Bizzi Growin

3 Apr

Hi folks,

I cannot believe I’m already into double figures… 10 weeks pregnant! Eeeeeck… how exciting! This pregnancy seems to be flying by way quicker than my pregnancy with Seth.

I do apologise for my little lapse in posts… I’ve been suffering petty bad with morning sickness… actually make that ‘all day sickness’ & with it I’ve had the most horrendous headaches. I’m hoping once I hit that second trimester goal post, it’ll start to subside.

So… with everything on fast forward… it’s most definitely time to make a start in the Nursery. It’s like Bizzi Growin read my mind when they sent the most amazing & beautiful bundle of goodies.

So… what was in the bundle…

With all of these gorgeous goodies… where do I start!?

Okay, let’s start with the utterly fantastic Pod Travel Changing Bag. This product is a total game changer! If you’re following me on social media – you’ll have noticed me posting about this on Twitter & Instagram. It’s utterly amazing! I just wish I’d had this for when I had Seth.

The bag itself is lovely & roomy with plenty of pockets & compartments. There’s also an insulated bottle pouch which is always a welcome accessory. Now… here’s where things get clever. This bag completely unzips & inside you’ll find 2 lightweight poles to give your travel cot a shape. It took like 2 mins to convert the bag to a cot. I know this as I did it myself. The changing mat doubles as a lovely thick cot mattress for the travel cot. And voila! You have your very own travel cot!!! How mad is that!? No need to take bulky travel cots etc…

Honestly – it’s the most amazing thing EVER!!! We go on holiday Christmas week to Center Parcs… so the baby will be around 8wks old… guess what I shall be taking with us!? Yep – my trusty Pod! I’m simply in love with it! Everyone I have shown just cannot believe how excellent it is. It’s currently £30!!! I mean come on! You can’t go wrong. If you’re expecting… if you know someone who is… then you really do need to buy the Pod. It’ll definitely be money well spent!

The Little Dreamer bedding is so beautiful. It’s like the gorgeous people at Bizzi Growin HQ read my mind with this bedding. We’re going to be decorating the nursery white & pale grey & we’d decided that for soft furnishings we wanted white & black. This bedding is going to look absolutely stunning. Once we’ve decorated & built the cot bed, I’ll be able to take pictures & really show case how adorable & stunning it is. So you can expect another blog post featuring those items.

The Little Dreamer Bedding is so well made & is beautiful quality. The embroidery gives it such a luxurious over all feel. They would make perfect baby shower gifts. And the best thing about the Little Dreamer range is that its gender neutral.

The Bunny Playmat is just the cutest little thing. It’s made from super soft materials & is lovely & plush. Perfect for baby having a spot of tummy time. There’s a little mirror, squeaker, some ‘crinkly’ textures & different fabrics to make baby want to explore & play. I can’t wait to see Little T rolling around on his or her mat. Again, I shall be reviewing this item again once Little T is here.

Now, if it’s luxury you want… look no further than the Koochicoo Blanket. What a stunning item. This blanket comes in 3 colours: Pink, Blue & Porcelain. This blanket would suit all ages really. My little boy is 2yrs old & loves it lol. He does love a blanket. I think he gets that from me… I never carried around teddy as a kid… I always had a security blanket.

The Koochicoo Blanket would make a beautiful christening gift or baby shower gift. It’s so super soft. It would look so elegant in your pram. Just love love love this item.

The Elephant Chenille Blanket is so soft & snuggly. The elephant design is super cute. Again, with the grey & white – it’s going to look fantastic in Little T’s Nursery. It also comes in pink & blue. The quality of this blanket is simply flawless. It’s lovely & thick too, making it perfect for being out & about.

The little cuddly Lamb & Blanket is just such a perfect gift for a new born. When Seth was born he had a little cuddle Lamb. So it’s lovely that Little T has a one too. The blanket is lovely & fluffy & really soft. I think this little set shall be going into my Hospital bag for when Little T arrives. I think it’s going to be his or her first blanket. What a gorgeous little gift this would make.

You can shop online & it’s free delivery on orders over £50!!! BARGAIN! If you’re in the process of putting your Baby Shower Wishlist together – then I 100% recommend that you add these gorgeous items from Bizzi Growin. Made by Bizzi Mums for Bizzi Mums.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review & thanks as always for reading!!! And please keep a look out for when I review these items again.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

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