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The Power of Coffee

22 Jun

Hi folks

As I mentioned in my last blog post – I’m working super hard at being healthy. Eating right… drinking plenty of water & trying to fit in daily body magic. But… along with all of these things, I’ve been sampling some coffee. A coffee that improves your mood… improves your energy levels… increases your focus & can even aid with regulating your appetite! So… what is this magical elixir I hear you ask!? Lean Java Bean

Now… you all know that I don’t go in for faddy diets. I don’t like anything that involves meal replacement or dropping to a scarily low calorie diet. I’m all about everything in moderation & losing weight the old fashioned way. I don’t like the idea of weight loss medication either. 

Whilst having a catch up with a good friend, she told me about a health drink. A health drink that was coffee! I mean normally we’re bombarded with literature claiming coffee is bad. Lean Java Bean has increased anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants seems to be some kind of buzz word we hear on health shows & in health magazines… but the top & bottom of it is that they’re fantastic for boosting your immune system, our mood, our memory, skin… etc… so many benefits.  

Now… this all sounds great… but does it actually work. I was quite excited at the thought of a magical cup of coffee that’d give me a massive energy boost. I mean, as a Mammy to a 15 month old who juggles work, Mammy-ing & running a house, I can always do with a bit extra energy. You can imagine I was super excited to start my 3 day trial. You literally drink one each morning. Stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty water. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to feel any different. But, after my first cup I seriously felt a little kick. I felt more awake & alert. I had more energy & I actually didn’t feel hungry between meals. And that was after day one!!! 

The coffee itself tastes nice. I often find with a health drink, they can taste flavourless & quite frankly a little disgusting. So what a pleasure it is to drink a nice cup of coffee. 

Now… let’s get to the weightloss aspect. I didn’t expect any weight loss with this coffee. And like I’ve already said I don’t do miracle weightloss aids. But… along with a healthy diet I lost 5lbs during my trial of this coffee. That’s right… 3 days… 3 cups of coffee… 5 whole lbs!!! I was speechless. 

I’m sure some folk will say it’s a placebo effect etc… but as someone who has gone through a lengthy weightloss journey, this deffinitely feels to me like an extra little boost. Well, put it this way – I’m so convinced that it works that I’ve bought myself a whole box.

I’m actually so impressed. If you’re intrigued & would like more info, then head on over to the Nulife Facebook Page. 

I can’t wait to see more results! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found my review useful. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Healthy Me… Healthy Family… Barefaced Groceries

1 Feb

Hi folks,

I’ve got a lovely little review for you. As all you know I’m a continuing weight battler… having lost 6 stone already… I’m in the throws of operation ‘lose baby weight’. I’ve always looked at these online sites that send you the ingredients with recipe cards to make like 3 or 4 meals. But I’ve always found them to be quite costly.

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a fab online grocery store called ‘Bearfaced Groceries’. They literally provide fantastic fresh food boxes. You can choose from a variety of boxes… all meat… slimmers… vegetarian… all fruit… or a fab mix of everything. Everything is Farm Fresh too!

I was so excited to receive my Bearefaced Box. I received the Deluxe Seasonal Box which is currently on offer for £50 from £100. So… what’s in the box?

  • 2kg of Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 250g Unsmoked Dry Cured Bacon
  • 2 8oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks
  • 4 Pork Loin Steaks
  • 5oog Grass Fed Lean Beef Mince
  • 4 Lamb Chops
  • 2 Skin on Haddock Fillets
  • 1 Butternut Squash
  • 1 Pack of Watercress
  • 2 Packs of Coriander
  • 2 Garlic Bulbs
  • 2 Pieces of Ginger
  • 4 Golden Beetroot
  • 1 Turnip
  • Large Parsnips
  • 1 Large Cauliflower
  • 1 Large Broccoli
  • 2 XL Onions
  • 500g Mixed Carrots
  • 2 Large Leeks
  • Mixed Peppers
  • 5 Large White Potatoes
  • And… You get a £10 voucher off your next box!!!

You may not get recipe cards… but you can always check the recipes section on the their website for any hints or tips. Or… head on over to my weightloss journey page. I have had so much fun making some fab food with this box. It’s even better as I feel so confident using these products to make food for my little boy as it’s such good quality & super fresh! I was determined to not waste a single thing. So, I decided to use any leftover veggies to make homemade soups. That way I could batch cook & then freeze it. This was such a good idea. With all of these nasty bugs & viruses going around, I wanted to give us all a boost. Seth loved all of the soups I’ve made. Weaning has never been easier.

Having so many fresh ingredients at my finger tips has been so fantastic. Normally I buy a lot of frozen meats & vegetables to keep costs down. But these boxes are so affordable… especially with the massive discounts right now. I’ve made chicken curry, chilli, Moroccan stye lamb, bolognese, homemade burgers etc… Our food has been so colourful & aesthetically pleasing. 

The best thing about this boxes as there isn’t any contract or commitment you have to enter into. You literally just order what you want… when you want it! You can’t say fairer than that. If you’ve been inspired to order… which I hope you have… then just follow this link to receive £10 off your first order! So you could get the box I received for a mere £40!!! The meat alone comes to waaaaaaaay more than that in value. The meat is so well packaged too, that you can easily pop straight into the freezer. I split up a lot of the meats to freeze. That way it stays nice & fresh. Oh &… the way in which these boxes are packed is amazing!!! The food was cool & fresh with the help of fab packaging… lots of Cooke blocks & insulation. So you e no worry of your food arriving in tiptop condition!

So… what are you waiting for!? Order a box! Feed your family fresh, home cooked food that won’t cost the earth. I mean lets face it… everyone is on a budget these days… this company is seriously a find. I will be ordering more from this company. They’re real people offering real food & ingredients at fab prices. Gone are the days that we all have enough time to go buy fresh veg at the green groceries & locally sourced meats from the butchers. Well… I know I don’t have the time. My life is so full of Mammy-ing, work, baby groups, housework, socialising etc… I barely have time for anything else.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful!

Thanks as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Healthy Eating… Cravings… & Baby Brain 

28 Jul

Hi Everyone 💕

Thanks so much for the response I got from yesterday’s post. The amount of support & lovely comments I’ve received has been unreal… So thank you thank you thank you, so very much ❤️

My views have been building day on day… Yesterday my blog reached over 500 views in one day. So amazing!!! Considering I started off with 1 view per week. I just can’t believe that you’re reading this internationally too ✨ I’m so glad you find my posts vaguely interesting ☺️ it truly means a lot! 

   Well…. Today has been a really good day – no queasiness at all ☺️ although – I really could not face my Weetabix for breakfast… It just turned my stomach. So instead I tried a Nestle cereal  
 It was actually really nice & didn’t make me feel sick at all… So that’s good! 

Before breakfast (I’m doing this back to front aren’t I!?) was unleaded (decaf)  tea time & make up time . Honestly… My thought patterns have been all tipsy turvy & I keep forgetting stuff… Do I really have baby brain already!? Lol. 

   It was a Mac & Benefit eye make up kinda day ☺️ 
For lunch I made a plain old Ham & Pickle sandwich. I’m so craving pickles right now… Especially gherkins! I’m really craving strong flavours.  I’ve also switched my diet coke to caffeine free – it’s actually pretty nice. 

My new favourite thing to do every day now is to log onto my Pregnancy app… I love seeing what my little poppy seed is up too & how she’s developing. I don’t care that she makes me feel queasy or tired… I just love her so much already. She’s just so super perfect already – I can tell.  

 Everyone at work is really excited too. It’s been a little while since we last had a library baby 💕 

When I got home I was utterly famished! So I started making tea right away. The hubster is working late tonight with an art gallery opening, so it was tea alone whilst being harassed by Coco lol. Poppy seed wanted gherkins & oodles of salad! So I made a jacket potato with FatFree cottage cheese, salad with extra gherkins & some ham that I slow cooked in diet coke on Sunday – it was so super yummy  

 So now… I’m snuggled up on my cuddler chair with Coco… Wrapped in a blanket & with a cup of decaf tea  

 It feels so good to relax & just rest. My plan for tonight is to watch loads of trashy TV until the hubster gets in later on. 

I shall leave you guys there.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Poppy Seed xxx

Sunshine & Showers 

8 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Where on earth has our beautiful Summer sunshine gone? I really hope that the weather picks  up by the weekend ☀️ My Mammy & Daddy are coming to stay at the weekend & I had my heart set on sparkles in the Sun.. Pimms on the lawn… & a yummy BBQ. 

We’re now entering into the Summer Vacation period at work. So Monday saw my my last late 8pm finish for this academic year.  I started he day with a Yorkshire brew as usual & getting ready for work. I went with Naked Palette 2.

Breakfast was my usual Weetabix & semi-skimmed milk. For lunch I made a fat free cottage cheese & hard boiled egg salad. 

   It was such a long day at work… It was extremely quiet. I was so happy to get home & get into my pjs & chill out with my hubster & little chi ❤️✨ 
Tuesday began in the same sorta way… Like you’re totally surprised. Tea & make up  

 I chose Naked Palette 2 again. I love the Avon Super Shock eyeliner… It’s literally my favourite eyeliner right now. You can normally get it for around £6 in the Avon Brochure. 

Breakfast & lunch were the same as Monday’s  

   I decided to take my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag to work with me today. I’ve been using my Michael Kors Jetsetter loads lately, so decided to have a change  
 Tuesday turned out to be a really naughty day for food… Me & Anna decided we needed some food around 11am  

 A bacon buttie was snaffled at my desk. It’s literally been years since I’ve bought a bacon buttie at work from the refectory. 

I came across this recipe yesterday on Instagram… I thought I’d share for anyone who’s interested. 

 Matt came for tea on Tuesday, so that can only mean one thing… Dominoes Pizza & Horror Films. The evening began with a Dandelion & Burdock in the garden with some nachos  


We ordered Two for Tuesday’s  

   The 3 of us totally demolished it all. Then watched 2 horror films… They were awful haha. I think we literally chose the worst horror films EVER. We watched Mercy & Mockingbird. To make things worse… We actually paid for them for them via Sky Store. Although… It is buy one get one free right now… So it weren’t too bad.
Today I’m having a mid week day off. I’ve felt so bloated from last nights pizza that I just had Yorskhire Tea for breakfast  

   I’ve been busying myself with housework & laundry. I like things to be kept neat, tidy & sparkly. I’ve also sorted another delivery from Ocado with a few essentials on it for the coming weekend. Hopefully that shall arrive tomorrow evening after I get in from work. 
I’ve also been hard boiling some eggs ready for tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I’m really loving my egg salads lately.  

 While I’ve been busy, Coco has been snoozing in one of her beds.

 She just loves to snooze ❤️  

Nail update: they’re still pretty brittle & sore to touch. So I’m keeping up with painting the nail hardener on & I’ve painted them with CND Vinylux in Tutti Fruitti. I love this colour. They have grown a bit, but as soon as they do they’re bending & splitting. So I think I’m best keeping them really short until the filed bits have totally grown out & are back to normal ✨

 I’m now sat watching Hollyoaks. Sharlene is coming to visit soon with her two teeny Princesses 👑 Sharlene is the Bride to Be in going to be bridesmaid for✨ I’d best get the kettle on ready for her arrival. 

So, I’ll leave this post here for now.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Just a wee note… 

7 Jul

Just a quick update for anyone who would like to follow my weightloss progress:


You’ll find out what I’m eating & how I’ve made it.

I’ll post a longer blog later on tonight.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Make your Dreams come true! 

17 Jun

Hi Everyone ✨

I hope you’re all enjoying a fabulous Wednesday. I’ve had today off from work, so it’s been an incredibly lazy one for me. I’ve not even put any make up on. After a lovely shower this morning – I put fresh pyjamas on & literally have had a pyjama day. 

I’ve been catching up with some Hollyoaks & Grimm – whilst doing a little bit of work in between. I wanted to do a little research for my social media business. I like to keep up to date with what people are tweeting about & what’s currently trending. 

For lunch I had a lovely colourful salad with a chicken breast fillet coated in curry spices. I decided to plonk some crab sticks & coleslaw on my plate too  

 Coco has been loving our lazy day too… 

  She just loves being cozy bless her. I’ve never known a dog to sleep as much lol. 

I’m really proud of myself right now. I feel as though I’ve been working really hard toward achieving my goals. Since moving into our new home, I actually feel as though I’ve given myself that kick up the behind to motivate myself into developing & finely tuning my skills & talents. How can I expect people to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself? That’s what I asked myself back in February & I’ve been working hard at changing my mindset & with what I’ve achieved so far… I totally do believe in myself. I really believe that things are going to change for the good this year in my career & life in general. So… Watch this space ✨

I’m always looking for the good & the positive in things that happen in life. For far too long I’ve looked back at the last 4 years with negativity. Yes… I’ve had 6 surgeries in 4 years on my leg & my back – but I honestly do believe, now, that it’s made me a better person. It’s made me more determined to grasp things & work hard. It’s also made me a more sympathetic & patient person too. 

So… If all of my plans come together & happen… I’m going to reward myself with a new Gucci or Mulberry bag… Or maybe even both! ❤️☺️ Even though today is pretty dark & grey here in South Yorkshire… I have some sunshine going on inside me ☀️ People are always giving me praise for being so positive & the person that always motivates people & Spurs them on. But I guess that’s my purpose in life… I love to boost people & give them the lift they need.

I’m off to York tomorrow… So hopefully I’ll be able to take lots of pretty pics for tomorrow’s blog post ☺️ York is such a beautiful City. I think it’s the place that me & my husband will end up living. It reminds me of where I’m from so much (for those of you that don’t know – I’m from Durham). I love the architecture in York & all of the ghost stories. I’m such a sucker for a scary story. Oh & of course I love all of the shops ✨ AND… There is a beautiful Mulberry Shop! 

Our new BBQ & patio set hasn’t arrived yet 😞 I just can’t wait for everything to arrive so we can make our garden beautiful. I’ve seen lots of solar powered fairy lights. I’m going to make it into a little magical haven. I’m planning on spending every weekend in our garden drinking sparkles for the whole of the Summer… Well… Once our gates have gone up that is. Hopefully they’ll be hung this weekend. We’re expecting delivery of them this Friday. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it when they arrive. 

I’ve been sent a fantastic freebie & asked to blog about them. I was sent these cute plectrums from Printed Guitar Picks  


You should check out their website:  http://printedguitarpicks.co.uk They are an actual plectrum so you can use them for playing guitar. Or, you can have them printed to simply hang on your keys. But I think they’re an amazing promotional tool. You could have a picture on one side & maybe your website or band name on the other side. They’re really quirky & different. So, thank you very much guys! I love my key rings you sent me! 

For tea tonight we’ve had ‘breakfast’  

 It was so yummy.

So… That was my Wednesday in a little sparkly nutshell.

As always – thank you so much for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 

Bezzies – Shopping – Champagne – Silliness – Funtimes ❤️ 

14 Jun

Hi Guys & Girlies, 

I’m sorry for my lack of blog post yesterday. We’ve had bestfriends staying with us all weekend so I just didn’t get round to writing a one yesterday. 

So… Here’s how my Saturday went… 

We were up fairly early as Isaac needed to catch up with some Baby TV haha. He just loves that channel so much bless him ❤️

It was such a horrid rainy day yesterday so I decided to go with fairly neutral make up & comfy clothing… Oh & obviously I needed a can of Coke Zero to make me sparkle ✨


Rachael & Kirsty just love to bargain shop… Just like me!!! So, we decided that we needed a shopping trip to our new local Home Bargains store. There’s a huge store just opened on York Road. They literally sell everything!  

I found an amazing acrylic organiser for £4.99 to go alongside my acrylic cube make up storage. It’s stunning & a fantastic size. 

I’ve not tried this iced tea yet… But I just loved the bottles. They were an utter bargain at 80p each. When I’ve tried them I’ll let you know what they’re like.

I’ve literally wanted a Brabantia wok for ages!!! But they’re so super expensive… Good job I picked up this beauty for £20! (The hubster wanted to get in on the blogging action lol) 

We’re just so excited to finally have a garden. So, we purchased this for the discounted price of £29.99. Next on the list is a BBQ & a patio set. 


We literally found so many bargains! We also got some compost, more plant pots & a sweeping brush for outside. 

We also popped into Pets at Home to get some shampoo for Princess Coco Chanel  


After our epic shopping trip, we needed some lunch  

           We decided on The Pastures for lunch. I had a large glass of Red Wine & a Pulled Pork Ciabatta Sandwich. It was so yummy scrummy… But really naughty. The Pastures is always fantastic. The food there is always nice & the service is really good. Isaac loved the soft play area too ☺️ 

After lunch it was back home to unpack the shopping. Of course we needed a cup of tea & a piece of some yummy brioche… It was so utterly delicious.

   We relaxed at home while Isaac watched some more Baby TV ☺️ 

Then… We took Kirsty, Rachael & Isaac on a little Walkie around our village. I’m so happy that they love our home ❤️ We showed them our fave watering hole: Otto Wine Bar.  

                 Such a lovely little place ✨ I’d totally recommend everyone to go visit the wine bar. 

After a lovely trip to Otto, it was a slow walk home to sit down & relax with good company.  

    I have to confess to more naughty food… We all shared some Dominoes pizza for supper. I’m such a pizza snob these days… It has to be Dominoes. I just don’t like any other take out pizza.  

After some pizza & sparkles… We all got a little giddy & started to watch silly videos on YouTube… Then we decided to re-make our fave YouTube video lol. 

The link below will take you to a video that made us laugh until we cried: 


Below is the video we made haha ☺️ I can’t stop laughing at it. But you really need to watch the original video via the link before watching our videos.  I’ve literally had the BEST weekend! 
Today has been a really lazy one & Kirsty & Rachael have already gone home 😞 

Graham managed to sneak a few snuggles off Isaac before they left ❤️ 

I’ve eaten so badly this weekend. I’m making a promise to start over on my healthy eating tomorrow. For lunch today I made Salad, Beetroot, Vegetarian Quiche, Ham, Cheese, Deli Coleslaw & Homemade Potato Wedges.  

     Ocado/Waitrose literally have the best food! 

I’ve had so much fun sorting all of my make up into my new make up storage  

   So there you have it folks… That was my Saturday ✨☺️ 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend & that the weather is nicer where you are! 

Thanks for reading,

Love & Huggles, 

Hayley xxx

The Fear

29 Aug

Hi Readers 🙂 I’m really sorry that its been quite a while since my last blog post. I’ve just been incredibly busy of late so I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a blog post while I’m on vacation and chilling out 🙂 This is going to be another very truthful blog post.

The Fear – now that is something that used to control my life… The fear of being hungry! Now I know you must be thinking “that’s crazy”… But honestly that is the truth. When I was fat I would constantly panic about “but what if I’m hungry?” This fear would be worse if I was out for the day… I noticed this only last week whilst sat in Wetherspoons with my husband. We’d gone out for lunch and I’d decided to have a 5 Bean Chilli with Rice which is a far cry from the mega burger and pint of lager that I used to frequently order along with the sides of onion rings and cheesy garlic bread. Well on the next table there was a family of 4 and the oldest daughter was a big girl and she was analysing everything on the menu and kept saying “well I need to order enough or I’ll be starving later”… That’s when it struck me, that, that was exactly what I used to do. It got me thinking about my old bad habits. Well… So what if you do get hungry – it’s not the end of world. But when you’re overweight it is.

I mean even these days my whole day still does revolve around food but in a very different way. I just like to know that I’m organised and that I have plenty ingredients in to make something healthy, nutritious and yummy for tea. Or if I am going out for the day I generally know what the lowest fat things are on the menu these days. The only time I tend to indulge nowadays is when I’m on holiday or if I really do fancy that piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

Basically for me I think my weight gain was a totally mental thing. It was my weird and unhealthy relationship with food and the constant fear of being hungry. But guess what… If your tummy is rumbling and you’re hungry for your next meal then you’re probably going to really enjoy that meal. I confessed to my husband that actually back when I was fat there was very few times that I ever felt real hunger. Really all I was doing was just topping up my food intake… Rather than actually eating when I was hungry. Instead of letting my tummy tell me when it was time to eat… I’d let my head tell me it was time to eat, irrelevant of if I was actually hungry or not. I think that was the scariest thing about starting a new healthy lifestyle… I was worried I’d be hungry all of the time.

I’m not going to lie, it did take me around 2 month to get used to eating when I was actually hungry. The feeling of being hungry and having a rumbly tummy was such a new experience to me. But now it’s just normality. If I do eat too much I tend to feel really poorly now. Don’t they say that your body I’d a temple? Well if its a temple then why should we treat it like a dumping a ground?
We are what we eat… Now that’s another very good saying!
It don’t matter how much exercise you perceive yourself to do, you need to back up that exercise with good healthy and nutritious food. If not then you’re only going to undo all of that good hard work. But don’t kid yourself into believing something that isn’t true. I always used to tell myself that I wasn’t fat and that I was only a little over weight but guess what… I WAS FAT. Until you can be honest with yourself then you won’t achieve your goals.
The photographic evidence speaks for itself.

I’ve noticed that’s its not just been my weight that has been affected by my new lifestyle… My hair and skin are also so much healthier. I’ve actually been told A LOT recently that I look younger these days! Now I’m happy with that lol. At thirty something I’m more than happy to be told that I only look 23 years old! Lol.

Here’s a little collage of some of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I’ve prepared and eaten over this last month
Nobody is telling you that you can’t have anything naughty ever gain… Coz let me tell you… While I’ve been on vacation these last few days I’ve had cake, a burger and some of the coal beers lol! You need to treat yourself! You just also need to know when to say no also!

Here’s the photographic evidence of my naughtiness… I’m not trying to kid anyone into believing that I’m a total saint with my calorie intake… Because I do still treat myself… Otherwise I’d never be able to maintain a low fat diet most of the time. If you would like to follow my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ixxypoco then you’ll see on a more daily basis that I’d o document everything that I eat… I don’t just document the healthy stuff. I’m very honest with all of my followers. I also log everything on my Instagram page too. You can follow me @ixxypoco too on Instagram.


I do have to confess that a soya latte from Costa with a sweetener is one of my new favourite vices… mmmm yum!

Something new that I’ve started is doing sit ups morning and night. I do 75 on a morning then 75 before bed… In just 5 weeks I’ve lost 2.5 inches off of my waist. I’ve gone from a 38″ waist to a 35.5″ waist in just 5 weeks which to me is amazing. I’m aiming for 31″ as medically a waist over 31″ in women increases your chances of heart disease and diabetes. Which are pretty scary statistics I think. I only started with 10 sit-ups and just started to build from there. So it just goes to show that small changes on a regular basis can have huge results in the long run! 🙂

Well… Thanks again for reading and all of your positive support!

Lots of love,

Hayley xx