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Staycation Isolation

1 Apr

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all doing okay. So much has changed & happened since my last blog post!!! How crazy is everything at the moment?

We’re very lucky, as both me & the hubster & the kids are all home safely together. Oh & we can’t forget Coco too. The hubs is now working from, so we’ve been self isolating for quite a while now. Seth has no idea about the virus really, I mean, he’s only 4 yr old, so we decided it was better to keep it from him. We didn’t want him feeling scared or worried. Our families don’t live close by, so it isn’t like he see’s family everyday. So in that respect… he’s not noticed any difference. He did ask about nursery… but we just said we are having extended holidays from school for Easter. He hasn’t even questioned it. And Ted, well, he’s only 17 month old… so he’s none the wiser too.

I’ve been focussing on keeping the boys entertained. It was easier last week, as the weather was so lovely! So we could get out in to the garden.


We’ve chalked our walk, we’ve played in the mud kitchen, picnicked in the garden etc… while the weather has been nice… we’ve been out breathing as much fresh air as possible.

To make this time as fun as possible, we’ve decorated the house for Easter, early. I just wanted to inject some fun & some colour around he place. We’ve also added rainbow colours to our windows too.

We’ve had so much fun crafting & making decorations. With Seth only being in preschool for half a day each day, I’ve decided not to make a home schooling timetable. I’m still encouraging learning & I’m constantly asking little maths questions etc… while we play, but I wanted to focus this time on fun & making memories rather than it more about school. It’s such a scary & uncertain time, so our focus is being fun, carefree & present. I’m making a photobook for the boys of this time… so in years to come they can revisit this time & see that even though things were scary… we tried our best to make it fun. Like a colourful, cheerful, Staycation.

We’ve had PizzaParty picnics, we’ve camped in the front room, we’ve excavated dinosaur eggs, we’ve had wildlife in our front room, we’ve painted etc… Seth keeps telling me this is the most fun holiday he’s ever had. I think he loves that his Daddy is home all the time & working in our office at home & isn’t going out to work. I think he’s loving the novelty of it all. The weirdest part is that he hasn’t asked to go out at all. He’ll ask to go in the garden, but he’s not asked for days out. I really thought he would have. But it’s like he’s so happy & content at home. This whole thing has made me realise though, just how much I actually go out. I’ve always gone out a lot & joined groups etc… with the boys. But since passing my test in December & buying a 2nd car, I’m out even more.

I’ve been trying each day to find a positive in this whole saga. So far… I’ve come up with so many. It’s also opened up my eyes to how much stuff I take for granted too. I have a new found respect for food. I mean, I waste very little food anyway, but now, I’m literally making sure that each thing is used & nothing is wasted.  Today I got an amazing Fruit & Veg delivery from a local market stall… everything is so colourful & looks & smells amazing. I’ve never been so excited to eat a salad for tea!

I’ve had some amazing video calls with family  friends too. The amount of giggles I’ve had is fab – considering the circumstances. I do feel that it’s brought people together.

I’m planning each week on Sunday & making a menu for things to make for tea.

Keeping organised is really helping me to get through this bizarre saga. I love meal planning & prepping… I find it really therapeutic. I’m in the process of making some strawberry yogurt… I can’t wait. The boys love fruit yogurt – so I’m on to a winner!

I do hope you’re all keeping safe, well & positive. I cannot wait for the massive celebrations to be had once this is all over!

Love, huggles, & much love,

Hayley xxx

Pregnant Life

29 Apr

Hi Folks,

April has been such a busy month. In fact it has been a wee while since my last blog post. But this month just seems to have zoomed by so fast!

We seem to have packed a LOT into just 30 days… Seth went to his first birthday party which was unicorn themed. His little face was amazing – he adored everything about it. The bouncy castle, the pink lighting, dancing on the stage… just everything!

We also had an amazing day out to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park for their Alice in Wonderland event. It was really cold & windy, but we just wrapped up warm. We even managed to have our picnic outside too.

This month has seen some amazingly warm sunny weather too. It was so nice to be able to get out into the garden. We enjoyed it while it lasted. We had homemade picnic platters & played in the ball pool. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the best memories.

I was also admitted to hospital too. I just couldn’t believe it. Being pregnant whilst having a toddler is such a different experience to the last time I was pregnant. Everything is harder as I’m not my own priority anymore – Seth is. We don’t have family around us where we live, so I can’t just scoot off to Hospital. I need to make sure Seth has someone to look after him. So, my hubster stayed with Seth until my parents made the 2hr drive to us. It was kinda scary being in hospital on my own. I mean I’ve been in hospital on my own before, but the beginning part while you’re sat around on the ward waiting to have tests I’ve always had Graham with me to hold my hand. Don’t worry – baby is totally fine. We’ve named the baby ‘Little T’ until he or she arrives. I’ve got red degeneration of my fibroids. I suffered with this throughout my pregnancy with Seth. Even though I’m in pain – it’s reassuring to know exactly what it is. But I do just feel constantly exhausted at this stage. We got to see Little T for the first time last week. I’m coming up to 14wks… I just cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I felt like I was pregnant with Seth for like a year or something lol.

I also got to meet my consultant this week as I’m being consultant led again being a high risk pregnancy. I was pleased to find out that it was the same consultant who actually delivered Seth. So that is just amazing as I’ll be having a planned c- section again so the same lady will be delivering Little T.

We’ve made the decision to stay Team Green during this pregnancy – we’re not finding out the Baby’s Gender. I’m actually quite excited to have a gorgeous surprise when Little T arrives. I’ve been pushed back one day, so Little T’s due date is 31st October. I’ve also made the decision to have my Fallopian tubes removed during my c-section. Purely because we definitely only want 2 children & because I’m generally quite poorly during pregnancy. We’ve been moving furniture around in our bedroom to make room for the SnüzPod. So that means I got to move my dressing table & make it all pretty in a new location. I do love an organised make up station… I’m so sad lol. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at nursery decor ideas. We’ve gone for White, Pale Grey & Silver. I can’t wait to start decorating. Then when Little arrives I can buy either pink or blue bunting with his or her name on as a finishing touch. Eeeeeck… it’s just too exciting! We’ve already got the cotbed which is Obaby & from Precious Little Ones.

May is looking to be a VERY busy month too… it’s my birthday in May, it’s the hubsters birthday in May, we have 2 Bank Holidays & we have a holiday coming up too, to Haven. I’ve never been to a Haven site before. I’m super excited – it looks perfect for Seth. We normally holiday in Center Parcs… but wanted to see what Haven was like. We’ve got a Center Parcs holiday come up in August. Then, Christmas week we’ll be going again, but this time we’ll have our new addition with us. I’m so excited! I have some lovely reviews coming up all about the Traditional Toy Box Company & Nuby. I promise I’ll be blogging more this month… my sickness is starting to get better & I just need to get back to my organised routine.Thanks so much as always for reading! Love & Huggles,Hayley xxx

Fit Fab Glammy Mammy

31 Jan

Hi folks,

I cannot believe that we’re already a month into 2018! What is that about? Time is literally zooming by so fast.

This last month we’ve made so many changes. We’ve done so many little DIY type things around the house… not like major things, but stuff that kinda niggles at you. So, we’ve changed the blind in our en-suite bathroom to a pink polka dot one. Way better than the bamboo style we had. We added a new blue blind in the family bathroom, and a blind & new curtains in the guest room… it really looks like a different room. We don’t have a fancy guest room or anything lol… it’s the smallest bedroom, but it accommodates a double bed really well. Since we don’t live anywhere near our family – we always need a comfy guest room. We’ve also emptied the spare room… it’s literally a blank canvas now. I’m hoping that sometime soon that may become a nursery… here’s hoping!

I’ve had a little change around in Seth’s room to make way for this birthday gift! Can you believe my little bear will be turning 2 in March!? He has so many toys & books… so rather than buying him more toys, we’ve decided to get him a bedroom TeePee! I’m so gonna make him a cool little boy fort where he can retreat too. It’s something he’ll be able to play with for years & years… I can’t wait!

We had a pretty bad leak before Christmas… nightmare! The en-suite shower started to leak & the water came running out of the light fittings downstairs. It’s all fixed now & there’s no damage to the ceiling… but there’s water marks… so our next job on the list will be to prime & paint that. Well… when I say ‘our’… I actually mean that the hubster will be doing it & I’ll be making the cups of tea lol.

January 8th marked the start of my ‘back to healthy eating’ plan. 3 weeks in & I’m 1 stone down!!! Thats totally insane isn’t it!? I really would love to lose another 2 stone. I’ve not been doing anything crazy… just literally cut out the bad foods & replaced them with the good healthy ones. I have my diet page over on Facebook where you can see all of my recipes & have a spy at what I eat day to day. It’s no secret that I’d simply love to have another baby. To do that, I need to be the healthiest I can be… so my motivating factors are being super healthy for Seth & the thought of getting pregnant again. I can be a better Mammy when I’m carrying less weight… because of my leg & back, I struggle somedays. Especially when I’m carrying extra weight. I have my eye on that size 12 goal & I’m not going to give up until I reach it.

Seth’s been pretty poorly this last week with a virus & conjunctivitis. Whenever he’s cutting a tooth, he always catches something bless him. It’s just awful when he’s poorly… You feel completely helpless. I’m hoping that he’s now on the mend. Kids… they’re nothing but a worry. Honestly… I just don’t think I knew proper worry until I became a Mammy.

Driving… ugh… where do I start. I don’t know if it’s my age or what, but honestly, learning to drive is super hard. I think it’s even worse coz I simply do not have time to do it because of lack of childcare with having no family around us. So I get 1hour per week & then sometimes I miss a good few weeks due to holidays etc… I’m hoping now I’m kinda on the home stretch… I’ve mastered roundabouts – I think lol. I’ve started my manoeuvres… its just honestly harder than I ever imagined. But, I’m not a quitter… I shall stick at it until I’m test ready & then passed. My instructor really does deserve a medal! lol.

So… what else have I been up too? Well, I’ve been keeping up with my new years resolution of doing more things for me – I’m still keeping to my getting my nails done routine. I actually love it… I feel more like the old me. It’s so easy to fall into the ‘Mammy Trap’ of just becoming super Mummsy. I mean, I wanna be a Mam… but still Hayley… A Fit Fab Glammy Mammy lol. So the next step is to start having nights out again… eeeeck!

What is 2018 going to bring??? Well… we have a seaside caravan holiday booked… 2 Center Parcs Holidays & a Center Parcs Day Trip for Seth’s Birthday. I’m also hoping it’ll bring my driving license lol… and… getting pregnant. I have my positive pants on & nothing is going to shatter that sparkle & determination. Lot’s to look forward too & lot’s to work toward!

Thanks so much for sticking with me folks. Oh, just in case you noticed… my website had a bit of a glitch & went offline apparently… but it should all be back up & running so I’m told.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Resolutions, Health and Babies

8 Jan

Hi folks,

I just simply can’t believe that we’re already into 2018! Last year just went by so fast in a massive blur! I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas & New Year.

Our Christmas was simply amazing… lots of laughter, sparkles & food! Maybe a little too much food actually. I’ve gone back to basics today in a bid to lose 2 stone. I think coz my mind is the zone of healthy eating… I’m actually already feeling better. Mind over matter so they say. Healthy eating always makes me feel so much happier too.

In between Christmas & New Year, I had a few tests at Hospital. Luckily everything came back tip top 🙂 So I’ve literally skipped into 2018 with a clean bill of health. I’m hoping that maybe this could be the year that we add a new addition to our family. But I guess we’ll have to wait & see.

Until then though… we’ve added 2 new little darlings to our family… Tuna & Mayo 🙂 Seth’s new Goldfish.

Like most folk… I’ve started the new year with some new year resolutions. Now, I don’t like setting outrageous & unattainable resolutions… nor do I like the ‘New Year New Me’ saying… so here are my ‘realistic’ resolutions:

  1. Do more things for myself… what I mean by that is, that since Seth has been born I just don’t do anything as a treat just for me. I used to go out a lot & I used to have my nails done each month. All of that kinda faded away as I just put everything & everyone first. So, on Saturday I went to get my nails done all on my own. It was so lovely. I even made an appointment to have them done in 3wks time! Go me! I have to say that my separation anxiety has added to it too. Going out on my own just never feels right. But I think I’m slowly getting better with that.
  2. Be healthier. I’d love to lose 2 stone. I just really need to be the healthiest Mammy to Seth that I can be. I owe it to him to be the best version of myself that I possibly can.
  3. Be Positive. It’s no secret that I’m a positive thinker… and I plan on continuing that. Having a positive approach to life really does help to get you through the tough times.

I’m so excited to see what this year will bring. Last year we moved home & we didn’t anticipate that – but it was the best thing we ever did. I just love our home so much. Seth has more space to play. We’ve started to make plans for a little decorating. Nothing too in your face… just a nice freshen up with mostly neutral colours. I want to add a roller blind to the guest bedroom & new curtains. Then in the spare room, we want to re-paint & add a new curtain pole & curtains etc… Seth’s Room doesn’t need a spruce up since we did when we moved in. The same as our room… we did all the sprucing up & finishing touches as we moved in. We shall get there I’m sure.

My lovely frosty view this morning.

I’m hoping this year will also be the year that I pass my driving test. The first step will be to get my theory test booked in. I’ve started my manoeuvres… well… pulling up on the left & parallel parking. Eeeeck… I just can’t wait until I’ve actually passed.

I can’t believe that Seth turns two this year too. I just do not know where the time is going. Soon enough we’ll be putting the tree up for next Christmas lol.

Well I shall leave this post here as I’ve a mountain of laundry to do… fun times lol.

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Having A Ramble With the Amble

1 Dec

Hi folks,

We’ve been having a lovely time trying out our new Mothercare Amble Stroller.

Seth is super cosy in it & I think Coco likes it too 🙂

Where we live, we have so many gorgeous areas to go for walks. Me, Seth & Coco love to go for walks. It can sometimes be a little difficult pushing a stroller & walking Coco at the same time, but this stroller has a lovely one hand push. The steering is perfect with just one hand. That’s also handy when you’re holding a shopping basket & pushing the stroller. One hand push is a MUST! It just makes life that little bit easier… & I’m all for an easy life!

You can also feel the shock absorbing suspension when pushing the stroller. It’s perfect for going up & down high curbs etc… Seth has found it to be really comfortable. The Seat is really wide & padded. The stroller also fully reclines too. This stroller is suitable from birth up to 15kg. You can also covert it into a travel System with some adaptors to fit with the Mothercare baby carrier/Car Seat. Perfect!

For being such a substantial stroller it folds down really small. It is also free standing when folded.

It sits perfectly in our porch & takes up hardly no room. No one wants a huge bulky stroller taking up lots of room. If you have a small house or apartment with not a lot of storage – this would be perfect! It’ll also be perfect for travel. It takes up hardly no space in our boot when out & about. So if you drive a smaller car – there’s no need to think you need to upgrade to a bigger car… this is the perfect stroller for smaller boot.

Mothercare also make some lovely cosy toes that fit lovely with this stroller perfect for the cold weather.

Super snuggly for cold winter days.

There’s a lovely little feature that I adore. Underneath the seat on the bottom, there is a zipped pocket where your raincover lives! That means your basket is always free for shopping etc… I always find my basket is taken up with a raincover… well… not no more!

There’s a really good YouTube video to give you a full rundown on how it all works.

So… heres a little rundown of the main features:

  • suitable from birth to max. weight of 15kg
  • high quality, lightweight, aluminium frame
  • soft, padded seat unit
  • reclining back rest
  • adjustable foot rest
  • chest pads for your little ones comfort
  • large rear wheels and lockable 360° swivel front wheels
  • easy, one hand push
  • shock absorbing suspension
  • brake on both rear wheels for optimum safety
  • large shopping basket
  • hood with SPF50 fabric
  • travel system compatible using adaptors (available separately)
  • small, compact fold
  • free standing when folded
  • unfolded Dimensions: D92.5xW64xH101 cm
  • folded Dimensions: H48xW22xD66 cm
  • pushchair Weight: 8.2 kg
  • includes hood and raincover

The overall look of this stroller is absolutely stunning… it looks super expensive, classy & a bit of a head turner. We went to see the Coca Cola truck at the weekend & a lady in the queue asked me what brand it was as she liked the look of it… now it’s always nice to get a compliment & let’s face it… how something looks is always a big when choosing what to buy. With Mothercare you know you’re going to get top quality… without a ridiculous price tag. Also, with this buggy converting to a travel system – you’d save so much money. That’s something to think about if you’re a parent to be. Saving money where you can is essential when planning your new arrival.

Me & Seth will be reviewing the new Mothercare Journey Travel System very soon, if it arrives before our Christmas vacation, we’ll be able to put it through it’s paces in Sherwood Forest. There’s lots of different terrain to test it out on & I’m sure it’ll look stunning in the forest. So keep your beautiful peepers peeled for that one!

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Love & huggles & happy December 1st!

Hayley & Seth xxx

Moving Mayhem

24 Apr

Hi folks,

I’m soooooo sorry it’s been a fair few weeks since my last blog post. But… this has been such a stressful week. I’m literally never moving house ever again! I mean, it’s so worth it now as we have a gorgeous new home with so much space… but the actual packing & moving part… stinks! Big time! Uber stress!

So… where do I start!? First of all… packing up your whole entire home with a one year old is just so hard. As I was packing a box… Seth was unpacking another lol. I always thought I was pretty good at multitasking & juggling my time with mammy-ing & working… but wowzers… doing all that & moving house is like another level! Let’s just say that over the last few weeks I’ve been doing well with McDonalds Monopoly. In fact… our first meal in our new home was a  MacD’s whilst sitting on the floor lol. Honestly though… the healthy eating has so gone out of the window… I’ve eaten so much junk t’s unreal. The side effects of that… a massive ulcer in my mouth & a huge spot on my forehead. Just awful!!! Now we’re moved in… healthy eating has resumed.

Moving day… I was so super organised for moving day. How can anything go wrong??? Everything is boxed & labelled. There’s a concise list of everything & where it needs to be. The moving company & movers are booked. On hand ‘chihuahua’ sitting is arranged for Coco. Seth’s Nana & Granda are here to take him out for the day… it’s a fool proof plan! Surely nothing can possibly go wrong… or can it? Why yes! Everything can go completely out the window. So… the movers were 4 & a half hours late! I mean… really! They were 4 & half hours late! When they eventually rocked up, my anxiety was just through the roof. Then… when they did arrive they insulted my dog!!! I had to leave the house at that point & just head to our new house.

The whole day just seemed to last forever. I assigned myself the job role of chief co-ordinater. I literally stood & pointed where everything needed to be carried too. I think my heart was in my mouth the moment I saw my Samsung American Style Fridge freezer with no doors on. They had to pretty much take it apart to get it out of our old pantry & in to our new pantry. I just do not understand how we have moved to a bigger house but we still have stuff in boxes with no home! How does that even work???

I did a Facebook Live tour of our new house & it just struck me that I should really do a Youtube tour of the house so I can pop it on here for you all to see. That shall be on my to do list!

We still have so many boxes to unpack. We need to buy new curtains, new curtain poles… all sorts! We also need a wall bracket for our tv in the bedroom. But… at least we have our Sky Fibre back & Sky Q! It felt like we were living in Victorian Britain with no internet!!! Running a business from home wth no internet is mighty hard. But it also just highlights how much we actually rely on our mobile devices & being connected. It’s kind of bad really.

So, now we have made the move… we just have a long list of things that need to be done to make it 100% like home. But, I have to say that already I feel so settled. Seth is loving all the new space & his new big bedroom. At our old house Seth had a really small room. But here – his room is so big. It’s a big double bedroom. I shall take lots of pics once we have sorted every room. I’m just far too excited… can you tell!?

What’s coming up??? Well… I have so many reviews coming up! Stay tuned for a review on the new Joie Every Stage Car Seat. I’m also heading down to London next month… stay tuned for that… it’s promising to be a fun trip! I’ll also be reviewing some goodies from the ELC. I’ve also got a fab review coming up for Bearfaced Groceries . I’ve got the most scrumptious review to write on Appleby Crafts. Oooooh & a lovely review of Melting Creations. And… a review of Music Bugs!!!! So… lots of reviews!

Not only do I have lots of reviews coming up… but it’s also my birthday in 2weeks times… along with my hubsters too! If the weather is nice I can see a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park happening. I love that place! Fingers crossed I get the bag I’ve been not so subtly hinting for!!!

Right then.. I shall leave this post here. I need to go & start making lists… lists of every deadline I have & how I’m gonna meet it! Thanks so much for reading & sticking with me whilst I’ve been up in the air & away with the fairies on this move!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

28 Feb

Hi folks,

Wow… I cannot believe that Seth turns 1 year old in 2 weeks time!!! It’s just so surreal. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the very first time. As you can imagine – I’m in full birthday mode. I’ve already sorted the party bags, the cake has been ordered, Seth has a new outfit & the gifts have been wrapped! I’ve organised a little tea party of close family & friends & then, we’re off to Centre Parcs. So we shall be there for his actual birthday. I just can’t wait for a little break in my most favourite forest.

This year has just simply flown by. Time seems to move so fast when you’re Mammy-ing. Everyday goes so super fast & everyday just feels like a dream. I don’t think this elation of finally being a Mammy will ever leave me. I love spending my days with Seth. He’s developed & learnt so much, but so have I. This whole journey into MammyHood has been such an eye opener. I think I’ve actually become more fun & carefree. Things that used to bother me, really don’t anymore. Everyday is like a little party when you’re with Seth. His sparkling personality is just so infectious. He just smiles & giggles all of the time. He’s my perfect little dreamboat. Although… he does keep you on your toes… he crawls at the speed of light. No time for putting your feet up I can tell you.

Seth is now walking!!! He started last week at only 48 weeks. He’s my little star! He’s also saying: Mama, Dada, Hiya, All Gone, Dog, Good Girl & Coco! I think Coco is his best friend… he literally adores her & Coco seems to have taken it upon herself to be his body guard. It’s just so super cute watching them together. I can’t wait for more family days out in the better weather… altogether picnicking & making memories. The best part about him walking now is that he’s slower than his crawling lol… so I shall enjoy this small dose of respite before he learns to run!

So… what have I been up too… well…

Driving is becoming so much fun! I’ve had 13 lessons so far & love it. I feel like I’m actually making so much good progress now. At the beginning I was just like… whaaaaaaaat!? But now I can drive pretty much ‘stall’ free lol. However… if you’re ever behind me on York Road in Saturday traffic at the traffic lights… I do apologise if I hold you up. This will be my year to pass my test. I’m so determined. Getting a bus places with Seth is totally manageable… but if I’m to have another bambino… I just couldn’t face it… 2 under 3 on a bus… no thank you. I NEED to drive! Then there’ll be 2 cars on the drive & a fight over who keeps the current car & who will get a newer car. It won’t be a new new car though… just ‘newer’ lol.

I’ve got some fab reviews coming up! So keep your peepers peeled for that!

Me & Seth have been lunching lots & generally just being social butterflies as per really. We’ve also just gotten a place in a new Music Bugs class for older bambinos. So tomorrow shall be our last day at ‘Baby Bugs’ & next Monday we will start our new ‘Bigger Bambino’s’ class. I don’t actually know who enjoys it more… me or Seth lol. Well, I’m saying we’ve been social butterflies… last week Seth came down with laryngitis & tracitis… It’s been so awful! I hate it when he’s not well as it makes me feel so helpless. We totally experienced our very first sleepless night too. For 3 nights on the trot he was just inconsolable bless him. He just wanted cuddles all night. So, after 3 nights of cuddles in our bed – we decided we needed to upgrade to a Kingsize bed lol. Sunday morning… we went out & bought a one. I so cannot wait for it to arrive. But, you shall all be pleased to know that Seth is back to his usual 11 to 12 hour sleepies through the night. Pheeeeew! See… Mammy-life is so much fun lol. Thank God for make up & coffee! I tell you… life’s never been so glam lol.

I’m still plodding on with my long term weightloss journey. I love cooking & coming up with colourful, healthy creations. But, sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way with it’s ups & downs & suddenly you find yourself snaffling a Greggs pasty & a greasy fat pizza. Yes… that totally happened when Seth was poorly. Also, there shall be cake, pie & goodies at his party… ooooops! This is why I always refer to my ‘diet’ as longterm. It’s a lifestyle. I eat healthy & I eat bad. But 80% of the time it’s good choices. Life is all about balance & I need to teach Seth good habits. Everything in moderation. I’m currently a size 14 & around 13st 4lbs… pretty good going I’d say. But… I shall be 12 stone once again… at some point. I shall strive for it, slowly & sensibly. I’m no longer that 19 & a half stone girl… that’s what I have to tell myself. I’ve come a long way. I’m also working toward a blog post all about healthy eating & feeding your family on a budget. I’m currently experimenting with lower priced products to see how it all matches up & compares to higher priced goods. Once I’m done with my research… I shall be sharing my post & findings on saving money but eating well.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow… My Mammy is coming to visit – yey! Not so yey though that I have a hospital visit on Thursday. But Friday shall be Mammy/Daughter/Seth day. I’m sure it will involve going out for lunch. My Daddy will be coming down at the weekend too. So it’ll be a lovely family weekend. Then… next week shall be the countdown to the BIG 1st BIRTHDAY! Seth will have both sets of Grandparents & all his God parents here… I’m sure he’ll be one spoilt little boy.

Well… I think thats everything!

Oh my God… I’m so not finished! I almost forgot the most important bit! I bought a sparkly new kettle! I mean… it’s actually sparkly AND… it has a massive diamantè on the lid! Now come on… nothing says class like a big diamantè knob mind lol. £24.95 from B&M… utter bargain! Makes a good brew too! (the pics totally don’t do the glitter surface justice at all… I promise you it’s nice!)

Oh &… before I forget… if anyone would like to buy a Cofi Coo Quillow, I have been sent a unique discount code to share with you all. Head to their website & enter code: IxxyPoco for free delivery & 10% off!!! I’ve ordered a one for my niece as a little non-chocolate Easter gift.

Well… I shall leave it there. Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Let’s Have a Gossip 

16 Jan

Hi folks,

Right… let’s have a wee catch up! So far 2017 is getting off to a lovely little start. Well apart from the continued appointments I need for this abscess/cyst I have on my shoulder… the steroid injections really hurt. And… I now have physio fortnightly too, to help with the pain in my back. But… as long as they work/help… then it’s all worthwhile.

I’ve been in full ‘1st Birthday’ planning mode. We’re taking Seth on holiday to Centre Parcs for his first birthday, but I’m thinking I’d like a little low key birthday tea party at home before we go maybe. I’ve already bought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Plates, Party Bags, Napkins & a Banner lol. Eeeeeck! Of course there’s gonna have to be some kind of Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake too. I’m just so excited. I can believe in 2 month time my little handsome man is going to be 1 year old!

We’ve also got a lovely little beach holiday coming up too at the end of May on the Northeast Coast… So excited. I’ve so many great memories of holidaying on the Northeast Coast when I was little. Admittedly… it may not always be the warmest… but the scenery is stunning & the Fish & Chips always seem to taste nicer.

I was asked to write a lovely little guest blog piece for a fantastic, creative little company called Cofi Coo. Once my post is up on their blog – I shall pop the link on here.

I’ve some fab reviews coming up for you all – been chatting to some lovely brands & PR folk… watch this space.

I received a fantastic package from Nuby UK today. 5 gorgeous items for me & Seth to review.

  • Trainer Sipeez
  • Toddler Training Spoons & Forks
  • Toddler Training Suction Plate
  • Octopus Hoopla
  • Build a Buddy

    I love the Nuby brand… well made & vibrant. Seth is just so in to everything right now. He’s loving playing with toys & exploring all of the textures & shapes. I shall be reviewing each item & writing a full review with lots of pics 🙂

    We discovered a new tooth yesterday! I can’t believe my little boy has 8 teeth! He’s standing up unaided too. When people said to me that time flies when you have a baby.. I don’t think I actually appreciated just how fast! I mean, today I was yet again sorting through clothes that are too small for him. I have them all packaged up in the loft. Hopefully to use again if we’re blessed enough to have another bambino at some point in the not so distant future. I just love being a Mammy so much. I feel like I waited so long to be a one.

    I’m totally into my healthy eating right now too. When I’m eating healthy I’m always so much happier. Healthy foods seem to make you feel happier & more positive about everything. Low fat, low sugar & lots of colour.I need to get my website updated so badly with some new recipes. Tonight for tea I made a really yummy turkey stir fry with freekeh grains & salad. Freekeh is very much like bulgar wheat – I love it. And, it’s practically impossible to ruin when you cook it!

    I know this is probably really sad… but I’m already planning for this coming Christmas too! Well, you all know it’s like my most favourite time of the year! I’ve gotten most of my Christmas cards already, gift wrap & ribbons & bows. We’ve also booked a lovely Winter Wonderland holiday to Centre Parcs again. We’ll be away Christmas week – so that means we’ll be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary while we’re holidaying in the forest. We will be home for actual Christmas though. I just cannot wait. I love to have things to work toward & look forward too. Seeing Seth’s little face as he met Santa etc… was just magical. That’s why we just had to book & do it all over again. If you’ve always fancied going to Centre Parcs – I truly recommend going around Christmastime… it’s just so magical. I mean, we’ve been at all different times of the year… but it’s most magical during the Winter Wonderland season.

    Talking of Christmas… luckily last week we had some gorgeous storage arrive from Mothercare to home some of Seth’s new toys. Since he plays downstairs – obviously, it kinda makes sense to have most of this toys in the sitting room. Although, we have had to add more shelving in his room for his Charlie bear & various Disney Characters. I love how excited he gets when he’s playing with all of his toys.

    My driving lessons are going well… I’ve had 8 lessons now. I so wish I’d just bitten the bullet years ago & learnt to drive when I was a lot younger. But I always used being a poor student as an excuse. But really… it’s not an excuse. I’ve kind of waited to the point where I NEED to drive. I need to be able to drive my little bambino around to all of his social engagements, rather than just relying on the hubster all of the time to be our chauffeur lol. Although, I guess it is kinda nice to be chauffeured 🙂 I am so happy though that my leg doesn’t seem to pose a problem. That’s been such a relief.

    Oh, I’d like to say a big thank you for the fantastical & positive response I had to my article in New! Magazine. I was so nervous… but everyone seemed to love it – so, thank you so very very very much.

    I did make a shocking discovery last week actually… You may already know this but, did you know that the series Stalker has been cancelled? I mean… why!? I loved that series! It was so good & I really wanted to know what was going to happen between Jack & Beth! And, an even bigger shocker… Grimm has been cancelled too! So this next series that is to start soon, is only like 11 episodes long & that’s it! No more!!! I’m simply heartbroken! Why do I feel so sad when a series comes to an end? It’s like that same sad grieving feeling you have when you watch the last episode of Friends. I love me a good TV series. At least the new Prison Break is starting soon… YESSSSSS! That should help with those sad feelings of loss.

    Apart from that… life has been same old same old really… Going out for lunch, going to Music Bugs & Play Group, etc… I’m kind of a creature of habit really. I know what I like… & I like what I know lol. honestly… I’d eat out at the same place every time if the hubster would let me get away with it lol. I’m one of those annoying people too who literally orders the same thing off the menu too lol.

    So… there you have it… that’s what I’ve been up too.

    Thanks so much for reading… it’s lovely to see so many new countries being added to my reader statistics.

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx



    New Year Observations 

    9 Jan

    Hi folks,

    First of all… I’d like to start with saying a massive Happy New Year to you all. We have had such an amazing Christmas. Seth’s first Christmas has been truly magical. He was well & truly spoilt.

    Over the festive period I pretty much snaffled any food & treats I fancied… I drank sparkles… & basically just over indulged. But I have some observations from my 2 weeks of sheer indulgence… My skin is appalling! I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t really suffer from the dreaded spot. But… over Christmas I have had some major outbreaks! I’ve also suffered with some pretty harsh headaches too. When I was at my largest size – I suffered so bad with headaches. I totally 100% believe that my over indulgent diet has caused the spots & headaches. I’ve gone back to my usual healthy diet & my spots have gone, the redness in my skin has died down & my headaches have lifted. How bad is that… that eating over salty, fatty & stodgy foods has done that. I’ve also gained 5lbs!

    For the last week I’ve gone back to my healthy home cooking & limited my processed food intake. Healthy clean food is back on the menu. Don’t forget that I have a diet journey page where I post recipes etc…

    I mean, over Christmas & New Year… I have had far too many cheese boards, baked Camembert & waaaaaaay too much bread. It’s yummy at the time – but the bloating just really lowers your mood & self confidence. When I revert back to my healthy lifestyle – I don’t remove all treats from my diet, I just live by the golden rule of: Everything in Moderation. So, I’ll not be eating pudding in the house – but I may have one now & then if I’m out for a meal. I do have a drink, but not in the week. I’ll have a drink on a Saturday evening when Seth is in bed. Either some sparkles, a gin & slimline tonic or wine. I don’t drink on Fridays as I usually have a driving lesson on a Saturday morning. If I fancy some chocolate – I’ll have some. I just won’t gorge on a full bar. I just try to keep myself in check. I’m currently a size 14/16 & I just can’t wait until I’m back to a size 12. I don’t go in for body shaming etc… I was once over 19 stone… I’m nowhere near that anymore… therefore I am proud.

    Who read my article in New Magazine last week? Eeeeck… that was so exciting. It was so weird seeing myself in print. It feels right though to get my story out there. When you hit rock bottom… the only way is up! I’m forever the optimist these days & I intend to stay that way. Having 6 major surgeries over 5 years, was pretty tough. But I didn’t let it break me… It actually made me stronger. Cheesy… but true.

    So… what’s coming up? Well… I have some lovely reviews coming up for you all. I’ve had some rather exciting emails this year so far… So I’m hoping this is going to be one sparkly, fantastical year! And… let’s not forget Seth’s first birthday too!

    Well, I shall leave this post here as I’m super sleepy from a very full on busy day! Oh, before I go though – don’t forget about my website! I actually need to add more recipes… I must get that done soon.

    Thanks so much as always for reading!

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx


    What 2016 Has Taught Me 

    19 Dec

    Hi folks,

    Well we’re officially on our Christmas countdown! I’m just so excited for our first Christmas with Seth. He simply is the most perfect & prescious little gift. 

    Around this time of year I always become very reflective. I can’t help but look back on what has happened over the year & I always miss those who aren’t here with us anymore. 2016 has taught me so much. Not only about me… but about others & life in general.

    I began the year pregnant & somewhat anxious really. I had a very up & down pregnancy with lots of heightened emotions. I did enjoy my pregnancy – but all of the complications did make me nervous. I just couldn’t wait for Seth to arrive safely. Then he did! The overwhelming love I felt instantly was just something I’d never felt before. For the first time ever I think I actually loved my body… the body that homed & grew my baby boy. 

    When I became a Mammy, something in me just changed. Suddenly things that would’ve bothered me before, became insignificant. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still me – but my whole world now is being a Mammy. I mean, I still love going out for a spot of sparkles or purchasing a designer handbag. But Seth literally comes before anything. 

    I think I’ve also become more driven & passionate too. I’ve always been stubborn & determined to achieve things,  but I now have even more of a reason to succeed… I want to make my little boy proud. I think I’ll always battle against my weight & food demons – but I want more than anything to be a good role model for Seth. 2017 will see me plough on with my ongoing weight loss journey & healthy eating. Of course I’ll be indulging over Christmas – who doesn’t!? But 2017 will see a happy healthy me. I’ve lost over 3 stone since Seth was born & I’d like to lose another stone or two. Then it’ll be all about maintaining that goal when I reach it. 

    I’ve also become freelance & working for myself! Yikes! Now that is a tad scary – but kind of exhilarating too. August saw me resigning from my job of 11 years. A job I truly loved because of the amazing colleagues I had. I’m lucky to still call those colleagues as good friends. I was offered a job that was simply too good to be true… literally. We’ve waited so long for Seth that he deserves a happy Mammy… not a stressed out Mammy too focussed on work & drama. I feel so guilty that for 2 month I was so consumed with the stress & drama of a new job that quite frankly was just hideous. I was made to feel stupid & pathetic for being a new mother. Told I had psychological problems for not wanting to leave my baby in childcare with a stranger. Parenting is very personal & something that someone should not dictate. We have no family around us where we live & so we have no childcare. I just don’t personally feel comfortable leaving Seth with someone I’m not related too. Well, not until he’s ready for nursery. Pressure & conflict was not a healthy combination for me & my prescious little family. So as a family unit we decided resignation was the only option. So…. 2016 has seen two resignations. I’m gutted about that as I never give up on anything, but sometimes people give you no option. I’ve actually still not had an acknowledgement that I’ve resigned… bizarre. I wish I’d listened to the numerous warnings from others before accepting the position. But… you live & learn. The experience has taught me so much. As always I try to see everything as a positive. I have no time in my life for negativity. 

    So, with the support of my hubster I’ve become a freelance blogger. I absolutely love it! I feel very lucky & privileged. I choose my own hours & the projects/campaigns I’d like to work on. It means Seth gets a full time Mammy who is happy & fun. It means he has my undivided attention during these core years. My consultant told me I may never conceive again… so I don’t want to miss a thing. 

    2016 has brought fantastic new people into my life. I’m lucky to have an amazing support network of best friends & family I’ve known for years. But I always have space for new amazing souls. I’ve made some lovely new ‘Mammy’ friends as I call them. Ladies who don’t make you feel nuts for asking ridiculous questions you sometimes have as a new parent. Ladies who I can have a giggle with over a cuppa. I’ve heard lots of people say when they become a parent they lose some friends. Well I can honestly say – I haven’t. Maybe I’m just super lucky. But all of my friends just embrace my new Mammy life & Seth. Yes, there’s some who don’t bother with us… but to be honest those people were like that before I became a Mammy anyways. So it’s not really changed if you know what I mean. 

    I think this year has taught me to be stronger, to be more patient & to not suffer fools. Really, 2016 has been an epic year… & it’s still not over! In the last 8 weeks I’ve become a God Mother, I’ve been on an amazing Christmassy Vacation, had Seth christened, met Santa 3 times & been on the Northpole Express, I’ve had meetings with some amazing companies & brands, I travelled to London on my own to a press launch (major achievement for me) & I met the beautiful & rather lovely Myleene Klass. I can’t wait to see what will occur over the next 12 months!

    Life is simply magical & I feel I’m right where I should be. Someone said to me this year: “I’d hate to be just a mother… I’m more than that”. I have to say… if the only thing I’m remembered for in life is ‘Hayley – loving & caring mother to Seth’… I’d be more than happy. But I’d also like to be known as a good blogger lol… you know just as like a little sparkly after thought lol. 

    So… my New Years Resolutions for 2017 are:

    • Be the best Mammy I can be to Seth 
    • Continue to work hard at building up my little growing business 
    • Continue to battle my food addiction & continue on the path of achieving my goal weight & being the healthiest I can be 
    • Surround myself with positive people 
    • Keep a watchful eye on the negative folk 

      I hope you all have an amazing Christmas & all the best for the New Year. I’m sure I’ll be blogging again before the end of this year & sharing some fab reviews with you all. 

      Love & Hughes, 

      Hayley xxx