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Valentte London

1 Feb

Hi folks

Valentte London sent me a beautiful boxed gift to review for you all.  

 Valentte are a beautiful home fragrance company based in Covent Garden London who sell home fragrance products along with skin care. The candles have an elegant luxurious feel & are hand poured vegetable wax. All of their products are scented with pure essential oils which are derived from flowers and other plants from around the world making them gentle to skin and deliver a stunning fragrance.

“Everything we do is guided by 3 simple principles… to smell beautiful, feel good & look gorgeous!” 

Justina Valentte – Founder

I have the reed diffuser in my lounge & the fragrance is utterly beautiful. It’s even filled my staircase too. It’s such a fresh clean scent. Not sweet or sickly. It’s very fresh & spring like. Whilst taking delivery of some groceries, the delivery driver even commented on the “nice smell” as I opened the door! 

The Reeds aren’t artificially coloured & the glass is clear… so this is ideal with any decor. I sometimes find with other brands they’re heavily decorated & coloured which can make them stand out too much. Diffusers are priced at £24. 

 The candle is simple & elegant. Even without lighting the candle the scent fills the room. There has been no black smoke or soot coming from the candle either. I’ve found with some other mainstream brands, the candles can give off smoke. This candle burnt clean & evenly. No tunneling occurred. Home candles are priced at £20. 

  I can honestly say that these products will not disappoint. Another two fragrances I’m interested in trying are: Patchouli & Eucalyptus, Verbena & Peppermint. If you head to their website you can view all of the fragrances available. They also have a Facebook Page where you can keep up to date with news & special offers.

With Valentines Day & Mothers Day fast approaching they’d make an ideal gift – they’d last so much longer than flowers! With the stunning packaging there’s no need for gift wrapping.  

 So there you have it… That’s my stunning review of Valentte. Don’t forget to click the embedded links & go shop… You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Winning Awards

3 Jun

Evening All,

What a day it’s been. I just wanna start with sending loves & sparkles to those who need it… You know who you are. I’ve not stopped thinking about you all day. I really do wish I had a magic wand to make this whole thing better ❤️ you know I’m here for you.


I began today with an epic brew… You really can not beat a good Yorkie brew  

Followed by a yummy grilled bacon sandwich. I grilled the bacon on the George Foreman & used unsmoked of course  

I ate my sandwich under surveillance…  


My make up choices today were same old really… A little pearly pinky & a little smokey  

          My new ‘She’ straightening irons are fantastic! They are just like the original GHD iron. So much better than the new GHD stylers that they’re currently selling. I paid £69.95 for the She iron & its hands down better than the current GHD model. I have extremely thick hair & it’s pretty long too. My hair is naturally VERY curly. It takes a long time to straighten it all. But these irons are fab! I’d totally recommend them to everyone! Such a good price too! 

In the pic below you’ll see that’s a styler not the original GHD iron. My original GHD iron broke so in sending it off to be repaired…. You can bet have too many backups when you have a mane of frizzy problematic hair like mine!

 I was on annual leave from work today, so arranged to have lunch with my Auntie Pam. Coco was delighted with her birthday gifts from Pam… Handmade knitwear  

 You can find Pam on eBay – pampammy63 Her knit wear is hand made & she will make them to your size specifications! Utterly stunning! Ideal for small & teacup breeds. I have a hard time trying to find clothes for Coco – these are the best little jumpers you’ll find. 

   So… We went to The Boat Inn for lunch. Now… You all know that I love the Boat Inn (at Sprotbrough Falls) & go A LOT! But, I have to say that today I was royally miffed at the customer service or ‘lack of’ I should say.  

My food was utterly beautiful as always… But the service & attitude from staff was appalling… I was actually really shocked. I’m pretty gutted to be honest as I’ve been going to the Boat Inn now for 10 years at least a few times a month. This is the first time I’ve had a bad experience & I have to say that it’s changed my mind a bit about the place. I’m having a girlie day this Saturday & really wanted to do sip Champagne in the courtyard there but I think we’ll give it a miss & go to Otto instead.

After lunch we went ‘bargain’ shopping. Ooooooh I got some right bargains!  

  I simply love my new glasses so much! Clearly I had to christen one with a large G&T! £1.49 per glass from Home Bargains! I think I’ll go back & buy another 2 of each glass. So pretty & very sturdy. 

I also bought some pots & plants for my back garden. I’ve literally never ever done any gardening before. This whole outdoors thing is so new to me. 

      I literally got muck under my nails & everything! Lol. I’ll have an award winning garden soon you know lol… The Chelsea Flower Show has nowt on me! I’ll be receiving an Oscar of the Garden world rather soonly I think lol.    

I’m in love with my pretty new Summer hat too! Auntie Pam treated me to it. I can’t wait to wear it with a cute maxi dress whislt drinking sparkles in the sun! 

