Make Up Clutter 

22 Nov

Hi folks ✨

This week I have received the most gorgeous acrylic storage from Her Clutter Box. All of the acrylic storage is Handmade by skilled craftsman – not imported. The detail & quality of the product I received was just fantastical! It’s simply stunning!  

I received the nail polish wall rack priced at €85.00. To convert into GBP use an app such as XE to get the most up to date exchange rates. 

My hubster assured me it was really easy to wall mount it. Also – it comes with all of the bits & bobs you need to hang it.

As you can see I have more than just polish on there. This rack would easily fit a palette (as seen in the pic above) side by side or you could stack 2 in front of each other. The shelves are easily deep enough. This rack is great if you’re stuck for space. You may not have room for a dressing table – so this would be great to save on space! My dressing table often doubles as a place to fold freshly laundered baby clothes lol. So I’m sometimes stuck for extra space. Plus, being on the wall it keeps your make up essentials safely out of the way of little fingers! 

The products are of a VERY high quality – ideal for a Christmas gift! Or simply as a treat for yourself. There’s nothing worse than stacking your make up in boxes, then having to rifle through loads of boxes to find what you’re looking for. 

Having everything organised, saves me so much time on a morning when I’m getting ready… I always have so much to do on a morning… so putting my make up on needs to be done with military procision & to a tight time frame! Organisation is key! 

If you’d like something for Christmas, then your deadline for ordering is 16th December.  For shipping costs, please just select the highlighted text. Also… GOOD NEWS… they ship internationally! For a quote, just drop them an email here: 

Everything comes well packaged & wrapped up – so it should arrive in one perfect piece ✨ I was just so excited when mine arrived. 

You can find a list of their products here. I’m simply in love with the lipstick & powder spinning tower… I think I need it in my life. I mean… it holds 72 lipsticks!!! I seriously need it! I’d just spend my days spinning it & looking at how pretty it is lol. 

So there you have it… if you’re looking for stunning acrylic make up storage… Her Clutter Box is the company for you! 

Happy Shopping! Oh & don’t forget that the cut off date is: 16th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery! 

As always – thanks so much for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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