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Moving Mayhem

24 Apr

Hi folks,

I’m soooooo sorry it’s been a fair few weeks since my last blog post. But… this has been such a stressful week. I’m literally never moving house ever again! I mean, it’s so worth it now as we have a gorgeous new home with so much space… but the actual packing & moving part… stinks! Big time! Uber stress!

So… where do I start!? First of all… packing up your whole entire home with a one year old is just so hard. As I was packing a box… Seth was unpacking another lol. I always thought I was pretty good at multitasking & juggling my time with mammy-ing & working… but wowzers… doing all that & moving house is like another level! Let’s just say that over the last few weeks I’ve been doing well with McDonalds Monopoly. In fact… our first meal in our new home was a  MacD’s whilst sitting on the floor lol. Honestly though… the healthy eating has so gone out of the window… I’ve eaten so much junk t’s unreal. The side effects of that… a massive ulcer in my mouth & a huge spot on my forehead. Just awful!!! Now we’re moved in… healthy eating has resumed.

Moving day… I was so super organised for moving day. How can anything go wrong??? Everything is boxed & labelled. There’s a concise list of everything & where it needs to be. The moving company & movers are booked. On hand ‘chihuahua’ sitting is arranged for Coco. Seth’s Nana & Granda are here to take him out for the day… it’s a fool proof plan! Surely nothing can possibly go wrong… or can it? Why yes! Everything can go completely out the window. So… the movers were 4 & a half hours late! I mean… really! They were 4 & half hours late! When they eventually rocked up, my anxiety was just through the roof. Then… when they did arrive they insulted my dog!!! I had to leave the house at that point & just head to our new house.

The whole day just seemed to last forever. I assigned myself the job role of chief co-ordinater. I literally stood & pointed where everything needed to be carried too. I think my heart was in my mouth the moment I saw my Samsung American Style Fridge freezer with no doors on. They had to pretty much take it apart to get it out of our old pantry & in to our new pantry. I just do not understand how we have moved to a bigger house but we still have stuff in boxes with no home! How does that even work???

I did a Facebook Live tour of our new house & it just struck me that I should really do a Youtube tour of the house so I can pop it on here for you all to see. That shall be on my to do list!

We still have so many boxes to unpack. We need to buy new curtains, new curtain poles… all sorts! We also need a wall bracket for our tv in the bedroom. But… at least we have our Sky Fibre back & Sky Q! It felt like we were living in Victorian Britain with no internet!!! Running a business from home wth no internet is mighty hard. But it also just highlights how much we actually rely on our mobile devices & being connected. It’s kind of bad really.

So, now we have made the move… we just have a long list of things that need to be done to make it 100% like home. But, I have to say that already I feel so settled. Seth is loving all the new space & his new big bedroom. At our old house Seth had a really small room. But here – his room is so big. It’s a big double bedroom. I shall take lots of pics once we have sorted every room. I’m just far too excited… can you tell!?

What’s coming up??? Well… I have so many reviews coming up! Stay tuned for a review on the new Joie Every Stage Car Seat. I’m also heading down to London next month… stay tuned for that… it’s promising to be a fun trip! I’ll also be reviewing some goodies from the ELC. I’ve also got a fab review coming up for Bearfaced Groceries . I’ve got the most scrumptious review to write on Appleby Crafts. Oooooh & a lovely review of Melting Creations. And… a review of Music Bugs!!!! So… lots of reviews!

Not only do I have lots of reviews coming up… but it’s also my birthday in 2weeks times… along with my hubsters too! If the weather is nice I can see a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park happening. I love that place! Fingers crossed I get the bag I’ve been not so subtly hinting for!!!

Right then.. I shall leave this post here. I need to go & start making lists… lists of every deadline I have & how I’m gonna meet it! Thanks so much for reading & sticking with me whilst I’ve been up in the air & away with the fairies on this move!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Let’s Have a Gossip 

16 Jan

Hi folks,

Right… let’s have a wee catch up! So far 2017 is getting off to a lovely little start. Well apart from the continued appointments I need for this abscess/cyst I have on my shoulder… the steroid injections really hurt. And… I now have physio fortnightly too, to help with the pain in my back. But… as long as they work/help… then it’s all worthwhile.

I’ve been in full ‘1st Birthday’ planning mode. We’re taking Seth on holiday to Centre Parcs for his first birthday, but I’m thinking I’d like a little low key birthday tea party at home before we go maybe. I’ve already bought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Plates, Party Bags, Napkins & a Banner lol. Eeeeeck! Of course there’s gonna have to be some kind of Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake too. I’m just so excited. I can believe in 2 month time my little handsome man is going to be 1 year old!

We’ve also got a lovely little beach holiday coming up too at the end of May on the Northeast Coast… So excited. I’ve so many great memories of holidaying on the Northeast Coast when I was little. Admittedly… it may not always be the warmest… but the scenery is stunning & the Fish & Chips always seem to taste nicer.

I was asked to write a lovely little guest blog piece for a fantastic, creative little company called Cofi Coo. Once my post is up on their blog – I shall pop the link on here.

I’ve some fab reviews coming up for you all – been chatting to some lovely brands & PR folk… watch this space.

I received a fantastic package from Nuby UK today. 5 gorgeous items for me & Seth to review.

  • Trainer Sipeez
  • Toddler Training Spoons & Forks
  • Toddler Training Suction Plate
  • Octopus Hoopla
  • Build a Buddy

    I love the Nuby brand… well made & vibrant. Seth is just so in to everything right now. He’s loving playing with toys & exploring all of the textures & shapes. I shall be reviewing each item & writing a full review with lots of pics 🙂

    We discovered a new tooth yesterday! I can’t believe my little boy has 8 teeth! He’s standing up unaided too. When people said to me that time flies when you have a baby.. I don’t think I actually appreciated just how fast! I mean, today I was yet again sorting through clothes that are too small for him. I have them all packaged up in the loft. Hopefully to use again if we’re blessed enough to have another bambino at some point in the not so distant future. I just love being a Mammy so much. I feel like I waited so long to be a one.

    I’m totally into my healthy eating right now too. When I’m eating healthy I’m always so much happier. Healthy foods seem to make you feel happier & more positive about everything. Low fat, low sugar & lots of colour.I need to get my website updated so badly with some new recipes. Tonight for tea I made a really yummy turkey stir fry with freekeh grains & salad. Freekeh is very much like bulgar wheat – I love it. And, it’s practically impossible to ruin when you cook it!

    I know this is probably really sad… but I’m already planning for this coming Christmas too! Well, you all know it’s like my most favourite time of the year! I’ve gotten most of my Christmas cards already, gift wrap & ribbons & bows. We’ve also booked a lovely Winter Wonderland holiday to Centre Parcs again. We’ll be away Christmas week – so that means we’ll be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary while we’re holidaying in the forest. We will be home for actual Christmas though. I just cannot wait. I love to have things to work toward & look forward too. Seeing Seth’s little face as he met Santa etc… was just magical. That’s why we just had to book & do it all over again. If you’ve always fancied going to Centre Parcs – I truly recommend going around Christmastime… it’s just so magical. I mean, we’ve been at all different times of the year… but it’s most magical during the Winter Wonderland season.

    Talking of Christmas… luckily last week we had some gorgeous storage arrive from Mothercare to home some of Seth’s new toys. Since he plays downstairs – obviously, it kinda makes sense to have most of this toys in the sitting room. Although, we have had to add more shelving in his room for his Charlie bear & various Disney Characters. I love how excited he gets when he’s playing with all of his toys.

    My driving lessons are going well… I’ve had 8 lessons now. I so wish I’d just bitten the bullet years ago & learnt to drive when I was a lot younger. But I always used being a poor student as an excuse. But really… it’s not an excuse. I’ve kind of waited to the point where I NEED to drive. I need to be able to drive my little bambino around to all of his social engagements, rather than just relying on the hubster all of the time to be our chauffeur lol. Although, I guess it is kinda nice to be chauffeured 🙂 I am so happy though that my leg doesn’t seem to pose a problem. That’s been such a relief.

    Oh, I’d like to say a big thank you for the fantastical & positive response I had to my article in New! Magazine. I was so nervous… but everyone seemed to love it – so, thank you so very very very much.

    I did make a shocking discovery last week actually… You may already know this but, did you know that the series Stalker has been cancelled? I mean… why!? I loved that series! It was so good & I really wanted to know what was going to happen between Jack & Beth! And, an even bigger shocker… Grimm has been cancelled too! So this next series that is to start soon, is only like 11 episodes long & that’s it! No more!!! I’m simply heartbroken! Why do I feel so sad when a series comes to an end? It’s like that same sad grieving feeling you have when you watch the last episode of Friends. I love me a good TV series. At least the new Prison Break is starting soon… YESSSSSS! That should help with those sad feelings of loss.

    Apart from that… life has been same old same old really… Going out for lunch, going to Music Bugs & Play Group, etc… I’m kind of a creature of habit really. I know what I like… & I like what I know lol. honestly… I’d eat out at the same place every time if the hubster would let me get away with it lol. I’m one of those annoying people too who literally orders the same thing off the menu too lol.

    So… there you have it… that’s what I’ve been up too.

    Thanks so much for reading… it’s lovely to see so many new countries being added to my reader statistics.

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx



    New Year Observations 

    9 Jan

    Hi folks,

    First of all… I’d like to start with saying a massive Happy New Year to you all. We have had such an amazing Christmas. Seth’s first Christmas has been truly magical. He was well & truly spoilt.

    Over the festive period I pretty much snaffled any food & treats I fancied… I drank sparkles… & basically just over indulged. But I have some observations from my 2 weeks of sheer indulgence… My skin is appalling! I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t really suffer from the dreaded spot. But… over Christmas I have had some major outbreaks! I’ve also suffered with some pretty harsh headaches too. When I was at my largest size – I suffered so bad with headaches. I totally 100% believe that my over indulgent diet has caused the spots & headaches. I’ve gone back to my usual healthy diet & my spots have gone, the redness in my skin has died down & my headaches have lifted. How bad is that… that eating over salty, fatty & stodgy foods has done that. I’ve also gained 5lbs!

    For the last week I’ve gone back to my healthy home cooking & limited my processed food intake. Healthy clean food is back on the menu. Don’t forget that I have a diet journey page where I post recipes etc…

    I mean, over Christmas & New Year… I have had far too many cheese boards, baked Camembert & waaaaaaay too much bread. It’s yummy at the time – but the bloating just really lowers your mood & self confidence. When I revert back to my healthy lifestyle – I don’t remove all treats from my diet, I just live by the golden rule of: Everything in Moderation. So, I’ll not be eating pudding in the house – but I may have one now & then if I’m out for a meal. I do have a drink, but not in the week. I’ll have a drink on a Saturday evening when Seth is in bed. Either some sparkles, a gin & slimline tonic or wine. I don’t drink on Fridays as I usually have a driving lesson on a Saturday morning. If I fancy some chocolate – I’ll have some. I just won’t gorge on a full bar. I just try to keep myself in check. I’m currently a size 14/16 & I just can’t wait until I’m back to a size 12. I don’t go in for body shaming etc… I was once over 19 stone… I’m nowhere near that anymore… therefore I am proud.

    Who read my article in New Magazine last week? Eeeeck… that was so exciting. It was so weird seeing myself in print. It feels right though to get my story out there. When you hit rock bottom… the only way is up! I’m forever the optimist these days & I intend to stay that way. Having 6 major surgeries over 5 years, was pretty tough. But I didn’t let it break me… It actually made me stronger. Cheesy… but true.

    So… what’s coming up? Well… I have some lovely reviews coming up for you all. I’ve had some rather exciting emails this year so far… So I’m hoping this is going to be one sparkly, fantastical year! And… let’s not forget Seth’s first birthday too!

    Well, I shall leave this post here as I’m super sleepy from a very full on busy day! Oh, before I go though – don’t forget about my website! I actually need to add more recipes… I must get that done soon.

    Thanks so much as always for reading!

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx


    “To Vlog or Not to Vlog… that is the Question!” 

    10 Oct

    Hi folks,

    My life just seems to be getting busier & busier… But I love it. Just to make things even busier, I’ve decided to start vlogging. So many of you have contacted me over the years about setting up a YouTube channel… Now is the time I think. I want my videos to be pretty much like this blog really… I want to review, chat, bargain hunt, cook, do make up, discuss weightloss & just life in general. So please stay tuned for the big reveal! It’ll be me in my very noisy, busy & sparkly home just generally being me.

    Oh… I have a review coming up soon actually. I’ve been testing & trying some of the Make Up Revolution Palettes which I have a new found love for. Such pretty pigmented shadows.

    So… What have I been up to? Driving lessons are going really well & I’m still really enjoying it. So much so that I’m already looking at cars lol. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll end up with our Hyundai & the hubster will get a new car. I’ve been continuing with my healthy eating & I’ve managed to lose a further 10lbs in the last 4 weeks! I feel like a bit of a fraud though really coz in that time I’ve had a MacDonalds, Dominoes & a Chinese Take Out. Not to mention Sparkles & Wine! Talking of sparkles… Ocado are doing a fab offer at the moment on Gift Boxed Black Label Lanson – 2 bottles for £40! Perfect for stocking up for Christmas. I bought a bottle of Vintage Moet for £30 from them a few week back… that shall be our Christmas Dinner Sparkles. I’ve got a right little stockpile of Christmas goodies going on in our pantry lol. Thing is though, Christmas is such an expensive time of the year that you need to plan well in advance to spread out the cost.

    I’ve been super busy with work, so much so that I’m neglecting my blogging again. But I’ve had loads of exciting emails with regard to it & that’s what is giving me the push to branch out into vlogging. Plus it’ll give you all a chance to find out a bit more about me & who I am etc… Well for those of you who don’t know me in person that is. Normally the first thing that people tend to say is; “Wow… your accent is so broad… you sound like Sarah Millican” lol. I’ve also got an event coming up too which will involve a trip down to London. I can’t wait to cover that. Maybe I could do a Facebook Live video?

    Seth is getting so big now. He will be 7 month on the 15th of this month!!! Where is the time going!? He has 2 teeth… He can crawl… He’s sitting up on his own… He’s also now trying to stand up on his own by pulling himself up on the furniture!!! He’s such a little tinker… but so utterly scrumptious. He’s just the cutest. I’ve just bought him 10 books from The Works for £10. They’ve got some right online bargains at the moment. They have such a large selection of Christmas books. I’m going to do the whole Christmas story everyday day over the month of December thing. I know Seth can’t read yet, but he loves being read too & he just loves looking at books. Oh I can’t wait to introduce him to Christmas… I’m just far too excited. Well you all know what I’m like… I’m already feeling Christmassy.

    Halloween… Now there’s something I can throw myself into to try & calm me down about Christmas. Me & the hubster have bought a few spooky decorations to hang outside. Last year we only did pumpkins really… so we’ve decided to up our game a bit this year. We’ve not gone totally crazy though… we’ve only bought some spooky bunting & a full sized floating ghost lady thingy that shreaks & glows. I’ve actually already put together my treat bags for the Trick O Treaters. I do like to be organised. Oh & of course Seth has a few new outfits for it.

    Well I’m gonna leave this post right here. But, if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in my vlogs… Just let me know! Stay tuned for them coming soon.

    Thanks for reading!

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx



    September… already? What? It’s almost October!? 

    28 Sep

    Hi folks ✨

    Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post… but time is literally running away from me. I just seem to be so busy these days & there’s simply not enough time to fit everything in lol. But you know what!? I thrive on being busy & having lots to do. I’m such a ‘doer’. I hate having nothing to do. 

    Seth is getting so big. He had his half year birthday 15th September… can you believe that!? So… what’s happened since my last post? I’ve managed to lose another 9lbs! Woo hoo! I’ve sent out Seth’s Christening invitations for his Christmas Christening back up in County Durham. The hubster has started his new job teaching in a private university. I’ve started my new job. Oh &… I’ve started driving lessons!!! Check me out. I’ve literally hadn’t had any lessons before… I did the whole education thing… you know he one… poor student life with my only pennies being spent on ready brek… alcohol & handbags. Then, when I started to work full time I lived so close to work I didn’t need to drive nor want to really. We’ve always lived close to my work. Then, I had like a million operations blah blah blah… so I just kept putting it off. But, now I have Seth… I need to be able to drive. I mean the hubster can take me places when he’s not at work, but I need a car of my own. Especially for if/when we have baby number two! So… I had my first lesson on Sunday. I was so petrified… but I loved it! I have an amazing instructor & I think I did pretty well. So, every weekend I shall be on the roads learning. People of South Yorkshire… you have been warned! 🙂

    I’ve become a professional juggler of life I think… balancing work, mammy-ing, running a house & having a life too… multi tasking at its finest! In a way, I think I’ve become even more organised if that’s at all possible. Like… I’ve already got my Halloween Sweetie bags ready for out ‘Trick O Treaters!’ As if! Lol. Hey I may just have to get those Christmas Cards written out! Yep that’s right… I have all my Christmas cards already. Along with everyone’s Christmas gifts up in my loft ready to wrap! I know I know… I so super sad. But seriously… it’s so much cheaper to get ahead. It means that comes December all of our pennies can be spent on sparkles & partyine. Well… when I say partying… I don’t mean anything mad… to be fair we’re generally asleep by 9pm these days lol. 

    Seth’s now crawling & he has his first tooth! I just can’t believe how much he’s grown. He’s just an utter joy… we’re so blessed to have such a scrumptious little pudding 💙

    So… the plan for the next few months is to really knuckle down & lose the rest of this weight. I’m so determined to be the healthiest I can be for my little family. You can follow my progress on my diet page here

    Right… well I’d best crack on with being busy 🙂 

    Thanks so much for reading! 

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx

    Living ‘Sparkly’ the IxxyPoco Way

    9 Aug

    Hi folks ✨

    Well… It’s no secret that I like fancy things. I love to live life sparkly & being surrounded by nice things & designer labels. I like eating nice food & drinking sparkly yumminess. But, I like all of these things at the best bargain price. 

    I’m the Queen of coupons & the Princess of bargain shopping. There’s no shame in bargain hunting. The cost of living has become so high that quite often treats are forgotten. Well, life is for living & I love a treat. 

    I’m such a handbag & purse pervert… I’m always scouring glossy magazines for the latest stunning arm candy. Once I have my heart set on a new bag – I’ll stop at nothing until it’s mine. Generally I’ll head to my current bags that I own & I’ll either have a cull & sell anything I’ve not used in the last 12months & put the money toward my new purchase. Or… I’ll get down to some good old saving. Even if it’s just £5 a month… I’ll save until I have the pennies to buy it. I’ve just sold 5 handbags & with the money I’ve managed to buy myself a new Kate Spade Purse & a Vivienne Westwood Tote. It’s a great way of freeing up some room as well as buying something new. And, your old bags go to a new home. It’s kind of like recycling really. I really need to start organising ‘swishing’ parties. A Swishing Party is basically where everyone brings something they no longer want, then you swap with someone else. So you could bring clothes, shoes, bags, scarves… Anything really! Such a good idea & a money saver! Plus, it’s a good excuse to get the girlies over to sip some sparkles. Talking of sparkles…

    Sparkles ✨ Now, we all know I love a glass of sparkles. Whether it be a good bottle of Champagne or a cheap Cava. The whole reason I call it sparkles is so it’s very ambiguous as what’s in my glass. It’s always bubbly, it’s always dry… But is it always Champagne? Heck no! I’d love to be sipping Moet every weekend, but that’s become rather pricey! So, my wine rack consists of Cava that I’ve bought at £4 on offer, Prosecco when it’s 5 for £25 & Champagne when there’s money off. Even Moet, Lanson & Veuve go on offer sometimes. When they do I tend to buy a bottle to keep for a special occasion. Places like Aldi & Asda are great for picking up a bottle of Champagne for £10… Sometimes cheaper if you’re lucky. 

    Food… Now I LOVE food! I cook from scratch & I make my own sauces. Meat etc… Can be a bit pricey at times. But it’s all about where you shop & quantities. If you follow my diet page you’ll know I use my Crock Pot a lot. I buy my meat pre-frozen from Asda which saves a lot. I tend to buy whole fresh chickens as it’s cheaper to buy a whole chicken sometimes & then it’s lasts a good few days. There’s so many different things you can make with chicken. I buy rice & pasta in bulk. I’m lucky & have a big walk in pantry which is great for storage. I tend to buy giant sacks of pasta & rice which is so much cheaper. I also buy tinned items in bulk too whenever I see an offer. If I see a vegetable offer in a local market I’ll buy it in bulk then blanch & freeze them. We eat well… We have gorgeous food… But at a good price. 

    Make up… I couldn’t live without the stuff. Again I buy when there’s an offer. I buy most of my make from Debenhams & Boots. Both places have excellent points cards. It’s the best way to buy. Make sure you use the offers & coupons to boost your points. That way you build up a good balance to spend at a later date. I can get up to £200 worth of boots points on my card within 6 month. It just makes your pennies go that little bit further. I also have some amazing acrylic storage which I bought from Muji. It’s so much cheaper than a Kardashian Acrylic Cube. 

    Somethings in life I won’t scrimp on like SKY TV (sad I know lol) Eating Out & things for Seth. But that’s fine because I try to get everything else at a bargain price lol. 

    So there you have it… This is my sparkly way of living life ‘fancy’ & Sparkly ✨ 

    Thanks for reading & have a great day 💕

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx

    “It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done” – Nelson Mandela 

    11 Jun

    Hi folks ✨ 

    Wow the weather here has been utterly amazing ☀️ Sadly I can’t say the same for this weekend though. It’s kinda cloudy & kinda rainy… But, it’s the right weather for laying new lawn in the back garden… That’s what the hubster is doing right at this very moment. He’s laying us some nice new grass – lovely. 

