Baby Changing Room Awards

5 Dec

Hi folks,

Did you know that as a parting farewell gesture before Obama left the Whitehouse – he made it law for all public male facilities to have a baby changing facility? I didn’t know that. Unfortunately – we’re not so lucky over here on the other side of the pond. While lots of places do tend to offer a baby changing facility in a unisex disabled toilet… lots of places don’t. In fact… in the last month I have had to change Seth on the floor of a public toilet twice! Luckily I do always carry anti bac wipes & a changing mat. It’s just not on  though is it!? It’s even worse for Daddy’s… so many places do not offer a changing facility that men can access.

In light of this – Sudocrem Care & Protect have launched their annual baby Changing Room Awards specifically focussing on Daddy’s! I think that’s pretty exciting as me & my hubby have discussed it a lot – how he feels penalised when out & about with Seth as there isn’t always somewhere for him to change him. The boot of a car or the floor in a public toilet is not what we want for our precious bambinos!

Since 2012, Sudocrem have campaigned for change with an award scheme to recognise the need of good nappy changing facilities. The Sudocrem Care & Protect Baby Changing Room Awards are collaborating with the Dads Network & the NCT.

The categories are:

  • Retailer
  • Restaurant/Café
  • Family Hotel/Holiday Park
  • Dad’s Toilet

“Having a baby isn’t easy especially when everyday activities like shopping bring restrictions. It’s the simple things, like being able to change a nappy that make a huge difference & we’re delighted that President Obama has highlighted the need to make places more accommodating for mums & dads.” Nick Lang – Sudocrem Brand Manager.

Me & the hubby have already nominated… We have nominated The Sports Café – Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs. Not only was there Baby Changing in the unisex disabled toilet, but there was also changing facilities in the male & female changing rooms. The changing facilities were large enough to accommodate a pram – lets face it, if you’re on your own you may not want to leave your pram outside the changing room. The changing facilities also had a changing table with safety strap, disposable paper sheets to pop onto the changing table, as well as anti bac hand wash, wash basin, hand dryer & a proper nappy disposal bin.

As you can see – baby Seth was pretty happy with the facilities too! 

The winning baby changing rooms will receive an engraved plaque & the use of the Sudocrem Care & Protect Logo. Everyone who nominates will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of several prizes. One prize being a short break to Knoll House – Britain’s original family friendly hotel.

If you’d like to nominate a changing room – you can do so here on the Sudocrem website. You have until 31st January 2017 to nominate. Winners will be announced 28th February 2017.

We don’t want much… just somewhere clean, nice & safe to change our bambino’. It’s no longer 1950… so let’s get equality when it comes to nappy changing! 

Thanks as always for reading & get nominating! 

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx

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