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As Snug As a Bug

26 Nov

Hi folks,

Wow… can you believe that Christmas is literally around the corner? And more to the point… can you believe that Ted is almost 5 weeks old!?

Time is just flying by so super quick! But then… it has been a really busy few weeks as you can imagine. Having a newborn & a toddler to look after really does speed up your days.

One of the best things about being a Mammy for the second time, is that you don’t make those money wasting purchases. You know those things that you buy with your first born, that are a total waste of time & money. Second time round you generally have a better idea on what you actually need & use. You have more of an idea on what will be functional & make your life that little bit easier.

An item that we’ve been using a lot is our British Baby Box. With Christmas almost here, this would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any pregnant friends or relatives.

I know I reviewed this box a little while ago, but it was before Ted was born, so now I can give more an insight into actually using it. For anyone that hadn’t read my original review, you can find it here.

So… what do we love about the box. Well first of all… Ted finds it super snuggly.

I know you may think… “it’s a cardboard box’… but it really is very sturdy. Also, the mattress in it is lovely & firm. Perfect for newborns. It also comes with a lovely fitted 100% organic cotton sheet. Which washes lovely I may add. I mean that’s important when you have nappy malfunctions & reflux to contend with! I’ve washed this sheet so many times that I’ve lost count. Each time it has washed lovely.

Another plus for this box, is that it fits lovely inside of a cot. When they’re tiny newborns, they look swamped inside of a cot. I know you can buy these ‘nests & pods’ for babies to sleep in that sit inside of a cot, but a lot of safe sleeping guidelines are stating that they’re not ideal for overnight sleeping. Whereas the British Baby Box meets all of the safe sleeping guidelines. 

The British Baby Box is great for napping & for overnight sleeping. We’re going on holiday in a few weeks to Winter Wonderland at Centre Parcs, & we’re planning on taking our British baby Box with us as a travel cot. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics! It’s so lightweight, so easy to transport. Just to add, with the box being so lightweight, it’s ideal for taking up & downstairs. I had a c-section & was told I can’t lift anything heavy. Well this box is super light. So I have no trouble carrying up & downstairs for as & when I need it. It’s also ideal for taking too & from relatives houses for babysitting etc…

The box is also great for tummy time too! Tummy time is so important for your babies development. And… the lid is great for use as a changing mat. Especially for while you’re away on holiday. It means it’s one less thing to pack.

Prices start from £50 for the Baby Box. You can choose to buy a package & have the box filled with goodies. Or you can buy the box complete with mattress & fitted sheet – then fill it yourself if buying as a gift. As a mother to a newborn, there’s nothing better than a useful functional gift. The British Baby Box is that gift! Once Ted has outgrown his box, I’ll be using it for storage in his nursery.

So there you have it… it’s useful, sturdy, comfortable, lightweight & it’s super cute! I love the British Baby Box. I’ll be updating you all about the box when we take it on holiday & as Ted grows.

Thanks as always for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Safe, Snuggly Nap Times

28 Sep

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I received the most gorgeous Baby Box from British Baby Box.

Since the late 1930’s, all expectant parents in Finland have been given a Baby Box by the state in preparation for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. The idea was, that all babies should get the best possible start in life. The box’s were kind of like a starter kit full of newborn essentials & in a sturdy box that can serve as babies first bed. Such a fantastic idea.

From this beautiful Finnish tradition… British Baby Box was born from two Mother’s who wanted to bring this lovely concept to the UK. The British Baby Box is all about giving your little one a great start & a safe place to sleep that is comfortable & also portable. You can even use the lid as a changing mat! I just love something that’s useful!

There’s a variety of packages that have been put together to suit all budgets. See here for the British Baby Box Collection. Each box comes with 1 fitted mattress complete with fitted waterproof mattress protector. You will also receive a 100% organic cotton fitted sheet. All box’s are delivered fully assembled too. Such a perfect baby shower gift. The box’s can be bought filled with lots of lovely items, or you could opt for the Adorable Box & fill it up yourself. The boxes are made in Britain & all items are sourced in Britain too.

You can keep up to date with British Baby Box across social media… Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. The British Baby Box is also being stocked in John Lewis… so you can pop along & go to see one in the flesh. Then you can see just how beautifully made they are in person. With a stunning, simple design, they would match any nursery decor.

We will be using our Baby Box for nap times downstairs when Little T arrives next month. I just cant wait to see him all snuggly in it. Once he has outgrown his box, this will be the perfect box to keep all of his baby keepsakes in.

With the box being light & fully portable… it’d be great for on the go… if you have a weekend away or a little holiday. You could easily take this with you & use as a travel cot. Or, you can buy one to keep at the grand parents house for when they’re on baby sitting duty.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift or that all important newborn essential purchase… look no further that British Baby Box.

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



Any Excuse For a Party!

8 Aug

Hi folks,

You all know what family life is like here at Thorne Towers… hectic, busy, fun & full of giggles. You also know that we don’t need an excuse to celebrate & have a party.

Since Seth is becoming a big brother in October, we’ve been trying to get him to understand that we’re having a baby join our family. He’s only 2 year & 5 month old… sometimes I think he totally gets it & other times I think he’s still not quite sure.

So… what better way to get him excited? Have a little tea party! And what does every party need? Well, cake of course!

bakerdays are a fantastic company who make letterbox cakes… yes that’s right… a cake delivered through your letterbox! How fab is that!?

Yes you read that right… they can make you a stunning personalised cake to celebrate any occasion that comes in a lovely tin & fits through your letterbox. They also offer gluten free, wheat free & dairy free options!

Seth was sent a cake to celebrate the fact that he’s going to be a Big Brother. I can’t even begin to tell you just how stunning the photograph was. The detail & quality was so high. And Seth adored having a Ace with his face on… he’s such a poser.

Seth’s cake was a plain sponge – simply because that is his favourite. But you can choose other options. You also don’t have to choose a letterbox cake. They offer 4 different cakes sizes as well as cupcakes.

Now for the important bit… how did it taste?

As you can imagine… Seth takes his role as cake testing rather seriously. After snaffling his first piece… he hastily demanded another. I can therefore confirm that he did indeed think it was “Nommy Nommy” lol. That’s a direct quote right there. This 2 year old knows good cake when he tastes it.

Everyone agreed it was really lovely & super fresh. I have to admit that I was thinking “will it be fresh?”… but it really was! Plus it’s such a fantastic novelty having it delivered through your door. You could send this to any loved one for a special occasion & it would most certainly make them smile. You don’t even need an occasion really… just simply treat someone who needs a pick me up perhaps?

Thank you so much bakerdays for making a little boys day. What better way to become excited about being a big brother than with cake!

Thanks as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

12 Weeks to Go…

7 Aug

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all staying safe during this crazy heatwave. I was enjoying it at first… but I have to say, now that my pregnancy is developing I’m starting to suffer in this heat. Talk about swollen ankles & bulging varicose veins. Oh the glamour of it all!

So… with only 12 weeks to go… It’s all full steam ahead here at Thorne Towers in preparing for Little T’s arrival. We’re currently on painting the kitchen, then it’ll be straight onto his Nursery. We have everything – we just need to paint his room & build everything.

Once everything is perfect & sorted in his bedroom… we have the most beautiful soft furnishings from Mothercare. I’m just so excited to see them in his finished nursery.

The quality of these stunning products is superb. I’ve already washed the fitted sheets & quilt ready to go onto the cot bed when it’s put together. They washed so well. It’s so important that anything related washes well! I mean lets face it… everything is just constantly in the wash.

I just love the design. The curtains are lovely & sheer & will look stunning with the roller blind I have chosen.

We have decided on the colour scheme of white & pale grey. So with the little touches of blue in this stunning set – it’s going to really pop. I can’t wait to take pictures of everything once his room is finished. Seth’s room is very colourful & has a space theme, so we wanted something a little different for Little T. Just so they had two different styles of room. Well, until they are choosing their own colour schemes.

Living where we do, we are surrounded by lots of lovely countryside & lots of beautiful ‘off road’ walking areas. So finding a travel system that will adjust from ‘city life’ to ‘county life’ can be a bit of mine field. Luckily for Little T…  he has the stunning 3 Wheel Chrome Journey in Khaki from Mothercare waiting for him.

I love love love this Travel System! It has suspension & shock absorption. The front wheel can swivel or lock – you choose which you’d prefer. It runs smoothly on flat surfaces as well as bumpy more uneven surfaces. Which is perfect for us. And yes… I have taken it on a little test drive already. Maybe I should’ve popped Coco in it for a little spin. Having said that… she is already a tad high maintenance… so I don’t really want to start giving her ideas lol.

The main features:

  • suitable from birth (in pramette mode) to a max. child weight of 15kg
  • comes complete with infant group 0+ car seat. The seat clicks on and off chassis to form a travel system using included adaptors. The car seat is suitable from birth to a max. weight of 13kg/29lbs (approx 12/15 months).
  • the infant car seat is installed in the vehicle using a seatbelt and must always be used in a rearward facing position. Also includes a wedge and liner to provide extra support for newborns
  • car seat with side impact protection
  • reversible pushchair seat unit suitable from 6 months can be attached forward or rear facing
  • lie flat, pram mode suitable from birth and includes pram liner and apron
  • 3-wheels
  • lockable front swivel wheel
  • large, detachable basket with magnetic pouch
  • detachable bumper bar
  • coordinating footmuff, chest pads and weathershield included
  • compact fold with removable wheels
  • coordinating change bag available separately
  • folded dimensions: h66 x w58 x d95cm
  • Free 2 year guarantee

I love the khaki colour, I’ve not seen any khaki prams/ buggy’s to be honest whilst I’ve been out. So I think this is what first caught my attention when I spied it at the Mothercare Press Show last year.

The travel system was really easy to assemble – that’s always a bonus. Especially in this heat! You don’t want to be getting all hot & bothered with an awkward pram. I simply love the adjustable push bar… there’s nothing worse than a pram with no adjustable push bar when you’re quite tall.

When Little T arrives, I shall of course be reviewing this lovely travel system again 🙂

If you’d like to purchase or simply read more about these stunning products – just click the links. Don’t forget that you can always pop into your local Mothercare store to test drive their Travel Systems. Try before you buy… make sure it’s the travel system for you.

I cannot believe how quickly the time is ticking by!

Thank you so much for being on this beautiful journey with me.

As always – thank you for reading! Oh & don’t forget that for daily updates you can follow me on Instagram.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Stunning Storage Solutions

13 May

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago Seth received the most beautiful custom handmade toy box from The Traditional Toy Box Company

As you can see from the photo above – these toy boxes are so beautifully made. The quality is stunning. They’re also fully customisable which is great for finding that perfect toy box to suit any room & any colour scheme.

As most of you will know, Seth has not long just turned 2 years old. It’s always a bit of a worry with toddlers that they can be a tad too ‘heavy handed’. Before our beautiful toy box arrived I did worry in case it wouldn’t be sturdy enough to withstand Seth on a daily basis lol. Well I can honestly say that I needn’t have worried. The boxes are so solid – they actually weigh quite a lot. Which is great as it shows just how high a quality the whole thing is. The fittings & hinges are also really strong & of good quality – they seem really durable. Which is fantastic since Seth is in & out of the box every other minute lol.

As you can see from the above pics – the toy box does hold a LOT of toys. It’s great for literally throwing toys in at the end of the day, then once that lids down – the room is nice & tidy again.

But it’s also fun to dig around in the toy box & to drag everything out on to the floor too apparently lol.

The top of the box is padded & covered in lovely fabric – which is also customisable. With it being strong & then padded – it makes a lovely little seat. In fact… Seth’s been having fun making little displays on top of it haha.

This stunning Traditional Toy Box would make such an amazing addition to any nursery, bedroom, play room or lounge. I don’t think the photos convey just how beautiful it is. Everyone who has seen it in the flesh has said just how gorgeous it is.

This would make a stunning baby shower gift… you could fill it with so many goodies. Perfect for that collection at work when no one knows what to buy. Or, why not start planning for Christmas in advance. Any child would be delighted with such a beautiful gift. This toy box is big enough to be shared too, so if you have more than one child… this could be a lovely communal toy box. When our little bundle of joy arrives in October, I’m sure him or her will love our communal toy box.

You can also purchase memory boxes too. Perfect for keeping all of those treasured keepsakes safe. Weddings, Births, Christenings etc… What a fantastic thoughtful gift.

Right now, The Traditional Toy Box Company are offering a massive 35% discount! But be quick as this is for a limited time only. Use code: EXCLUSIVE50OFF

If by the time you’re reading this, the fabulous 35% offer has ended… fear not! Simply add coupon code: ixxypoco10 for 10% off.

There is also the opportunity to pay using an interest free payment plan along with a small deposit. Simply head on over to their website for more info.

To keep up to date with news, new designs & offers, you can follow The Traditional Toy Box Company on Facebook & Instagram.

Thank you so much as always for reading & I hope you’ve enjoyed the review!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Subtle Whispers

18 Feb

Hi folks ✨

This week I received the most beautiful Luxury Baby Hamper from Subtle Whispers. This hamper is priced at £60 & it comes in White, Baby Blue & Baby Pink. It was so beautifully wrapped that I almost didn’t want to open it 

The hamper comprised of:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Blanket/Shawl
  • Babygrow
  • Hat
  • Scratch Mittens 
  • Booties

The garnets are beautiful soft cotton.  

 I’ve already done all of my laundry for the little man before he arrives. Everything has washed so well!!! I’ve actually packed the blanket, hat & babygrow in my hospital bag. My little Prince is going to look so gorgeous & fancy in his beautiful Subtle Whispers attire on the maternity ward… Pictures to follow 💙  

   I’ve been trying to think of creative ideas for the basket that the garnets came in. I’d love to do something with it in the nursery. I’ll keep you posted on that one.
It’s such a gorgeous gift. I’d thoroughly recommend it for a baby shower. The whole package shouted quality. Everything from the bow, netting & the items themselves are beautiful. I also love the simple embroidered SW logo. It’s classy & feels expensive. White is always such a beautiful colour choice for a baby too… Crisp & clean. Well… Until feeding time haha. But at least we know it washes & dries beautifully. 

Overall I would highly recommend this hamper. If you’d like to visit their website, you can do so here. You can also find Subtle Whispers on Facebook too! You really do need to check out their shop. They also have beautiful homewares as well luxury robes etc… So check them out! The candles look stunning. 

I’ll be reviewing Subtle Whispers again once our bambino arrives… I’ll be taking lots of pics of him modelling his gorgeous garmets 💙

Thanks so much for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx