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It doesn’t have to be the end of the world 

24 Jun

Evening All,

So… The garden gates eventually went up last night  

I love them… Plus it’s made our back garden so private.

Today, me & the hubster had a random midweek day off together which has been so nice! Made all the more nicer with the gorgeous hot sunny weather that we’ve had today! So… We began the day with toast & crumpets to share outside in the garden with Morello Cherry Jam. 

Whilst getting ready today I decided to mix my fave Clinique foundation with my fave Mac one… It looked so nice mixed together… It went on really well too. 

  I have a pink complexion, so the redness solutions foundation by Clinque really helps to tone it down.

We decided that since it was such a lovely sunny day – we’d head out shopping to buy some garden bits & bobs & some stuff for the BBQ as we have my friend Caroline staying this weekend & if it’s nice – we shall BBQ! ☀️

Whilst out shopping – I got some ‘not so great news’. Remember my secret mission last week to York? Well… I had a job interview. It was for a job that I’d love to do. I was aiming pretty high applying for it & to be honest I didn’t even think I’d get an interview. But… I totally managed to get the interview. I was 1 of 6 whittled down from 50 or so applicants. This was the first job I’d applied for in like 8 year! I was told that after much deliberation that the other person had more job experience than me… So I couldn’t argue really. But… That they thought  I’d done a fantastic interview. I was really sad about it until I told my friends & current work colleagues I’d not gotten it. You know what? My iPhone was flooded with gorgeous supportive loving texts. It made me realise just how blessed I am to know such amazing people who actually think the world of me. ❤️ We’re going through a restructure at work right now… So I’m losing some amazing colleagues & friends. Some have been made redundant & others are having to leave coz of contract changes. I’m not happy about the changes myself… So I’ll keep applying & aiming high. Coz you know what… If all of these amazing people believe in me… Then so do I. Until then… I shall carry on being the sparkly person that I am. Plus… I have my amazing team behind me & I shall be behind them too. All supporting one another & looking out for each other ❤️ 

So…   What did we buy today…  

  We got some glass kilner jars with straws for drinkies.Solar powered butterfly fairly lights for the garden     My gnomes… Ronnie & Truman the GnomeFord Brothers lol   My pink butterfly whom I’ve named Gypsey-Rose    We also bought handmade bunting & hung it in the garden  All this afternoon I’ve literally sat in the garden & enjoyed the sun.  

I had a nice bottle of sparkles on standby in case I got the job… But decided to drink it anyway. I still did well & achieved something. I’m well educated & I’m well liked… I actually didn’t realise those things truly until today. I was literally over whelmed by all of the messages of support that I had. I’m never gonna let anyone put me down ever again ✨

We BBQ’d for tea tonight. We had burgers & lamb kebabs… It was super delicious. 

So now… We are utterly pooped & ready to watch a film in bed. So that’s what we’re going to do. 

Thanks so much for reading & always aim high ❤️

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Thorn(e) Gardens 

20 Jun

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my lack of blog post yesterday… We had such a lovely evening that I just didn’t get round to writing one. 

So… Yesterday began with my usual ritual of getting ready for work & drinking Yorkshire Tea ☺️ I just can’t drink any other everyday tea… Yorkshire really is the BEST!  

  I went with Naked Palette 3. It’s so bizarre still when I’m doing my make up these days as I think I’m still more used to doing my make up on a ‘bigger face’. My eyes used to seem quite small & sunken in… Doing my eye make up when I was bigger was such a nightmare as I used to have to try my hardest to make them look bigger & pop. 

I actually wear less eye make up these days as I guess I feel like I don’t need quite as much.  

Breakfast yesterday was a grilled unsmoked back bacon sandwich on wholemeal bread & my lunch for work was leftover homemade  Spag Bol from Thursday evenings tea. 

  I made a lamb madras to go into the slow cooker for our Friday night tea. I use frozen veggies & frozen meat… It’s so much easier & quicker on a morning.