For tea I made a yummy scrummy fat free pasta carbonara… All homemade & delicious  


Well…. Wednesday is almost over & that can only mean one thing… Only 2 more sleeps until the weekend! Which means… It’s almost Wine Bar Day! ❤️

Sleep sweet folks & thanks as always for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

A Date with VB ❤️ 

2 Jun

Evening everyone,

Oh look at that… Tuesday evening can mean only one thing… It’s almost mid-week! Which means… It’s almost the weekend ❤️

I’m really looking forward to this weekend… Girlie wine bar day! Eeeeeeeeck ✨ There shall be sparkles… Giggles & Gossip no doubt! Saturday is gonna be a day that VB herself would be proud of… We’re oh so bouji lol! Gosh I love that lady! I love her motivation, dedication & her confidence  


I thought I’d best get some practice in for Saturday lol…

 I think us girlies are in neeeeeed of a bit cheering up & some socialising. I hate it when things are a bit stressy… I don’t do stress… I’m too sparkly! I like to be the person who boosts everyone up & makes them smile & giggle… I think that is actually my purpose in life – to look after others & make them smile ☺️

So…. Today is my fur baby’s 3rd birthday. I love her like she was my proper baby  

     Just love her so much. People think I’m mad for being so obsessed with her… But people don’t realise that probably if it hadn’t of been for the last 4 year of surgery – I probably would’ve had my own babies by now. But, instead I have Coco & I love just as much ❤️ Maybe one day it’ll happen for us… I know it’s going to be hard because of the spine damage I have… But maybe one day we’ll be a ‘proper’ Mammy & Daddy. At least I’ve lost the bulk of my weight… So if I ever am lucky enough to to get pregnant, I don’t have the added pressure of being massively overweight like I once was. 

Let’s talk make up…   
  Naked 3 was my eye make up of choice today… I went for a quite subtle neutral smokey effect. Urban Decay shadows are so easy to blend. 



Breakfast & lunch was very ‘good’… Weetabix for brekkie & tuna salad for lunch. 

Tea time kinda went out the window!    




I had a bottle of Sol & then shared some Sparkles with the hubster. Then…. If that weren’t bad enough… We ordered Dominoes! Good grief! So utterly baaaaaaaaad! They were ‘mediuim’ pizzas & we didn’t eat then all… So I guess that was a little bit good? 

My Shè Straighteners arrived today! I’ve only tried them on my fringe – so far they seem really good. They actually feel & look like the original GHD straightening iron… So I have massively high hopes for them. 

  I’ll give a more in depth review when I use them properly. I do love how they look though. 
Tomorrow I have much needed day off… So it shall be a long lay in & then lunch with my Auntie Pam. I can’t wait as we have MUCH catching up to do! 

Well, night night boys & girls & that nicely lots for reading as always ❤️

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” Walt Disney 

1 Jun

Evening everyone,

Wowzers! What is up with this weather??? Ned Stark weren’t wrong when he said “Winter is Coming!” I’m bloody freezing!  

   This was the view from our bedroom window when I got home. Monday is my late finish from work… Well… 8pm. We’ve literally been laying in bed all tucked up watching Game of Thrones. Ooooooo it’s getting good. I’m such a GOT geek! 

So this morning started off in my usual getting ready for work kinda way. Oh whislt watching Good Morning Britain too… 

 Jesse Pavelka was on talking about going sugar free for Summer. Love Jesse. 

Breakfast was my fail safe of Weetabix & Semi-Skimmed Milk.  

I made myself an epic mountain of food to take to work.   

Coucous & Mackeral for lunch, light Babybel, carrot sticks, yogurt & a mugshot. Oh & my diet pop. I made some lush rhubarb Easiyo yogurt yesterday   

 Easiyo is so nice & it makes 1 litre of yogurt at a time that keeps fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I’d really recommend it to everyone. The Range have a good stock pile in on York Road. Failing that you can order via QVC or Holland & Barratt. 

So, as well as my copious amounts of snacks… I had black coffee to keep me going at work today  

 I love mugshots… They’re so good for low fat snacks on long days. 

When I got home there was a lovely little surprise for me off Sue… Some wide plate GHDs!!! I was so gutted when mine broke last week. I’m going to get them repaired, but now I have this pair too… So until they arrive, I’ll still be able to straighten my hair! I’m still waiting for my Shè ones to arrive too. Can’t wait to review those! 

Thanks for my straighteners Sue ❤️ I can’t wait to use these in the morning as I’ve neve used the wide plate ones before & wing hair being really long I think they’ll do it a lot quicker.

Well, this post is gonna be a short & sweet one since I’m literally falling asleep! Promise to write to a longer one tomorrow! 

Night nignt people & sweet dreams of all things John Snow & Jaime Lannister ☺️ 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx