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Feeling Comfortable in My Own Skin

23 Sep

Hi folks,

More than ever, we seem to be bombarded with images of picture perfect people… flawless skin… perfect figure… nothing seems to be out of place. I’ve always been a bit of a self conscious person when it comes to how I look. I’m so confident in who I am as a person… but when it comes to how I look… I’m so critical & self conscious.

After having the boys… I have noticed a massive change in my skin. The problem with a change in your skin also effects your make up! So, not only does your skin look & feel different with a naked face, but it also looks & feels different when you’re wearing your make up. Such a nightmare. Especially when you’re already feeling a little self conscious from just having a baby. And… you also have the added pressure of not having oodles of time either to start a brand new in-depth skincare regime!

So… what changed with my skin after pregnancy.

Under my left eye, I developed a little prominent blood vessel. I know it looks small… but to me it looked like a beacon! I think it happened during pregnancy while throwing up so much. I’ve always had a rosy pink complexion & that’s fine as it’s always something I’ve had so I’ve always bought & wore make up that hid it a little. However, after pregnancy I always felt it looked more patchy. And, my cheek area became super dry in areas & under my eyes which meant that my foundation & powder started to clump, which is not a good look. But, my T Zone area became massively oily. This meant that my foundation was clumping in the dry areas & then smearing off in the oily areas. My pores were becoming visible under my makeup in the oily areas, if that makes sense… almost like the inside of an aero bar.

I just do not have the time to spend hours on my skin & make up with a 3yr old & a 10month old to run around after. But… I still want to feel & look good.

Starting on 22nd August… I began using my new products from ESKI decided to document the results & I’m so glad that I did.

I’ve added dates to the photo’s so you can see how skin has improved.

The areas that I feel have improved; my skin isn’t as greasy, fine lines seem to have improved, no dry patches & I feel like the small blood vessel isn’t as prominent.

So… what is my new skincare regime I hear you ask? Well, firstly I can promise you that my new regime is super simple & hardly takes up any time! I am completely in love with the ESK Hydroxy Cleanser. I use the Hydroxy Cleanser morning & night. I wear make up everyday & I do tend to go for a smokey eye look complete with black liquid eyeliner & black mascara. So I need a cleanser that will be gentle, but will also remove every bit of make up. This cleanser does all of that! You use it just like a face wash. The 100ml bottle should last you around 3 months. I’ve never been a fan of cleansers & toners… I always found cleansers to be too greasy & toners to be too harsh, which would end up making me too pink. The hydroxy cleanser, cleanses while being nice & gentle, & it’s also soap free. It doesn’t make me red & I never feel any skin tightness after using, which I’ve always found that I get when using other face washes.

After cleansing on a morning I then use B Quenched. This product can be used at night or morning. I’ve been using each morning & I can honestly say that this moisturiser is my most favourite skin care product EVER! It is absolutely gorgeous! It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a moisturiser. With having an oily T Zone, I always thought other moisturisers used to sit on top of the greasiness. So I’d avoid putting anything on my T Zone. So I’d only end up moisturising my dry cheek area. This products helps to improve the skins barrier function, reducing hyperpigmentation and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. I think my redness has massively improved. Also, I never knew that when the skin is super oily, it can be a direct result of the skin being too dehydrated. This product helps the skin to retain moisture, but my oilyness has greatly improved. My skin overall just feels less greasy, less dry & looks less red. My make up has been going on so well. I’ve stopped using a primer under my make up as this moisturiser gives such a lovely even base.

My make up isn’t clumping or sitting in lines. It’s also staying put all day… so that alone tells me that my oily skin has improved.

I’ve been using Ultimate A everynight before bed after using my Hydroxy Cleanser. I just want to say first off – that this product is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the content of Vitamin A. This product is an amazing anti-aging product. I absolutely love this. I feel like my fine lines around my eyes have reduced. I’m now 37 & fine lines are my main concern. I think we’re all looking for that wonder cream that will make us look a little younger. I have no problem being almost 40… but I also want to look good too. This product promotes collagen growth, increases skin elasticity and reduces hyperpigmentation effectively and without irritation. It’s a lovely light cream, not too heavy or thick. It makes your skin feel so super soft. Again, like the B Quenched – I feel like this product has helped to reduce the redness. Normally after cleansing & moisturising on an evening, my skin would be so red. But I can honestly say, my skin looks calmer.

My 3 stand out products are: Hydroxy Cleanser, B Quenched, & Ultimate A. I honestly feel like I have new & improved skin, with no extra effort. When we feel good about ourselves, I think we can deal with the pressures & stresses of a busy lifestyle so much easier. Another great feature to these products, is that they give you a full run down on how to use them & when to use them. They really feel like a tailor made skincare regime just for you.

I will be continuing to document my skin progress & will be writing a progress post about it 🙂

I hope you’ve found this post useful & interesting. I’ve added the links to the products that I’ve been using so you can read further & even treat yourself.

Thank you so much for reading!

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Holidays… Breaks… Vacations… Travel

4 Mar

Hi folks,

Is it just me or does travelling abroad as a parent sometimes fill you with sheer dread? We’re planning a little European vacation this summer to Germany. I’m already trying to think like a million steps ahead… what do I pack!? Toys, formula, buggy, nappies, wipes, calpol… blah blah blah. I mean… do I even have luggage big enough!? What I wouldn’t give to have a private plane lol.

Then there’s the travel insurance. While I was pregnant, with both Seth & Ted, we holidayed in the UK. We always just purchase the travel insurance through the company we’re booking with. To be honest… I was always to scared too about travelling abroad whilst pregnant. So much so that we cancelled our trip to Sweden & Denmark whilst I was pregnant with Seth. Now looking back… I wish we’d not cancelled. But I mean… what is the advice? What are the guidelines whilst pregnant!? Well, the fabulous folk over at Columbus Direct have put this statement together:

Stuart Lloyd, travel insurance expert at Columbus Direct comments:

“Like Meghan & Harry, many parents-to-be will be looking to travel whilst pregnant but perhaps are unsure if it’s safe.

“If you’ve had a straightforward pregnancy, you should be safe to fly up to 28 weeks as normal. Beyond 28 weeks there are other considerations including whether you’ve had an uncomplicated pregnancy, the specific airline you’re flying with, as well as your insurance policy.

“Most airlines will require a “Fit to Fly” medical certificate from your GP beyond 28 weeks and the majority of airlines will not allow you to travel beyond 37 weeks for a single pregnancy, and beyond 32 weeks for a multiple pregnancy. Our advice is to always check with your airline as many have their own guidelines and you don’t want to be caught out.

“Before travelling, ensure you’ve not only bought travel insurance but have also checked the policy terms to see what is required of you and what you are covered for when travelling whilst pregnant in the event that you need to make a claim.

“Always consult your midwife or visit the NHS website for any medical related questions.”

I wish I’d read this statement back in 2016. But, I’ll just have to book Denmark & Sweden for the future!

Thank you as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Hey Like Wow!

17 Jul

Hi folks,

How gorgeous has this sunny summer weather been that we’ve been having? We’ve had so many fun family days out & days in the garden. Staying hydrated in this weather is so super important. I try not drink too many fizzy drinks & tend to stick to water. However… over the last month or so I’ve been trying out a lovely beverage from Hey Like Wow. 

So… what is it? 

It’s a still vitamin water that is:

  • Sugar Free without the nasties
  • Enriched with Viatnins B6, C & D, Calcium
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Preservatives 
  • Allergen Free 

In the cap of the bottle you may be able to see a red button… Well this is a blast cap that delivers your vitamins straight into your water. Soluable vitamins are the most powerful the moment they hit the water. So, this amazing blast cap gives you the control of only releasing the vitamins right before you drink. 

So… what’s it like?

 I loved them. Like I said – I’m a big water drinker, so having something with a little more flavour & added vitamins is fab. They’re lovely ‘on the go’ drinks that fit great into a healthy lifestyle. The sports caps make them easier for kids to drink from too – Seth’s loved having a taste test. 

To stay up to date with new launches from Hey Like Wow you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

For stockists please visit their website.

Thanks so much as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

I Sea Bacon 

6 Jul

Hi folks

You may remember that a little while back I reviewed I Sea Pasta. I love to try new things & you also know I love to cook. I also love cooking healthy, low fat food. So it’s always right up my street to try new culinary things. 

First off… let’s give you some key points to I Sea Bacon: 

  • No saturated fats
  • Very little calories
  • Calcium, potassium & iodine
  • Good for vision & gut health
  • Helps the immune system

Something I didn’t know before trying the Seamore products is that Seaweed is considered the most sustainable food on the planet!!! It requires just sunshine. No fresh water, land, fertilizer nor pesticides. I mean… it makes sense… but I’d just never thought about it like that! 

There are 3 key ways you can prepare I Sea Bacon…

It’s super easy to prepare. I sometimes find that with health foods & super foods – there can be a lengthy process in preparing them. But not with I Sea Bacon. 
I decided to spruce up a spicy chicken salad with this product. 

I decided to prepare the seaweed in all 3 ways mention above… I soaked the leaves for 30 seconds & added to my salad in with some iceberg lettuce. It turns from crunchy to being a lot more soft so it blends into your salad perfectly. I also stirred some into my wok with red onions, peppers, chicken & spices. Then, I used some the way it is in the pack, as a garnish on my rice. 

So… how did it taste? Well… I don’t personally think it’s like bacon at all. But, it’s deffinitely got a smokey flavour that the I Sea Pasta does not have. I find it salty, but that means you don’t have to add salt. So my salad tasted more seasoned if that makes sense. The bits I added to the wok, I couldn’t really taste as the spices must’ve over powered it – however… there was a definite added texture. And let’s not forget the added health benefits. The garnish looked nice & was a little bit like a very thin jerky. 

I Sea Bacon is super low in fat, high in calcium & has high levels of vitamin A & C. It’s also vegan & gluten free.

Just like I Sea Pasta, this product is very salty. I think that’s why I like to add a little spice to it, to try & dull down the salty-ness. I do think this product is a bit of an acquired taste, so it my not be for everyone. 

For more information, YouTube videos, social media links & recipes… click here

Thank you so much for reading & I hope you’ve found this review interesting 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

The Power of Coffee

22 Jun

Hi folks

As I mentioned in my last blog post – I’m working super hard at being healthy. Eating right… drinking plenty of water & trying to fit in daily body magic. But… along with all of these things, I’ve been sampling some coffee. A coffee that improves your mood… improves your energy levels… increases your focus & can even aid with regulating your appetite! So… what is this magical elixir I hear you ask!? Lean Java Bean

Now… you all know that I don’t go in for faddy diets. I don’t like anything that involves meal replacement or dropping to a scarily low calorie diet. I’m all about everything in moderation & losing weight the old fashioned way. I don’t like the idea of weight loss medication either. 

Whilst having a catch up with a good friend, she told me about a health drink. A health drink that was coffee! I mean normally we’re bombarded with literature claiming coffee is bad. Lean Java Bean has increased anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants seems to be some kind of buzz word we hear on health shows & in health magazines… but the top & bottom of it is that they’re fantastic for boosting your immune system, our mood, our memory, skin… etc… so many benefits.  

Now… this all sounds great… but does it actually work. I was quite excited at the thought of a magical cup of coffee that’d give me a massive energy boost. I mean, as a Mammy to a 15 month old who juggles work, Mammy-ing & running a house, I can always do with a bit extra energy. You can imagine I was super excited to start my 3 day trial. You literally drink one each morning. Stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty water. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to feel any different. But, after my first cup I seriously felt a little kick. I felt more awake & alert. I had more energy & I actually didn’t feel hungry between meals. And that was after day one!!! 

The coffee itself tastes nice. I often find with a health drink, they can taste flavourless & quite frankly a little disgusting. So what a pleasure it is to drink a nice cup of coffee. 

Now… let’s get to the weightloss aspect. I didn’t expect any weight loss with this coffee. And like I’ve already said I don’t do miracle weightloss aids. But… along with a healthy diet I lost 5lbs during my trial of this coffee. That’s right… 3 days… 3 cups of coffee… 5 whole lbs!!! I was speechless. 

I’m sure some folk will say it’s a placebo effect etc… but as someone who has gone through a lengthy weightloss journey, this deffinitely feels to me like an extra little boost. Well, put it this way – I’m so convinced that it works that I’ve bought myself a whole box.

I’m actually so impressed. If you’re intrigued & would like more info, then head on over to the Nulife Facebook Page. 

I can’t wait to see more results! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found my review useful. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Healthy Me… Healthy Family… Barefaced Groceries

1 Feb

Hi folks,

I’ve got a lovely little review for you. As all you know I’m a continuing weight battler… having lost 6 stone already… I’m in the throws of operation ‘lose baby weight’. I’ve always looked at these online sites that send you the ingredients with recipe cards to make like 3 or 4 meals. But I’ve always found them to be quite costly.

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a fab online grocery store called ‘Bearfaced Groceries’. They literally provide fantastic fresh food boxes. You can choose from a variety of boxes… all meat… slimmers… vegetarian… all fruit… or a fab mix of everything. Everything is Farm Fresh too!

I was so excited to receive my Bearefaced Box. I received the Deluxe Seasonal Box which is currently on offer for £50 from £100. So… what’s in the box?

  • 2kg of Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 250g Unsmoked Dry Cured Bacon
  • 2 8oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks
  • 4 Pork Loin Steaks
  • 5oog Grass Fed Lean Beef Mince
  • 4 Lamb Chops
  • 2 Skin on Haddock Fillets
  • 1 Butternut Squash
  • 1 Pack of Watercress
  • 2 Packs of Coriander
  • 2 Garlic Bulbs
  • 2 Pieces of Ginger
  • 4 Golden Beetroot
  • 1 Turnip
  • Large Parsnips
  • 1 Large Cauliflower
  • 1 Large Broccoli
  • 2 XL Onions
  • 500g Mixed Carrots
  • 2 Large Leeks
  • Mixed Peppers
  • 5 Large White Potatoes
  • And… You get a £10 voucher off your next box!!!

You may not get recipe cards… but you can always check the recipes section on the their website for any hints or tips. Or… head on over to my weightloss journey page. I have had so much fun making some fab food with this box. It’s even better as I feel so confident using these products to make food for my little boy as it’s such good quality & super fresh! I was determined to not waste a single thing. So, I decided to use any leftover veggies to make homemade soups. That way I could batch cook & then freeze it. This was such a good idea. With all of these nasty bugs & viruses going around, I wanted to give us all a boost. Seth loved all of the soups I’ve made. Weaning has never been easier.

Having so many fresh ingredients at my finger tips has been so fantastic. Normally I buy a lot of frozen meats & vegetables to keep costs down. But these boxes are so affordable… especially with the massive discounts right now. I’ve made chicken curry, chilli, Moroccan stye lamb, bolognese, homemade burgers etc… Our food has been so colourful & aesthetically pleasing. 

The best thing about this boxes as there isn’t any contract or commitment you have to enter into. You literally just order what you want… when you want it! You can’t say fairer than that. If you’ve been inspired to order… which I hope you have… then just follow this link to receive £10 off your first order! So you could get the box I received for a mere £40!!! The meat alone comes to waaaaaaaay more than that in value. The meat is so well packaged too, that you can easily pop straight into the freezer. I split up a lot of the meats to freeze. That way it stays nice & fresh. Oh &… the way in which these boxes are packed is amazing!!! The food was cool & fresh with the help of fab packaging… lots of Cooke blocks & insulation. So you e no worry of your food arriving in tiptop condition!

So… what are you waiting for!? Order a box! Feed your family fresh, home cooked food that won’t cost the earth. I mean lets face it… everyone is on a budget these days… this company is seriously a find. I will be ordering more from this company. They’re real people offering real food & ingredients at fab prices. Gone are the days that we all have enough time to go buy fresh veg at the green groceries & locally sourced meats from the butchers. Well… I know I don’t have the time. My life is so full of Mammy-ing, work, baby groups, housework, socialising etc… I barely have time for anything else.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful!

Thanks as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down”

11 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well I don’t really want to test that theory in my title too much. I’m getting to that stage in my pregnancy now that I’m just so unsteady on my feet. I think with my pre-existing back condition & nerve problems in my right leg… Then paired with my ever increasing baby bump… I feel wobbly on my feet most of the time. Daily tasks… & shopping… Are becoming harder everytime! Yesterday we went to Dunelm shopping for more nursery bits & a few much needed housey bits. Not even half way round Dunelm I needed a pit stop in a cute little bucket chair… It weren’t so cute though I can tell you – when the hubster had to replicate a hydrolic crane to get me out of the chair! Lol 💙 

 Baby T seems to be sitting rather low these days & that seems to be impacting on the pain/infection in my fibroids. I think I’m managing the pain quite well really, plus I just don’t like giving in. I’m too much of a ‘doer’… It does mean though that my 7pm I’m just literally shattered.  

 I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect Winnie the Pooh cot bedding for in the nursery & eventually found what I was looking for in Dunelm. The bedding pack came to £39.99 & then the two fitted sheets were an additional £14.99. They’re so cute!!! We even spotted some Winnie the Pooh wall stickers, so once the Cot Bed arrives we can start getting the stickers on the walls. The cot is the only piece of furniture that we’re waiting on for delivery. So once that’s built & in place, we’ll know whereabouts on the  walls we want the pictures to be 💙  

While in Dunelm we also bought a new curtain pole for the window at the top of our stairs along with a white sparkly voile curtain. We just needed something to finish off the staircase. We also bought new placemats for the dinning table & a chintzy oil cloth table cloth. I really do love a bit chintz! 🌸 

 We must’ve only been in Dunelm for around 30mins… But that’s literally all I could manage. I really wanted to go to Boots & M&S too but I just couldn’t do it. So instead we headed off for some food & a pint of lemonade! We decided on the Pastures at High Melton. I love that place! The food is always so nice & there’s always plenty of staff too, so you’re never waiting long for your order to arrive. I should’ve taken a picture really of my Mediterranean Chicken… But I totally forgot to lol… I think I was just too excited to eat it all! ✨

The only things left to buy now for the nursery is some new curtains & a new curtain pole. But… I’m hoping to buy that today with the help of my Bezzie who is coming down today to stay overnight. It’s pretty exciting to see her coz I’ve not seen her in ages! But it’s even more exciting that she’s also pregnant… So we get to be pregnant together & waddle around!  ❤️ Luckily… Where we’re off to shopping today has a cafè with homemade cake… So I’m sure we’ll be making an emergency pit stop in there! Then tonight will be pyjamas, Celebrity Big Brother & Take Out. Sounds like a pretty perfect night to me! 💕

Talking about CBB… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since it started! I didn’t actually watch the launch, I was actually planning on giving this years a miss. But once I discovered that Scotty T from Geordie Shore was in the BB house – then I had to start watching as well as watching the live launch on catch up! I just love him & as you all know I’m a massive Geordie Shore fan. What can I say… I love the trashy TV!  

 So here’s hoping for a more pain free day ahead… Although… I have been awake since 4:10am. I honestly don’t know how I’m surviving right now on such little sleep. I’m gonna have to slap extra lashings of Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eye make up on today to hide the tired eyes  

   I just don’t know what I’d do without the magic of make up! 
Anyways… Have a great Monday ✨

Thanks again for reading… It’s lovely to see my stats gradually climbing with all of you new readers 💕✨ 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Skip the Diet… Just Eat Healthy

5 Jan

Hi folks ✨

If you returned to work yesterday for the first time after the Christmas vacation – I hope it wasn’t too painful. It feels so bizarre being off work for me. I’m technically not on my maternity leave yet as I’m still using up all of my built up annual leave. It’s so much better for me being off work as I have so many medical appointments & because I’m so up & down with pregnancy sickness & with pain from the fibroids – this way I don’t feel the pressure of letting colleagues down.

Yesterday seemed like such a long day. I started the day with loads of blood tests which required a lot of waiting around until lunchtime. Both arms were so sore from the amount of blood they needed to take – ouchie! I’m such a big wimp when it comes to having blood taken. The nurse I met yesterday is also the breast feeding supporter. That was utterly fantastic for me, as I really want to breast feed & I had so many questions. I felt so much more confident after speaking with her… She was literally a fountain of knowledge & gave me lots of literature to peruse. I can also make a one to one appointment with her at a later date – which I will most definitely be doing. While talking with her I was able to get all of my ‘weight’ fears off of my chest. As you all know in the last 3 yeas I’ve managed to lose 6 stone in weight. It’s been a constant fear of mine about gaining weight during my pregnancy. Well, she really put my mind at ease with regard to weight gain. I’ve gained 11lbs so far & I’m 28 weeks pregnant. We talked through the reasons behind pregnancy weight gain, the gains you make in order to breast feed & then the fat that’s used to breast feed. Call me dumb… But I never actually realised that you burn an added 500 calories during breast feeding. 

 We briefly discussed nutrition too… Having lost weight on my own I’m very confident with food now & things I make. I feel so much more confident knowing that once our gorgeous boy is here I can eat healthily… feed him… & get back to my goal weight 💙 I’m so not into ‘diets’. Honestly… I cannot go onto Facebook or Twitter without being bombarded with offers of weightloss capsules… diet shakes… juices & borderline starvation. I’m not knocking any of these diets if they work for you… but for me  I need to eat actual food 3 times a day, plus snacks. I like a nutritious hearty meal & as the nurse pointed out – new breast feeding mammies need lots of healthy food & plenty water. Energy & hydration is key. I was told by my midwife months ago that the only form of healthy eating/weightloss that they endorse is a Slimming World style of eating. Slimming Wold is the style of eating that I’ve been sticking too for the last 3 years. I never joined the group, but I took their syn free & extra easy way of preparing & consuming food. It’s all about the good fats, less salt, less sugar. It really works for me.

A classic example of the kind of things I cook is what we had for tea last night: Sausage Casserole. 

 It’s so simple to make… especially if you have a Crock Pot/Slow Cooker. I served the casserole along side peas, sweetcorn & mash with added mustard seeds. I didn’t use any sauces as they tend to have hidden salts, sugars & oils. To make the actual casserole:

  • Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages (they are super low in fat)
  • 1 reduced salt beef Oxo cube
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Frozen casserole veg (I buy from either Asda or Waitrose)

Literally throw all of the ingredients in your Crock Pot – I pop the veg & sausages in frozen – it’s so quick & easy. So if you’re in a rush on a morning – this is the recipe for you. Set on low, then cook all day. You could serve with extra veg, boiled potatoes or chips baked in frylight. 

Tonight for tea we’ll be having Chilli… so I shall post that recipe in my next update. 

I really am working hard to get my website up & live… I’m going to feature my recipes & my product reviews… so please keep your eyes peeled for that. If you’re wanting more recipes along with pics of how the recipe will turn out… you can find my diet page here. You can always find me on Twitter & Instagram too.

So… back to yesterday… Since it was such a pants morning of ouchie tests I decided a little retail therapy was in order & since my new fave thing is treating my little boy… that’s what I did 💙 I popped to Boots & bought this gorgeous little Very Hungry Caterpillar all in one with hat… I just love it. Even better at 50% off. Seriously they have so many reductions right now. 

 Once home I ordered him a lounger from the Boots website. He’s going to have a cot bed in his nursery & a Snuzpod for a nighttime in our room… but for through the day downstairs I was going to get a crib or a Moses basket. But I spied this lounger & read the reviews, watched youtube videos & I was totally sold. It’s comfy & fun. So I’m hoping it shall arrive this week. I just want everything as cozy as can be for his arrival 💙 

 Last night was spent unwinding in front of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with a cup of decaf tea in hand & my new Harry Potter colouring book… it’s so relaxing. 

Everything looks so super tidy with all the Christmas decks down. 

 Before I go I just wanted to remind you all of Coco’s special offer with Top Collar homemade & healthy doggy treats. Simply follow this highlighted link & enter code: COCO to receive a completely free box of goodies! The box is personalised so it’d make a lovely gift for a family pet or friends pet. 

 Righteo folks… I’m gonna leave this post here as I have another day ahead of me at the hospital in the shape of a scan, consultant appointment, blood results & anti D injection.

Thanks again for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Healthy Eating… Cravings… & Baby Brain 

28 Jul

Hi Everyone 💕

Thanks so much for the response I got from yesterday’s post. The amount of support & lovely comments I’ve received has been unreal… So thank you thank you thank you, so very much ❤️

My views have been building day on day… Yesterday my blog reached over 500 views in one day. So amazing!!! Considering I started off with 1 view per week. I just can’t believe that you’re reading this internationally too ✨ I’m so glad you find my posts vaguely interesting ☺️ it truly means a lot! 

   Well…. Today has been a really good day – no queasiness at all ☺️ although – I really could not face my Weetabix for breakfast… It just turned my stomach. So instead I tried a Nestle cereal  
 It was actually really nice & didn’t make me feel sick at all… So that’s good! 

Before breakfast (I’m doing this back to front aren’t I!?) was unleaded (decaf)  tea time & make up time . Honestly… My thought patterns have been all tipsy turvy & I keep forgetting stuff… Do I really have baby brain already!? Lol. 

   It was a Mac & Benefit eye make up kinda day ☺️ 
For lunch I made a plain old Ham & Pickle sandwich. I’m so craving pickles right now… Especially gherkins! I’m really craving strong flavours.  I’ve also switched my diet coke to caffeine free – it’s actually pretty nice. 

My new favourite thing to do every day now is to log onto my Pregnancy app… I love seeing what my little poppy seed is up too & how she’s developing. I don’t care that she makes me feel queasy or tired… I just love her so much already. She’s just so super perfect already – I can tell.  

 Everyone at work is really excited too. It’s been a little while since we last had a library baby 💕 

When I got home I was utterly famished! So I started making tea right away. The hubster is working late tonight with an art gallery opening, so it was tea alone whilst being harassed by Coco lol. Poppy seed wanted gherkins & oodles of salad! So I made a jacket potato with FatFree cottage cheese, salad with extra gherkins & some ham that I slow cooked in diet coke on Sunday – it was so super yummy  

 So now… I’m snuggled up on my cuddler chair with Coco… Wrapped in a blanket & with a cup of decaf tea  

 It feels so good to relax & just rest. My plan for tonight is to watch loads of trashy TV until the hubster gets in later on. 

I shall leave you guys there.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Poppy Seed xxx

Sunshine & Showers 

8 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Where on earth has our beautiful Summer sunshine gone? I really hope that the weather picks  up by the weekend ☀️ My Mammy & Daddy are coming to stay at the weekend & I had my heart set on sparkles in the Sun.. Pimms on the lawn… & a yummy BBQ. 

We’re now entering into the Summer Vacation period at work. So Monday saw my my last late 8pm finish for this academic year.  I started he day with a Yorkshire brew as usual & getting ready for work. I went with Naked Palette 2.

Breakfast was my usual Weetabix & semi-skimmed milk. For lunch I made a fat free cottage cheese & hard boiled egg salad. 

   It was such a long day at work… It was extremely quiet. I was so happy to get home & get into my pjs & chill out with my hubster & little chi ❤️✨ 
Tuesday began in the same sorta way… Like you’re totally surprised. Tea & make up  

 I chose Naked Palette 2 again. I love the Avon Super Shock eyeliner… It’s literally my favourite eyeliner right now. You can normally get it for around £6 in the Avon Brochure. 

Breakfast & lunch were the same as Monday’s  

   I decided to take my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag to work with me today. I’ve been using my Michael Kors Jetsetter loads lately, so decided to have a change  
 Tuesday turned out to be a really naughty day for food… Me & Anna decided we needed some food around 11am  

 A bacon buttie was snaffled at my desk. It’s literally been years since I’ve bought a bacon buttie at work from the refectory. 

I came across this recipe yesterday on Instagram… I thought I’d share for anyone who’s interested. 

 Matt came for tea on Tuesday, so that can only mean one thing… Dominoes Pizza & Horror Films. The evening began with a Dandelion & Burdock in the garden with some nachos  


We ordered Two for Tuesday’s  

   The 3 of us totally demolished it all. Then watched 2 horror films… They were awful haha. I think we literally chose the worst horror films EVER. We watched Mercy & Mockingbird. To make things worse… We actually paid for them for them via Sky Store. Although… It is buy one get one free right now… So it weren’t too bad.
Today I’m having a mid week day off. I’ve felt so bloated from last nights pizza that I just had Yorskhire Tea for breakfast  

   I’ve been busying myself with housework & laundry. I like things to be kept neat, tidy & sparkly. I’ve also sorted another delivery from Ocado with a few essentials on it for the coming weekend. Hopefully that shall arrive tomorrow evening after I get in from work. 
I’ve also been hard boiling some eggs ready for tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I’m really loving my egg salads lately.  

 While I’ve been busy, Coco has been snoozing in one of her beds.

 She just loves to snooze ❤️  

Nail update: they’re still pretty brittle & sore to touch. So I’m keeping up with painting the nail hardener on & I’ve painted them with CND Vinylux in Tutti Fruitti. I love this colour. They have grown a bit, but as soon as they do they’re bending & splitting. So I think I’m best keeping them really short until the filed bits have totally grown out & are back to normal ✨

 I’m now sat watching Hollyoaks. Sharlene is coming to visit soon with her two teeny Princesses 👑 Sharlene is the Bride to Be in going to be bridesmaid for✨ I’d best get the kettle on ready for her arrival. 

So, I’ll leave this post here for now.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx