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Staying Ahead with Good Planning

13 Sep

Hi folks,

I’ve been in planning & organising over drive lately. What with the start of the new academic year & Seth going back to Pre-School & everything that’s coming up with regard to events & celebrations… I’ve been furiously making lists etc…

I just couldn’t get by without my Personal Planner Wall Planner. It’s so perfect for busy family life when you’re juggling school events, work, appointments, etc…

This is the ultimate Wall Planner for a busy family. You get a week per pages & you can add family members & colour co-ordinate everyone. You can even add a photograph at the top of each column.

I absolutely adore stickers too… With your purchase, you get a free sheet of stickers, but you can also purchase more stickers from their online shop.

With the wall planner you can also add areas at the bottom for things such as: Menu/Meals, To Do List, Pre-School etc… it’s just a great area to add additional notes & memo’s. For us, it’s perfect having our planner to consult before booking anything in as you can see so quickly & easily what everyone is up too.

I’m a big fan of technology & I use my electric devices daily along with a virtual assistant in our home in pretty much every room lol, but when it comes to organising… paper & pen is always better. Personal Planner as a company make it all so very user friendly. If you create an account you can add all of you special dates, such as birthdays etc… they will automatically be uploaded into any planner you create with the click of a button. It saves so much time!

I’ve also got the Mini Planner too for my handbag. It’s literally perfect for keeping in your handbag when you’re out & about.

Just like the Wall Planner, you can colour co-ordinate everything & you can add stickers etc…

You can even add little fun areas like a little colouring image at the bottom of each page. I just love colouring in, but having 2 little ones to run around after – I never have time to finish anything. So these little images are perfect for when I get a spare 5 minutes. Yes… I am that sad lol. I just find colouring so relaxing with a cup of tea.

I love that the planners all come with an elastic to keep it closed whilst in your bag. There’s nothing worse than your organiser opening & getting all of its pages ruffled up. In each planner you’ll also find a plastic wallet to keep any important items such as receipts etc… as with the wall planner – you’ll also get your sheet of stickers. And… a removable ruler! Perfect to use as a page marker. I just adore everything about these stunning planners.

So… I have some exciting news!!! Personal Planner have given me a gift card worth £39.90 & valid until March 2020. I will be giving this gift card away to one of my lucky followers over on Instagram! Head on over to my Instagram Page now, to find out how to enter! I’m just so excited to pass on some Personal Planner sparkle to one of you.

Thank you as always for reading & I hope I’ve inspired you to get organised. In fact… why not treat your nearest & dearest this Christmas to the gift of being organised. You could gift them a planner or a personal planner gift card!

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Getting Out and About

15 Nov

Hi folks,

Being a C Section Mama, it’s so important to get up & about without over doing it. Since having Ted, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get out for a walk & some fresh air to help with recovery. But also to help aid in the old ‘Mummy Tummy weightloss’. But obviously, you don’t want to over do it… no heavy lifting etc…

Over the last 3 week we’ve had fun days out to the park in the chilly autumn air… Christmas shopping trips… Lunch dates… & Play dates. I didn’t appreciate just how much effort going out with a newborn & a toddler would be. It seems to take an extra 20 minutes just to get out of the door lol. Getting the changing bag packed, getting everyone wrapped up warm, shoes on, snacks packed, bottles at the ready etc…

Then… once you’re out, how do you manage both your bambino’s? Well… that’s where the fabulous Fitty Jogger comes in from the amazing Kids Kargo. A gorgeous comfy pram for your littlest baby & a comfy seat for your biggest baby.

The first thing you may think is; Is it heavy? My very first thought when I seen this pram was; would it be too heavy for me after having a C Section? Well, I can honestly say that this pram glides effortlessly. Seth is 2 years & 7 month old & he isn’t lightweight I can assure you. But even with Seth in the bottom seat & Ted in the pram, its so easy to push & really light. It steers so well too & has a one handed push which is fab, because lets face it… us parents always seem to have our hands full!

One week after a C Section, I was able to push this pram & even angle it up & down curbs that haven’t been lowered. That’s how easy it is to manoeuvre… I kid you not.

The navy & tan is so utterly stunning… the photo’s just do not do it justice. So, it handles well, it’s lightweight to push & steer… But is it comfy?

Ted can confirm that it is indeed super comfy. The lining on the inside is really soft & the mattress is lovely & firm. Just how it should be for a newborn. You can also see at the bottom of the photo (above) there is a soft velcro strap that you can wrap around your bambino as extra security & to avoid being jiggled too much. The hood is also nice & big to keep the sun off your little one & also to protect from the wind. Both the carrycot & toddler seat come with a rain cover too.

The Fitty Jogger handles well on various terrain. So far, I’ve pushed this pram on bark chippings in the park, across grass, cobbles & regular paths. It’s also been on a shopping trip. It may be a decent sized pram, but with it steering so well & effortlessly, pushing around fixtures & fittings in shops isn’t a problem at all.

This is going to sound so bad… but the toddler seat is such a Godsend when shopping… it’s amazing being able to strap your toddler in & know they’re not going to be running round. I mean there’s nothing worse when you’re trying to shop at the speed of light to get everything done & then your toddler decides to run away toward an eye catching toy. This pram is the ultimate MUST HAVE item when you have 2 little ones.

Not only is this pram super functional, but it is lovely looking too. It is a tad fancy lets face it.

Another thing I’d like to mention, is that the toddler seat easily unclips, making it a normal pram. So you have the option to make it a standard pram or a combi. It’s ideal.

Fitty Jogger specifications

  • 3 puncture free wheels

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Rain covers

  • Fits through single doorways

  • Carrycot Suitability Newborn – 3 Years (approx 15kg/33lb)

  • Toddler seat from 6 months

  • 1 Combi (Carrycot Mode) included – Carrycot mode converts to Toddler seat

  • 1 Toddler seat included

  • Carrycot when converted has 3 reclining positions. (Toddler seat static seat)

  • Carrycot when converted to seat can face both ways (Parent and Forward facing) Toddler seat faces forward

  • Adjustable handle 95cm – 105cm

  • Built-in suspension

  • Compatible Kids Kargo Safety Pod Car Seat (No adapters required) – Available from options above

  • Maxi Cosi Cabrio & Pebble Isofix or standard belt – sold separately

  • Maxi Cosi Adapters (fits Cabrio & Pebble Isofix or standard belt) – Available from options above

  • Britax BabySafe Car Seat (No adapters required) – sold separately

  • Kids Kargo Car Seat with matching hood available – sold separately

  • 2 Raincovers included

  • Mosquito net / sunshade located within hood

  • Large shopping basket

  • Chrome chassis

  • Footmuffs available (see options above)

  • Changing bag available (see options above)

  • Tan handle available

  • Compatible with Kids Kargo travel board

  • Lockable swivel wheels

  • Bumper bars included

  • Hood visor and ventilation system

  • 5 point safety harness

  • Folds flat

  • Adjustable leg rest

  • Easy use folding clip

  • auto lock when closed

  • Detachable hood

  • Easy grip foam handle

  • 3 wheels

  • Removable wheels

  • Includes warranty 12 months part and labour ​

Fitty Jogger dimensions

Weight: 19.49kgs with the rear seat

16.67kgs without the rear seat

Folded dimension with wheels: 680x950x400mm

Open dimension with wheels: 1120x680x1120mm

Folded dimension w/o wheels: 530x200x900mm

Open dimension w/o wheels: 950x530x1035mm

To keep up to date with products, offers & news from Kids Kargo, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading, I’m sure I’ll be keeping you posted on our travels with our fabulous Kids Kargo pram!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Being Organised is the Way!

2 Sep

Hi folks,

I’ve been on ‘super organising mode’ for the last few weeks. What with the new baby arriving very soon… Seth’s hectic social life… The new academic year starting so we have nursery applications & the hubsters workload getting heavier… Family life just being chaotic… My work load mounting up & then lets not even mention Christmas! Even though it sounds a lot… I do love to be busy. I love how hectic life is around here & I do thrive on making lists, booking stuff & generally getting everything organised so it runs like clock work.

I’m all for technology & I do love my gadgets… I mean I couldn’t be without my iPhone & MacBook, but for me, when getting organised, digital just isn’t it. I like pen & paper. I ‘think’ better on pen & paper. I like lists I can consult. I like a diary I can thumb back through the pages to check dates. A nice neat little diary always used to do the trick for me, but these days, I’m organising myself, The Hubster, Seth, the new Baby when he arrives & even the Dog! Yes… even Coco has appointments & engagements! So I need something substantial… I need a family Bible everyone can consult to see what’s happening & when. That’s where the Personal Planner comes in.

This will be the 3rd year in a row that I’ve been using a Personal Planner to keep everything organised. But as our family is growing… so is our planner! But that’s okay… with Personal Planner you can customise every single aspect… that includes size! This year I have gone for the A4 Planner… just to make sure I have enough room for every single detail.

When I say every detail… you choose your size, front cover, string/fastening colour, ruler colour, page layout, page colour etc… like literally EVERY DETAIL. You also get some handy stickers to use & you also get a plastic wallet. I love a plastic wallet in a planner as they’re super useful for letters, receipts, coupons etc…

These planners are literally amazing. You can add important dates, add a ‘To Do List’ section, Meal Planner section etc… Perfect for just about anyone. I always tend to get the academic calendar, purely as, we run on the academic calendar in this house. I worked in education for such a long time, my husband works in a University & now we have kids… it’s just natural for us. But you can get a normal ‘Jan to Dec’ type of planner if that suits better. I think this size, would be perfect for anyone planning a wedding too. So much room for lot’s of information.

Our A4 Planner (Family Bible) stays in our home office, purely because it’s easier that way for everyone to be able to consult it. But you can get smaller sizes that may be more convenient for on the go. I’ve used the Square Planner & the Wide Planner in the past. Both are excellent. But for family life now… the A4 is the one for us.

You can find Personal Planner on social media… a great way to keep up to date with announcements & promotions… FacebookTwitter , Instagram

So there you have it… that’s how I try to keep a head of everything. Don’t forget, that they also do gift cards – perfect gift idea’s if you’re ever stuck on what to buy someone. Why not give them the gift of being organised. I definitely know a few folk who could benefit from one lol.

As always, I really hope you’ve found this review useful & thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Personal Planner

28 Nov

Hi folks

Well, I have another fab Christmas gift idea for you!

What do you buy the most organised person you know? Or, what do you buy the least organised person you know? Or.. if you know someone in between… I have the perfect gift idea! Why not buy them a personal planner? Or better still… head to their website & buy someone a gift card!

The Personal Planner is just that… a fabulously unique personal planner tailored for you… by you! You literally design every single aspect of it. Everything from the colour of the pages to the layout.

I loved creating my own planner. I make notes generally all over my diary & I’m always writing lists of menu’s for the week to keep on track with eating healthy. My current diary just ends up as a massive mess… with writing scrawled all over the place. It looks incoherent – then I have to decipher what I’ve written & in what order! Now, when you have a busy working Mammy life like me… this is not the way to plan your time! So… with my NEW planner… I have my page sectioned up into little, manageable, neat categories! I simply cannot wait for the New Year purely so I can use it! Yes… I am that sad.

Along with my regular weekly breakdown over two pages, I have:

  • To Do This Week, complete with a ticky box (who doesn’t love a ticky box!?)
  • List Of The Week – this list I was going to use for business/PR contacts of who I’m in talks with. Just so to keep it separate from my to do list.
  • Idea Of the Week – This was to jot any buzz words or inspiring things I encounter that I can write about or simply come back to at a later date.
  • This Week’s Dinner – This is my menu area.
  • Notes – well thats pretty self explanatory.

I also opted for the ruler too – it makes a great page mark doesn’t it!?

I’ve tried in the past to have a personal diary & a work diary, but it just never works. I end up lugging around two diaries. Then I update one & not the other & it just gets so confusing! So, this way with my personal planner all organised & categorised – I can have one diary for everything but with keeping things in a precise coherent order!

I opted for the wide diary – simply so I could get as much wordiness in there! But you can choose various shapes & sizes to suit your needs.

I love that it’s slim too. It takes up hardly no room in my bag! Also, another bugbear of mine is when you have book in your bag & it opens so the pages get all bend & dogeared. I end up having to pop a hair bobble around things to keep them closed etc… well that just looks a bit naff doesn’t it!? And not at all professional when you turn up to a meeting with split hairs sprouting off your diary! Well… there’s no need for that with your personal planner as you get to choose the colour of your elastic that is attached & in the perfect place to keep your diary closed & perfect!

You can add sheets of stickers too! Now this is fab for all of you ‘bullet journalers’ out there! ‘Journaler’… I don’t even think thats a word!? Oh well, it is now! I love a good sticker. If you’ve got something important to do – a sticker always makes it pop when you turn the page. If you are into bullet journaling then you can opt for plain pages rather than lined – just for when your sketching etc… Honestly – whatever you want – goes really. You design it. Even the front cover… I opted for a plain & simple cover… but you could add a photograph of your choice… anything!

If you’re wanting to buy this as a gift – but would like to pass the creative gift on so the recipient gets the fun of designing, then you have the option of buying them a PDF version gift card – or an actual physical gift that will arrive via the postman. It really would make a fab Christmas gift. That way – you can either email them the fabulous gift. Or… pop it in their Christmas card!

Now, if you’re wanting to create & design a personal planner to arrive before Christmas, then you really must get your skates on! You need to order before December 4th for guaranteed Christmas Delivery. But, if you’re not sure of anything, then you can head to their website & contact the beautiful personal planner folk via their  customer service contact email address, of via their Facebook Page.

Well… There you have it! Go buy your very own Personal Planner… you really do need it in your life!

Thanks so much for reading as always & I hope I’ve inspired you to get organised!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



“To Vlog or Not to Vlog… that is the Question!” 

10 Oct

Hi folks,

My life just seems to be getting busier & busier… But I love it. Just to make things even busier, I’ve decided to start vlogging. So many of you have contacted me over the years about setting up a YouTube channel… Now is the time I think. I want my videos to be pretty much like this blog really… I want to review, chat, bargain hunt, cook, do make up, discuss weightloss & just life in general. So please stay tuned for the big reveal! It’ll be me in my very noisy, busy & sparkly home just generally being me.

Oh… I have a review coming up soon actually. I’ve been testing & trying some of the Make Up Revolution Palettes which I have a new found love for. Such pretty pigmented shadows.

So… What have I been up to? Driving lessons are going really well & I’m still really enjoying it. So much so that I’m already looking at cars lol. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll end up with our Hyundai & the hubster will get a new car. I’ve been continuing with my healthy eating & I’ve managed to lose a further 10lbs in the last 4 weeks! I feel like a bit of a fraud though really coz in that time I’ve had a MacDonalds, Dominoes & a Chinese Take Out. Not to mention Sparkles & Wine! Talking of sparkles… Ocado are doing a fab offer at the moment on Gift Boxed Black Label Lanson – 2 bottles for £40! Perfect for stocking up for Christmas. I bought a bottle of Vintage Moet for £30 from them a few week back… that shall be our Christmas Dinner Sparkles. I’ve got a right little stockpile of Christmas goodies going on in our pantry lol. Thing is though, Christmas is such an expensive time of the year that you need to plan well in advance to spread out the cost.

I’ve been super busy with work, so much so that I’m neglecting my blogging again. But I’ve had loads of exciting emails with regard to it & that’s what is giving me the push to branch out into vlogging. Plus it’ll give you all a chance to find out a bit more about me & who I am etc… Well for those of you who don’t know me in person that is. Normally the first thing that people tend to say is; “Wow… your accent is so broad… you sound like Sarah Millican” lol. I’ve also got an event coming up too which will involve a trip down to London. I can’t wait to cover that. Maybe I could do a Facebook Live video?

Seth is getting so big now. He will be 7 month on the 15th of this month!!! Where is the time going!? He has 2 teeth… He can crawl… He’s sitting up on his own… He’s also now trying to stand up on his own by pulling himself up on the furniture!!! He’s such a little tinker… but so utterly scrumptious. He’s just the cutest. I’ve just bought him 10 books from The Works for £10. They’ve got some right online bargains at the moment. They have such a large selection of Christmas books. I’m going to do the whole Christmas story everyday day over the month of December thing. I know Seth can’t read yet, but he loves being read too & he just loves looking at books. Oh I can’t wait to introduce him to Christmas… I’m just far too excited. Well you all know what I’m like… I’m already feeling Christmassy.

Halloween… Now there’s something I can throw myself into to try & calm me down about Christmas. Me & the hubster have bought a few spooky decorations to hang outside. Last year we only did pumpkins really… so we’ve decided to up our game a bit this year. We’ve not gone totally crazy though… we’ve only bought some spooky bunting & a full sized floating ghost lady thingy that shreaks & glows. I’ve actually already put together my treat bags for the Trick O Treaters. I do like to be organised. Oh & of course Seth has a few new outfits for it.

Well I’m gonna leave this post right here. But, if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in my vlogs… Just let me know! Stay tuned for them coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



Life’s Little Quirks and Loads of Deliveries

18 Dec

Hi folks ✨

Well considering I’m on maternity leave with the intention of relaxation… It’s been pretty much non-stop here. Little Coco had surgery on Wednesday… That’s why I’ve missed a few days of blogging. I literally spent all day in tears worrying about my precious little furbaby. But luckily… She’s home & seems to be getting back to her normal cheeky, feisty little self. We found a little lump on her shoulder & noticed her fur was thinning in that area too. As soon as the vet seen it he said a general anesthetic would be needed in order to take a biopsy. He also found that she still had some puppy teeth that needed to be removed… so the poor little thing had 4 teeth pulled too. Aww her little face when we went to collect her was so cute, she was so happy to see us. I’m just so glad that I can be home to take care of her, although, already she seems to be getting back to normal 💕

I had a lovely little surprise the other day… While the hubster was out at work – I took delivery of a brand new laptop & stunning laptop bag/satchel/briefcase. As you know I’ve been searching for the perfect work bag for a while. I wanted something spacious but pretty. This is going to be perfect for carrying my new lovely pink laptop around. If you like the bag, its by a brand called Ecosusi. They have a stunning range.Inside the bag there’s also a shock absorbing pocket perfect for tablets or small laptops I did have a Cambridge satchel, but really couldn’t get on with it. I just hated how small they are & the fact I have to undo the buckles each time I needed to get into it. I much prefer a magnetic fastening. My laptop is a 10.1″ ASUS Transformer Book… It’s almost like a 2in1 laptop & tablet. The screen completely detaches from the keypad, making it a fully functional tablet. I love it. It’s so lightweight too which is perfect for me after recent surgeries on my back etc… The hubster said these gifts are an investment into our business & my blog – he’s so thoughtful❤️ 

 Also this week, I’ve had an appointment with my midwife & a dental appointment. My midwife appointment was lovely as I got to hear Baby T’s little heartbeat again. Just perfect 💙 My dental appointment was fairly uneventful – so that’s good news as I hate having to go the dentist… Totally one of my little fears/quirks.

On Wednesday I also took delivery of some fab beauty goodies that I’ll be reviewing very soon. In the pack I received I got:

I can’t wait to try it all. Thank you Birchbox HQ. So stay tuned for that review 🎁 

 Something else that arrived this week is a massive pack of spa slippers. You may wonder why we’ve bought like a million pairs of machine washable spa slippers… well… we’ve had new carpets fitted throughout & we want to keep them nice & clean & new looking. So, as we’ll be asking guests to take their shoes off in the porch, we thought it only right to offer them some slippers to make them more comfy. I found it so funny when they all arrived! 

 The Baby Shower preparations are underway too… so you’ll be getting more info on that over the coming weeks 💙 

 I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy all week too… well around the sickness that I’m still suffering with. I’ve been making homemade sauces & Moroccan style stews. All of my healthy recipes that helped me to lose 6 stone, are on my weightloss page. So if you like what you see – click the link to my page. Obviously at the moment I’m not focusing on weightloss with being pregnant, but I’m still trying my best to eat as healthy as possible. Having said that, we are having KFC for tea tonight as a treat. 

So… today has been spent reviewing products, talking with potential companies I may be collaborating with in future & painting my nails to make them all sparkly & Christmassy. CND Vinylux is such a good brand – it last 7 days with no need for a UV lamp either.  

  Well… I think that’s about it for now.

I hope you all have a super Friday!

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles 💕

Hayley xxx