GB Pockit Stroller 

7 Dec

Hi folks ✨

Strollers! Where to start!? We all live such busy lifestyles these days. We’re always popping here there & everywhere. Wouldn’t life as a parent be so much simpler if there was a stroller that was so compact & lightweight you could get on a bus without running over people’s feet with your giant pram wheels? Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a stroller that’d not take up 75% of your boot space in your car? Wouldn’t it be great if your stroller could fit in to your handbag? Yes… that’s right… your HANDBAG! 

Yes, that is indeed my handbag with a stroller in it. Please allow me to introduce you to the GB Pockit 

The GB Pockit holds the world record for being the worlds smallest fold stroller. It’s so super lightweight it’s unreal.

I was so sceptical of this stroller before it arrived… surely something so small couldn’t be comfy!? I must say that Seth loves this stroller! We took it on vacation with us to Center Parcs. As you can imagine – going on a 7 day break with an 8 month old – you need a lot of stuff! We have a Hyundai i30… so not the biggest of cars. So anything that saves space is greatly appreciated. This stroller literally went in the foot well of the passenger side!

So… what is the stroller like to use? First of all – it folds very easily. I thought with it being such a small fold that it’d be difficult to get it folded correctly. Well, its actually very easy to do. I also thought that the small wheels would be a problem – wrong! They are great! We were holidaying in Sherwood Forest – Centre Parcs. We took this stroller on paths, muddy walk ways & ground laden with bark. The stroller worked on all terrains! Nothing got in it’s way! Seth seems so snug & comfy. Seth isn’t a crying kind of baby, but he does let you know ASAP when he’s uncomfy. He was happy sitting in his Pocket while cuddling his Monkey.

The basket underneath isn’t the biggest obviously – but it’s big enough to fit a few things in. We also hung Seth’s bag on the back with his essentials in no problem.

The Pockit is easy to steer & very manageable. I have a back problem (condensed disc in my lower spine) so anything too heavy or clunky isn’t for me. The Pockit is so nippy & light. We got lots of compliments from people also on holiday. Lots of people had never heard of it – but they do now! I think several people at Center Parcs actually went back to their villas to order one. This stroller is so essential for holidays & travel!

We’ve got some travelling coming up over the festive period & this stroller will be the first thing we pack. In fact – we’ve said that it might just live in the car. It’s literally so small that it takes up no room! It’s ridiculously handy for popping to the supermarket. You can easily get all of your shopping in the boot while this sits under the seat. It also fits into the overhead compartment on a plane.

I live in a ‘Ye Olde Worlde’ little village. The paths are very narrow – so this stroller is fab for popping down to the deli or pharmacy. When you’re in restaurants  – you don’t take up loads of room anymore with a clunky big pram/buggy.

This stroller retails for around £149.95. If you travel a lot visiting family like we do… or you holiday a lot… or you simply want a lightweight small yet comfy buggy for busy compact City Life… Then this really is the buggy for you. It’d be so great for when little ones are stating to walk. You can literally take it with you for when they get tired & want their buggy.

The Pockit is our new travel buddy – we love it!

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up about the Pockit as we travel over the Festive Period.

Thanks for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx


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