I’ve started to have a little walk into our village square each morning… Just to get more walking into my daily routine. It’s just so pretty… I love it ❤️ 

 I was in work until 4:45pm. The afternoon went by so super quick as Sarah popped out at lunchtime to buy us some filter coffee for the coffee machine. It was soooooo good! It’s not good then we run out of ‘proper’ coffee. We all seem to function ‘sparklier’ with our coffee lol ✨

When I got home, the hubster was already home. He had a lovely glass of Merlot ready & waiting for me. I was actually really annoyed when I opened my post as I’d ordered G a Father’s Day gift off Coco from Not on the High Street .com, I wanted a BBQ apron. Well… When I opened it… They’d spelt our name wrong even though I’d blatantly given them the correct spellings!  

   So I’m waiting for either a replacement or a refund. Urgh… It’s just so typical! 

We decided to have some naughty nachos as a starter/snack as we were having tea quite late due to our massive Asda delivery coming between 7pm & 9pm. 

 Low fat cheese… Salsa… Guacamole… Mmmmmm yum! Coco was trying to get in on the nacho action too lol  

 The Asda delivery arrived 8pm-ish 

       I always have so much fun putting it all away in our pantry. We have a utility room, but I’ve turned it into a panty. It’s so good as it keeps our kitchen nice & tidy. We’ve got the fridge freezer, chest freezer, washer, microwave & all of the foodie bits in there out of the way. 

It was 10pm by the time we got round to having our tea. By that time we couldn’t be bothered with rice lol, so we just had the curry as it was.  

We’ve decided to have a really lazy cosy Saturday. At the moment it’s raining… But we’re hoping that when it dries up later on – we can get the chiminea going & get the BBQ on! 

This mornings breakfast was a yummy dry fried egg & grilled bacon sandwich  

My make up today is neutral & I’m going for utter comfort with a pink sweatshirt & leggings as my outfit of choice ✨



G has put the patio set together & it’s just so pretty  

 I’ve been taking pics today of a few things around our home that I just love… 

  I love our glass candle stick which is on a mirrored tile from our centre pieces that we had at our Wedding ❤️  Our stunning teak Dinning Room furniture set. The mirror that went with this set was £349… So we just up cycled my old bedroom mirror… I think it looks pretty good & like it totally matches. Our table pulls out & can seat 10 people comfortably. Our chairs were £99 each so we’ve only got the 4… But I think at a later date we’ll buy a few more & maybe try to get 2 wooden chairs for the ends… Maybe another upcycling project.

  I got this handmade Pantry sign off eBay for like £2.99!  

Is it wrong to be totally in love with your fridge? Lol. From living in an apartment for like 8year… We’ve always had a smallish fridge & freezer. So when we bought this massive Samsung beauty… I almost pee’d my pants with excitement lol. It’s sad how excited I get.  I love our little kitchen bookshelf. I also love this teapot set that I got off my Great-Auntie Jenny who is no longer with us. She bought us this set as a housewarming gift when we first moved in together. The G & H spoons were made by my little cousin who was my Chief Bridesmaid… I love them. The candy cane was my favour from our Wedding. I wish I had Graham’s too, but I don’t know what happen to it 😞  Hee hee… This is my Glasses & Mug cupboard… This isn’t even full to capacity as some of the mugs are in the dishwasher. I have a total obsession with buying mugs & glasses. This is one of my most favourite possessions… My up cycled bread bin! I just love it soooooo much ❤️

Oooooo… The Taken Trilogy just arrived from Amazon!  

So… That was my Friday & my Saturday so far… 

Thanks for reading as always & I hope you’re all having a fab-tastic weekend! ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Go Away… I’m Tweeting! 

11 Jun

Hi Guys & Girlies ✨

I woke up this morning in a massively happy mood & it’s stayed with me all day ☺️  

 Had the worlds best brew this morning whislt getting ready  

The first brew of the day always seems to taste the bestest… Don’t you think? 

So… Today’s make up was my happy colours mixed with a little sparkly shimmer powder. Benefits pearly pink from the ‘Peek-a-Bright Eyes’ pallete paired with Carbon by Mac. Then… To top it off I went with my highlighter pink lippy by Maybelline  

       I just love a smokey eye ✨

Breakfast was my plain old Weetabix with semi skimmed milk.  

Before I left for work I threw together a Moroccan inspired pork stew in the slow cooker  


It’s a yummy concoction of Diced Pork, Red Onion, Celery, Dried Apricots, Chopped Tomatoes, Chick Peas, Peppers, Garlic, Coriander & Chilli. It looks so beautiful & brightly coloured. It’ll cook perfectly all day in the slow cooker until teatime. 

Whilst at work this morning I got this rather polite little email from Andrew our Ocado delivery man. I love how polite they are  

I decided I needed some yummy Waitrose food for the weekend… & Ofcourse… Sparkles ✨ Tomorrow night shall be Tapas & Sparkles for tea… I doubt it’ll be diet friendly… Ooooops! 

For lunch today I went to the refectory at work… again. I got a baked Tayto, beans & cheese… Again lol. Wowzers I’m so predictable at times!  

 It’s just so yummy though… Even better with lashings of black pepper on top! 

I finished work at 5pm… So I was home for like 5:10pm since I only live like 2 seconds down the road fton work. Not long after getting home – Liz & Dan arrived with gifts!!! ❤️ 

   Eeeeeeck I just love them so much!!! Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m such a social media junkie… So this porcelain mug is perfect for me! So… If you type IxxyPoco into Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook… You shall find me ☺️ I just love our ceramic plant pot too! You can’t really tell from this pic… But it’s actually massive! I simply love the pinkness of the flowers! My Mam just text me to say that when the flowers die I need to cut their heads off so it comes again next year!!! How horrifically murderous does that sound!? Flower decapitation or what!?    

Tea tonight was so yummy scrummy! The stew was delicious & I served it with basmati rice. I even had enough left to save for my lunch at work tomorrow.

After tea, our Ocado grocery shopping arrived. I love Waitrose products. I love even more that they have loads of good deals on their French foods at the moment. I just love French food. I also got a free tea towel! I’m so easily pleased! ☺️ The fact that all the groceries are sorted into colour coordinated bags is just immense! You don’t get this kinda organisation with Asda! Although… I do love Asda too! 


My kitchen covered in Waitrose goodies!

 So… There you have it… That was my Thursday in a wee nutshell! 
Thanks so much once again for reading about my day ✨ Tomorrow is Friday! Yey! 

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx

Dream BIG. Sparkle MORE. Shine ON.

10 Jun

Hi everyone, 

I hope Wednesday has been ultra fantastical for you ✨ I’m in such a good, positive place right now. I have all of these sparkly feelings & vibes flitting around that I can just sense good things are bouncing on the horizon. I have high hopes that this Summer is going to be a good one. My wise friend Caroline once told me that “Positive things come to positive people”… She’s totally right. 

So again I woke up this morning to some lovely messages about this blog. 

   Thank you Rabia & Lou… I really appreciate it.

I had a lovely lay in this morning… I had today off from work. It’s so nice taking a days holiday midweek… It really breaks the week up. I decided to enjoy my first brew of the day in bed with some TV.  

Coco really wasn’t feeling it this morning… She flat out refused to get outta bed haha 

Shes such a little minx! She may be a teeny weeny Chihuahua, but she has a huge personality. I just love her so much ❤️ 

After a lovely long shower, I decided to put some pretty floral nail wraps on my toenails… Well now since the weather is getting warmer, there’s more chance of me wearing sandals.  


These particular wraps are from Paperchase. They’re so pretty & supper easy to apply. I always have my toenails painted, but I like something different for the Summer. Nail wraps are fairly cheap & really easy to do yourself. 

Since I was upstairs showering & doing my toes nails… Buy the time I checked the time it was actually lunchtime. So I had breakfast & lunch combined… So ‘brunch’ was Heinz spaghetti & toast  

I’ve had such a relaxing  day… I’ve changed the bedding in the guest room ready for Kirsty, Rachael & Baby Issacs visit. I’ve also done my first grocery shopping order with Waitrose which should be delivered tomorrow evening. I’m planning on doing tapas for tea on Friday evening. Ofcourse I’ve ordered a few bottles of sparkles too ✨ I love to be the hostess with the mostess ✨ 

Tea tonight was really simple… Grilled Pork Loin on the George Foreman grill with a mountain of peas & Sweetcorn & homemade wedges baked in garlic infused FryLight.  

  I may have had a glass of red to wash it down too… Oooooops!

Since I was having a lazy day today… I decided not to wear make up. So my skin could have the day to breathe naturally… It doesn’t happen often! 

So that was my Wednesday in a nutshell. Back to work tomorrow & Friday… But it’s almost the weekend! Woo hoo! 

Thanks again for reading & for all of the likes & the follows. You all spur me on to keep writing ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

We’re so Fancy 

7 Jun

Hi Folks, 

Sorry for not blogging yesterday… I just really couldn’t of blogged last night when I eventually got in from our ‘Wine Bar’ day. We started off so fancy… Then we went downhill at a rapid rate lol.

So yesterday morning started off so relaxed. I lay in bed watching cartoons & my hubster brought me tea & crumpets in bed.

   I love a lazy Saturday morning. The hubster was up & out fairly early as he was off to Eadale for a hike. I on the other hand was up getting ready for ‘girls day’. 

   My make up was just a simple smokey eye with a little sparkle. I love the fine glitter dust by Barry M. It goes on so well & really lasts. After getting ready I busied myself in the kitchen making lunch for me & Niamh. I did homemade lean stick mince burgers with a light Babybel inside. But… I made a rather unhealthy accompaniment of Nachos with lots & lots of cheese lol. Of course we needed sparkles too… I only had Cava in the fridge, but really fancied Prosecco… So I popped an emergency Prosecco in the chest freezer to chill lol. 








Lunch was so good ❤️ After lunch we headed on down to Otto Wine Bar for more sparkles. We decided to sit outside in the Sun… But it was super windy.  





I know I say it all of the time – but Otto is so nice & is totally my fave place to drink. A nice bottle of sparkles is only £19. Just love it so much. After a bottle of sparkles in the windy sun… We headed off into town with Christine & Josie. We had so much fun. 

                    Haha… You can see in the pics the steady decline of  our ‘fanciness’. I’ve not laughed as much in such a long time. Shots & fishbowls are never a good combo lol. We literally did a pub crawl of Donny… Goose, Yorkshire Grey, Wethersooons, Ledger, Sugar Lounge, Number 15, Hogans, Coco & a few shooters bars that I didn’t even know the name of. I haven’t been on a night around Doncaster in so long. There seemed to be loads of fellow Geordies out too! I love bumping into Geordies. I know I’m bias but I do think we have the best accent. It’s so nice & homely to speak to people who sound the same as you. I mean, I’ve lived in South Yorkshire for 11 year now, so the Yorkie accent is pretty homely to me now, but not like Geordie. 

So, the night ended with pizza, chips & tea ☺️ Me & Niamh ate pretty much all of the chips in the taxi on our way home lol. So there weren’t many left for poor Graham. The pizza was rank though… I literally ate a bite & that was it. So that’s really good actually as I saved loads of calories right there! I think I’m a pizza snob these days… If it’s not Doninoes… Then it’s just not good enough! 
We were in bed for 11pm. So not a late night at all…. But we did start at 1pm, haha so it was a pretty epic day. I woke up this morning feeling a little underr the weather. So, a bubble bath was needed. After Niamh went home this morning I dived straight into the bath. 

 It was so nice & really did the trick. I’m not feeling hungover now… Just sleepy. Lunch has been a tuna sandwich & I think for tea I may make sausage & mash with plenty veggies to give me a vitamin boost ☺️ 

 I have a lovely new iPhone case  

I just can’t help but love anything pink & sparkly… And if it has Barbie on it…. Then even better! ❤️

Coco has really embraced lazy pyjama day  

She loves the sunshine. She’s been out this morning helping her Daddy to strim the back garden. She’s currently snoring so loud.

Well, thank you for reading. I’ll probably do another post later on letting you all know how my Sunday has been.

Love & Huggles & hope you’re having a lovely Sunday,

Hayley xxx 

Drinking Moët and buying Diamonds with Kirsty 

5 Jun

Hi Guys & Girlies ❤️

So, again this morning I got a lovely message about this blog  

Honestly I’m feeling so loved right now… It’s just so nice to know that there’s people out there who are enjoying reading this & don’t just think it’s mundane & boring. Thanks so much for your lovely positive words ❤️

For today’s makeup I decided to go mostly Mac Star Violet & Carbon. I used Milk It by Benefit as my highlighters as per usual.  




Star Violet is such a beautiful rich colour with an amazing high shine metallic effect to it. It blends so well too. You’ve probably noticed that my eye make up staple is Carbon by Mac. I just love it so much as you can make it as light or as deep & dark as you’d like. 

Breakfast this morning was a yummy grilled back bacon sandwich with a dry fried egg sunny side down. It was so nice & kept me full until lunchtime.  

Lunch was fairly simple – leftover homemade chilli. I tend to take it to work in my soup holder as it’s just easier for heating up whist at work  

 I know I’ve said it dozens of times before… But seriously… My work colleagues are the best team EVER! This morning started with a bit of a Jesse Pavelka fest! I mean really… That man is stunning  

We’ve been actually speculating whether we can somehow get him to come to our work place to help us get healthier 😍 

So… After pulling ourselves together… We all went about our usual working day in our library. But… 2 quotes really stuck with me today… 

“Life’s great if you don’t weaken” spoken by Christine


“Happy people don’t get tired” Anna 

I just love those words. Niamh also wanted to be quoted… 

“We’re so fancy”

Lol… Not quite as deep… But still so very true… We ARE VERY fancy. These women that I work with are truly fantastical…. Witty, Intelligent & Strong. 

So… After the motivational speaking at work, I slinked off early at 3pm to go to our little village post office where a parcel had been left for me…  

 I was literally so excited that I almost pee’d my pants! I ordered this 3wk ago & it’s finally arrived…  

    Clearly I had to christen it by making a good old Yorkie Brew! 

I was debating whether to get Hayley or IxxyPoco on it. As you can see I went with Hayley… But I’m thinking that I need to order a different design with IxxyPoco on. IxxyPoco has been my Twitter, Instagram & Blogging name for years now. I love that it’s unique & I love that it came from my hubby’s Grandad. When G was little, his Grandad used to tell him stories of a naughty Native American girl called IxxyPoco who had long plaited pig tails. I used to wear my hair like that a lot when we first met & he used to call me IxxyPoco… So it just stuck. IxxyPoco or just Ixxy or just Poco became my pet name ❤️ lots of people ask me about where I got the name from… So there you go. 

Not only did my Emma Bridgewater cup arrive today, but so did this months Elle. And… I got an ace freebie. I’ve had this freebie before & the products are amazing. Especially the lip balm. So this months Elle is well worth a buy.

 Clearly this called for sparkles ✨ 

 Coco was totally embracing that Friday feeling of silliness & giddiness  

 This afternoon I had a lush long chat with my bezzie Kirsty. She always makes me laugh so much. Eeeeeeck and… Her & Rach are coming to visit next weekend! Oooooooo I’m excited! It’s been far too long since I seen my girlies! I can not wait! ❤️ There’ll be lots of laughter… Sparkles & Diamonds ✨

When the hubster came in from work… The giddiness continued as he’d bought the CD that I’ve been wanting…  

 We’ve listened to all 3 CDs & they’re all equally amaze balls! Totally love it ❤️ As well as this, he bought a ‘waterproof’ map of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks… I wasn’t so giddy about that haha  

 Tomorrow he’s off on an epic walk… Whilst I hit the wine bars for an epic girlie drinking day ✨ Well in my defence… We kinda need this day out as a little pick me up at work. 

Tea tonight was a simple Grilled Steak, homemade wedges baked in FryLight & then Peas with Sweetcorn on the side.

  Super simple… Yet super tasty

Coco was desperate to get in on the steak action haha  

I’ve had such a lovely relaxed Friday evening in… But I’m sure that they do say that staying in is the new going out!?  

 Well… I shall leave this post there. I’ll probably blog mid-day tomorrow then blog about tomorrow night on Sunday ☺️ Niamh is coming over for 12noon tomorrow & im making us lunch! I’m thinking of making some sort of Mexican feast. Then… We’re hitting the wine bar & then we’re being picked up by Christine & hitting town ✨ 

Hope you’re having an amazing Friday night ❤️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Winning Awards

3 Jun

Evening All,

What a day it’s been. I just wanna start with sending loves & sparkles to those who need it… You know who you are. I’ve not stopped thinking about you all day. I really do wish I had a magic wand to make this whole thing better ❤️ you know I’m here for you.


I began today with an epic brew… You really can not beat a good Yorkie brew  

Followed by a yummy grilled bacon sandwich. I grilled the bacon on the George Foreman & used unsmoked of course  

I ate my sandwich under surveillance…  


My make up choices today were same old really… A little pearly pinky & a little smokey  

          My new ‘She’ straightening irons are fantastic! They are just like the original GHD iron. So much better than the new GHD stylers that they’re currently selling. I paid £69.95 for the She iron & its hands down better than the current GHD model. I have extremely thick hair & it’s pretty long too. My hair is naturally VERY curly. It takes a long time to straighten it all. But these irons are fab! I’d totally recommend them to everyone! Such a good price too! 

In the pic below you’ll see that’s a styler not the original GHD iron. My original GHD iron broke so in sending it off to be repaired…. You can bet have too many backups when you have a mane of frizzy problematic hair like mine!

 I was on annual leave from work today, so arranged to have lunch with my Auntie Pam. Coco was delighted with her birthday gifts from Pam… Handmade knitwear  

 You can find Pam on eBay – pampammy63 Her knit wear is hand made & she will make them to your size specifications! Utterly stunning! Ideal for small & teacup breeds. I have a hard time trying to find clothes for Coco – these are the best little jumpers you’ll find. 

   So… We went to The Boat Inn for lunch. Now… You all know that I love the Boat Inn (at Sprotbrough Falls) & go A LOT! But, I have to say that today I was royally miffed at the customer service or ‘lack of’ I should say.  

My food was utterly beautiful as always… But the service & attitude from staff was appalling… I was actually really shocked. I’m pretty gutted to be honest as I’ve been going to the Boat Inn now for 10 years at least a few times a month. This is the first time I’ve had a bad experience & I have to say that it’s changed my mind a bit about the place. I’m having a girlie day this Saturday & really wanted to do sip Champagne in the courtyard there but I think we’ll give it a miss & go to Otto instead.

After lunch we went ‘bargain’ shopping. Ooooooh I got some right bargains!  

  I simply love my new glasses so much! Clearly I had to christen one with a large G&T! £1.49 per glass from Home Bargains! I think I’ll go back & buy another 2 of each glass. So pretty & very sturdy. 

I also bought some pots & plants for my back garden. I’ve literally never ever done any gardening before. This whole outdoors thing is so new to me. 

      I literally got muck under my nails & everything! Lol. I’ll have an award winning garden soon you know lol… The Chelsea Flower Show has nowt on me! I’ll be receiving an Oscar of the Garden world rather soonly I think lol.    

I’m in love with my pretty new Summer hat too! Auntie Pam treated me to it. I can’t wait to wear it with a cute maxi dress whislt drinking sparkles in the sun! 

For tea I made a yummy scrummy fat free pasta carbonara… All homemade & delicious  


Well…. Wednesday is almost over & that can only mean one thing… Only 2 more sleeps until the weekend! Which means… It’s almost Wine Bar Day! ❤️

Sleep sweet folks & thanks as always for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

A Date with VB ❤️ 

2 Jun

Evening everyone,

Oh look at that… Tuesday evening can mean only one thing… It’s almost mid-week! Which means… It’s almost the weekend ❤️

I’m really looking forward to this weekend… Girlie wine bar day! Eeeeeeeeck ✨ There shall be sparkles… Giggles & Gossip no doubt! Saturday is gonna be a day that VB herself would be proud of… We’re oh so bouji lol! Gosh I love that lady! I love her motivation, dedication & her confidence  


I thought I’d best get some practice in for Saturday lol…

 I think us girlies are in neeeeeed of a bit cheering up & some socialising. I hate it when things are a bit stressy… I don’t do stress… I’m too sparkly! I like to be the person who boosts everyone up & makes them smile & giggle… I think that is actually my purpose in life – to look after others & make them smile ☺️

So…. Today is my fur baby’s 3rd birthday. I love her like she was my proper baby  

     Just love her so much. People think I’m mad for being so obsessed with her… But people don’t realise that probably if it hadn’t of been for the last 4 year of surgery – I probably would’ve had my own babies by now. But, instead I have Coco & I love just as much ❤️ Maybe one day it’ll happen for us… I know it’s going to be hard because of the spine damage I have… But maybe one day we’ll be a ‘proper’ Mammy & Daddy. At least I’ve lost the bulk of my weight… So if I ever am lucky enough to to get pregnant, I don’t have the added pressure of being massively overweight like I once was. 

Let’s talk make up…   
  Naked 3 was my eye make up of choice today… I went for a quite subtle neutral smokey effect. Urban Decay shadows are so easy to blend. 



Breakfast & lunch was very ‘good’… Weetabix for brekkie & tuna salad for lunch. 

Tea time kinda went out the window!    




I had a bottle of Sol & then shared some Sparkles with the hubster. Then…. If that weren’t bad enough… We ordered Dominoes! Good grief! So utterly baaaaaaaaad! They were ‘mediuim’ pizzas & we didn’t eat then all… So I guess that was a little bit good? 

My Shè Straighteners arrived today! I’ve only tried them on my fringe – so far they seem really good. They actually feel & look like the original GHD straightening iron… So I have massively high hopes for them. 

  I’ll give a more in depth review when I use them properly. I do love how they look though. 
Tomorrow I have much needed day off… So it shall be a long lay in & then lunch with my Auntie Pam. I can’t wait as we have MUCH catching up to do! 

Well, night night boys & girls & that nicely lots for reading as always ❤️

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx

“I am wealthy in my friends,” William Shakespeare 

24 May

Morning all ☺️ 

I hope you’re a having a sparkly & fabulous Bank Holiday weekend so far… We are ❤️

Had such a lovely evening with the Batchelors at their stunning home. The evening began on the top patio with a Fire Pit & some Champagne. Oh & Chickens! We got to meet the Chickens.  




We decided it was only right to sit outside for a while, since we get so few nice days & evenings here in ‘mostly overcast’ England. And since it was such a lovely day yesterday, I decided it was only right to take some Champagne. Needless to say… The bottle didn’t last long lol. 

Anna brought out some yummy snacks… And Prosecco  

   Its pretty much safe to say that the snacks weren’t diet friendly… But they were soooooooo good. I do love a baked chamenbert. After snacks & Prosecco… It was starting to get a wee bit chilly… So it was off into the ‘Center Parcs’ room for Cava. I call it that, as its a beautiful extension that just reminds me of Center Parcs log cabins.  

 I just love nice chilled evenings with good friends. The time always just flies. We defo need to start making this a regular event… Taking turns to be the hosts. But I think I need to up my game with my snack table. Last time Paul & Anna came over, all I did was Nachos & Dip lol. I did provide copious amounts of sparkles though… So I’m not totally a terrible hostess… I just need to practice my ‘mostess’ part lol. 

So… After the Cava… It was our fourth & final bottle of sparkles in the form of more Prosecco lol. 

After that, it was a short taxi ride home. We really do live in a gorgeous part of England. I may be a Geordie, but I have totally adopted South Yorkshire as my home. Driving home back through Cusworth, up Springlane & then home to Sprotbrough Village… It’s just so beautiful. Even at night… All lit up with the bats swooping around… Beautiful & spooky with all of the old houses & architecture. I love it ❤️

I’m awake surprisingly early & hangover free! I think it’s coz the hubster made me a Yorkshire brew in my My Little Pony cup for bed. 

Today’s plan is to have a lazy morning, then hopefully we’ll have a nice Walkie with Coco around the Village – but I’ve just noticed that the weather is looking a little crap out there. It’s gone all rainy. I’m just hoping that the weather will pick up (that’s what my MetOffice app is predicting anyways) so we can go sit outside of the Wine Bar (Otto’s) for a wee while) But, I shall blog about my day later on. 

The hubster is now off to go buy us a strimmer lol. We’ve gone from living in an apartment with a gardener who took care of the communal gardens… To having a bigger house & 2 gardens lol. One of them being massive. We have no clue about gardening lol… But, I guess we shall have to learn! 

Have a great Sunday ❤️

Thanks again for reading & a big “Hello” to my new international readers ☺️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Birthday Princessy-ness! 

6 May

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes, messages, cards & gifts! I’ve had such an amazing day!  


Celebrations started last night with an amazing Mexican Fajita Feast for Cinco de Mayo. I used Old El Paso wraps purely as the lower fat varieties I’ve tried tend to break too easily. Plus – they’re not hideously bad on fat or calories really. I only ever have 2 or 3. I cooked the chicken & veg in FryLight & I used reduced fat cheese of course. 

       It was really delicious. I had some cooked lean ham that was nearing its use by date – so I added that to the mix.

This morning started with crumpets for breakfast whilst ripping open my gifts!!! I’ve been so spoilt… Again! One of my fave gifts has to be my new “I have nothing to wear” jumper!!! I simply love it so much… Plus… I NEVER have anything to wear!!!  

   I’m always overwhelmed by the amount of cards & gifts I receive from family & friends. I’ve gotten perfume, pandora jewels, gin, bottles of sparkles… & much much more!  

             I even got some free Dior perfume & Dior eye make up from the lady in Boots purely because she said I’m literally her best customer lol! 

 Went for a gorgeous lunch with the hubster to Relish Bar & Grill in Doncaster. They always serve amazing food & amazing sparkles!  


I think another one of my fave gifts are some cute little food pots from Paperchase. They’ll be fantastic for using in my packed lunch for work lunches. I’ll be able to use them for chopped up fruit or homemade Easiyo yogurt.  

 It’s days like today when I realise how far I’ve come with regard to my confidence. At one time it got to the point where I’d be freaking out about going shopping or eating out. I was scared I’d be looked at by people as the ‘big’ girl. The big girl who shouldn’t be eating that burger in public. Or the girl who was hot & out of breath just doing some shopping. Now, those things don’t really enter my head! Like… this year my hubster got me a jumper & my Bezzie bought me Pyjamas… Back when I was bigger that would’ve stressed me out. In case the things didn’t fit me… Coz no one wants to buy you size 24 pyjamas in case they upset you. But now… Size 12/14 pjs fit like a dream! That still amazes me! I may as well be a size 0 coz that’s how I feel sometimes lol. 

I think that’s why I love taking so many pictures these days… Because I just want to document everything… That way I can look back & see how happy I am & it’ll keep me focused on getting to my weight target & then maintaining. 
Of course… Me & Coco have had to have the obligatory Princess Birthday Photo Shoot lol… Although… She weren’t really feeling it! Lol 🙂  


Thanks again so much for reading… My stats have been through the roof… That has really made my week! Knowing you’re all reading – will keep me blogging ❤️

Much love,

Hayley xxx