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What’s in My Hospital Bag?

25 Feb

Hi folks ✨

Well… Since Baby T’s birth day is fast approaching I thought I’d share the contents of my hospital bag. I just thought some people may find it helpful. I was a little clueless if I’m honest, about what to pack. So I’ve based my bag around helpful emails from Mothercare, Emma’s Diary Tips, advice from my Midwife & advice from close friends. So… hopefully I’ve covered all bases. 

 As you can see, me & Baby Bear have 2 separate bags. I’m not going to share the contents of bambino’s bag in photo format as I want to keep his potential coming home outfits under wraps.But in there I have:

  • 23 Diapers (I hate the word nappy)
  • Pack of cotton wool pleats
  • Pack of baby cotton wool pads
  • Sensitive wipes – more for me really – not bambino
  • Sudocrem
  • Bepanthen
  • Johnsons Rash Cream (just in case)
  • 7 Outfits including knitted cardigans
  • 2 Pairs of scratch mitts (just in case)
  • 7 Hats
  • Snowsuit
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Baby Shawl
  • 1 Hooded Bath Towel (Just in case)
  • 4 Dribble Bibs
  • 4 Large Muslin Cloths
  • New Born C&G Formula Milk – Just in case I can’t breast feed – hopefully I won’t need it!
  • Travel Changing Mat – just in case

Half way through checking the contents of Baby Bears bag… Coco came in to the nursery to see what I was doing. She’s so cute. 

 My bag… Well I have more diapers (I have way more in his nursery too in case I need more for in hospital), bath towel, make up (I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pack some make up essentials… after 6 hrs of surgery to break my leg in 14 places & fit an external frame… I was applying lip gloss & mineral foundation lol), & my toiletries bag. 

My toiletries bag includes:

  • Contact Lenses
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Face Mist
  • Face Wash
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Flat Loofer
  • Hair Bobbles
  • Hair Clips
  • Lip Balm
  • Tissues

I also have slippers, cotton robe, 3 Mothercare breast feeding friendly nighties, bedtime nursing bra from Mothercare, regular day time nursing bra from Mothercare, 7 pairs of knickers that are c-section scar friendly & my glasses. I even went & bought 2 pairs of brand new glasses especially for my hospital stay. 

 Dove deodorant, iPhone charger, hair brush, 1 pack maternity pads, 2 packs sanitary pads – purely because I have heard mixed reports on which are the best to have with you. I do have more packs of both at home. So if need more or favour one type more than the other, then the hubster & my mammy can bring me more in. 

I also have another toiletries bag lol, which includes:

  • Mamascarf from Mothercare
  • Flannel
  • Medela & Lansinoh Nibble Balm
  • Garnier Micellar Water Face Wipes
  • 24 Breast Pads
  • Alice Band
  • Tissues
  • 1 Fruit & Veg Bar
  • 3 Alpen Nutty Bars ( I also have 2 large bottles of Evian in my pantry ready to take into hospital)

I’ve not packed my coming home outfit yet… But I will be taking in leggings, maternity tunic & Uggs boots. I’m going for pure comfort. Also, my medical notes are always in my handbag as my consultant told me that I must carry them around with me at all times due to my many complications. Along with my birth plan & my diary for any notes I may need to make etc…

Obviously the day we come home, the hubster will be bringing in baby bears little car seat etc… 💙

So there you have it… That’s what is in my hospital bag. I decided to take my Cath Kidston Foldaway Holdall as it’s so light & very spacious. It also has the removable toiletries bag/zipped pocket. It’s such a handy piece of luggage. I’ve used this bag for my previous operations & hospital stays too.

I hope you’ve found this useful or… just interesting 💙

Thanks again for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx




The Countdown to Baby T 

21 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all enjoyed/are enjoying a lovely weekend. 

My parents have been to stay for the last few days. They arrived on Thursday. It was so lovely to see them. Getting around is getting that much harder now & I can’t sleep with pain, so having them here gave me a great distraction. Obviously they came bearing gifts – as per usual! My Mammy always bakes  

When you’re not feeling great – home baked food is always much appreciated. One of the girls I work with said to me that the best gift someone can bring you when you’re pregnant or have just had a baby is food. She said it’s the one thing you need & with everything else – you just don’t get round making nutritious yummies. I’ve already got my food order in for her next visit lol. I think she’ll be staying for a week after bambino arrives… So her task will be to fill our freezers with homemade yummies ready to just pop into the oven! 

