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Tea, Cake and Blogging at 5am

27 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few days… I’ve had a busy weekend & have been feeling pretty poorly after having my Whooping Cough Vaccination. I had Whooping Cough as a new born… So I know the importance of having my little one protected until he’s here to have his first lot of vaccinations 💙 I’m having trouble sleeping too due to pain… So here I am blogging ridiculously early. 

So… What have I been doing…?

Thursday consisted of a lot of tea  

 I went for tea & lunch with Anna to my favourite little Cafè & Wine Bar – Otto. Obviously no wine nor sparkles were consumed. Although we did have like 3 pots of tea followed by lemonade! Since we had so much gossip to catch up on,  we stayed for lunch. They make the most amazing flat bread pizzas  

 Not the most ‘diet friendly’ of meals… But it was super yummy. Plus something hot was needed as Thursday was sooooo cold! I honestly thought it was gonna snow! However… It did not 😞

Thursday evening was spent with the Mammy & Daddy in Law who drove up from Liverpool to stay over night. It’s fair to say that they arrived with a LOT of gifts for Baby T 💙 

   Amongst the gifts was this beautiful Steif Teddy Bear from Hamleys. Normally I’d give him a name… But I think Bambino should be the one to name him when he’s here… & can talk lol 💙
Thursday evening I made a lovely healthy Chicken Jalfrezi for supper  

 Early Friday morning I was up & ready for my Whooping Cough Vaccination… Ouchie!!! To cheer me up, me & the hubster decided to treat the Mammy & Daddy in law to lunch at The Pastures… I seem to have been there quite a lot lately. The food is always so good though. When you find a nice place to eat you kinda don’t wanna venture to anywhere else. 

I snaffled on fajitas  

Once we got home after lunch, it was time for the hubster to pack his travel bag as he was off to London for the weekend with some freelance work. Everyone left together… So that left me & Coco to have a chilled few hours before my Mammy & Daddy arrived to babysit me for the weekend ❤️ I think everyone is scared to leave me alone now I’m pregnant… It’s kinda nice though 💙 


More gifts were bestowed upon Baby T with the arrival of my Mammy & Daddy. The amount of time & love my Mam has poured into knitting him things is unreal. He has blankies… Sleeping bag… Cardigans… It’s all gorgeous! They’d also bought him toys… Toiletries… Loads! One item that stuck out as being super cute was his Beatles vest. Very apt with him having a Scouse Daddy 💙 

Saturday was a chilled out shopping day. Obviously we needed to pop into Mothercare  

Saturday afternoon was filled with tea, chocolate, gossip & films. Just what I needed. I miss my parents so much. I can’t wait till we’re living back in the Northeast 💕

Saturday night my Mammy & Daddy took me to my fave Indian restaurant for a treat meal as I’ve been so unwell really over the last few month – as you all know. They’re always so thoughtful & selfless. I was actually the worst hostess for the weekend with them as they had to make up their bed in the guest room… They did household chores for me… Brought me groceries lol… They’re utter stars ✨ love them to bits. If I can be half the parent to my little boy that they are to me – then I’ll be very happy 💙 simply the best is all I can say  

By Sunday I was feeling pretty poorly with this vaccination… My arm had a massive lump which was so tender (still is a bit), I was throwing up & felt very headachey. So Sunday was a super lazy one. I think all I did Sunday was wash my hair. My Mam & Dad did everything else lol. They left in the afternoon so I only had an hour or so on my own (with Coco) before the hubster arrived home ❤️ 

 My Mam had baked a cake for G as she didn’t get to see him all weekend… So he had this beauty to arrived home too. 

Monday was a total write off really. I felt really under the weather… So I spent the day watching Netflix & feeling sorry for myself. But… My Younique Presenter Kit arrived so that cheered me up a bit!  

 In the afternoon I sorted through Baby T’s clothes… Cutting off tags etc… So everything is ready to wash over the coming weeks. That way everything will be freshly washed & lovely for his little arrival💙 

 Luckily I woke up Tuesday feeling not as grotty. Still headachey… But not quite as bad. 

Yesterday marked 31wks 💙 

 Not long now until this little bambino of ours will be here for plenty of cuddles 💙

I decided to have a play around with all of my new Younique goodies. I decided I needed to be well acquainted with all of the stock so I can give the best advice to potential customers & for anyone wanting to join my team ✨ 

 If anyone would like to purchase any Younique products or for info on joining my team, either comment on this post or message me via my Facebook Page

Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of a gorgeous prize I’d won from Not Shabby Very Chic  

   They sell some gorgeous items! Great for gifts & great for treats to yourself! They’re also now selling a monthly treat box 🎁!!! How fab does that sound? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. So don’t just take my word for it… Go view their items for sale yourself ✨ 
I also received some tea from Twinings to try  

 After the excitement of receiving my goodies… I headed to my Midwife appointment 💙  

Then finally… Yesterday evening I made enchiladas for tea. As the sickness seems to have come back… I’m craving spicy food more than ever  

 So… That is what I’ve been up too. Rather long winded wasn’t it!? Lol.

I’d got some fab reviews coming up for Cleaves Candles & Valentte. I’m also being sent out some items from Barry M to try. So please keep your gorgeous peepers peeled for those reviews! 

Thanks again for reading ✨ 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Baby Thorne x Two 

9 Aug

Hi Folks ✨

I’m so sorry that it’s been such a while since my last post. I’ve beensuffering bad with sickness & I’m just so shattered all of the time. I’m really hoping that this sickness is gonna pass soon! At least I’ve found sparkling water & spearmint Polo’s help to settle my stomach   

 I’m literally drinking it constantly at work & at home. So many people keep telling me that having such strong symptoms early on can mean twins… Well apparently my hubster does have twins in his family but they’ve skipped a few generations… So I guess we’ll find out in 5wks… If it’ll be Baby Thorne x 2! 

Last week my gorgeous hubster surprised me with the new Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay. He subscribed & everything so he could be one of the first people to purchase it. He’s so thoughtful & utterly gorgeous  

 You’ve not missed anything really in the days I’ve not blogged… Well apart from lots of morning sickness. 

The kitchen is looking so pretty now that the painting is all finished  


 I love having my chalk board back to write my menus on. As you can see we went out for my friend, Sharlene’s birthday last night. We went for a meal to Relish in Doncaster. I love the food there – it’s always so consistently good… Along with amazing service. They were even making me special Virgin cocktails with me being pregnant. I had 2 Strawberry Daquiris. I can’t recommend Relish enough – great food – great drinks – great service! ✨

 Me & the hubster shared chilli fries to start & for my main I had Cajun salmon… It was so good! We didn’t have dessert as we were just so full  


We left around 8pm… So we didn’t stay out late at all. When we got home we got into our pjs & retreated to the garden to toast marshmallows… I love our cozy evenings  💕

   Today has been a rather productive day… Even with all of the queasiness. I’ve baked 2 corned beef, onion & potato pies & a cheese & onion quiche. I even made the short crust pastry from scratch.  

   I was so utterly shattered after baking all morning… But at least it means that today’s dinner & tonrrows is totally catered for! Plus… They freeze really well too. You just can’t beat homemade food.  
   We had dinner today alfresco since the weather is still really nice. 
I just can’t believe that’s it’s Monday tomorrow already! The weekends just go far too fast! I 

have my very first Midwife appointment this coming week!!! I’m kinda nervous & kinda excited. 

All last week I was used my Gucci shopper for work… I think I may have to swap over to my Viv Weswood Safari bag tomorrow for a change. 

 Well folks… I shall leave this post here. I really must try harder at posting daily!

Thanks again for reading & a big hi to my new followers ❤️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx