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Bezzies – Shopping – Champagne – Silliness – Funtimes ❤️ 

14 Jun

Hi Guys & Girlies, 

I’m sorry for my lack of blog post yesterday. We’ve had bestfriends staying with us all weekend so I just didn’t get round to writing a one yesterday. 

So… Here’s how my Saturday went… 

We were up fairly early as Isaac needed to catch up with some Baby TV haha. He just loves that channel so much bless him ❤️

It was such a horrid rainy day yesterday so I decided to go with fairly neutral make up & comfy clothing… Oh & obviously I needed a can of Coke Zero to make me sparkle ✨


Rachael & Kirsty just love to bargain shop… Just like me!!! So, we decided that we needed a shopping trip to our new local Home Bargains store. There’s a huge store just opened on York Road. They literally sell everything!  

I found an amazing acrylic organiser for £4.99 to go alongside my acrylic cube make up storage. It’s stunning & a fantastic size. 

I’ve not tried this iced tea yet… But I just loved the bottles. They were an utter bargain at 80p each. When I’ve tried them I’ll let you know what they’re like.

I’ve literally wanted a Brabantia wok for ages!!! But they’re so super expensive… Good job I picked up this beauty for £20! (The hubster wanted to get in on the blogging action lol) 

We’re just so excited to finally have a garden. So, we purchased this for the discounted price of £29.99. Next on the list is a BBQ & a patio set. 


We literally found so many bargains! We also got some compost, more plant pots & a sweeping brush for outside. 

We also popped into Pets at Home to get some shampoo for Princess Coco Chanel  


After our epic shopping trip, we needed some lunch  

           We decided on The Pastures for lunch. I had a large glass of Red Wine & a Pulled Pork Ciabatta Sandwich. It was so yummy scrummy… But really naughty. The Pastures is always fantastic. The food there is always nice & the service is really good. Isaac loved the soft play area too ☺️ 

After lunch it was back home to unpack the shopping. Of course we needed a cup of tea & a piece of some yummy brioche… It was so utterly delicious.

   We relaxed at home while Isaac watched some more Baby TV ☺️ 

Then… We took Kirsty, Rachael & Isaac on a little Walkie around our village. I’m so happy that they love our home ❤️ We showed them our fave watering hole: Otto Wine Bar.  

                 Such a lovely little place ✨ I’d totally recommend everyone to go visit the wine bar. 

After a lovely trip to Otto, it was a slow walk home to sit down & relax with good company.  

    I have to confess to more naughty food… We all shared some Dominoes pizza for supper. I’m such a pizza snob these days… It has to be Dominoes. I just don’t like any other take out pizza.  

After some pizza & sparkles… We all got a little giddy & started to watch silly videos on YouTube… Then we decided to re-make our fave YouTube video lol. 

The link below will take you to a video that made us laugh until we cried: 


Below is the video we made haha ☺️ I can’t stop laughing at it. But you really need to watch the original video via the link before watching our videos.  I’ve literally had the BEST weekend! 
Today has been a really lazy one & Kirsty & Rachael have already gone home 😞 

Graham managed to sneak a few snuggles off Isaac before they left ❤️ 

I’ve eaten so badly this weekend. I’m making a promise to start over on my healthy eating tomorrow. For lunch today I made Salad, Beetroot, Vegetarian Quiche, Ham, Cheese, Deli Coleslaw & Homemade Potato Wedges.  

     Ocado/Waitrose literally have the best food! 

I’ve had so much fun sorting all of my make up into my new make up storage  

   So there you have it folks… That was my Saturday ✨☺️ 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend & that the weather is nicer where you are! 

Thanks for reading,

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx