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“Beauty is Power; a Smile is it’s Sword”.

15 Jul

Hi folks,

“Beauty is Power; a Smile is it’s Sword’ – John Ray. What an amazing quote & so true. Smiles are universal… when you smile you feel good & it also has a positive affect on the person receiving the smile. Smiling is a great way to start when trying to make our world a kinder place.

Feeling like I’m making the best of myself always has such a positive effect on my whole personality & confidence. I love my beauty regime I go through each morning. But it’s not just about the skincare & the make up… it’s about have a great smile too.

Each morning before I do my hair & make up… I’ll start with my smile. Having a healthy, sparkling smile… doesn’t have to be expensive. I love Colgate products… they’re so accessible & inexpensive. I can literally pick up a new toothbrush while out doing my shopping at my local supermarket. I can have quite sensitive gums at times, so a harsh toothbrush just wouldn’t do. I love the softness of the Colgate 360 Sensitive Pro, no one wants to start the day with bleeding gums.

The brush itself is a great shape for getting all areas in your mouth with an ergonomic handle & features a soft tongue & cheek cleaner on the back of the head of the brush.

I have 2 little boys & teaching them about good oral hygiene is so important. Seth is 4 yrs old & likes to brush his teeth with us each morning & night. Ted is a year old, so doesn’t have all of his teeth yet, but he’s already a keen teeth cleaner. I have to say that the Hey Duggee Tooth brushing badge Song is a firm favourite in our house while we’re brushing. It’s also a good way of ensuring we brush for 2mins too which is the recommended time… 2mins on a morning & 2 mins on an evening. My dentist always likes to give us that reminder at our regular check ups.

A healthy, minty fresh smile goes a long way… I mean… it’s the universal sign of happiness. And it’ll set off your favourite lipstick too.

So… in a world where you can be anything you want to be… lets be kind & SMILE! Make your smile so dazzling & infectious that folk cannot help but pass it on!

I hope you’ve found this review useful, I’ve embedded the product link in the bold text if you’d like to read further.

Thank you so much as always for reading!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx

“This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own”


Everything is Easier With Sleep!

30 Jan

Hi Folks,

Happy New Year! Sorry its been a wee while since my last blog post. It’s been a very busy few months! I wanted my first blog post of 2020 to be more like my older blog posts… back to basics. More info, tips, advice & general rants about surviving day to day as a stay at home – work from home Mama.

I’ve been joking for a long time now that I’ll one day write a book on the bedtime routine I use for the boys, as they both sleep. I’m constantly being asked what my secret is. But to be honest… I have no idea lol. So… I thought I’d share with you all, what we do each evening. I don’t do anything magical, but, you mind find something you’ve not tried. Or, I might be just doing the same as everyone else.

I love reading blogs & I get a lot of my fave tips from other parenting blogs. So hopefully… I can pass some on to you too.

Firstly, I’d just like to say that I’m no guru or medical professional. This is only what we have personally implemented in our own home for our bedtime routine. 

Okay, so lets start right at the very beginning. Seth was born at 38wks via c-section. I was determined from day 1 to be this amazingly successful breast feeding Mama. That just didn’t go to plan. Within the first 6 days, Seth had lost over 14% of his body weight dropping from 8lbs to 6lbs 13oz. We were rushed into hospital – literally the worst day of my life. The guilt I felt was immense. That first week quite literally was sleep deprivation at it’s finest. I had Seth constantly on my boob & when he wasn’t attached to me – an electric breast pump was. I was emotional, recovering from major surgery, I felt guilt that I wasn’t providing for my baby & I felt let down by my breast feeding support nurse. Whilst in hospital Seth began to combination feed. With amazing support from my Husband, GP, Midwife, Health Visitor, Consultant & Paediatrician, I made the decision to stop breast feeding… I had zero milk. Still to this day – I struggle with the feelings of guilt & like I let Seth down in that first week of his life.

Once we were discharged from hospital, Seth gained weight steadily on formula. But, he struggled with extreme colic. It was horrendous. No matter what we did, he’d scream & scream. Even with the help of Infacol & a special milk, he’d struggle. We had a SnüzPod at the side of our bed as I just don’t like co-sleeping ( personal choice). But I’d say for a good 8 weeks, Seth slept upright on my chest or Grahams. It’d be the only way he’d settle. So it’d be hours upon hours of just sitting awake on a night in bed, so Seth could sleep & get relief from the colic. I remember on a morning, retching & throwing up from sheer exhaustion & my Mam telling me over the phone that she’d not heard of anyone dying from sleepless nights. Ah yes, just to add… both my family & Graham’s live quite a distance away from us. So we have no regular childcare or family just popping in to help.

After around 8 weeks, the colic settled, from then on, Seth would sleep 6hrs: Midnight to 6am. We used to class that as sleeping through the night. When you go from zero sleep to 6hrs right through, you feel like you’ve had a week at a spa retreat lol. Seth slept in his SnüzPod beside me until he was 5 & a half month old. He began to outgrow it at that point. So, he went into his own room in a full size cotbed. He looked so tiny. But he slept great & started to sleep from around 9pm to 6am, which was just amazing. At around 7 months old though, Seth started with partial awakening which lasted around 2-3 month. He would literally wake every 45mins screaming. All we could put it down to was teething. That was so hard. Functioning on such little sleep is tough. But, as a parent, you just want to comfort your baby. The only way they can communicate they’re hurting or they’re upset – is through crying. Thankfully, the partial awakening stopped as quick as it had started.

With Seth being our first, we had no experience of a sleep routine. Graham has always gotten home around 6pm/6:30pm, unless he has assessments to mark etc… then it could be much later. On occasion he does have nights away with work or through freelance work. But I’m always here with being able to work from home. We’d both agreed that we didn’t want bedtime to be negative or a battle ground. So, we have never ever used bed as a punishment. Neither of us agree with the cry it out method or self soothing method. I’ve also never let Seth nap in his room. When napping during the day, I’ve always let him nap downstairs. I just always wanted to keep the bedroom for bedtime to make a clear distinction between bed & nap. I’ve also been careful of danger naps… napping after 5pm has always been a no no, unless they’re poorly.

Seth’s routine from being 6 month has been:

  • No napping beyond 5pm… so I’d wake him gently from a nap if he was napping late afternoon or, I’d keep him awake by playing etc…
  • Teatime has always been around 4:30pm/5pm for the kids.
  • Bathtime 6pm – we don’t do bath time every night as Seth has always had baby eczema. Again, this is just a personal choice. I’ve always found, that a bath later than 6:30pm is too stimulating & tends to keep them awake.
  • CBeebies bedtime hour is always on in our house… PJs on, Milk & chill time. So we have no running around or loud toys from bedtime hour starting. Once bedtime hour is over – no more Kids TV. That has always been our rule. Kids TV is too stimulating, so nothing after 7pm. No tablets either & especially not in the bedroom. Again – that’s just personal choice.

Seth is now 3 years old & has gone to bed for 7pm since he was around 20 month old. We take him to bed, he has a wee, we read a story & that’s it. He goes to sleep. Obviously, as a baby, it wasn’t as simple as that. So, after the partial awakening had ended. We always gave Seth his bottle upstairs on our bed around 7:30pm. Then, we’d let him fall asleep in our arms & we’d carry him to bed. If he woke in the night, we’d give him a bottle in our room but with no lights on, no TV. Just keep it super boring. No talking etc… So he’d have the bottle & go back to bed.

One night, Graham was away in London & I took Seth up for his bottle. I lay with him on our bed & he was just looking at me, as if he was saying “well I ain’t sleeping here”… so I carried him to his room & put him in his cot. I took the monitor downstairs & I sat just watching him. I half expected him to cry as he was still awake… but he didn’t. He just lay there stroking his quilt & fell asleep! From that moment, we would give him a bottle & then put him in bed awake for him to nod off.

Still to this day, Seth has his little ambient blue night light plugged in so it’s not super dark. He loves his room & his bed. He’s now graduated to a big bunk bed – he sleeps on the bottom bunk as he’s only 3, we do have blackout blinds & black out curtains in his room – mainly for when it’s Summer. But he still likes his blue light on.

When Ted was born, we already had a good bedtime routine in place, so Ted just kind of fell in line with that.

At this point – I just want to point a few things out that we do:

  • Both boys were bottle fed. Ted from day one as I didn’t want to try breast feeding in case I let down my baby all over again.
  • Both boys have used soothers. Ted always goes to bed with a soother.
  • I have always kept the cot free & empty of toys, bumpers etc… I never used a sleep/grow bag purely as both Seth or Ted would settle in them. So I always used cellular blankets & a tight fitted sheet on the mattress. Seth now takes his quillow to bed & Cub (his little Ikea Bear)
  • Both boys have slept in a full size cotbed – so they’ve lots of space to stretch out. Seth had the sides off his cotbed from 23 month old & then he went into a full size single/bunk bed from age 3.
  • During nap times, both boys have always napped downstairs.


Nap times downstairs were a little bit of a mine field when Ted was first born. By this time Seth had outgrown day time naps & began going up to bed at 7pm. But Ted needed somewhere safe to nap. With a 2 & a half year old running round, I was always scared that a moses basket or a lounger would get knocked over. So, we went with a large playpen that had a firm memory foam & sprung mattress from iSafe. It was a life saver. It’s spacious & safe for Ted to nap in. We still have it now. Ted is 15 month old & loves his naps in there. I do allow soft toys in his play pen – purely as I can see him at all times. He doesn’t have toys in his cot bed upstairs. That’s totally free of clutter.

Ted follows the same routine as Seth with regard to when he gets his PJs on, bath time & tea times etc… From 8 weeks old, Ted has pretty much slept from 11pm right through. From around a year old he’s started to go to bed around 8pm, but recently, he’s started asking for bed once Seth has gone up. So, we put Seth to bed, then around 7:30pm, Ted will have a bottle in our room & then goes straight into his room to bed. We put Ted in his cot awake & falls asleep with no problems. We have video monitors on both boys in case they need us in the night. Ted sometimes will wake in the night for a bottle. But it’s literally a quick bottle & straight back to bed.

Ted was in a SnüzPod from birth to 5 month. He outgrew it from 5 month so he transferred to the Joie Kubbie Sleep which is also a side sleeper. He slept in that until he was 10 month old. The he went into his own room into a full size cot bed.

It’s lovely being able to have evenings free. But, being poorly or teething throws the sleeping lark out the window. But that’s just parenting, you have to expect sleepless nights at times.

When we go on holiday, we still follow our bedtime routine. That may sound strict, but Seth still only being 3yrs old, he doesn’t really appreciate a late night as a treat. By 7pm he’s asking for bed as he’s so tired. He’s so active, so he’s ready for his bed. Keeping the routine is constant. We’ve just always kept it up & over time it’s paid off. We’ve taken the boys out at night for meals etc…

I think in the beginning, it can be a bit of a shock to the system at just how much your life does change when you become a parent, but they’re only little for such a short time. Me & Graham met at University & we were together 7 year before we got married. Then we had 5 years together after we got married just us… so we have done the late nights out etc… I think we’re happy being home all snuggly now lol. I’m sure once the boys are packed off to University, we can become party animals again lol.

So there you have it… that’s our bedtime routine. See… I have no hidden secret. It’s just been keeping a good routine in place day in & day out. I hope you’ve found this useful?

Thank you so much reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


I May Not Be Perfect… But At Least My Eyebrows Are!

1 Oct

Hi folks,

I’m so happy that it’s finally Autumn… October is one of my most favourite months. I love crunchy golden leaves under foot, a chill in the air & the excitement of the party season fast approaching. I simply cannot believe that this month I will have a 1 year old & a 3 year old. How on earth is Ted almost a year old!? He started walking last month!!! Walking at 10 month… he’s so clever.

So, I’ve been wanting to write this blog post since January… but I’ve just been so busy & not gotten round to it. But… here it is. My eyebrow journey!!! As most of you know – I’ve had my eyebrows micro bladed. I can honestly say that this it is the BEST thing I’ve ever done cosmetically.

From years of over plucking… my eyebrows were just a state. I used to paint them in each day.

Eyebrow journey

Eyebrow journey

With all of the over plucking, my eyebrows had just simply stopped growing. It wasn’t too bad when I had a full face of make up on, as I’d draw them in. But, if I was having a no make up day (which is so rare for me) I’d just feel so self conscious. It’d be even worse while on holiday & in the pool with the kids… I’d just want to hide & cry about my face & the lack of eyebrows. It seems to trivial doesn’t it? But your eyebrows frame your face. It was such a big thing for me.

I started getting my nails done at Ruby Red in January 2018. While having my nails done, I just happened to mention that I’d toyed with the idea of having my eyebrows micro bladed. That’s when Jo, told me that she actually did micro blading. She gave me all the facts, broke down the process & how it all works. She also told me, not to rush into it, to really think about it all etc… well… that very same month… I got pregnant with Ted. So, microblading was off the cards for a wee while. Over the year I got to know Jo so well & she has become one of my most favourite people. Becoming such good friends with Jo, really helped me to make the decision to have my eyebrows done.

So… my first piece of advice… really research your beautician. Ask to see photo’s of their work. Have a consultation. Have your eyebrows mapped. Discuss any concerns. Discuss the shape & thickness. And DO NOT rush into anything. This is a semi permanent procedure that will be on your face. You need to be happy, at ease & 100% confident. 

Eyebrow journey

At my consultation I had my eyebrows properly mapped & measured & I also had a dye test to make sure I had no allergies & to also colour match the dye. I opted for a much thicker & fuller brow. I have big eyes… cow eyes as my lovely hubster calls them lol. He assures me this a complement lol. I wanted quite big, full, natural looking brows with a nice arch. After going away for a week or so, I went back for my first sitting. With microblading, you’ll have your first sitting & then a few weeks later you have your top up. Its totally normal to lose a few strokes in your brows after your first sitting.

Eyebrow journey

Eyebrow journey

Eyebrow journey

Eyebrow journey

First of all… the first thing I’m asked:

Does it hurt? Yes… but not like a tattoo. I found it to feel more like a graze. It’s fine in the beginning… but toward the end of the brow, it’ll sting. My eyes watered a lot. You will have some numbing cream though… so really do not worry about the pain.

Can you wear make up straight away? Yes… as long as you don’t go on the eyebrow area.

How long does the scabbing last? Everyone is different… my scabbing lasted around 10 days. My scabbing looked more like dry skin. Most of it was gone after 7 days. But I had a few areas that were still there. So I opted to keep my eye brows dry until all of the scabbing was gone. The advice is to keep eyebrows dry for a week. But I didn’t want to force any scabbing away. My saviour was my Liz Earle Cleansing Cloth.

Eyebrow journey

It allowed me to give my face a good scrub & cleanse… while avoiding my eyebrows. Yes, during this period your eyebrows can look a little unkempt if you really look. But just make sure you get them done when you’ve nothing major planned… like a wedding etc… It does not last forever & the results are worth it.

Once the scabbing has gone… you can wear your make up & wash your face like you normally would.

Now… I have to admit that after a few days… I initially freaked out one evening. I started to panic as the ink will become quite dark due to the scabbing. When you’ve gone from no eyebrows – to full on brows, it can take a while to get used to them. Also, as I’m so dark, I had the darkest dye. After my slight wobble… I loved them. Life is so much easier when you have brows.

Eyebrow journey

After my top up… I was even more in love with them!!! They were full, dark & just perfect. They suited my face so much.

Getting ready on a morning is much quicker. When I have a full of face of make up, I do lightly shade them in. But that is just my personal choice. I cut them in with my concealer & foundation & then I use a Make Up Revolution Eyebrow Pencil. But because I already have the brow there… it’s so quick & easy. Literally takes minutes.

Eyebrow journey

Eyebrow journey

So… what do my brows look like now? Have they lasted?

Eyebrow journey

YES!!! They’re still amazing. And… do you know what else is utterly amazing??? My own eyebrows have actually started to grow! They’ve not grown for years. I’m wondering if maybe somehow, the trauma of the micro blading has stimulated the roots?

I am due a top up in January, & I simply cannot wait. In some ways I wish I’d had them done years ago. But then I’m also glad I didn’t, as I may not have found Jo. I’m so glad that she was the one to do them.

If you are in the Yorkshire area & you’re considering microblading… contact Jo at Ruby Red. She’s AMAZING!!! A true artist. I have linked their Facebook page, where you will find all of their contact details.

Before I go… I just want to leave you this:

Eyebrow journey

Literally all of the brow emotions you will go through lol.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post & you’ve found it interesting. If you’re considering micro blading – book that consultation!!!

Thank you as always for reading!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx



More Mirus Magic

27 Jun

Hi folks

As you all know, we’ve been on a little seaside getaway. I love holidaying in the UK. Especially with having a 15 month old… it just seems easier to me to holiday here. We can pack the car up with all of our essentials without having to think about baggage allowances. I just would not know where to start if I had to pack for Seth with having a baggage allowance hanging over my head. He has so much stuff that he seems to need every single day.

One of my most favourite everyday essential items is our trusty Joie Mirus. I know I have reviewed my Mirus before… but I just felt like I needed to talk about it again as it literally is the best stroller I have had… & I have had lots! Plus, when I am on social media the one question that seems to crop up time & time again is; “What buggy do I buy?” The Mirus! You buy the Mirus!

So… why? Why buy the Mirus? I use Seth’s buggy everyday. He does like to walk a little now, but his little legs get tired so quickly, so I always have my buggy for when he’s tired. The Mirus is super lightweight. Even with my back problem, I can fold this buggy with one hand & pop straight into the car. Yes that’s right… one hand fold! Every other pram or stroller I have had has required both hands. This is ideal for popping out & about in the car. I can actually lift this with one hand & pop straight into the boot. We have a Hyundai i30, so not a super big car & there’s still plenty room leftover for shopping. However, when we go away on holiday, we tend to pop this in the backseat footwell. When the Mirus is folded it stands upright. So it easily stands in the footwell. This means your whole boot is then left for luggage! Also, when at home I leave my buggy folded in the porch. It’s slimline so there’s still plenty of room. You can also fold it up when you’re dining out… so handy in busy restaurants.

I never liked the idea of having a stroller for holiday & a stroller for home. Seth likes his creature comforts – just like his Mammy 🙂 So, when he’s on holiday he wants his comfy Mirus. He adored long walks by the sea after funtime playtime on the beach. Well… I think he only stayed awake for all of 5mins. Seth falls asleep all of the time in the Mirus. In fact… if I want him to nap, I just take him out for a little walk & he’s soon nodded off. The Mirus has a lovely big hood to shade him from the Sun on hot Summer days. There are also lovely side bits on the headrest to stop your little ones head lolling off the side which could hurt their neck. You can also recline the seat. The Mirus will fully recline to a laying down position which makes it suitable from birth. You can also switch the push bar position to make it either rear or forward facing. I’ve only ever used it in a forward facing position with Seth being older.

The basket underneath has plenty room for your rain cover (Just in case!), changing bag, cardigan, snacks, shopping etc… The beauty of this buggy is that it’s well made & looks bulky & comfy, yet it’s super light weight & actually really slim. I can get into any shop & get down the aisles without causing utter mayhem lol. I’ve seen so many other parents getting wedged in an aisle because their buggy or pram is really wide. Another fab feature is the anti scuff brake No one likes a scuffed toe on their shoe. This brake works by rolling your foot back or forward. No toe flicking.

For me… this buggy just has it all… easy to use… comfortable… safe… & lightweight. We also have a Joie carseat. I reviewed the Joie Every Stage FX a little while back… I shall be reviewing again very soon as this is another thing that crops up all of the time; ‘What car seat do I buy?’. So keep your peepers pealed for that one! But, if you haven’t read my previous review, read it here.

Thank you so much for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

The Hardest Part Of Parenting 

30 Jan

Hi folks,

Mammy-ing is so the best job in the world. Everyday I feel so blessed & privileged to have Seth in my life. But… there are a few scenarios… events… things, that crop up every now & then that just simply knock you for six. So… this is my hardest part of parenting rant.

  • Teeny Tiny Manicures & Pedicures

Seriously… have you every tried to trim fingernails & toenails of a teeny newborn bambino? Although Seth was born at 38 weeks… he had really long little nails. So I had to trim them straight away when we got home. It’s the most nerve-wracking thing!!! I wasn’t phased by nappy changes…  etc… but trimming finger nails & toenails!? It literally filled me with dread. I had bought some Tommy Tippee nail scissors… but honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to using them. Going near delicate baby fingers with a pair of scissors was just far too scary! Luckily, someone had bought me a pair of proper baby nail clippers which seem a little less scary. But even still, every time I had to trim Seth’s nails I’d literally sweat cobs! It’s much easier now that Seth is bigger I’m happy to report, coz he seems to find it utterly hilarious. But for the first 5 month it was waaaaaaaaay too nerve shredding!

  • Poonami’s

Every time I hear the word poonami I just have to giggle a bit. Although… sometimes it’s really not a laughing matter. Especially when it’s your birthday & you’re publicly covered in poo. Yep that’s right… Birthday… Poo… Public! Not the best combo. So, when Seth was born & I first began going out & about with him (I literally started going out with him in the first week. Not even a c-section can keep me in lol.) I was always a little nervous about nappy changing in public. I actually don’t know why coz changing a nappy in a changing room is pretty much the same as changing a nappy at home. But for whatever reason, I was a little apprehensive. Well after the first so many nappy changes whilst being out is done… your confidence kinda grows. But you just know that at some point, you’re gonna have to contend with the dreaded poonami whilst being out. Seth being Seth didn’t ease me into nappy number two’s… nope I was thrown in at the deep end. On my birthday Seth was just under 2 month old. It was a gorgeous sunny day & really warm. So we decided to head to The Boat Inn by Sprotbrough Falls for lunch in the sun. The place was busy as always & it was so lovely to be sat in the sun with a lovely white & pink sun dress. While sat giving Seth a lovely little cuddle, the mother of all poonamis came shooting out of his shorts & all over my dress. And I mean ALL OVER! I was devastated. I had to somehow get through a sea of people snaffling their lunches & get myself & Seth into the baby changing room. Luckily no one was in there already! Seth had a change of clothes so he was fine. Me on the other hand… I had to wash my dress as best I could & stand under the hand dryer. It was seriously the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had. At least now I can look back & laugh lol.

  • Colic

Contending with colic was such a hard time for me. It’s awful seeing your bambino in pain. We tried all of the regular remedies… while Infacol & Baby Stomach Tea did offer some mild relief… we literally just had to ride this one out. Lots of floor walking & gentle back rubs. Eventually though… at 6 weeks old Seth became a tummy sleeper (controversial I know). But, it eased his colic to the point where his colic disappeared on a night time & he slept right through. Seth was a big baby & strong. He could easily lift his head from side to side so I felt safe letting him sleep that way. He was also in a SnuzPod sleeping right next to me. This worked for us… but it won’t for everyone.

  • Lumpy Food

Weaning hasn’t been a problem at all for Seth. He took to purees so well. He also took to finger foods really well. But lumpy food on a spoon!? This has been a massive no no for Seth until like 3 weeks ago! Honestly… he’d eat sticks of cucumber… toast… apple… you name he’d eat it. Mashed food & pureed food – he’d snaffle that right down. But a slight lumpy texture on a spoon – he’d spit it out. I tried everything. Then, just one day out of the blue while trying lumpy food… he decided he liked it. I have no idea what I did differently… maybe it was just the right time? Who know’s.

  • Sippy Cups

Again like the lumpy foods… this has just been a no go area for us. Seth has always had his water from a bottle. But once he got to 6 month I started to introduce a sippy cup. But Seth just did not like it. I tried various sippy cups & he just wouldn’t entertain them. Then, I was sent a training beaker from Nuby Uk that had a silicone spout… he adores it! So now he’s happy to drink his water himself from his own little cup. Already at 10 month old Seth is very strong minded… he knows what he likes. I like that he’s assertive lol.

  • Breastfeeding Support 

Being a first time Mammy can be scary. But for me, I was just so excited & giddy when I found out I was pregnant. I bought loads of parenting books & threw myself into research on being the best I can be. That’s what I do… I read… Make Lists… & I set goals & expectations. So, in my mind I was going to be this amazing breast feeding super Mammy. I was going to Breast Feed for the first 6 months at least & I was going to be fantastical. I was well prepared before Seth arrived with a manual & an automatic breast pumps. I had all of my freezable storage bags for breast milk. I had millions of breast pads & oodles of Lansinoh. All the way through my pregnancy I was told by breast feeding support nurses that it’d be great, it’s best for baby, I’d lose weight, I’d bond quicker & there weren’t any downsides. When Seth was born he latched on really well. I was even told in hospital I was a natural & had a great technique. The day after my c-section, I was discharged & sent home. Seth was feeding every 2 hours & slept a lot, which I thought nothing of as he was a new born baby. But, on day 5 Seth had lost 14% of his body weight. The breast feeding support nurse who weighed Seth & gave me this news just wasn’t supportive at all. I literally felt like the worst Mammy in the world. As his mammy I should be able to nurture him… I felt like I’d failed completely. We rushed to hospital where we were admitted onto the baby ward & it was all such a blur. I was frantically pumping breast milk & I was told I’d need to top Seth up with formula as well to get his weight up. The paediatricians & nurses were so amazing. I kept crying & they were all so sympathetic & supportive. I was producing milk, but it just came in a little delayed from the C-Section. My boobs were full… you could tell. But literally over night, my milk disappeared. I never had to use one breast pad from that night on. My boobs literally shrank back. I think the sheer shock & the stress cut it off. I felt so heart broken, let down & hurt. I blame that nurse… maybe that’s wrong of me? But the way she handled the situation was just awful. I never ever want to feel that way again. Even to the point now, that if we are lucky enough to have another baby – I’ll not even attempt breast feeding. I don’t think I could go through it again. I still feel deeply heart broken now that I failed my little boy. But, he’s thriving now. He’s so advanced & amazing. I’m just thankful that we do have good baby milk formulas available to us.

  • Partial Awakening

What a rude awakening this one was! At around 7 month old, Seth went from sleeping 9 to 10 hours right through, to literally waking every 30 to 40 mins. When I say waking… he wasn’t actually awake. He’d groan & thrash about until you either cuddled him or rubbed his back. This was all down to teething & a growth spurt. After Seth suddenly sprouted 7 teeth literally over night… he went back to sleeping right through. He now sleeps 10 to 12 hours. But for 6 weeks… that was tough. I can’t thank concealer, eye brightening cream & caffeine enough!

  • Separation Anxiety

Okay, so this is no big secret at all. I have major separation anxiety. Back in July I went on a hen party & ended up paying £100 to get a taxi home coz I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Even the thought of leaving Seth makes me feel ill. The only times I leave him is once a week when I have my driving lesson & when I go for my physio. The only people I have left Seth with is Graham obviously & my Mam & Dad. I think it all stems from the fact we have no family around us where we live. So while I was pregnant, we were fully aware we’d have no on hand baby sitters. So we knew there’d be no popping to the cinema or out for a meal etc… I just literally hate leaving him. I just want to spend all of my time with Seth. I am aware it’s not healthy really… so I have made the decision to take Seth to nursery in September. He’ll be 18 month old. Seth attends classes & groups & I spend time with new friends I’ve made who also have babies Seth’s age. Seth is very well socialised. But I’m doing this to help my anxieties. I will start with 1 morning a week. And we shall go from there. I was told by a previous employer I had psychological issues coz I didn’t want to leave Seth with any Tom, Dick or Harry… that really wasn’t helpful at all. But in someways it was, as it meant I terminated my employment & became a stay at home Mammy. There is no better job in my eye’s. Everyday Seth never fails to amaze me. He is one perfect & fantastical little human being.

So, there you have it. That’s my hard parts of parenting findings. I’m sure as Seth grows & developments I’ll be thrown a few more curve balls… But we will learn on the job. We’ll continue to learn & grow along with Seth. Our little family is made up of quirky, vibrant puzzle pieces & we fit together perfectly.

Thank you for reading… writing this was kinda hard in places… but hopefully some of you can relate.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Baby, Breasts & Too Much Pressure 

22 Mar

Hi folks ✨

Well I’d like to announce the arrival of my beautiful little boy: Seth Kevin Joseph Thorne, born Tuesday 15th March via Caesarean Section at 09:56am & weighing 8lb 💙

 He’s utterly perfect & I’m so in love with him. This week has been so emotional… In good ways & bad. My C-Section went very smoothly really. I arrived at the hospital for 7:30am. To my utter elation – I was first on the list that day for my planned c-section. So… 9am… We headed down for surgery. I can’t explain how nervous I was. I think it was a case of being scared of the operation & just worried for my little baby bear. It was so amazing to be able to have my hubby down there with him. When he came into the theater I was being horrendously sick as my blood pressure plummeted. I was so panicky… But as soon as he arrived & began stroking my head – I just immediately calmed down. He’s my best friend, lover & husband. I can get through anything in life as long as I have him by my side 💙 

 Not long after he arrived… We heard that little cry. He was here!!! I can’t describe the feeling of instand relief I felt… Followed by this overwhelming love 💙 

While I was being stitched up etc… The hubster got to snuggle & hold him. Once I was in recovery – it was my turn. Lots of skin to skin cuddles & snuggles 💙 Truly magically 💙

4 hours after surgery, I was up & out of bed walking around & catheter free. I didn’t feel too bad actually. The pain was more of a ‘raw sore’ kind of feeling. Although, when I cough or sneeze, I do get the feeling my insides are gonna pop out lol. 

The care on the maternity ward was utterly amazing. I was given a private room too which was so lovely. It was a lot more relaxed to just have time with my little Prince away from all the other new Mammy’s & crying babies. Although, it is difficult caring for a newborn on your own after a c-section. Bending & stretching to get him out of his crib was really difficult. So painful. You can always call for help from a midwife… But on a busy ward you don’t like to be a pest. I’ve since found out that I have a haematoma under my scar caused from over stretching & straining… It’s so painful. 

I was discharged the next day at 9pm… It was so nice get home. Seth was breast feeding well & latching on perfectly. No pain at all which was lovely as I’d been told so many horror stories of bleeding nipples & bits dropping off. As breast feeding was going so well, I was devastated to be told on Friday 18th at Seth’s first weigh in that he’d lost 14% of his body weight… I felt like such a failure as a Mother. I felt like I’d been starving my baby. We were immediately admitted to the Children’s Observation Ward. I was in bits. I just couldn’t stop crying. 

Within minutes of arriving we were led to a private family room with en-suite facilities so the 3 of us could all stay together. Seth was immediately put onto close observations. It turns out that my body isn’t producing enough milk due to a delay because of my c-section. Again I was devastated. I’m not opposed to formula feeding at all, but I think from day one of becoming pregnant, you’re almost emotionally blackmailed into breast feeding. Not once did a medical professional tell me during my pregnancy that this kind of thing is very common. That breast fed babies quite often lose too much weight to begin with so topping up with formula is a good option. Within seconds of meeting our paedetrician I was told the problem & how to fix it. To breast feed, express & top up with formula. I was given so much support it was unreal. But why did it have to get this point to receive this advice? 

Unfortunately my milk still seems to be delayed. I’m trying so hard & persevering. I’ve bought a brand new electric breast pump so I can express as much as I can & be able to see the actual quantities I’m feeding him. I’m pleased to say that he’s now gaining weight. But I still can’t shake that awful feeling of failure that I felt in that moment of his weigh in. Breast feeding support needs to be given way before day 3… Way before the birth even. It needs to be given through your pregnancy. 

When you’re pregnant you’re invited to birthing classes… But I wasn’t given any as I needed a planned setion. There needs to be a support group for Mammy’s who know they need a section. I would’ve found that so helpful & comforting for the duration of my pregnancy. So, if any of you out there know you’re having a section or in the future you’ll need a one – please do not hesitate to contact me to ask advice or just a friendly chat. I wish I’d had more information. It would’ve made things so much more relaxed. 

Putting aside our little hiccup – this has been a magical week. I can’t believe our little man is here. He’s so gorgeous 💙 We seem to have adapted to family life so happily 💙 We were all made for one another 💙

I received more beautiful items for review last week – so I shall get those up on here very soon! 

Today’s plan is getting our little Bear registered ✨

So… Thank you for all of the well wishes… It’s very much appreciated! 

Thanks so much for reading once again!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx