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Weaning, Decluttering and Wildlife

3 Aug

Hi folks ✨

I really need to get my blogger head back on & get blogging more regularly again. I just seem to be mega busy lately… But it’s all good… Lots of exciting things in the pipeline! 

So… My hubster has a new job!!! I’m so incredibly proud & excited for him! He works so hard & really deserves this ✨ That’s the first bit of good news for the Summer. The next lot shall follow shortly… Hopefully!

As I mentioned in a previous post – I’ve started to wean Seth. He’s now 20wks old… Can you believe that!? 20wks into my pregnancy & I felt like I’d been pregnant a year! 20wks since he was born & it’s literally flown by. He’s loving his food. I’ve started him with puréed vegetables. The only things he’s tried that he didn’t like was banana & then cauliflower. Although, on Monday I made up a batch of sweet potato & cauliflower… Sneaky! He seems to be loving all the new flavours. He’s also really not struggled with eating from a spoon at all. In fact, when I put him in his high chair he gets so excited. Well… Apart from when he’s yawning like in the pic above lol. 

Each morning he has a little porridge then each teatime he has some puréed veggies. To start with, I tried some Ella’s Kitchen veg pouches, just to gauge what he liked & so I could get an idea of what kind of consistency to make. If you’re not already signed up, then you need to sign up with Bounty & Cow & Gate. Both provide a r ally great FREE weaning pack. Full of advice, tips, recipes, coupons & freebies! My top tips for weaning:

  • Oilcloth Bib
  • Hand blender
  • Small freezer pots
  • Take your time 

Seth has taken to food so well. I only hope when the consistency becomes more chunky he’s as accepting as he was with the purée. Has it helped with his sleeping? Well, Seth has been sleeping right through the night since he was 8wks old. He’ll sleep anything from 7 to 10hrs per night. So it’s hard to tell really. He has moved into his cot in his own room though. I was so gutted. But he’s outgrown his SnüzPod. I cried for the first 2 nights, but he’s taken to it so well. I’d say that has improved his sleep a little. In his SnüzPodhed shuffle around a bit if he heard me or Graham moving around. Whereas now he has no interruptions.

I’ve been on a huge declutter this week. I’m a very tidy organised person… But sometimes I can become a bit lazy & start shoving things in cupboards instead of tidying properly. I opened my handbag wardrobe the other day & was almost flattened by a ton of bags! (Slight exaggeration) So… I decided to be brutal… Any bag that hasn’t been used in the last 12 month is for the chop. So far, I’ve sold 5 bags. I have another on eBay, along with a purse too. What am I planning to do with the money!? Well of course I’ll be buying another handbag lol. I tend to buy designer handbags, then when I stop using them I sell them. Then buy a new one. To me it’s like recycling. Although I do have bags that I’ll never part with… Bags that will forever be a classic. So I’ve whittled my collection down to 7 hand bags, 4 clutch bags & 3 purses. I simply love a declutter! So, watch this space for my next hand bag purchase lol. I was thinking Mulberry, but then as a good friend pointed out – there are a lot around at the moment along with a huge amount of fakes. Which is true… So I’m thinking a nice Vivienne Westwood Tote or another Gucci. I’m such a handbag pervert lol. 

As a family, we’ve been so busy lately. Every weekend seems to have been filled with engagements. This weekend though… We have a free weekend! We’ve decided to have a little family outing to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It’s one of those places that we’ve always wanted to visit, but never quite gotten around to. I’m so excited. I’ve even been planning what to pack in our picnic lol. I just love a list & an excuse to organise. I love an outing. I can’t wait to show Seth all of the cute furry animals 💙
That in a wee nutshell is what I’ve been up too. I know I say it all of the time – but I am going to make a massive effort with my blogging from now on to make it more regular again! I’ve also got a blog post in the pipeline all about York & the best places to drink sparkles ✨

Once again… Thanks so much for reading & for all of the lovely messages I receive 💙

 Don’t forget to check my website out 💕

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Tea, Cake and Blogging at 5am

27 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few days… I’ve had a busy weekend & have been feeling pretty poorly after having my Whooping Cough Vaccination. I had Whooping Cough as a new born… So I know the importance of having my little one protected until he’s here to have his first lot of vaccinations 💙 I’m having trouble sleeping too due to pain… So here I am blogging ridiculously early. 

So… What have I been doing…?

Thursday consisted of a lot of tea  

 I went for tea & lunch with Anna to my favourite little Cafè & Wine Bar – Otto. Obviously no wine nor sparkles were consumed. Although we did have like 3 pots of tea followed by lemonade! Since we had so much gossip to catch up on,  we stayed for lunch. They make the most amazing flat bread pizzas  

 Not the most ‘diet friendly’ of meals… But it was super yummy. Plus something hot was needed as Thursday was sooooo cold! I honestly thought it was gonna snow! However… It did not 😞

Thursday evening was spent with the Mammy & Daddy in Law who drove up from Liverpool to stay over night. It’s fair to say that they arrived with a LOT of gifts for Baby T 💙 

   Amongst the gifts was this beautiful Steif Teddy Bear from Hamleys. Normally I’d give him a name… But I think Bambino should be the one to name him when he’s here… & can talk lol 💙
Thursday evening I made a lovely healthy Chicken Jalfrezi for supper  

 Early Friday morning I was up & ready for my Whooping Cough Vaccination… Ouchie!!! To cheer me up, me & the hubster decided to treat the Mammy & Daddy in law to lunch at The Pastures… I seem to have been there quite a lot lately. The food is always so good though. When you find a nice place to eat you kinda don’t wanna venture to anywhere else. 

I snaffled on fajitas  

Once we got home after lunch, it was time for the hubster to pack his travel bag as he was off to London for the weekend with some freelance work. Everyone left together… So that left me & Coco to have a chilled few hours before my Mammy & Daddy arrived to babysit me for the weekend ❤️ I think everyone is scared to leave me alone now I’m pregnant… It’s kinda nice though 💙 


More gifts were bestowed upon Baby T with the arrival of my Mammy & Daddy. The amount of time & love my Mam has poured into knitting him things is unreal. He has blankies… Sleeping bag… Cardigans… It’s all gorgeous! They’d also bought him toys… Toiletries… Loads! One item that stuck out as being super cute was his Beatles vest. Very apt with him having a Scouse Daddy 💙 

Saturday was a chilled out shopping day. Obviously we needed to pop into Mothercare  

Saturday afternoon was filled with tea, chocolate, gossip & films. Just what I needed. I miss my parents so much. I can’t wait till we’re living back in the Northeast 💕

Saturday night my Mammy & Daddy took me to my fave Indian restaurant for a treat meal as I’ve been so unwell really over the last few month – as you all know. They’re always so thoughtful & selfless. I was actually the worst hostess for the weekend with them as they had to make up their bed in the guest room… They did household chores for me… Brought me groceries lol… They’re utter stars ✨ love them to bits. If I can be half the parent to my little boy that they are to me – then I’ll be very happy 💙 simply the best is all I can say  

By Sunday I was feeling pretty poorly with this vaccination… My arm had a massive lump which was so tender (still is a bit), I was throwing up & felt very headachey. So Sunday was a super lazy one. I think all I did Sunday was wash my hair. My Mam & Dad did everything else lol. They left in the afternoon so I only had an hour or so on my own (with Coco) before the hubster arrived home ❤️ 

 My Mam had baked a cake for G as she didn’t get to see him all weekend… So he had this beauty to arrived home too. 

Monday was a total write off really. I felt really under the weather… So I spent the day watching Netflix & feeling sorry for myself. But… My Younique Presenter Kit arrived so that cheered me up a bit!  

 In the afternoon I sorted through Baby T’s clothes… Cutting off tags etc… So everything is ready to wash over the coming weeks. That way everything will be freshly washed & lovely for his little arrival💙 

 Luckily I woke up Tuesday feeling not as grotty. Still headachey… But not quite as bad. 

Yesterday marked 31wks 💙 

 Not long now until this little bambino of ours will be here for plenty of cuddles 💙

I decided to have a play around with all of my new Younique goodies. I decided I needed to be well acquainted with all of the stock so I can give the best advice to potential customers & for anyone wanting to join my team ✨ 

 If anyone would like to purchase any Younique products or for info on joining my team, either comment on this post or message me via my Facebook Page

Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of a gorgeous prize I’d won from Not Shabby Very Chic  

   They sell some gorgeous items! Great for gifts & great for treats to yourself! They’re also now selling a monthly treat box 🎁!!! How fab does that sound? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. So don’t just take my word for it… Go view their items for sale yourself ✨ 
I also received some tea from Twinings to try  

 After the excitement of receiving my goodies… I headed to my Midwife appointment 💙  

Then finally… Yesterday evening I made enchiladas for tea. As the sickness seems to have come back… I’m craving spicy food more than ever  

 So… That is what I’ve been up too. Rather long winded wasn’t it!? Lol.

I’d got some fab reviews coming up for Cleaves Candles & Valentte. I’m also being sent out some items from Barry M to try. So please keep your gorgeous peepers peeled for those reviews! 

Thanks again for reading ✨ 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Setting our Baby Names in Stone and Armani Bags 

23 Aug

Hi Everyone ✨

I’m super sorry it’s been a while since my last post… It’s seems to becoming a habit that I start each post now with an apology for my lack of posting. I’ve just been super poorly this week with morning sickness which literally lasts all day. But, yesterday I wasn’t sick once! I still got the queasy yucky feelings around the same times, but it never actually progressed any further. I’m sure it’s down to the anti-sickness wrist bands that my hubster bought me 

 Also, each morning my hubster has been getting me a glass of fresh orange. I don’t know why but it seems to be working. So before I get outta bed I’ve been having this glass of fresh orange. Maybe it’s the sugar? But it’s defo working… So while I’m feeling so utterly shattered & queasy – then I’ll carry on doing this new little routine.   


So… What have I been up too since my last post!? Well, last Sunday I managed to make a whole roast for dinner without being knocked sick by the cooking smells. So again… That was an enormous achievement  

 I couldn’t eat it all…. But I’m craving vegetables at the moment so what I did eat was lovely. I think my body is just naturally craving vitamins right now. I’ve actually just been downstairs to pop a gammon joint in the slow cooker with a can of diet coke (caffeine free). I’ll serve that later with an array of vegetables too. I really do want to remain as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. I am craving sugar & salt – which is kinda odd coz most people say it’s generally one or the other – but i must confess that I have been having the odd treat.  

   Last Sunday evening we had a cheese board while playing Monopoly… It was so nice. 

My breakfasts have been porridge lately which is really good as I’ve been buying the sachets of porridge by Special K. They’re really good as the amount is already measured out & you also use the same packet to measure out your milk. So there is no worry of over-eating. Also a warm breakfast is sitting better on my tummy. Plus -porridge is quick & easy to make before work. Lunch for work has generally been a sandwich with various snacks. I need the snacks at hand for when the queasiness starts or the shakes. I’ve found that my sugar seems to drop very quickly & I’m getting the shakes. So I’ve been keeping fruit & rice crackers at hand for that.  


Oooooo… Also… My Soda Stream arrived last weekend!!!  

   I literally love it so much. Being able to make fizzy water as & when I need it is fantastic! It’s so quick & easy too. I’ve also found out that Argos take part in the gas canister exchange system, which means that rather than paying £19.99 for a new gas cylinder, you only pay £10 & give them your old empty cylinder. Which has the added bonus of not having to find somewhere to recycle it yourself! My hubster has been using the syrups to make proper pop which he says is really nice. But I’ve just been having the water. The full fat pop has less sugar than a regular pop you can buy off the shelf & the diet syrups have no artificial sweeteners. So surely this has to be a good thing!? 

A few weeks back I bought some non-alcoholic lager. As sooooo many people have been making comments about how it’s a ‘shame’ I can’t drink. Well… With all of my surgeries I’ve had – I literally didn’t drink for over 2years in one full stretch. So it doesn’t actually bother me. But… Just to be sociable I thought I’d buy some alcohol free lager for if we have people over. Well… I took one drink of it & hated it. I bought Becks Blue & some Bravaria. It’s just awful. I think it’s because I know I can’t drink, so having something that tastes like alcohol just messed with my head & made me feel sick. So, my special weekend drink is a J20. If I save them for a weekend they’ll feel like a treat & they don’t taste like alcohol at all.  

 I won’t be drinking for longer than the 9months as I really want to try my hardest to breast feed. If I can’t go through the act of actual natural labour… Then I want to do this as a bonding experience & to give my baby a good start. 

I think we have definitely set our names in stone now. We have 2 boys names along with middle names & 3 girls names also with middle names. Obvisouly we think they’re nice & love them… But we don’t want to share them as you know what some people can be like. People give their opinions & try to put you off things. So, for now until our little Poppy Seed is here… The names shall remain under lock & key ❤️ Although you never know… Maybe we’ll end up with 2 bambinos as my midwife along with family & friends seem to think I’m having twins lol 💖💙

Yesterday was a lovely day. I was utterly shattered though… So I did start to flag at one point. We were up super early as I’m having trouble sleeping – I’m literally only getting around 4 hrs sleep a night. So since we were up early – we were showered & ready & in town for 11am. I’m loving my Pjs so much with feeling under the weather most days… So I bought some new Pjs & slippers. You really cannot beat Primarni (Primark) for sleepwear bargains  


While we were in town we had a lovely browse of baby clothes. H&M have such a fantastic range of clothing for kids. If only we knew if we’re having a Pink or Blue. I mean, I’m pretty much convinced Poppy is a girl… But we won’t know obviously until our 20wk scan. If we can’t wait that long I guess we’ll be paying for a private one at 16wks. I picked up a few free Mammy to Be packs from Boots too  

 Loads of people have been telling me that the free packs are ‘crap’, but honestly I’d recommend getting them coz mine had some lovely bits in. Plus there was some good brochures & money off coupons in there. They’re just really good for comparing prices at different retailers & let’s face it… We all love a freebie. Already Poppy has some little toiletries that will be ideal for our vacation November in 2016. She’ll be 8months old by then – Wowzers! 

After some shopping we headed for a nice little lunch together as we’ve not done that in like a few month  

 We only went to Wetherspoons – but the food was nice. I had a Chicken Burrito. We may have been tempted to go somewhere a bit more up market – but hey… We have a nursery to furnish lol 💖💙

Talking of nurseries… I love this  

 I think this wall decal is so sweet. We have some good ideas of how we want to do the nursery. Our nursery is quite small as we’d like to keep the other bedroom as a guest room. Especially as I want my Mam to move in for a week or two for when I’ll be having my C-Section. I know I can only have one person with me in Theater which will obviously be Graham – my hubster ❤️ But I want my Mam to be like outside the door waiting lol. I know it sounds cheesy but my Mam is my best friend in so many ways. We annoy each other – but she’s my rock. I don’t what I’d do without her. If I need a recipe… If I need advice… She’s always there. If I can be half the Mammy she has been to me – then I’ll be happy. Both my parents are such amazing people. We have so many giggles. We’re not an overly ‘lovey dovey’ family… But we are so tight & close. I mean… I probably speak to my Mam everyday. Lol. I’d speak to my Dad everyday too, but he says his arm aches holding the phone coz I talk too much haha. So we tend to text or my Mam relays messages whilst on the phone to me haha ❤️

Oh, I took a picture of my nails to give you guys an update. As you all know I had a really bad experience with one of those nail bars that use the little electrical files to do your nails. I had some acrylic nails on for a month & I ended up with paper thin, sore & infected nails. All but one of my nails had a water infection in the nail plate. Well… The infection has gone from around 4 nails now & the ones still infected are doing really well & its clearing up well. I’ve been using a nail hardener & norishing cuticle cream daily. My nails are nowhere near fixed… But they are getting back to health which is good.  

 I’m keeping them short as they’re still a little bendy. This Nail Polish is a total must buy for any nail polish lover! It’s as good, if not better than CND Vinylux. It’s Nailwear Pro+ by Avon. I bought this when it was on offer for only £2!!! This shade is Orchid Splash. I also bought a dark shimmery green & a dark purple. This polish lasts for 5-7 days before any chips appear. I use the CND Vinylux topcoat with it. It goes on well & gives the look of a plumping gel polish ✨

I promise that this epic post is coming to an end. I just want to talk about one more thing… Diaper Bags!!! Another plus of being a Mammy is the new world of bags you suddenly enter! Honestly… Who knew diaper bags could be so stylish!!! I’ve had my eye on a Gucci one… But after really researching it, I found lots of people saying for £650 that it loads of floors. The pram attachments aren’t great apparently & there is no bottle holder etc. So, I went back to the drawing board & started researching again. My new fave (& it’s LOADS cheaper) is the Armani Diaper Bag.  

 It’s a good price & it has all of the relevant features. It comes in blue & pink… So… Once we know if Poppy is a pink or a blue – then I shall be purchasing. So many people have written good things about it – so I’m sold! 💖💙

Righteo then folks… I shall go & leave you in peace.

Have a fabulous Sunday & would you believe that the Sun is shining here!? ☀️

Thanks again for reading & hi to my new readers in Poland! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley ✨ xxx

“It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Alice 

30 May

Evening all ☺️

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Saturday so far. I just can’t believe how fast today has gone! 

We had such a lovely lazy morning… Coco decided to sunbathe in the bedroom on top the blanket basket  

    She’s just such a cutie ❤️ love her to bits… Even if she is a little madam at times. 

I got ready so slowly this morning… I didn’t do anything fancy with my make up… I just went with my usual smokey eye make up & Kate Moss no. 5 lippy again  

   After a lovely lazy morning, we headed into town for a wee wander round the shops & for a spot of lunch 


Lunch was so nice… We went to good old Wethersooons & I had a Chicken Breast Burrito… It was so gorgeous! Really really filling. To wash it down I had a refreshing Gin & Slimline Tonic. So nice! 

I found an absolute bargain in a random cheapo shop… Some lovely retro, glass Kellogg’s cereal bowls. I just love them so much. £1 each. So I bought a set of 4 

They look kinda big in this pic, but they’re actually just small cereal bowls. Love them ❤️

Once we got home, we had a cuppa & then took Coco for a nice little Walkie around our stunning little village. She loved it & has snoozed ever since coming home lol.  

Time for sparkles… ✨



This afternoon has been so chilled… Sparkles… Elle Decoration… Party Snacks lol. Utterly perfect! I just love reading Elle Decoration… So many stunningly gorgeous homey ideas! 

The hubster had the FA Cup Final on in the background  

 I made a really simple tea of slow cooked brisket in diet coke then I topped with Chipotle & Cola sauce… So yummy! I made some sweet potato chips coated with Piri Piri seasoning & I steamed so peas & Sweetcorn… Utterly delicious!  






I think tonight shall consist of cups of tea & horror films… We’re so Rock ‘n’ Roll it’s unreal! Lol. 

The weekends just seem to go soooooo quickly! 

Next weekend I have a girly day to look forward too! Wine Bar… Sparkles & Giggles! I literally can not wait for that! 

The weekend after may be taken up with garden stuff. I really just want to get our back garden all sorted… So it’ll be a sparkly haven to sit & drink sparkles in. It’s so nice to have outside space. 8 year of apartment living really makes you appreciate having gardens. 

Well I’m going to leave this post there. I shall be back tomorrow & updating you all on what I’ve been up too ☺️

Enjoy the rest of your evening & thanks again for reading! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx