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“Play is the Highest Form of Research” – Albert Einstein 

5 Jun

Hi folks

Seth’s been having so much fun playing with his gorgeous new toys from The Early Learning Centre 

In our pack of goodies we received: 

In this review I’ll be focussing on the Singing Animal Keyboard & Wooden Magnetic Garden Friends Train. We’ve just moved house & we’re in the process of making the garden ‘Seth’ friendly – so I shall be reviewing the outdoor toys VERY soon 🙂

I love traditional wooden toys. There’s something ‘timeless’ about a wooden toy. They’re the sorts of toys our grand parents & great grand parents were learning & playing with. Let’s face it… bambinos can be rather heavy handed with their toys & wooden toys are so durable. And quite simply… wooden toys always look so beautiful. 

The fact that this set is so durable is a total godsend… Seth likes to put his toys through their paces lol. This train track has been used as drum sticks on more than one occasion. I can tell you now that it is still in mint condition. So if you have a heavy handed child.. this is the toy for them. The lovely little train carriages are magnetic too. Each carriage is a beautifully painted garden friend. 

The train track can be fitted together in lots of different ways too. Great for problem solving & developing motor skills. Seth has found the magnetic trains so intriguing. I don’t think he can quite work out how they stick together. Right now this train set is on offer for £10!!! Get it while you can! You could even buy it then pop it away for Christmas! 

The Singing Animal Keyboard is so sweet. It’s a lovely little twist on a regular keyboard. Seth loves that each key makes the animals move & sing. It’s been great for teaching Seth different noises that animals make. Also… it’s not too loud. I mean let’s face it… as a parent some toys can be so loud & cringey lol. But this toy is just lovely. 

Again – it’s really robust. It’s been able to withstand a full on Seth tantrum where it was quite lietrally launched from end of the room to the other… if it can withstand that… then this toy is practically indestructible 🙂 

I just cannot wait to get out in the garden with Seth’s ‘outdoor’ toys. You can expect a review rather soon! 

Did you know that you get free delivery from the ELC when you use the Click & Collect option? Or… free home delivery when you spend £40 or more. 

I know I’ve said before… but I shall say it again… The Early Learning Centre is a brand that has stood the test of time. It’s a household name that we all know & trust. The quality of these toys is top notch. You never have to worry about quality & safety.

I hope you’ve found this review useful & enjoyable.

Thanks as always for reading,

Love & huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx