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“Together is a Wonderful Place to Be.”

10 Aug

Hi Folks,

We’re trying our hardest to try & make life more normal here in our house. Now that we can see family members… we’re making plans & trying to plan days out for the kids, since we’ve had to cancel our Summer getaway. Things like seaside days out, strawberry picking, picnics etc…

Planning is always so much more fun when you have pretty pens & a Personal Planner or Family Wall Planner. Every year I have a Family Wall Planner made for us from Personal Planner. I love them soooooo much! They really are the best planners around.

With each Personal Planner or Wall Chart – you will get a sheet of stickers. Great for high lighting special arrangements. Another great feature is that you can upload all of your important dates, birthdays & anniversary’s. So each year you don’t have to go through writing in all of the dates… with one click everything uploads. It’s utterly perfect – I hate the task of the laborious date writing. So this handy little feature scraps all of that.

The family wall planner has enough room for each individual family member. They get their own colour coordinated section & photograph. Perfect for logging school dates, play dates & trips to the vet… of course our Chihuahua Coco has her own section on the family wall planner.

The most exciting & fun aspect of these lovely planners is that you literally design it all yourself. So it’s a perfect fit for you & your life. Whether you want it to aid with your studies, or if you need it to help with organising your office at home whilst working from home or like me… you want to plan fun family days out… Personal Planner has you covered. And what’s more… shipping is entirely FREE!!!

So… I have some super exciting news!!!! I’ve teamed up with Personal Planner for a phenomenal GIVEAWAY!!! All you have to do is head on over to my Instagram page & FOLLOW ME, LIKE & SHARE. Just look for the Personal Planner giveaway post.

For 15% off right now please use Discount Code: SUMMERISHERE 

Thanks so much as always for reading & good luck in the giveaway!!!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Getting Out and About

15 Nov

Hi folks,

Being a C Section Mama, it’s so important to get up & about without over doing it. Since having Ted, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get out for a walk & some fresh air to help with recovery. But also to help aid in the old ‘Mummy Tummy weightloss’. But obviously, you don’t want to over do it… no heavy lifting etc…

Over the last 3 week we’ve had fun days out to the park in the chilly autumn air… Christmas shopping trips… Lunch dates… & Play dates. I didn’t appreciate just how much effort going out with a newborn & a toddler would be. It seems to take an extra 20 minutes just to get out of the door lol. Getting the changing bag packed, getting everyone wrapped up warm, shoes on, snacks packed, bottles at the ready etc…

Then… once you’re out, how do you manage both your bambino’s? Well… that’s where the fabulous Fitty Jogger comes in from the amazing Kids Kargo. A gorgeous comfy pram for your littlest baby & a comfy seat for your biggest baby.

The first thing you may think is; Is it heavy? My very first thought when I seen this pram was; would it be too heavy for me after having a C Section? Well, I can honestly say that this pram glides effortlessly. Seth is 2 years & 7 month old & he isn’t lightweight I can assure you. But even with Seth in the bottom seat & Ted in the pram, its so easy to push & really light. It steers so well too & has a one handed push which is fab, because lets face it… us parents always seem to have our hands full!

One week after a C Section, I was able to push this pram & even angle it up & down curbs that haven’t been lowered. That’s how easy it is to manoeuvre… I kid you not.

The navy & tan is so utterly stunning… the photo’s just do not do it justice. So, it handles well, it’s lightweight to push & steer… But is it comfy?

Ted can confirm that it is indeed super comfy. The lining on the inside is really soft & the mattress is lovely & firm. Just how it should be for a newborn. You can also see at the bottom of the photo (above) there is a soft velcro strap that you can wrap around your bambino as extra security & to avoid being jiggled too much. The hood is also nice & big to keep the sun off your little one & also to protect from the wind. Both the carrycot & toddler seat come with a rain cover too.

The Fitty Jogger handles well on various terrain. So far, I’ve pushed this pram on bark chippings in the park, across grass, cobbles & regular paths. It’s also been on a shopping trip. It may be a decent sized pram, but with it steering so well & effortlessly, pushing around fixtures & fittings in shops isn’t a problem at all.

This is going to sound so bad… but the toddler seat is such a Godsend when shopping… it’s amazing being able to strap your toddler in & know they’re not going to be running round. I mean there’s nothing worse when you’re trying to shop at the speed of light to get everything done & then your toddler decides to run away toward an eye catching toy. This pram is the ultimate MUST HAVE item when you have 2 little ones.

Not only is this pram super functional, but it is lovely looking too. It is a tad fancy lets face it.

Another thing I’d like to mention, is that the toddler seat easily unclips, making it a normal pram. So you have the option to make it a standard pram or a combi. It’s ideal.

Fitty Jogger specifications

  • 3 puncture free wheels

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Rain covers

  • Fits through single doorways

  • Carrycot Suitability Newborn – 3 Years (approx 15kg/33lb)

  • Toddler seat from 6 months

  • 1 Combi (Carrycot Mode) included – Carrycot mode converts to Toddler seat

  • 1 Toddler seat included

  • Carrycot when converted has 3 reclining positions. (Toddler seat static seat)

  • Carrycot when converted to seat can face both ways (Parent and Forward facing) Toddler seat faces forward

  • Adjustable handle 95cm – 105cm

  • Built-in suspension

  • Compatible Kids Kargo Safety Pod Car Seat (No adapters required) – Available from options above

  • Maxi Cosi Cabrio & Pebble Isofix or standard belt – sold separately

  • Maxi Cosi Adapters (fits Cabrio & Pebble Isofix or standard belt) – Available from options above

  • Britax BabySafe Car Seat (No adapters required) – sold separately

  • Kids Kargo Car Seat with matching hood available – sold separately

  • 2 Raincovers included

  • Mosquito net / sunshade located within hood

  • Large shopping basket

  • Chrome chassis

  • Footmuffs available (see options above)

  • Changing bag available (see options above)

  • Tan handle available

  • Compatible with Kids Kargo travel board

  • Lockable swivel wheels

  • Bumper bars included

  • Hood visor and ventilation system

  • 5 point safety harness

  • Folds flat

  • Adjustable leg rest

  • Easy use folding clip

  • auto lock when closed

  • Detachable hood

  • Easy grip foam handle

  • 3 wheels

  • Removable wheels

  • Includes warranty 12 months part and labour ​

Fitty Jogger dimensions

Weight: 19.49kgs with the rear seat

16.67kgs without the rear seat

Folded dimension with wheels: 680x950x400mm

Open dimension with wheels: 1120x680x1120mm

Folded dimension w/o wheels: 530x200x900mm

Open dimension w/o wheels: 950x530x1035mm

To keep up to date with products, offers & news from Kids Kargo, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading, I’m sure I’ll be keeping you posted on our travels with our fabulous Kids Kargo pram!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Bad Case of Mum Guilt

13 Oct


Hi folks,

37wks pregnant & managing to hang on in there… just!

The last few weeks have been the toughest. How much of a whinge bag do I sound!? But this last week has been filled with emergency hospital visits, tests, scans etc… It just seems to be a never ending circle of tests & sleepless nights.

But, unlike my first pregnancy, I don’t just have the baby to worry about… I have my gorgeous boy Seth to worry about too. When I say worry… I mean I just worry that he’s missing out on his healthy energetic Mammy.




Seth is my sidekick… he’s my little baby bear that I spend every single day with. Normally we go out to the park, picnics, classes… just lots of fun days out. But lately… I’ve just not been able to do that. It makes me feel so guilty. I’m breathless, I have swollen ankles, headaches, pain & I’m so exhausted all of the time. So our usual energetic, fun days out have been swapped for… crafts at home, imaginative play in the house & the garden & Fridays at Music Bugs.





at least he’s still smiling though in all of those pics… I’m trying my hardest to keep things fun.

I have such high standards for myself… I always want to function at 110%. I cook from scratch everyday… I hoover twice a day… I do a full face of make up everyday… I take Seth out… I think up fun activities… I’m learning to drive…. etc… But, during this pregnancy I’ve suffered with bad sickness, pregnancy migraines, bleeding, hypertension… the list goes on. So all of the high standards I set myself have crumbled a little. There’s been more days playing at home & I just can’t run & roll around like usual. It makes me feel so guilty.

I’ve managed to keep up with my driving lessons, with only having to cancel when I’ve been in hospital. I’ve also managed to keep taking Seth to his Music Bugs sessions. But I’ve not been able to go to his football training – so that’s become an activity that he does with his Daddy. Also, kickabouts in the park have become a daddy/son thing too. I just can’t stand up for very long or run around… it breaks my heart.



But… it’s not for much longer luckily. I so cannot wait for our second little Prince to join us. Then I can get back to my usual self. Being able to run & play & be silly. I just can’t wait to start operation lose the ‘Mum Tum’ too.

For all this week has just been the utter worst… I’ve still managed to almost finish all of the Christmas Shopping & wrap it lol. I’ve also made an ‘All Hallows Eve’ Box for Seth & Little T & I’ve booked some fun activities for Seth & his new baby brother to do over Christmas at Centre Parcs. I so want to make it up to Seth for all the sickness that I’ve had. He’s so loving & gorgeous though… he’s always asking if I’m okay & giving me hugs. I’m so lucky to have such a loving, sensitive little boy.

And… we’ve started planning for LittleT’s Christening & when it might be.

We’ve also gotten Little T’s nursery ready for him.



My hospital bag is packed & ready to go, the babies bag is packed & ready to go & I’ve got my Mam & Dad practically moved in to help me day to day while Graham is at work. So, for now, everything is pretty organised as much as it can be for Little T’s arrival. With some developments this week at hospital… I’m more of a labour risk now too – so I’ve got my family watching me like a hawk. I really don’t want an emergency c-section. I’d so rather a planned c-section.

I’m just focussing on when we get home & t’ll be time to get us into a lovely routine as a family of 4. Well 5… including Coco. I can’t wait to see my two little boys together. Perfect. It’s going to be lovely having Graham here for 4 weeks on paternity leave. I want to do lots of family things & days out to make it a special time for Seth. I want to ease him in to life as a big brother with plenty fun & laughter.

Even though, It’s be a rough couple of weeks… there’s been some utter stand out moments for me. It’s in the rough/tough times that you find those little gems who keep you going & have your back no matter what. The people who aren’t actually family or blood – but who just want to be there for you. I have lots of friends, but there’s that magical few who always seem to pick you up & make you smile. I’ve got an amazing neighbour who checks on me everyday & keeps me up dated on any fabulous champagne offers lol. I’ve got 2 amazing Mama Friends – one who will take me to Music Bugs when my feet are swollen & another who will hold my hand & offer me a sick bowl when I need an emergency scan. Then there’s my beer garden bezzie who I became bezzies with & even her bridesmaid. You know who you are… you’ve kept me smiling this last week or so & truly do appreciate it. It’s not often you find people who will drop everything for you.

So keep those peepers peeled for any baby announcements!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

28 Feb

Hi folks,

Wow… I cannot believe that Seth turns 1 year old in 2 weeks time!!! It’s just so surreal. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the very first time. As you can imagine – I’m in full birthday mode. I’ve already sorted the party bags, the cake has been ordered, Seth has a new outfit & the gifts have been wrapped! I’ve organised a little tea party of close family & friends & then, we’re off to Centre Parcs. So we shall be there for his actual birthday. I just can’t wait for a little break in my most favourite forest.

This year has just simply flown by. Time seems to move so fast when you’re Mammy-ing. Everyday goes so super fast & everyday just feels like a dream. I don’t think this elation of finally being a Mammy will ever leave me. I love spending my days with Seth. He’s developed & learnt so much, but so have I. This whole journey into MammyHood has been such an eye opener. I think I’ve actually become more fun & carefree. Things that used to bother me, really don’t anymore. Everyday is like a little party when you’re with Seth. His sparkling personality is just so infectious. He just smiles & giggles all of the time. He’s my perfect little dreamboat. Although… he does keep you on your toes… he crawls at the speed of light. No time for putting your feet up I can tell you.

Seth is now walking!!! He started last week at only 48 weeks. He’s my little star! He’s also saying: Mama, Dada, Hiya, All Gone, Dog, Good Girl & Coco! I think Coco is his best friend… he literally adores her & Coco seems to have taken it upon herself to be his body guard. It’s just so super cute watching them together. I can’t wait for more family days out in the better weather… altogether picnicking & making memories. The best part about him walking now is that he’s slower than his crawling lol… so I shall enjoy this small dose of respite before he learns to run!

So… what have I been up too… well…

Driving is becoming so much fun! I’ve had 13 lessons so far & love it. I feel like I’m actually making so much good progress now. At the beginning I was just like… whaaaaaaaat!? But now I can drive pretty much ‘stall’ free lol. However… if you’re ever behind me on York Road in Saturday traffic at the traffic lights… I do apologise if I hold you up. This will be my year to pass my test. I’m so determined. Getting a bus places with Seth is totally manageable… but if I’m to have another bambino… I just couldn’t face it… 2 under 3 on a bus… no thank you. I NEED to drive! Then there’ll be 2 cars on the drive & a fight over who keeps the current car & who will get a newer car. It won’t be a new new car though… just ‘newer’ lol.

I’ve got some fab reviews coming up! So keep your peepers peeled for that!

Me & Seth have been lunching lots & generally just being social butterflies as per really. We’ve also just gotten a place in a new Music Bugs class for older bambinos. So tomorrow shall be our last day at ‘Baby Bugs’ & next Monday we will start our new ‘Bigger Bambino’s’ class. I don’t actually know who enjoys it more… me or Seth lol. Well, I’m saying we’ve been social butterflies… last week Seth came down with laryngitis & tracitis… It’s been so awful! I hate it when he’s not well as it makes me feel so helpless. We totally experienced our very first sleepless night too. For 3 nights on the trot he was just inconsolable bless him. He just wanted cuddles all night. So, after 3 nights of cuddles in our bed – we decided we needed to upgrade to a Kingsize bed lol. Sunday morning… we went out & bought a one. I so cannot wait for it to arrive. But, you shall all be pleased to know that Seth is back to his usual 11 to 12 hour sleepies through the night. Pheeeeew! See… Mammy-life is so much fun lol. Thank God for make up & coffee! I tell you… life’s never been so glam lol.

I’m still plodding on with my long term weightloss journey. I love cooking & coming up with colourful, healthy creations. But, sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way with it’s ups & downs & suddenly you find yourself snaffling a Greggs pasty & a greasy fat pizza. Yes… that totally happened when Seth was poorly. Also, there shall be cake, pie & goodies at his party… ooooops! This is why I always refer to my ‘diet’ as longterm. It’s a lifestyle. I eat healthy & I eat bad. But 80% of the time it’s good choices. Life is all about balance & I need to teach Seth good habits. Everything in moderation. I’m currently a size 14 & around 13st 4lbs… pretty good going I’d say. But… I shall be 12 stone once again… at some point. I shall strive for it, slowly & sensibly. I’m no longer that 19 & a half stone girl… that’s what I have to tell myself. I’ve come a long way. I’m also working toward a blog post all about healthy eating & feeding your family on a budget. I’m currently experimenting with lower priced products to see how it all matches up & compares to higher priced goods. Once I’m done with my research… I shall be sharing my post & findings on saving money but eating well.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow… My Mammy is coming to visit – yey! Not so yey though that I have a hospital visit on Thursday. But Friday shall be Mammy/Daughter/Seth day. I’m sure it will involve going out for lunch. My Daddy will be coming down at the weekend too. So it’ll be a lovely family weekend. Then… next week shall be the countdown to the BIG 1st BIRTHDAY! Seth will have both sets of Grandparents & all his God parents here… I’m sure he’ll be one spoilt little boy.

Well… I think thats everything!

Oh my God… I’m so not finished! I almost forgot the most important bit! I bought a sparkly new kettle! I mean… it’s actually sparkly AND… it has a massive diamantè on the lid! Now come on… nothing says class like a big diamantè knob mind lol. £24.95 from B&M… utter bargain! Makes a good brew too! (the pics totally don’t do the glitter surface justice at all… I promise you it’s nice!)

Oh &… before I forget… if anyone would like to buy a Cofi Coo Quillow, I have been sent a unique discount code to share with you all. Head to their website & enter code: IxxyPoco for free delivery & 10% off!!! I’ve ordered a one for my niece as a little non-chocolate Easter gift.

Well… I shall leave it there. Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx