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The Power of Coffee

22 Jun

Hi folks

As I mentioned in my last blog post – I’m working super hard at being healthy. Eating right… drinking plenty of water & trying to fit in daily body magic. But… along with all of these things, I’ve been sampling some coffee. A coffee that improves your mood… improves your energy levels… increases your focus & can even aid with regulating your appetite! So… what is this magical elixir I hear you ask!? Lean Java Bean

Now… you all know that I don’t go in for faddy diets. I don’t like anything that involves meal replacement or dropping to a scarily low calorie diet. I’m all about everything in moderation & losing weight the old fashioned way. I don’t like the idea of weight loss medication either. 

Whilst having a catch up with a good friend, she told me about a health drink. A health drink that was coffee! I mean normally we’re bombarded with literature claiming coffee is bad. Lean Java Bean has increased anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants seems to be some kind of buzz word we hear on health shows & in health magazines… but the top & bottom of it is that they’re fantastic for boosting your immune system, our mood, our memory, skin… etc… so many benefits.  

Now… this all sounds great… but does it actually work. I was quite excited at the thought of a magical cup of coffee that’d give me a massive energy boost. I mean, as a Mammy to a 15 month old who juggles work, Mammy-ing & running a house, I can always do with a bit extra energy. You can imagine I was super excited to start my 3 day trial. You literally drink one each morning. Stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty water. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to feel any different. But, after my first cup I seriously felt a little kick. I felt more awake & alert. I had more energy & I actually didn’t feel hungry between meals. And that was after day one!!! 

The coffee itself tastes nice. I often find with a health drink, they can taste flavourless & quite frankly a little disgusting. So what a pleasure it is to drink a nice cup of coffee. 

Now… let’s get to the weightloss aspect. I didn’t expect any weight loss with this coffee. And like I’ve already said I don’t do miracle weightloss aids. But… along with a healthy diet I lost 5lbs during my trial of this coffee. That’s right… 3 days… 3 cups of coffee… 5 whole lbs!!! I was speechless. 

I’m sure some folk will say it’s a placebo effect etc… but as someone who has gone through a lengthy weightloss journey, this deffinitely feels to me like an extra little boost. Well, put it this way – I’m so convinced that it works that I’ve bought myself a whole box.

I’m actually so impressed. If you’re intrigued & would like more info, then head on over to the Nulife Facebook Page. 

I can’t wait to see more results! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found my review useful. 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“On the great clock of time, there’s but one word – NOW”

8 Jul


Never a truer word spoken. The time is now… there’s never going to be a right moment to start losing weight… But by changing your lifestyle today, you’re giving yourself extra time in the future. Medical experts all over the world are reporting that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight is the key to a longer life span. I don’t know about you but I’m planning on being around for as long as I possibly can! ūüôā


The easy thing to do is to try and block out your weight gain… but the right and often the harder thing to do is to admit that you need to change, before it becomes an even bigger problem to solve. being unhealthy and over-weight will only lead to a dark future ahead of health problems and pain.


I’m such a bookworm/geek and just couldn’t help dropping that quote in by Dumbledore… he’s a clever man that Dumbledore. I’ve often thought about the above quote while I’ve been on my weightloss journey so far, I just found that it kind of related to me and made sense.

Try not to get hung up on labelling your weightloss goals… I try to steer clear of the word ‘diet’.¬†I just think there’s a lot of stigma attached to that word;

  1. It can make you feel like you’re under pressure to succeed
  2. Once people know you’re on a diet they tend to taunt you and try to get you to eat junk food
  3. There are too many ‘faddy’ diets out there that can bamboozle your brain!

So, say no¬†to¬†diets and yes to plain old healthy eating ūüôā


By just adopting a healthy relationship with food you’ll feel more in control and less likely to give yourself such a hard time. With healthy eating you can still have those treats… you just have to plan them into your healthy eating regime. But please do remember that you’re not a dog… so don’t reward yourself with a teat!¬†I guarantee that it will get so that you enjoy your healthier foods more than your old favourites of greasy, salty, oily take aways! Also this way it’s not as obvious that you’re trying to lose weight, because you’ll still be eating good sized portions and regular food. Not these stupid calorie controlled ready meals that wouldn’t even fill up my¬† teeny Teacup Chihuahua! lol. There is no way that I could live my life drinking detox shakes, slimming soups and protein only meals! Yak! Plus… it makes your breath STINK!

The only negativity I’ve encountered about the whole healthy eating ethos is that people seem to be hung up on how much time it’s going to take them prepare everything from scratch… welll… I’ll let you into a secret… It don’t take long at all!

Here are a few examples of things I snack on, have for breakfast, lunch and tea… yes I’ve been timing myself all week when preparing my food… sad I know!


Breakfast Poached

Poached Eggs and Beans.

Preparation Time: 7mins (Heat beans in microwave while you poach eggs in poaching pan)


Scrambled Eggs (I use skimmed milk with my eggs – no butter) and Beans.

Preparation Time: 4mins (Heat Beans as above while you scramble your eggs)


10 Cal Hartley's Jelly

Hartley’s 10 Calorie Jelly Pot.

Preparation Time: 0mins

Easiyo with Fruit

Homemade Greek yogurt with chopped nectarines, strawberries and banana.

Preparation Time: 8 mins (although the yogurt takes 12 hours to brew which I did the night before)


Fat Free Quiche No Pastry

Pastry-less quiche.

Preparation Time: 6mins to prepare and 22mins to cook.

Prawn Salad

Prawn salad.

Preparation Time: The prawns are bought ready to eat and the salad took 7mins to prepare.



Spaghetti Bolognese.

Preparation Time:

Sauce – 11 mins to prepare then throw raw ingredients into slow cooker and cook on low for 7 hours.

Spaghetti – 12 mins to boil.

Moroccan lamb

Moroccan Lamb.

Preparation Time:

Lamb and sauce – 11 mins to prepare then throw all raw indregients in slow cooker and cook on low for 9 hours.

CousCous – 5 mins.

Veg – Steam for 5 mins.

As yu can see from the selection of foods above… it’s all healthy, yummy, low fat, low in calories and it’s not going to take oodles of your precious time!

Since I started on a quote by Shakespeare I think it’s only fitting that I finish on a quote by Shakespeare:


Thank you again for reading ūüôā

Hayley xxx

Saints and Sinners

1 Jul

Well I think we can all agree to being Saints and Sinners where food is concerned… don’t you? I was a little bit of a sinner this weekend and indulged in some thin and crispy freshly deli made pizza


Back in my ‘fatty days’ I would’ve scoffed the whole lot down with mountains of chips topped with cheese. At least on Saturday I¬†accompanied¬†my pizza slices with fresh salad ūüôā It was still very naughty though… but completely¬†divine! ¬†I needed that blow out.


Anyway… as of today I’m feeling positive about shifting my last bit of weight. I’m still undecided about how much I want to lose… all I can say is that I am going to aim for 14lbs at the moment… once I reach that goal I think I’ll try for another 7lbs-14lbs. I am very happy with my¬†achievements¬†so far, but I know I still have some weight to lose… ¬†sorry I mean ‘Get Rid Of’… coz I¬†certainly¬†do not want it back!


I’m really enjoying summer this year. As I’ve said before – hot weather is no fun when you’re a fat lass. Your flabby¬†thighs¬†rub together and you get all hot and bothered and sweaty. Not to mention that you don’t look nice in pretty, colourful summer clothes. Now, I just love the sun! I’m wearing bright colours and feeling great. So much has changed since last summer.


It’s not just my weight that’s changed… it’s my whole¬†personality¬† Not to mention the fact that my skin, nails and hair are so much healthier too! I’m so glad I made this change in my life. If you’re toying with the idea of changing your health too… then do it! Don’t think about it – do it! Today is the day to take control and make your life happier… healthier… and… longer!

My weightloss has really slowed down now so I’m trying a few tricks to boost it again. I’m trying to not have any cereals or bread in my diet Monday to Friday. I don’t find this hard to do throughout the day… but on a morning I find it difficult to find something filling to have for breakfast. Look no further than baked beans, tinned tomatoes, poached eggs,¬†scrambled¬†eggs, boiled eggs and unsmoked back bacon (grilled).


This morning I had half a tin of baked beans with 2 poached eggs… low calorie and very low in fat. The perfect¬†combination! It kept me going all the way until lunch time ūüôā

Another trick is to make sure that you have plenty snacks… if like me you are a ‘picker’ then having a little tub of berries is brilliant to snack on. Or an apple chopped up!


If you go for a nice¬†colourful¬†mix of berries you’ll get a sugar hit as well as finding them appealing to look at! Who needs a bag of Skittles or Haribo anyways ūüôā This way you can pick and snack to your hearts content without ruining your diet.

I went for a night out Friday just gone with a friend I’d not seen in a while. I had such a good time, it’s such a nice feeling to not have to be constantly aware of trying to hide my flabby stomach as I’m sitting down, with a coat or my bag or a cushion. I’m not constantly dreading having to walk up the flight of stairs in the pub to the bathroom when I need to pee! No seriously… that was one of the things that used to get me all worked up. I’d be so out of breath walking up them and I’d be paranoid about anyone walking up¬†behind¬†me on the stairs as they’d get a right¬†eyeful¬†of my wobbly bum! It sounds stupid and over the top but those were the things that’d be running through my head. I never want to be in that situation ever again and I never want anyone out there to feel like that either! It’s nice to get compliments too rather than thinking everyone is looking at you in utter disgust.

These ramblings help me to stay on track and keep myself¬†focused with my weightloss… I’m so glad that I discovered blogging lol. I know I say it on pretty much every blog post; but any time you need any tips or moral support please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me on Facebook¬†, Twitter and Instagram @ixxypoco or you can message me via this page.


I dreamed I’d be the thin girl again… and guess what… it started to come true with a little bit of dedication and hardwork… if I can do it… so can you! ūüėÄ

Thank you for reading! ūüôā

Hayley xxx

What’s Really in Our Food?

20 Jun

Hi Everyone ūüôā

Something that has bugged me since changing my eating habits is the thought of what is actually in our food!?

ImageI mean do we really know? Yeah I know¬†labeling¬†on food is slowly getting better and that food companies are making their nutrition content available online… but nutrition aside… what hidden nasties are lurking in there?

You might laugh at what I’m about to tell you, but, when I was eating exactly what I wanted I used to suffer with panic attacks and heart¬†palpitations quite regularly…. at least once a fortnight. It would always be when I was in bed trying to sleep.¬†Generally¬†a few hours after I’d eaten my evening meal.¬†My heart would begin to beat so loud and fast I’d have the sensation of being able to hear it in my ears. I’d also start to get really hot and bothered and quite frankly it’d scare me. I’d often have a sleepless night because of it. I started making mental notes of when it would happen and I eventually narrowed it down to when I’d eaten pasta with sauce. It wasn’t any particular brand of sauce… just any pasta sauce in a jar that you can buy at any supermarket. It was¬†definitely¬†something in those¬†sauces¬†that effected me really badly. Yeah they’d taste yummy but I’d really pay for it later. Since I’ve started making all of my own sauces I’ve not had one panic attack. Nor do I get hot and bothered quite so much. Now I can’t say it was salt or an e-number or a colourant etc… But it was¬†definitely¬†something not ‘natural’. That to me has confirmed that a healthy, fresh and natural diet is best.

I’m not being a¬†hypocrite¬†because of¬†course¬†I still eat ‘naughty’ food now and then, but I¬†definitely¬†do try to avoid jars of sauces. They’re¬†highly¬†processed, full of sugar, full of salt ¬†and laced with¬†artificial¬†colours.


At the end of the day we’re designed to use food as fuel, but as we’ve developed as human beings we’ve begun to enjoy the social side of food as well as becoming massive foodies… this is no bad thing! But we do need to¬†recognise¬†when our body is telling us”enough is enough”. If you’re having trouble sleeping on a night and you’re getting hot and bothered due to your diet… then I think we can safely say that¬†something¬†isn’t right.

Food doesn’t need to be drenched in highly processed sauces and marinades. I fell into this trap when I was my former fatty self. I used to drown everything in a sauce. These days I use fresh ingredients and actually enjoy the flavours. Before, I never appreciated the taste of¬†broccoli¬†and cauliflower as it was generally swimming in a cheesey sauce! Now I can actually taste the fresh flavours on my plate.


The above picture is a simple grilled pork loin steak… no added oil. The wedges are from potatoes I cut myself then baked in frylight (3 sprays). Such a healthy quick meal!


Above is a picture of some stuffed chicken breasts I prepared (this was taken before I baked them for 45mins). I stuffed them with fat free onion and chive cottage cheese then wrapped them in unsmoked back bacon. I topped with tomato puree (no additives… all natural) Reduced fat Monterey Jack cheese, sliced tomato &¬†courgette. It was so delicious. I served with salad, sweetcorn and baked sweet potato. Although my husband had regular potatoes and¬†garlic¬†mayo instead of a fat free dressing lol.


The sauce that you can see on the chicken is what naturally¬†occurred¬†in the baking dish… so yummy! As long as you don’t over cook your meat, then your meals should never taste dry.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal then look no further than eggs! You can poach, boil, dry fry, scramble… eggs are incredibly low in fat! You can make a really low fat healthy meal if you serve with brown or wholemeal toast and a low fat spread (not butter!)


So as you can tell I’m on a bit of a mission to make sure I understand what is in my food and how it’s going to affect me. I’d like to think that 90% of the time now, I am eating the healthy option. But I do still indulge from time to time… I mean you can’t be good all of the time… can you?

One of the things that I eat a lot of is yogurt. Yogurt is so good for your digestive system and a great source of calcium. But again I was starting to have my doubts where artificial colourants were concerned. So I decided to start making my own… and I love it!


Its so quick and easy, cost effective and better for you! I’d strongly¬†recommend Easiyo yogurt making to anyone and everyone!

Thanks again for reading and your continued support! ūüôā

Hayley xxx

52lbs Lighter! I’m 52lbs Lighter!

28 Mar

Good Morning Everyone,

Well… Just got weighed and I’ve lost 1 more pound which makes a grand total of 52lbs now… Only 4 more pounds to reach the 4 stone weightloss mark. I always get so excited when I see another pound gone when I get on the scales. I started off on this weightloss journey weighing in at 17st 4lbs and now I weigh just 13st 8lbs! My goal is to reach 11st… So I’m slowly and steadily getting there.

Thank you for all of the likes so far on my Facebook Page… For anyone who hasn’t liked it yet you can find it here: My Facebook Page I’ll be updating the page with photo’s and recipes on daily basis… Well that’s my intention.

Well last night I made a new concoction:

Mexican Spiced Chicken served with Twice Cooked Homemade Wedges, Corn on the Cob, Carrot Batons & Soya Beans… So yummy and filling.
This is how I prepared my chicken:
Plump Chicken Breast sprinkled with Cayenne Pepper,
Wrap in 2 slices of Unsmoked Back Bacon,
Sprinkle with Mexican Spices (I bought a jar by Fiddes Payne),
Top with Chopped Tomato, 2 Thinly Cut Slices of Low-Fat Cheddar, Thinly Sliced Red Onion and Courgette… Drop a few splashes of Tabasco Sauce on top… If you like it spicy.
Cook on 200 for 30mins covered with tin foil, I remove the tin foil and then cook for a further 15-20mins. This meal was so nice and really flavoursome… You can go as mild or as spicy as you like.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and like chocolate I made a lovely low fat snack at the weekend

Chopped Banana,
4 Large Chopped Strawberries,
Sprinkle with Candarel no calorie Sweetener,
Cover generously with Fat-Free Natural Yogurt,
Top with 1 grated square of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
It was de-lish!!! So yummy and healthy! And…. I got my chocolate fix too!

Keeping creative with your meals and snacks should keep you on track and keep your mind focused.

Well thanks again for reading and don’t forget to ‘Like’ my Facebook Page! ūüôā

Happy Easter!

Hayley xxx

Weekend Munchies

16 Dec

I decided to start this weekend with a treat… One of my favourite breakfasts: Marmite on Toast!

Bread is one of my Achilles Heals I have to say, plus if I have too much of it I can get a really awful bloated feeling in my tummy, but since I’ve not eaten bread in a few weeks I thought one treat wouldn’t hurt. Wow did I enjoy it! It is good to reward yourself now and then.

Saturday nights were always pretty much a ‘take away’ night for me and the hubby, but since I’ve started my healthy eating regime I’ve changed the weekends to ‘fake away’ nights. Basically… I make take out style food…but healthy! This Saturday I made my Lamb Madras. No added fats… No oils… It was beautiful!

The best part of the weekend though was when I got on the scales this morning… I’m now 31lbs lighter! Honestly… Nothing beats that feeling of achievement and knowing that your whole body is benefiting from how you’re eating… Not to mention how it makes you feel mentally ūüôā

Thanks again for reading and hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!

Hayley xx

Weekend Breakfast Treats

4 Dec


On a Sunday I always like to feel that I’m having a bit of a treat at breakfast time… So rather than making a calorie fuelled greasy fry up… Why not go for a healthier option? I tend to have grilled unsmoked back bacon and poached egg. But why not add a few extras like baked beans, tinned tomatoes or a quorn sausage? Or you could scramble your eggs with skimmed milk. You can still eat yummy food even though you’re trying to shed a few pounds… Or stone ūüôā

Plan ahead what you’re going to make… That way you’ll have plenty healthy ingredients to use!

Hayley xx

Sneaky Saturday Pub Lunches

2 Dec


Yesterday my lovely hubby took me for a sneaky pub lunch… And since we’d just endured the last of our Christmas shopping… We certainly needed it!

After scrutinising the menu I decided upon a yummy healthy light lunch: Five Bean Chilli, Jacket Potato (no butter) and a side salad (no dressing). It was so nice and I was happy knowing that I’d not affected my diet.

Being able to dine out when I like and still lose weight is the best feeling!

Hayley xx