Chicken Dippers, Waffles and a Spot of Crafting 

13 Sep

Hi folks,

I know it’s only September, but I’m just feeling so festive. I’m trying to focus on Halloween, but I’m just getting so sidetracked with thoughts of Christmas. I have to keep telling myself that we have Halloween & Guy Fawkes first! 

Maybe it’s because we’re nearing the last leg of the year – but I’ve found myself doing a lot of reflecting over this last week. I’m feeling so broody & I keep thinking back to when we were trying for Seth. I had in my mind what kind of Mother I was going to be. It actually makes me laugh now. I mean… I don’t know if it’s coz I had my first baby as an older Mammy being a ‘Thirty something’ first time Mammy…  but, I was convinced I’d never let my child eat sugar… I’d never let them have McDonalds… I’d never let them have frozen food & God forbid a waffle or a chicken dipper should pass their lips. Oh dear… I wonder what my former self would think of my current self lol. You read so many contrived books & I think it gives you a false idea of what’s expected of you. 

I’m a total optimist but when it comes to parenting… I’m very much a realist. My Seth is the most perfect, gorgeous little boy. And guess what… when I’m literally shattered from parenting, working, house work etc… I let him have chicken dippers, mini waffles & veg for tea. Yep… on occasion my child eats frozen food. I mean… I do throw some veggies on there too. He’s also sampled a nugget Happy Meal as a treat & sugar? Well… he loves a biscuit. I mean I do buy toddler specific biscuits, but yep… I am that Mother. I grab for convenience when I’m running out of steam. Please don’t tell Jamie Oliver! 

Yep… that’s a soother in his mouth. I’m guilty of that too!

You all know I battle with my weight. I’m currently a middle of the road size 14. I’d say 90% of the time, the food on my table is cooked from scratch & is 100% homemade & healthy. Surely 10% frozen food is acceptable? It really bugs me that as parents we are shamed, generally by other parents, into trying to be 110% perfectly perfect all of the time? I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes when I’m tired… I need a little help from Captain Birdseye. Hi 5 Capitan! Lol. 

Something else I used to think about a lot before I became pregnant, was that I’m not really into crafts. I mean, I’ve a degree in Theatre… so I’m creative… I’m just not very good at making things. What does this have to do with parenting I hear you ask? Well, when I was little my Mam was always really good at baking cakes for last minute things at school. She could always rustle up a fancy dress outfit overnight & she was brill at helping with arty projects. I really didn’t want to be that let down who couldn’t make anything. So… this last week I’ve had my ‘crafty’ head on. 

I’m already thinking ahead to Seth’s 2nd birthday party. I’d had in my head a kind of snack/cake stand that each guest could have their party munch on. I also wanted something similar for Seth to have his snacks on. I found what I was looking for on Pinterest, but when I found what I wanted online to buy… it was ridiculous prices. So… I decided to give it a go myself. I even gave my little crafting creation a name… The Snaffle Stand! Lol.

I love them so much! People have even wanted to buy them! 

Since I was feeling so pumped from putting an idea into production… I decided to turn my hand to making Seth a Christmas Eve Box (early I know). I really want to make him an All Hallows’ Eve Box too! So… I set to work with my trusty screwdriver & super sticky glue! Tada! 

I absolutely adore it! I’m so proud of my little self. I’ve even had people wanting to order these too. I was so scared I was gonna make a right mess of it & glue my fingers to everything lol. I think I have the crafting bug now!

Everything is just always so non-stop here at Thorne Towers. But, I just would not have it any other way. I actually wonder what I did with my time before Seth came along. I don’t think I knew what busy meant until he arrived. I seem to do a million things at the speed of light these days. You know what? I just can’t wait to do it all again & add another little addition to our family. Let’s hope 2018 is the year! 

I’m still squeezing in my driving lessons too! I’ve had 30 lessons now – eeeeeck! I had a major breakthrough on Monday night with my roundabouts. Roundabouts are my nemesis… I hate them & they hate me! Well, apart from giant ones. Give me a hectic giant roundabout & I’m like “yeah… let’s do this”… I can drive round it perfect. Yet… stick me on the most ridiculously small roundabout & I’m literally wetting myself! Go figure. But, I think I’ve turned a corner so to speak with them. So over the next few weeks may see manoeuvres. I actually need to get my theory test booked in too. I’m not afraid to say that learning to drive has not come easy to me. I don’t think I’ve ever had to try as hard at anything in my life. But, I enjoy it & I know I can do it. My instructor is great & we have a good rapport. Again… let’s hope 2018 is the year to drive… legally… on my own… in my own car! Eeeeck! 

All I think that’s everything for now folks… thanks so much for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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