Straight Hair Evolution 

4 Nov

Hi folks,

So… last week I was lucky enough to receive two pairs of hair straighteners from SHE – Straight Hair Evolution. I was sent the 3.1b professional straightening iron in limited edition white & the 3.1b in the wide plate. 

For anyone who hasn’t heard of She… here’s a little background; Shehair, hair straighteners are manufactured by Unil Electronics Corporation – the ORIGINAL manufactures of the GHD hair straighteners brand 2001 to 2008!

Now… we can all remember our very first pair of GHDs when they first arrived on the market. They were phenomenal. But, all of a sudden GHD changed the shape & design… something was lost. They became the styler rather than the straightener. They were just never quite as good. They’d drag & snag your hair while you were pulling them through your hair.  Work on the theory of: If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

 I still actually have a pair of the original 3.1b GHDs irons that have been repaired now around 4 times. These She hair straighteners are exactly the same! They’re fantastic!!! I’ve enclosed the video to my YouTube review of these straighteners rather than taking photos as it’s so much better to see the results properly. 

I have such thick wavy hair & these straighteners eradicated the frizz in like 20 minutes. They’re seriously fantastic!!! And… priced at £54.99 – how can you resist!? Ladies: you need this straightening iron for getting ready to go to that special Christmas party! You need a pair on your Christmas list! Guys – you need to buy your special lady (whether it be your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, Mammy… whatever) you need to treat someone! Oh & there’s a mini version too! So buy a one for yourself! I mean, my Hubby loves using a hair straighter. If you head to the She website – there’s an iron there for everyone! 

The limited edition white iron is so beautiful! I have a white dressing table & they look so beautiful on there. These irons made me think ‘White Christmas’. In the U.K. we rarely get a real white Christmas… so why not make your Christmas white with a pair of these irons. I seriously can not recommend them enough! Right now you can get a £5 discount on the white irons using the code: H2016

If you don’t believe me – watch my YouTube video below… you’ll see… you’ll believe & you’ll need those Straighteners in your life! Especially as they’re half the price of a GHD & a Cloud 9! 

Thank you for reading (& watching!)

Go on & treat yourself! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

2 Responses to “Straight Hair Evolution ”

  1. Suzi Carson November 4, 2016 at 6:53 am #

    Hayley ya doing great Girlfriend. Well Done You! XXX

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