Mothercare S/S 2017 Press Launch 

11 Nov

Hi folks ✨

Wow… what a day yesterday was! I felt like I was on a right mission heading down to London all on my own with nothing but my trusty iPhone & Pink Mac Air. I was a little nervous I have to admit… I’ve only ever been to London 3 times & certainly never alone. When you’re not a seasoned Londoner… it can be a little daunting with its fast paced lifestyle & hustle & bustle… But… I survived & I actually quite enjoyed it! 

So… why was I in London? Well, I was invited to attend the Spring Summer 2017 Press Launch by the very lovely Head of PR at Mothercare. The whole thing was held in a very lovely art space… rather tiny loo though… but thats another story for later on! 

The collection is utterly fabulous. Little Bird by Jools Oliver… what a stunning little collection. Everything is based around Rainbow babies which I love. The pieces in the collection are so beautifully designed… vibrant & fantastical. Jools has also designed some stunning bedding too all within the theme. Can you imagine a gorgeous Rainbow Nursery… How wonderful.

Smile by Julien MacDonald is so verycute. I loved the animal designs… simple but cute. The fabrics were lovely too – very soft. He has also designed some gorgeous statement pieces for special occasion. Beautiful little gowns… so pretty. Such elegant little dresses. Although… I don’t know how elegant they’d stay on a 6month old weaning bambino lol.

My favourite collection though has to be MY K by Myleene Klass. I even got to meet the lady herself! Remember that loo story from earlier? Yes… I met her in the Loo queue! How lovely lol. But I have to say that Myleene was absolutely gorgeous… as a person & looking. She’s so tiny/ & beautiful. She showed me her lovely new collection which I’m simply in love with! I adored all of the leopard print & the cute little eyelash socks… well… sleeping eyes… but they made me think of false eyelashes. The fabrics are so lovely & soft. I have this thing about soft baby clothes… Seth is now 34 weeks old & very close to walking. He’s been crawling for ages. My pet hate is baby clothes that are too restrictive & tight fitting. Babies need soft clothes that they can crawl & tumble in whilst being all comfy & cosy. This collection is beautiful, trendy & comfy – what’s not to love. 

The new collection of Blooming `Marvellous maternity wear is fantastic. Very trendy whilst providing that generous amount of fabric to the ever-growing beautiful bump. The worst thing in the world is feeling frumpy when you’re heavily pregnant. So it’s nice to have that go to range for current up to date maternity wear. 

Mothercare have a gorgeous new ‘newborn’ range. We all love baby milestone cards, well, their new collection is inspired by milestones…. My First Valentines Day, My First Mothers Day, 3 Months etc… so sweet. 

The new Orla Kiely Grobag Range is stunning & very typical Orla. Beautiful patterns & designs with a very 70s edge in the colours. Very very pretty & very classic. It’s nice to have statement pieces. These Grobags would be lovely baby shower gifts. I don’t use them now, but when Seth was still in his SnuzPod I used them a lot. 

MotherCare have launched the most stunning stroller! The Nanu prints are beautiful & vibrant. I have the Cosatto Woop Rev travel system… the main thing I love about it is the print. So you can imagine my giddiness when I spied these new lovelies! I love an eye catching print… these strollers do not disappoint! I was given a demonstration on how easy & well they fold away… perfect for City Life & Travel. 

Downstairs there was an array of new toys from the Early Learning Centre. Beautiful, colourful & well made. ELC is such a well known & trusted name.

I had such a fab time at the launch… It was so lovely to be invited & to receive my little goody bag. 

Afterwards I had little walk over to Liberty of London… well it’s a must isn’t it!? As I was walking in to the handbag hall, I spotted Dame Maggie Smith!!! I wish I’d asked her for a selfie, but I was simply too star struck! Want an utter legend that lady is! I headed straight up to the Christmas Shop where I purchased 2 baubles & a tin of Shortbread Biscuits. On my way out I almost purchased a new Bobbi Brown & NARS lipstick… but I used every single ounce of my self control & backed away from the make up counters… I mean… How many nude lipsticks can one girl have!? 

After all of that I was ridiculously hungry… so headed on over to Wasabi for some much needed Sushi!!! It was simply divine. Then I decided to head on to the pub for a well earned glass of vino. Plus it gave me a chance to rest & recoup & do a little work.

I’ve so enjoyed my little jolly to the capital. I actually never really go places on my own, well I mean places away from home. It was so bizarre leaving the house today without a changing bag & pram. I was scared about this trip… but I’ve loved very minute. It’s given me a huge confidence boost. I think I need more trips to London! I have a new found love of the place. Although… it was rather exhausting lol. 

There you have it… that was my little London Adventure. I hope you enjoy the pics of the new collections! Thank you as always for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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  1. SUZI CARSON November 11, 2016 at 7:33 pm #

    Love it xx

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