Baby bear has even more home knit items from my Mammy now too… I must take a pic of everything she’s knit so far… It’s all so beautiful. Some items I had asked for in particular… & others she just decided to knit.   

 We’re now on the countdown to bambino’s arrival. I’ll be 35wks on Tuesday. Everything is getting so exciting now. Albeit a little scary too. I’m mainly scared of going into labour. Purely because I’ve been told that labour is far too dangerous for me as they don’t know how my body will respond. So, we have several plans of action in place for in case that scenario arises! In case it was to happen during the day while the hubster is at work, I have two people on standby who are literally 5mins away. I can call them at any time to be my support buddy. 

My hospital bag & baby bears bag are both packed now. I have everything, pretty much including the kitchen sink lol. We bought him his little snow suit this weekend too. He has several outfit options for his coming home attire… I just can’t choose! My Mammy has knit a stunning cape too  

   Being as organised as I possibly can before his arrival & for his arrival is massively comforting to me. I’ve got lots of things swimming around my head & I have lots of apprehensions & things I’m scared of based around his arrival. I just wish he was here safe & sound. 
I’ve put together some ‘changing kits’ for around the house… So I have fresh nappies, cream, wipes, etc… At arms reach at all times.  

Within a month, our little baby bear is going to be here, & I just can’t wait 💙 I’m so glad I made that change 3 year ago to lose 6 stone in order to get pregnant  

 With the pain during this pregnancy, I know I could not have done it if I’d not lost the weight. Being so big & pregnant would’ve been so much harder for me & the baby. If I’m lucky enough to have another baby in the future, I’ll be making sure I lose a little more weight before hand. I think the thinner & healthier I can be, it’ll be easier on my joints & the areas I’ve had surgery. 

I cannot wait to have that first glimpse & then skin on skin cuddles with my baby boy. So many people keep telling me that I’ll never sleep again, I’ll never wear make up again, my life will change, I’ll never be organised again, life will be tough, how much breastfeeding hurts & its total agony blah blah blah. Maybe they think they’re being helpful. But I just find the negativity so strange. I’ve had 4 years of dreaming of becoming a Mammy. I know our lives will never be the same again… But surely these precious bundles of joy are to be cherished & loved. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m gonna embrace motherhood whole heartedly. I’m going to enjoy every single second with my baby bear. I sometimes think the negative minded people, forget about those who struggle with fertility issues. Life is hard & very fast paced these days, I just think people forget to stop & cherish what they have & to look at life with loving & postive eyes. I know many people criticise me for wearing rose tinted spectacles… But I can’t change who I am. I’m the forever postive thinker. I’ll always strive for happiness, positivity & success. I adore & cherish those close to me. Yes… I have trials & tribulations – just like everyone else… But I choose to use the trials as a learning curve & turn them in to positives. 

Soon… I’ll be blogging about our new arrival & just cannot wait 💙 

Thank you so much for continuing to read & for the positive support I’ve received. Don’t forget you can contact me or follow me via my website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk 

I have more items arriving soon too for review… So keep your beautiful rose tinted peepers peeled for those! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 




Lunch Dates and new Arm Candy

6 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I’ve actually had a busy few days socialising… Check me out being a social butterfly ✨ 

I had such a lovely Friday 💙 I went out for lunch to The Pastures with my friend Carolyn & her lovely little girl Alexa. We had lovely food… Lots of gossiping… Truck loads of tea & a not very healthy Ciabatta & Wedges  

   Baby T was spoilt by Auntie Carolyn who had bought him some super cute clothes & another book for his reading corner ✨ 

  The Pastures is such a great place to have food, especially with little ones as their just so child friendly. Alexa had a whale of a time in Ali Bongo’s. So much so that once we got back to our house, she fell asleep in front of Nick Jnr lol.  

It was so nice to get out for a while other than when I’m headed to the hospital for maternity appointments. Although, finding nice things to wear is becoming increasingly difficult lol… I’m literally getting bigger by the day 💙

 While I was getting ready that morning, I found my Pandora Rhodinite necklace that I’d totally forgotten about. So I decided to wear it as I’ve probably not worn it in like over a year now.

The hubster’s Bezzie, David, is staying with us this weekend. So I decided to make a bit of a Mexican feast for our supper last night. The chilli was über healthy as I made it all from scratch in the crock pot. But… Then I decided to make nachos… Not so healthy lol. I live my new bowls from Asda… Only £2 each! Utter bargain. I actually ordered them in white, but they sent the red ones instead as the white had sold out. I think I actually like these ones better✨


 It was mega yummy… Even if I do say so myself lol 😋

Today we had a little jolly to Barnsely to collect my new specs from the opticians. I got a beautiful dark purple pair from Solitaire & a black pair from ZigZag 

 This is my ZigZag pair.