    This week I was pretty proud of myself… I got this report through from my FitBit

    I managed 48,710 steps last week!!! I’m so proud of myself. It may not seem a lot to the average person, but I was literally told by a specialist surgeon & physiotherapist 3year ago that after all of the surgeries & rebuilding of my right leg, I’d never be able to walk for more than 20mins at a time. Well, while the weather has been nice, I’ve been making an effort to go out for walks. I’m trying to build it up slowly. I used to take VERY strong painkillers to help me get around – I have permanent nerve damage in my leg. Well, these days I only take the odd paracetamol when I truly need it. I feel like the walking is totally helping my leg, plus, it’s making me feel healthier. 

    I’ve also been continuing with my healthy cooking 

    I’m also making yogurt again… I’ve so missed it. I’ve been making some amazing dips from the yogurt. When everything is homemade from scratch – it always tastes so much nicer & fresher. I’m so motivated to look my best in my bridesmaid dress in August. So with the walking & the healthy food – hopefully I won’t look too flobberly lol. 

    Seth had his 12wk jabs yesterday – he was so super brave. He didn’t even cry bless him. He had such a temperature & felt pretty poorly after the 8wk jabs, but this time he seems to have been pretty lucky. 

    I’ve been sent some lovely wax melts from a company called Victorian Hydro Once I’ve tried all of the scents I’ve been sent, I shall be writing a full review.

    Things are looking great with my new little adventure… I promise to divulge my good news very soon. There’s been lots of meetings with tea & biscuits ✨

    Well, that’s all for now. I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend 💙 
    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx

    Lunch Dates and new Arm Candy

    6 Feb

    Hi folks ✨

    I’ve actually had a busy few days socialising… Check me out being a social butterfly ✨ 

    I had such a lovely Friday 💙 I went out for lunch to The Pastures with my friend Carolyn & her lovely little girl Alexa. We had lovely food… Lots of gossiping… Truck loads of tea & a not very healthy Ciabatta & Wedges  

       Baby T was spoilt by Auntie Carolyn who had bought him some super cute clothes & another book for his reading corner ✨ 

      The Pastures is such a great place to have food, especially with little ones as their just so child friendly. Alexa had a whale of a time in Ali Bongo’s. So much so that once we got back to our house, she fell asleep in front of Nick Jnr lol.  

    It was so nice to get out for a while other than when I’m headed to the hospital for maternity appointments. Although, finding nice things to wear is becoming increasingly difficult lol… I’m literally getting bigger by the day 💙

     While I was getting ready that morning, I found my Pandora Rhodinite necklace that I’d totally forgotten about. So I decided to wear it as I’ve probably not worn it in like over a year now.

    The hubster’s Bezzie, David, is staying with us this weekend. So I decided to make a bit of a Mexican feast for our supper last night. The chilli was über healthy as I made it all from scratch in the crock pot. But… Then I decided to make nachos… Not so healthy lol. I live my new bowls from Asda… Only £2 each! Utter bargain. I actually ordered them in white, but they sent the red ones instead as the white had sold out. I think I actually like these ones better✨


     It was mega yummy… Even if I do say so myself lol 😋

    Today we had a little jolly to Barnsely to collect my new specs from the opticians. I got a beautiful dark purple pair from Solitaire & a black pair from ZigZag 

     This is my ZigZag pair.

    Afterwards we headed to The Pastures for lunch lol… The Pastures is fast becoming my new fave place to eat. I feel like I’ve been there loads lately! We’re also off out for a meal tonight too. This time we’re headed into our little beautiful village for an Indian meal. So right now we’re just drinking tea & watching Maze Runner.  

     Me & the hubster are using our new mugs that we got for Valentines Day off of my Bezzie – she’s such a sweetie ❤️… Well sometimes lol 😘

    I decided to paint my nails too since I had red chipped nails 🙈 when my varnish starts to chip it really makes me feel funny  

     I love the Avon Pro Wear nail varnish. This is Orchid Splash. I bought this while it was on offer for just £2!!! Such a bargain!!! 

    My new tote from Cath Kidston arrived this week. Can’t believe I got this £32 instead of £75.

     I’m simply in love 💙 I’m going to save it though for when I go into hospital to have my little poppet. I’m going to put his little outfits in it. I’ve been using my brown leather & leopard print bag from Joules this week. I had been using my black & white leather Pied a Terre bag, but I like to rotate my bags so none of my handbags feel left out lol. Yep… I’m just that odd lol. I love keeping my bags all nice & snug in their dust bags when I’m not using them.

     So… that’s my little update on what I’ve been up too. I’m currently trying out a new daily moisturiser from Blue Mandarines – so I’ll be writing a review on that very soon! Oh & don’t forget about my new website: 💕

    Thanks for reading & hope you’re all having a lovely weekend ✨

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx

    Barry M and it’s Fri’Yay’!

    29 Jan

    Hi folks ✨

    Well what an up & down week its been! I’ve just not been well at all… **WHINGE ALERT** I seem to be suffering with sickness again & pregnancy sickness is so not like having a bug… you can literally spew one minute then eat a jar of gherkins the next! I’m also not sleeping well at all with the pain from the infection in my fibroids & the pain in my hips… So I’m literally the mardiest person in the world right now lol. My midwife is great though & such a massive support. She’s also great at putting my mind at ease. So since I’ve been feeling kinda poo… I’ve not been up to much.

    Wednesday was spent watching Netflix… I couldn’t help but be sucked into ‘Making a Murderer’… I really do recommend it. I began watching it with a skeptical head on… But wowzers it’s a gripping watch!

    This week I received a gorgeous metallic pink package from Barry M. They kindly sent me their new Nail Care Range. I literally could not wait to rip open the packaging to give it a whirl. 

     In the pack I received:

    • Super Mani 7in1 Treatment
    • Iron Mani Ultimate nail Hardener
    • Mani Mask Camouflage, Colour & Condition in Birthday Suit & Bashful

    I keep my nails quite short just as I find them easier to maintain & manage in day to day life. These products were so lovely to use… the shape of the actual brush is lovely & makes painting your nails really easy. The brush is very good quality – no straggly bristles. I started off using the 7in1 treatment of which I used 2 coats. It creates such a high shine that you could actually just use this on its own to make your nails look super healthy & well manicured. Now, I’m not a naked or nude nail kinda girl… I’m very much into bold colours. But I decided to give birthday suit a go. The results look gorgeous. Both Mani Mask polishes have a matte finish… So I decided to use Iron Mani as a top coat to give a strong shiny finish. My nails look beautiful & super healthy. Even the hubster said my nails looked ‘professional & classy’! 

     Each of these products are priced at £3.99!!! I just cannot believe how good the prices are! You can buy these products from most Boots & Superdrug stores. I’ve tried nail polishes way more expensive than these ones… But these are just as good quality… if not better! I am most definitely a big fan of this brand now!

    The latest editions of Elle & Elle Decoration were sent out this week too… but I haven’t gotten round to reading them cover to cover just yet. 

    I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling much better by tomorrow as I’m off shopping for new specs! I’m so overdue new glasses it’s unreal. So I think it’s only right that I get 2 new pairs. Expect lots of upcoming spec selfies.

    So, as you can see… I’ve really not been up to much… I’m actually writing this post from my bedroom whilst wearing my PJs. I never have a proper duvet day… That’s how unwell I’m feeling. Coco is with me though keeping me company… well… I say that… she’s actually snoring in her little nighttime bed lol.  

    So far this morning I’ve organised my hospital bag so it’s ready for when I go in to have the little Prince 💙 I’ve also tried to organised my dressing table a little better too.  

     Ooooooh, I’ve also been checking out the Cath Kidston sale for a new bag that I can take into hospital with me so it’ll match my Weekened Bag & Diaper bag which are both Cath Kidston too. I don’t mind that they’re all not the same pattern… I kinda like the mis-matchey look. 

     I’m in the process of reviewing Valentte London… so please keep a look out for that review coming soon. 

     Oh & don’t forget to check out my new website:

    Thanks again for reading! 💕

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx


    Tea, Cake and Blogging at 5am

    27 Jan

    Hi folks ✨

    Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few days… I’ve had a busy weekend & have been feeling pretty poorly after having my Whooping Cough Vaccination. I had Whooping Cough as a new born… So I know the importance of having my little one protected until he’s here to have his first lot of vaccinations 💙 I’m having trouble sleeping too due to pain… So here I am blogging ridiculously early. 

    So… What have I been doing…?

    Thursday consisted of a lot of tea  

     I went for tea & lunch with Anna to my favourite little Cafè & Wine Bar – Otto. Obviously no wine nor sparkles were consumed. Although we did have like 3 pots of tea followed by lemonade! Since we had so much gossip to catch up on,  we stayed for lunch. They make the most amazing flat bread pizzas  

     Not the most ‘diet friendly’ of meals… But it was super yummy. Plus something hot was needed as Thursday was sooooo cold! I honestly thought it was gonna snow! However… It did not 😞

    Thursday evening was spent with the Mammy & Daddy in Law who drove up from Liverpool to stay over night. It’s fair to say that they arrived with a LOT of gifts for Baby T 💙 

       Amongst the gifts was this beautiful Steif Teddy Bear from Hamleys. Normally I’d give him a name… But I think Bambino should be the one to name him when he’s here… & can talk lol 💙
    Thursday evening I made a lovely healthy Chicken Jalfrezi for supper  

     Early Friday morning I was up & ready for my Whooping Cough Vaccination… Ouchie!!! To cheer me up, me & the hubster decided to treat the Mammy & Daddy in law to lunch at The Pastures… I seem to have been there quite a lot lately. The food is always so good though. When you find a nice place to eat you kinda don’t wanna venture to anywhere else. 

    I snaffled on fajitas  

    Once we got home after lunch, it was time for the hubster to pack his travel bag as he was off to London for the weekend with some freelance work. Everyone left together… So that left me & Coco to have a chilled few hours before my Mammy & Daddy arrived to babysit me for the weekend ❤️ I think everyone is scared to leave me alone now I’m pregnant… It’s kinda nice though 💙 


    More gifts were bestowed upon Baby T with the arrival of my Mammy & Daddy. The amount of time & love my Mam has poured into knitting him things is unreal. He has blankies… Sleeping bag… Cardigans… It’s all gorgeous! They’d also bought him toys… Toiletries… Loads! One item that stuck out as being super cute was his Beatles vest. Very apt with him having a Scouse Daddy 💙 

    Saturday was a chilled out shopping day. Obviously we needed to pop into Mothercare  

    Saturday afternoon was filled with tea, chocolate, gossip & films. Just what I needed. I miss my parents so much. I can’t wait till we’re living back in the Northeast 💕

    Saturday night my Mammy & Daddy took me to my fave Indian restaurant for a treat meal as I’ve been so unwell really over the last few month – as you all know. They’re always so thoughtful & selfless. I was actually the worst hostess for the weekend with them as they had to make up their bed in the guest room… They did household chores for me… Brought me groceries lol… They’re utter stars ✨ love them to bits. If I can be half the parent to my little boy that they are to me – then I’ll be very happy 💙 simply the best is all I can say  

    By Sunday I was feeling pretty poorly with this vaccination… My arm had a massive lump which was so tender (still is a bit), I was throwing up & felt very headachey. So Sunday was a super lazy one. I think all I did Sunday was wash my hair. My Mam & Dad did everything else lol. They left in the afternoon so I only had an hour or so on my own (with Coco) before the hubster arrived home ❤️ 

     My Mam had baked a cake for G as she didn’t get to see him all weekend… So he had this beauty to arrived home too. 

    Monday was a total write off really. I felt really under the weather… So I spent the day watching Netflix & feeling sorry for myself. But… My Younique Presenter Kit arrived so that cheered me up a bit!  

     In the afternoon I sorted through Baby T’s clothes… Cutting off tags etc… So everything is ready to wash over the coming weeks. That way everything will be freshly washed & lovely for his little arrival💙 

     Luckily I woke up Tuesday feeling not as grotty. Still headachey… But not quite as bad. 

    Yesterday marked 31wks 💙 

     Not long now until this little bambino of ours will be here for plenty of cuddles 💙

    I decided to have a play around with all of my new Younique goodies. I decided I needed to be well acquainted with all of the stock so I can give the best advice to potential customers & for anyone wanting to join my team ✨ 

     If anyone would like to purchase any Younique products or for info on joining my team, either comment on this post or message me via my Facebook Page

    Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of a gorgeous prize I’d won from Not Shabby Very Chic  

       They sell some gorgeous items! Great for gifts & great for treats to yourself! They’re also now selling a monthly treat box 🎁!!! How fab does that sound? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. So don’t just take my word for it… Go view their items for sale yourself ✨ 
    I also received some tea from Twinings to try  

     After the excitement of receiving my goodies… I headed to my Midwife appointment 💙  

    Then finally… Yesterday evening I made enchiladas for tea. As the sickness seems to have come back… I’m craving spicy food more than ever  

     So… That is what I’ve been up too. Rather long winded wasn’t it!? Lol.

    I’d got some fab reviews coming up for Cleaves Candles & Valentte. I’m also being sent out some items from Barry M to try. So please keep your gorgeous peepers peeled for those reviews! 

    Thanks again for reading ✨ 

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx