. But… if you want to try a one off box, click this link to receive £10 off 🙂 Each box will range in value from £40 to £85. At checkout you also need to add the referral code: IxxyPoco to receive the discount.

When ordering your box, you will be asked the gender & age of the child. Don’t worry if you’re pregnant & would prefer gender neutral – thats fine. Everything is hand picked & tailored to you. And… Shipping is free!

These boxes come beautifully packaged, so they’d be amazing as gifts. You could buy for a baby shower or for Christmas etc… I mean come on folks… Christmas is right around the corner! Save yourself some precious time panicking over what to buy… Just order a Sassy Bloom Box!

What’s in the Box? (You can watch our grand ‘unboxing’ video below)

  • Personalised Dribble Bid with Embroidered Name
  • Munchkin Feeding Spoons
  • Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder
  • Peter Rabbit Plush Toy
  • Lamaze Teething Book
  • Mini Rainmaker/Rattle
  • Lamaze Click Clack Zack

Well, we absolutely loved our selection of goodies. Seth is 7 month old… so we’re in the throws of weening & full swing into teething! Seth’s Sassy Bloom goodies totally catered for that! And can I just say how gorgeous & cute is the embroidered dribble bib!?

We’ve used one of the Munchkin spoons today while Seth was having some yogurt – I love the bold colours of the spoons. We’ve not tried the Fresh Food Feeder yet – but tomorrow we plan on using it with some lovely fresh juicy strawberries. All day Seth has been completely obsessed with Click Clack Zack & the little Rainmaker.

This box is such a fab idea. If you’re someone who struggles knowing what to buy for gifts – then this really is the product for you! All the hardwork is done for you… It’s a total win win situation. Especially with £10 off!!! It’s literally such a bargain. Don’t forget the code: IxxyPoco!

As always… Thanks so much for reading & get that sassy Bloom Box ordered!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx

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