Afterwards we headed to The Pastures for lunch lol… The Pastures is fast becoming my new fave place to eat. I feel like I’ve been there loads lately! We’re also off out for a meal tonight too. This time we’re headed into our little beautiful village for an Indian meal. So right now we’re just drinking tea & watching Maze Runner.  

 Me & the hubster are using our new mugs that we got for Valentines Day off of my Bezzie – she’s such a sweetie ❤️… Well sometimes lol 😘

I decided to paint my nails too since I had red chipped nails 🙈 when my varnish starts to chip it really makes me feel funny  

 I love the Avon Pro Wear nail varnish. This is Orchid Splash. I bought this while it was on offer for just £2!!! Such a bargain!!! 

My new tote from Cath Kidston arrived this week. Can’t believe I got this £32 instead of £75.

 I’m simply in love 💙 I’m going to save it though for when I go into hospital to have my little poppet. I’m going to put his little outfits in it. I’ve been using my brown leather & leopard print bag from Joules this week. I had been using my black & white leather Pied a Terre bag, but I like to rotate my bags so none of my handbags feel left out lol. Yep… I’m just that odd lol. I love keeping my bags all nice & snug in their dust bags when I’m not using them.

 So… that’s my little update on what I’ve been up too. I’m currently trying out a new daily moisturiser from Blue Mandarines – so I’ll be writing a review on that very soon! Oh & don’t forget about my new website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk 💕

Thanks for reading & hope you’re all having a lovely weekend ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

MOTs and Meaningful Moments 

31 Jan

Hi folks ✨ 

I hope you all had a great Saturday yesterday. We went on a jolly to Barnsley. I decided it was about time to treat myself to some new spectacles. I never ever wear my glasses… well… only when I’m ill. I’m a dedicated contact lens wearer. But since becoming pregnant, I’ve found that I cannot tolerate them all day like I once could. I don’t know if my eye’s are more dry or if it’s because I’m tired from not sleeping. Whatever the reason… I’m finding that I’m wearing my glasses like at least 4 days out of 7 a week. I really despise my glasses… I’ve had them for such a long time & I think I’m just bored of them. Plus, I have mega bad eyesight, so I need ultra thin lenses too.

My hubser is a glasses wearer & he suits them so much. So… I decided to bite the bullet & go get a spectacle makeover. We went to iVision in Barnsley & they were utterly suberb! The staff are so nice & friendly. I think I’ve most definitely found my new opticians. I’ve never really had an opticians in Doncaster… It’s so naughty but I just buy my contact lenses  & never bother with eye tests etc… Such a bad habit of mine… I’m a very “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” kinda person. But now I’m going to be a Mammy, I need to practice the mantra orfpreservation & staying in tip top health. My little boy needs a strong healthy Mammy 💙You know I lost all that weight to be healthy inside… so I need to extend that to all aspects of my being. 

Since becoming pregnant I feel as though I’ve had such a massive MOT. I’ve registered with a new Dentist in my Village who is amazing & my teeth are in tip top shape. I’ve had every test going on my glucose levels, cholesterol & heart, & because of the weight-loss – everything is spot on. Now I’ve had my eyes checked & tested & they’re actually slightly better. So I’m very happy with my Mammy MOT. Oh & you’ll have to wait until next week for some speccy selfies as my lenses needed to be ordered in to stock… coz I’m special lol. I can’t even remember the makes I’ve ordered. But they are both beautiful… One pair is Black & White & the other is Purple.

It was hail stoning in Barnsley yesterday which is like the closest thing to snow in my eyes… so I was pretty excited with that. Since we didn’t have to wait around while my glasses were made, we headed back to Donny for lunch. We headed straight to the Mallard in the Frenchgate Centre. I was such a hungry Piglet that I forgot to take a pic of my food!!! 🐽 I literally just hoovered up my Piri Piri Fajitas. After lunch & 2 glasses of sugar free lemonade – we headed to Accessorize for a bobble – Graham thought that was hilarious… That we went ‘bobble’ shopping. I ended up buying some little grippy clips – nothing super exciting. 

 It started snowing pretty much as soon as we got home. Where we live is much higher than the town centre, so the wind chill is way worse here. The snow didn’t last though unfortunately ❄️ I also had a parcel waiting for me too from W7. They sent me a lovely little bundle of things to try & review

  • Argan Eyes Mascara in Black
  • Big Blusher/Powder Brush
  • Chunky Lips Crayon in Spontaneous
  • Honolulu Bronzing Powder

I’ll be reviewing those products as soon as possible 💄 

 I’ve also ordered me & Baby T (yes… it was totally an essential purchase for the baby… lol) the Kingswood Rose Big Leather Trim Tote. I wanted it for hospital & to match Baby T’s diaper bag for when we’re out & about. Plus, it was an uber bargain being reduced down from £75 to £32. I love Cath Kidston… her products are such good quality & totally timeless too. My brown Michel Kors purse won’t really match it, but I have a lovely baby pink Jasper Conran purse that will match it perfectly. I do love it when a winning combo comes together lol ✨ 

 My purse was also a bargain as it was in the sale… But also had a glue mark on the front. So I haggled a little… The RRP was like £80 or something. The sale price was £38 but we paid a mere £18.50. Haggling for  a good bargain used to scare me… but if you’re nice & polite & have a legitimate reason – whats the harm. They can only say no. 

 Hey presto… the glue came off the soft leather with a good old Johnsons Baby Wipe. 

 I so love a bargain. You all know that I love a bit of glamour… But I love it more when it’s at a cheap affordable rate. Being a first time Mammy to Be – we’ve had a LOT of expense getting everything ready for the little Prince’s arrival 💙… so bargains are much needed in the glam & beauty department for Mammy & Daddy lol.

Being married to my best friend, soul mate & lover is the most amazing thing in the world ❤️ All of my surgeries brought us closer too… I didn’t think we could be anymore close. But now we have this little miracle growing… I just feel so overwhelmed with love, connection & adoration. We’ve shared some amazing meaningful moments over the 11 years of knowing one another, but now we seem to be more in tune with each other more than ever. Romance seems to be occurring all of the time in the teeniest of situations. I was never one of these girls who from being little wanted a baby. I’ve watched friends & family become parents & it’s never really bothered me. But one day it just clicked… I looked at my hubster & thought “yep… I want your babies”. Sounds soppy I know – but that’s how it happened. It’s only taken us 5 years to achieve that dream & I couldn’t feel more blessed. This journey is something I will never ever take for granted 💙  

 Righteo… well I shall leave this bloggy post right here.

Have a superb Sunday & thanks for reading. It’s lovely seeing new countries popping up on my stats ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Barry M and it’s Fri’Yay’!

29 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well what an up & down week its been! I’ve just not been well at all… **WHINGE ALERT** I seem to be suffering with sickness again & pregnancy sickness is so not like having a bug… you can literally spew one minute then eat a jar of gherkins the next! I’m also not sleeping well at all with the pain from the infection in my fibroids & the pain in my hips… So I’m literally the mardiest person in the world right now lol. My midwife is great though & such a massive support. She’s also great at putting my mind at ease. So since I’ve been feeling kinda poo… I’ve not been up to much.

Wednesday was spent watching Netflix… I couldn’t help but be sucked into ‘Making a Murderer’… I really do recommend it. I began watching it with a skeptical head on… But wowzers it’s a gripping watch!

This week I received a gorgeous metallic pink package from Barry M. They kindly sent me their new Nail Care Range. I literally could not wait to rip open the packaging to give it a whirl. 

 In the pack I received:

  • Super Mani 7in1 Treatment
  • Iron Mani Ultimate nail Hardener
  • Mani Mask Camouflage, Colour & Condition in Birthday Suit & Bashful

I keep my nails quite short just as I find them easier to maintain & manage in day to day life. These products were so lovely to use… the shape of the actual brush is lovely & makes painting your nails really easy. The brush is very good quality – no straggly bristles. I started off using the 7in1 treatment of which I used 2 coats. It creates such a high shine that you could actually just use this on its own to make your nails look super healthy & well manicured. Now, I’m not a naked or nude nail kinda girl… I’m very much into bold colours. But I decided to give birthday suit a go. The results look gorgeous. Both Mani Mask polishes have a matte finish… So I decided to use Iron Mani as a top coat to give a strong shiny finish. My nails look beautiful & super healthy. Even the hubster said my nails looked ‘professional & classy’! 

 Each of these products are priced at £3.99!!! I just cannot believe how good the prices are! You can buy these products from most Boots & Superdrug stores. I’ve tried nail polishes way more expensive than these ones… But these are just as good quality… if not better! I am most definitely a big fan of this brand now!

The latest editions of Elle & Elle Decoration were sent out this week too… but I haven’t gotten round to reading them cover to cover just yet. 

I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling much better by tomorrow as I’m off shopping for new specs! I’m so overdue new glasses it’s unreal. So I think it’s only right that I get 2 new pairs. Expect lots of upcoming spec selfies.

So, as you can see… I’ve really not been up to much… I’m actually writing this post from my bedroom whilst wearing my PJs. I never have a proper duvet day… That’s how unwell I’m feeling. Coco is with me though keeping me company… well… I say that… she’s actually snoring in her little nighttime bed lol.  

So far this morning I’ve organised my hospital bag so it’s ready for when I go in to have the little Prince 💙 I’ve also tried to organised my dressing table a little better too.  

 Ooooooh, I’ve also been checking out the Cath Kidston sale for a new bag that I can take into hospital with me so it’ll match my Weekened Bag & Diaper bag which are both Cath Kidston too. I don’t mind that they’re all not the same pattern… I kinda like the mis-matchey look. 

 I’m in the process of reviewing Valentte London… so please keep a look out for that review coming soon. 

 Oh & don’t forget to check out my new website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk

Thanks again for reading! 💕

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Eye of the Storm 

2 Jul

Evening people ✨

So… I’ve been seeing loads of posts on social media about these storms you’ve all been having… I think they must’ve passed us by. The only slight storm we had was yesterday whilst at work & the electrics tripped… It was literally a 20 minute storm & that was it. My Mam & Dad have no SKY TV, Phone Lines or Internet, their lines have literally been fried! What a nightmare! So I do hope that this blog post finds you all safe & sound. 

Well as you’ve probably guessed… This morning started with a cuppa & make up ✨ 

   I used a mix of Naked 1 & 3 for my eyes. Estée Lauder lippy in number 16 is fast becoming my Fave!!! ❤️
For breakfast I had some Ham from the joint I cooked yesterday, 2 hard boiled eggs & a splodge of fat free cottage cheese. It sounds really random I know… But it was healthy, filling & really yummy!  

 I had a really early finish today at work & left at 12:30 ☺️ The first thing I did when I got home was to get some yogurt brewing & of course I needed a cuppa  

 I’m currently making some Greek Honey Yogurt. It should be ready by the time I get up in the morning. I’m planing on making healthy deserts with it..

For lunch I had a truly massive salad! I had Egg, Cottage Cheese, Low Fat Coleslaw, Lettuce, Cucumber, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Olives, Sweetcorn & 3 small slices of Salami cut into strips. I had a fat free balsamic dressing. Coco totally had her eye on it haha.

   While I snaffled my lunch I watched an episode of Criminal Minds… Have I ever mentioned how much I love that show? It’s literally one of my faves. It’s up there with Game of Thrones. 
After that… I headed out into the garden with the latest edition of Elle Decoration & a Dr Pepper Zero 

 The current issue is sooooo good! I spied a few things that I really do need!  

 The Patricia Urquiola Jellie Collection is just so gorgeous! I also really want a Hostess Trolley  

 I can just see me serving up Pimms to my guests on my Hostess Trolley of Dreams haha ✨

I’ve been snap chatting quite a bit today… So for anyone who’d like to see what I’m up too through my day… Give me an add  

 Just before we had tea… Our Ocado Delivery arrived  

 I simply love the colour coordinated bags! Plus, the food is always so fresh & in really good condition. 


 I’m loving the packaging on my 7Up cans & the Gruffalo design on Yorkshire Tea right now. I love fun designs & anything retro. 

For tea tonight I used up what was left of the Gammon Joint from yesterday… I made a low fat Spaghetti Carbonara using Quark instead of Cream  

It was utterly delicious & I love my vintage Willow Pattern bowls that I served it in. I love trawling charity shops for vintage treasures.

The weather has now gone from glorious sunshine… To an overcast cloudy rainy mess! I’m really hoping for good weather tomorrow as me & the hubster were hoping to BBQ for tea tomorrow night! I’ve taken out BBQ supplies from the freezer…  

 The congealed mass in the middle is Sweet Chilli Pork Sausages, just for anyone that was wondering lol ☺️

Well since I can’t go sit in the garden… I think I may pop upstairs… Take my make up off… Get my PJs on… And get into bed & watch a film ❤️ 

And… That was my Thursday. I hope you’ve all had an amazing one ✨ and… The weekend is almost upon us!!! 

Thanks again so much for reading & a big hello to my new readers in Singapore! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx