Let’s Keep Our Little Ones Little For That Little Bit Longer

2 Feb

Hi folks,

As most of you know, I wrote a guest blog post for the lovely folk at Cofi Coo. Guest blogging is always so much fun. Especially when it’s about something you feel super passionate about.

Being a blogger & having a massive passion for social media & all things ‘techy’… & with my hubster being a Visual Production Lecturer… you can imagine that we fully embrace technology. We have plenty of techy devices around our home from smart phones to tablets to laptops… we use these things every single day. But as well as being technology junkies, we are parents to the most gorgeous 10 month old little boy. A little boy we need to nurture & help develop. Of course technology is going factor a lot in his life, I mean he’s growing up in the digital age. But the question I always ask myself is: When is the right time to introduce technology?

All babies seem to have this fascination with our smartphones. Why? Well, because they’re our ‘toys’ aren’t they? They makes noises & light up & above all, we tend to keep them away from our bambinos as they’re so expensive lol. You can see why they’re so alluring to our babies. I mean Seth can hunt out my iPhone in minutes… get it open & he actually uses his finger to scroll the screen! He is 10 month & he has already mastered the basics. It’s actually quite frightening. The blogger & social media guru in me wants to embrace technology & get Seth up to speed & tech savvy. But the Theatre Studies graduate in me wants to disregard technology altogether & focus on imaginative play… focus on how important play is in the development & learning process.

The conclusion that I’ve come too, is that technology is inevitably going to be a part of Seth’s life… at some point. But for now, I want to focus on fun without it. My motto for this post is: ‘Let’s Keep Our Little Ones Little For That Little Bit Longer’. Seth has plenty time for iPads & MacBooks. For now I want to be silly… I want to pretend we’re in a spaceship… I want to roll around the floor pretending to be a ladybird. Yes… I roll around like an idiot in the name of fun playtime. Seth thinks I’m literally the funniest human alive. I say human, as he thinks Coco  (our Chihuahua) is the the funniest thing ever… full stop. I can’t compete with her comedic ways.

Our new favourite addition to our playtime funtime is our Cofi Coo Quillow. We have the Space Bots Quillow. I love the fun vibrant design. The Quillow is great as it makes a fantastic play mat. We’ve had so much fun playing on our & naming all of the colours & counting all of the planets. Seth loves to lay down on it too when he’s feeling sleepy.

The quillow folds up too into a lovely pillow. Great for nap times or simply as a comforter to cuddle. Watch the handy tutorial on how to fold correctly… it’s super easy.


Right now you can get free delivery… but hurry as it’s for a limited period. This product is so well made & we literally use it almost everyday. On a recent trip to Liverpool we took it with us. As it folds so small into a cushion shape – it takes up hardly no room. In fact we popped it on the back seat of the car so Seth could see it. It’s just something familiar to make him feel at home. When we go on holiday next month, we’ll most definitely be taking it with us.

You can find Cofi Coo on Facebook & Twitter. Give them a like & a follow to keep up to date with special offers & more guest blog posts.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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