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Well hello there 2019

9 Jan


Hi folks,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas. Don’t worry… this isn’t going to be a ‘New Year – New Me’ kind of blog post, but more of a ‘New Year – Same Me – Positive Vibes’ kind of post.

We have had such an amazing Christmas. From the moment Ted has been born, the time has flown so much. We’ve had lots of visits to see Santa & an amazing Christmassy vacation to Centre Parcs for Christmas week.

Every year we go to Centre Parcs for the lead up to Christmas… it’s just perfect. It really gets you into the Christmas spirit & full of magic. It was even more amazing going as a completed little family. We’ve already booked for next year… I’m literally already planning for Christmas 2019… I know – I can’t help myself lol. I actually bought myself a Rachel Ellen 5 Year Christmas Planner. It’s fab! I didn’t get mine until September, so it’ll be great having it a whole year in advance this time round.

From August last year I started to save up those Morrison’s match & More points… I managed to save up £50 worth of vouchers which I used for my Christmas grocery shop 2 days before the big day. Can I just say though that shopping 23rd December was like Hell on Earth! So, this year, I’m going to start saving my vouchers now & I’ll be placing a ‘Food to Order’ shop so I don’t have to battle the crowds. If I can save up £50 in just a few month… then imagine what I can save in a whole year. It’s so worth doing if you shop in Morrison’s regularly. I downloaded the app & I keep an eye on offers where you gain more points on certain items etc…

Christmas this year was made even more magical, as Seth totally understands Christmas now & Santa Clause. Last year he cried every time we went to see Santa… this year we just couldn’t keep him away lol.

Christmas Eve was filled with Breakfast with Santa at a local family pub… which also included a Christmas disco. It was fantastic & all of the kids had such a lovely time. Afterwards it was home for Christmas crafts & all of those family Christmas Eve traditions. I filled Seth’s Christmas Eve box with lots of Christmas crafty things for us all to do together. And of course… we became that family who wear matching PJs.

Christmas Day was just non-stop… Seth was super hyper. It was just perfect.

Next year is going to be amazing with Ted up & about toddling around. It’s crazy to think that this year I’ll have a 1 year old & a 3 year old.

We haven’t had the best of starts to 2019 really… I ended up in hospital with borderline pneumonia & a severe throat & chest infection. It was pretty scary at the time as they thought it was sepsis in the beginning. Luckily though it’s nothing steroids & anti biotics can’t fix. The consultant thinks it’s mainly down to a very low immune system after my c-section. Being poorly when you’re a Mammy just isn’t an option really.

I’m so very lucky to have my boys. Seth is growing up to be such a bright, beautiful boy… he’s my little comedian. I can’t wait to watch Ted grow & develop his own little personality too

And… Coco of course is still a super diva!

So… what do I have planned for 2019?

Well… we have a Christening to organise. This weekend I really do need to make a list of numbers & book it all. Then I need to order invitations etc… I’m normally way more organised than this – but being poorly has really thrown me. I have been watching Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix & it’s given me a much needed kick. In fact… today I reorganised 4 cupboards & a drawer lol.

Next on the list will be Seth starting pre-school. I just cannot believe it’s almost time. I’m happy to say that we got our first choice – yey! And, we have his 3rd birthday too. We’re planning on taking him to Seven Stories for the Elmer Exhibition. He loves his books & Elmer is one of his faves.

This year we’ve also got a few little family vacations & some exciting little things planned that you’ll just have to wait to find out about throughout the year 🙂 And of course we’ll have a Halloweeny 1st Birthday in October too.

I have no New Year Resolutions  this year… I just plan on being as healthy as I can be… smile & laugh everyday & continue with a positive outlook. And of course to be the best Mammy I can be to my beautiful boys.

So, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all of the support last year & thank you for continuing to read 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx




Welcome Baby Ted

14 Nov

Hi folks,

Sorry it’s been a wee while since my last post. These last few weeks have gone by so fast. I’m pleased to announce the birth of our second gorgeous baby boy; Edward Thomas Jim Thorne… Ted for short. Or Baby Ted as Seth calls him. Ted was born October 24th & weighing 8lbs 4oz.

Getting Ted here wasn’t an easy journey. I wanted to write a blog post about it mainly to just get it out there & off my chest… & maybe for anyone going through something similar… it may offer some comfort.

The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy with Ted were literally the worst. I don’t think I’ve felt so many emotions. I mean, when you’re pregnant, your emotions are all over anyway… but with everything that was happening… I think everything was so much more heightened. After countless hospital visits, stays & tests… I was very on edge. With my first pregnancy, I had no bleeding whatsoever. This time round I had quite a lot. And as a pregnant lady… that’s the last thing you want to experience. I had so many scary tests for various things & I do have to say that my Midwife & triage unit were utterly phenomenal. They really did keep a close eye on me.

On the morning of my c section I was quite literally a state. I just felt that with everything that had happened, something was wrong or that it was going to go wrong. I think I’d pretty much convinced myself that I wasn’t going to make it home. I know that sounds super bleak… but that’s the head space I was in. When I got to the hospital, I was told I’d be second down to theatre… however… after consulting with me, my consultant decided I should go last as I was more of a high risk case. So… at 11am I headed down to theatre with my husbter holding my hand. Ted was born at 12:31 noon. I was on the operating table for a further 1 hour. After blood loss & a uterus that wouldn’t contract… They managed to get me into recovery with my uterus fully intact. I have a lot of fibroids & this time round they caused quite a lot of problems. I was put on a drip to force my uterus back down to it’s normal size. I’ll be forever grateful that they fought to do that as it saved me having to have a hysterectomy. Even though I’ve had my tubes fully removed… I didn’t want a full hysterectomy… purely as I’m only mid thirties & I just didn’t want to go onto HRT. Once I’d gotten into recovery, Ted had a nappy on & had, had a bottle. But, he wasn’t dressed, he was wrapped in a blanket waiting for me so I could have that precious skin to skin contact. It’s amazing how everything in life becomes so insignificant when you’re handed your beautiful baby. All of the pain, illness, stress & worry was so worth it to hold my perfect baby in my arms.

I’m still taking a ridiculous amount of medication… due to having hypertension in pregnancy, B12 deficiency, iron deficiency from blood loss, injecting clexane for 6 weeks… etc… However, I have managed on just paracetamol & ibuprofen for pain relief. The pain has been immense though. My stomach is so battered & bruised. This c section was a lot more gruelling than last time & the recovery has been a lot different. But I’ve been trying my best to get out & about in the fresh air & walking a lot too.

I mean Seth is a big ‘park’ fan… so it’s a good excuse to wrap up & get out & about!

Seth has taken to being a big brother so well. It was the most precious sweetest moment when they first met.

Every night he kisses Ted goodnight… it’s just so cute. I cannot wait to watch their bond grow & develop as they grow up together.

The advice I’d give myself if I could go back in time, would be to trust the professionals… I was so worked up by the time Ted was born that I was literally making myself ill, when I was feeling ill anyway. Our NHS is truly an amazing thing… the team I had around me on the day was phenomenal. They got my little boy here safely & they also managed to put me back together.

So… what is life like as a Mammy of two? Well… it’s amazing! I feel very lucky to have 2 gorgeous boys. It’s tiring… but amazing! Seth sleeps for 12 to 13 hours every night & Ted is only waking once in the night for a bottle… what an absolute dreamboat! So, having sleep is really helping, especially with the recovery side of things!

However… I had forgotten just how much stuff you need to lug around with you when you have a newborn. I’d kind of taken for granted just how easy it is to go out with Seth now he’s 2 & 7 month. No changing bag… No Travel System… No Bottles… etc… We made the decision that we needed a bigger family car. So… last week… we bought a new car lol.

Completely in love with it! C Max Grand Titanium… I don’t how I lived without rear sliding doors!!! Such a God send when you’re getting little ones in & out of the car. We seem to have fit quite a lot in to the last 3 wks… new baby… Halloween party… Lots of visits to the park… Soft play play dates… Bought a new car… trip up to Durham… Christmas shopping etc… But I love my busy little life with my little family. And it’s only gonna get busier with Christmas pepping round the corner. It is my most favourite time of the year through so I’m thoroughly excited!!!

So there you have it… That’s the last 3 weeks in a little nutshell. Now that Ted is here you can expect lots of reviews on some lovely baby products I have.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley… Mama Of Boys


The Date… We Finally Have It!

4 Mar

Hi folks ✨

Since my last blog post we’ve gotten our date! The date that our little boy will enter our lives. I’m just ridiculously excited & happy… I so cannot wait to meet him!!! As you all already know – I’ve got my bag & his bag packed… his nursery is totally completed & everything is set in place for his much anticipated arrival. I tell him everyday how I can’t wait to snuggle him 💙 

 Just like our scan pictures… we’ve decided to keep the date a closely guarded secret. Why? well… With our scan pictures we just thought it was very personal to us & we wanted to keep them special & private. With regard to the date, I was going to let everyone know, but over the last few weeks I’ve been really stressed out & crying a lot with worry about the c-section & with staying in hospital. I really can’t can’t cope with the horror stories people are telling me & I really didn’t want people contacting me the night before to try & frighten me further. So… we made the decision to keep it under wraps. However… You will find out the fantastical sparkly news once he’s arrived. Probably when I get home though… I just don’t want to run the risk of receiving negative messages whilst I’m in hospital. I’m just a very happy positive person & I intend to make my birth experience exactly that. Well how could it not be… I’m meeting the most perfect little in the world 💙

I had some tests & a scan on Tuesday… It was so amazing to see our little poppet again. Eeeeck… the anticipation is killing me. After having my scan & talking with my consultant about my concerns & worries, receiving my c-section date & now with making the decision to keep it secret – I actually feel so much lighter & less stressed. My Midwife has also assured me that my hospital stay will be as perfect as it can be. She’s so lovely.

Another thing making me rather giddy… is the fact that it’s currently snowing here in South Yorkshire!!! I just adore the snow so much. Well… when you grow up in County Durham, you don’t really have a choice. It’s literally been snowing since 6am!

This week has consisted of having lunch with friends, a spot of bargain shopping & coffee mornings with croissants. Next week shall consist of lunch with friends with a visit to the dentist. I’m trying my best to overcome my dentist phobia as I really don’t want to pass that on to my Baby Bear. I’m thinking tomorrow will be our usual Saturday of lunch out somewhere & a little waddle around the shops lol. Sunday shall be a lovely family day since it’s Mother’s Day. I’ve actually already received some flowers off baby Bear & Coco… how cute is that!? I have such a clever baby bump & chihuahua. I’ve also spied a bottle of perfume… Eeeeeck. At the moment I’m also trying to resist the temptation of using my non ‘push’ present! I’ve got a beautiful handbag upstairs but I’m not allowed it until Baby Bear has arrived. Well I guess it’s only right really.

 I don’t think I have anything else to tell you… I’ve been pretty boring this week really.So, once again – thank you to you lovely lot for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx







The Countdown to Baby T 

21 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all enjoyed/are enjoying a lovely weekend. 

My parents have been to stay for the last few days. They arrived on Thursday. It was so lovely to see them. Getting around is getting that much harder now & I can’t sleep with pain, so having them here gave me a great distraction. Obviously they came bearing gifts – as per usual! My Mammy always bakes  

When you’re not feeling great – home baked food is always much appreciated. One of the girls I work with said to me that the best gift someone can bring you when you’re pregnant or have just had a baby is food. She said it’s the one thing you need & with everything else – you just don’t get round making nutritious yummies. I’ve already got my food order in for her next visit lol. I think she’ll be staying for a week after bambino arrives… So her task will be to fill our freezers with homemade yummies ready to just pop into the oven! 

Baby bear has even more home knit items from my Mammy now too… I must take a pic of everything she’s knit so far… It’s all so beautiful. Some items I had asked for in particular… & others she just decided to knit.   

 We’re now on the countdown to bambino’s arrival. I’ll be 35wks on Tuesday. Everything is getting so exciting now. Albeit a little scary too. I’m mainly scared of going into labour. Purely because I’ve been told that labour is far too dangerous for me as they don’t know how my body will respond. So, we have several plans of action in place for in case that scenario arises! In case it was to happen during the day while the hubster is at work, I have two people on standby who are literally 5mins away. I can call them at any time to be my support buddy. 

My hospital bag & baby bears bag are both packed now. I have everything, pretty much including the kitchen sink lol. We bought him his little snow suit this weekend too. He has several outfit options for his coming home attire… I just can’t choose! My Mammy has knit a stunning cape too  

   Being as organised as I possibly can before his arrival & for his arrival is massively comforting to me. I’ve got lots of things swimming around my head & I have lots of apprehensions & things I’m scared of based around his arrival. I just wish he was here safe & sound. 
I’ve put together some ‘changing kits’ for around the house… So I have fresh nappies, cream, wipes, etc… At arms reach at all times.  

Within a month, our little baby bear is going to be here, & I just can’t wait 💙 I’m so glad I made that change 3 year ago to lose 6 stone in order to get pregnant  

 With the pain during this pregnancy, I know I could not have done it if I’d not lost the weight. Being so big & pregnant would’ve been so much harder for me & the baby. If I’m lucky enough to have another baby in the future, I’ll be making sure I lose a little more weight before hand. I think the thinner & healthier I can be, it’ll be easier on my joints & the areas I’ve had surgery. 

I cannot wait to have that first glimpse & then skin on skin cuddles with my baby boy. So many people keep telling me that I’ll never sleep again, I’ll never wear make up again, my life will change, I’ll never be organised again, life will be tough, how much breastfeeding hurts & its total agony blah blah blah. Maybe they think they’re being helpful. But I just find the negativity so strange. I’ve had 4 years of dreaming of becoming a Mammy. I know our lives will never be the same again… But surely these precious bundles of joy are to be cherished & loved. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m gonna embrace motherhood whole heartedly. I’m going to enjoy every single second with my baby bear. I sometimes think the negative minded people, forget about those who struggle with fertility issues. Life is hard & very fast paced these days, I just think people forget to stop & cherish what they have & to look at life with loving & postive eyes. I know many people criticise me for wearing rose tinted spectacles… But I can’t change who I am. I’m the forever postive thinker. I’ll always strive for happiness, positivity & success. I adore & cherish those close to me. Yes… I have trials & tribulations – just like everyone else… But I choose to use the trials as a learning curve & turn them in to positives. 

Soon… I’ll be blogging about our new arrival & just cannot wait 💙 

Thank you so much for continuing to read & for the positive support I’ve received. Don’t forget you can contact me or follow me via my website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk 

I have more items arriving soon too for review… So keep your beautiful rose tinted peepers peeled for those! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx