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Learning On the Job

23 Jun

Hi folks ✨

We had such a fun day yesterday… Not only was the sunshine shining (it’s so sad that I get excited for a hot sunny day as it means I can get my washing out lol) but we had our first class at Music Bugs. It was so cute. Seth adored it. I think it may have been sensory overload for Seth though as he fell asleep 10mins before the end. But, he is by far the youngest in the class. I would totally recommend this class to anyone with bambino’s. Here’s a link to their website if you’re interested in finding out a little more info.

We’ve got our name down for a few more other classes that will be starting  in September. Mammy/Baby meet ups are fun & lovely, but with Music Bugs I feel like Seth is learning too. He already loves his books, we’ve got some lovely touch & feel board books. He loves the textures & the colours. So a few other classes to go with Music Bugs will be lovely. 

Mammy-ing can be such a minefield. The patenting arena can be so competitive… Do you breast feed? Does your baby sleep all night? Do you use soothers/dummies? Cloth or disposable diapers? Dress like a baby or a mini adult? Allow your pets to interact with your baby? Wean at 4 or 6 month?  Honestly… Does it matter? Whatever happened to Mother knows best? All of our bambino’s are different & we nurture according to their individual needs. 

Seth has been a tummy sleeper since he was 3 weeks. A lot of people disagree with tummy sleeping… But it’s the only way Seth likes to sleep. He can push himself up & he can move his head side to side. It also eased his colic 100%. Seth also has a soother. He doesn’t sleep with it, but he has his soother whenever he wants it through the day. Seth will not settle in a GroBag at night. So he has a blanket…. Again – something I was told NOT to do. Seth was breast fed for 9 days, but when my milk disappeared I switched exclusively to formula. I use Pampers or Aldi Mamia disposable diapers. I plan on weaning him from 4 month. Seth has slept all night from 8 weeks. All I can say is that I have a happy content baby… I don’t do things by the book… I’m learning on the job. I do what I feel is right for Seth. 

When you share with the world that you’re expecting a gorgeous bundle of joy, everyone suddenly becomes an expert. I think I listened too much to everyone else’s opinions. After a while it makes you feel really crap. Those people may be experts with their own babies… But the only expert for your baby is you. I’m very relaxed with my nurturing/parenting methods. I feed on demand – he has as much or as little as he likes. I get him dressed each morning then Pjs on an evening so he becomes accustomed to daytime & nightime. I let him nap when he wants to nap, etc…. The result is a happy contented Seth. 

Through the day I try to make things as exciting as possible for him. I do this around blogging & running our little business… Hopefully big business one day lol & still while trying to prepare & cook healthy meals. We sing songs… Have tummy time… Go for walks… Have baby meet ups… Sit in the garden… Play on his baby gym or just play on a blanket with soft toys & interactive toys. Seth just loves being talked too & sang too. They’re like his ultimate fave things. These things work for us… But not for everyone. 

The best advice I can give anyone who is about to embark on their journey of parenthood is:

  1. Don’t have expectations… Go with the flow
  2. Enjoy it all… Even those sleepless nights  at the start… They don’t last long
  3. Buy lots of muslin cloths!!! 

Mammy hood is the best job I’ve ever had. There’s no induction pack or probation period… You’re thrown in head first… But it’s AMAZING!!! I simply cannot wait to give Seth a  baby brother or sister. That won’t be for at least 18month, but it’s definitely on the cards 💙💕

Thanks for reading folks… I’ve noticed more countries & readers popping up on my stats… I really appreciate it ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Seth xxx

Barry M and it’s Fri’Yay’!

29 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well what an up & down week its been! I’ve just not been well at all… **WHINGE ALERT** I seem to be suffering with sickness again & pregnancy sickness is so not like having a bug… you can literally spew one minute then eat a jar of gherkins the next! I’m also not sleeping well at all with the pain from the infection in my fibroids & the pain in my hips… So I’m literally the mardiest person in the world right now lol. My midwife is great though & such a massive support. She’s also great at putting my mind at ease. So since I’ve been feeling kinda poo… I’ve not been up to much.

Wednesday was spent watching Netflix… I couldn’t help but be sucked into ‘Making a Murderer’… I really do recommend it. I began watching it with a skeptical head on… But wowzers it’s a gripping watch!

This week I received a gorgeous metallic pink package from Barry M. They kindly sent me their new Nail Care Range. I literally could not wait to rip open the packaging to give it a whirl. 

 In the pack I received:

  • Super Mani 7in1 Treatment
  • Iron Mani Ultimate nail Hardener
  • Mani Mask Camouflage, Colour & Condition in Birthday Suit & Bashful

I keep my nails quite short just as I find them easier to maintain & manage in day to day life. These products were so lovely to use… the shape of the actual brush is lovely & makes painting your nails really easy. The brush is very good quality – no straggly bristles. I started off using the 7in1 treatment of which I used 2 coats. It creates such a high shine that you could actually just use this on its own to make your nails look super healthy & well manicured. Now, I’m not a naked or nude nail kinda girl… I’m very much into bold colours. But I decided to give birthday suit a go. The results look gorgeous. Both Mani Mask polishes have a matte finish… So I decided to use Iron Mani as a top coat to give a strong shiny finish. My nails look beautiful & super healthy. Even the hubster said my nails looked ‘professional & classy’! 

 Each of these products are priced at £3.99!!! I just cannot believe how good the prices are! You can buy these products from most Boots & Superdrug stores. I’ve tried nail polishes way more expensive than these ones… But these are just as good quality… if not better! I am most definitely a big fan of this brand now!

The latest editions of Elle & Elle Decoration were sent out this week too… but I haven’t gotten round to reading them cover to cover just yet. 

I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling much better by tomorrow as I’m off shopping for new specs! I’m so overdue new glasses it’s unreal. So I think it’s only right that I get 2 new pairs. Expect lots of upcoming spec selfies.

So, as you can see… I’ve really not been up to much… I’m actually writing this post from my bedroom whilst wearing my PJs. I never have a proper duvet day… That’s how unwell I’m feeling. Coco is with me though keeping me company… well… I say that… she’s actually snoring in her little nighttime bed lol.  

So far this morning I’ve organised my hospital bag so it’s ready for when I go in to have the little Prince 💙 I’ve also tried to organised my dressing table a little better too.  

 Ooooooh, I’ve also been checking out the Cath Kidston sale for a new bag that I can take into hospital with me so it’ll match my Weekened Bag & Diaper bag which are both Cath Kidston too. I don’t mind that they’re all not the same pattern… I kinda like the mis-matchey look. 

 I’m in the process of reviewing Valentte London… so please keep a look out for that review coming soon. 

 Oh & don’t forget to check out my new website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk

Thanks again for reading! 💕

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Tea, Cake and Blogging at 5am

27 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Sorry for my lack of posts over the past few days… I’ve had a busy weekend & have been feeling pretty poorly after having my Whooping Cough Vaccination. I had Whooping Cough as a new born… So I know the importance of having my little one protected until he’s here to have his first lot of vaccinations 💙 I’m having trouble sleeping too due to pain… So here I am blogging ridiculously early. 

So… What have I been doing…?

Thursday consisted of a lot of tea  

 I went for tea & lunch with Anna to my favourite little Cafè & Wine Bar – Otto. Obviously no wine nor sparkles were consumed. Although we did have like 3 pots of tea followed by lemonade! Since we had so much gossip to catch up on,  we stayed for lunch. They make the most amazing flat bread pizzas  

 Not the most ‘diet friendly’ of meals… But it was super yummy. Plus something hot was needed as Thursday was sooooo cold! I honestly thought it was gonna snow! However… It did not 😞

Thursday evening was spent with the Mammy & Daddy in Law who drove up from Liverpool to stay over night. It’s fair to say that they arrived with a LOT of gifts for Baby T 💙 

   Amongst the gifts was this beautiful Steif Teddy Bear from Hamleys. Normally I’d give him a name… But I think Bambino should be the one to name him when he’s here… & can talk lol 💙
Thursday evening I made a lovely healthy Chicken Jalfrezi for supper  

 Early Friday morning I was up & ready for my Whooping Cough Vaccination… Ouchie!!! To cheer me up, me & the hubster decided to treat the Mammy & Daddy in law to lunch at The Pastures… I seem to have been there quite a lot lately. The food is always so good though. When you find a nice place to eat you kinda don’t wanna venture to anywhere else. 

I snaffled on fajitas  

Once we got home after lunch, it was time for the hubster to pack his travel bag as he was off to London for the weekend with some freelance work. Everyone left together… So that left me & Coco to have a chilled few hours before my Mammy & Daddy arrived to babysit me for the weekend ❤️ I think everyone is scared to leave me alone now I’m pregnant… It’s kinda nice though 💙 


More gifts were bestowed upon Baby T with the arrival of my Mammy & Daddy. The amount of time & love my Mam has poured into knitting him things is unreal. He has blankies… Sleeping bag… Cardigans… It’s all gorgeous! They’d also bought him toys… Toiletries… Loads! One item that stuck out as being super cute was his Beatles vest. Very apt with him having a Scouse Daddy 💙 

Saturday was a chilled out shopping day. Obviously we needed to pop into Mothercare  

Saturday afternoon was filled with tea, chocolate, gossip & films. Just what I needed. I miss my parents so much. I can’t wait till we’re living back in the Northeast 💕

Saturday night my Mammy & Daddy took me to my fave Indian restaurant for a treat meal as I’ve been so unwell really over the last few month – as you all know. They’re always so thoughtful & selfless. I was actually the worst hostess for the weekend with them as they had to make up their bed in the guest room… They did household chores for me… Brought me groceries lol… They’re utter stars ✨ love them to bits. If I can be half the parent to my little boy that they are to me – then I’ll be very happy 💙 simply the best is all I can say  

By Sunday I was feeling pretty poorly with this vaccination… My arm had a massive lump which was so tender (still is a bit), I was throwing up & felt very headachey. So Sunday was a super lazy one. I think all I did Sunday was wash my hair. My Mam & Dad did everything else lol. They left in the afternoon so I only had an hour or so on my own (with Coco) before the hubster arrived home ❤️ 

 My Mam had baked a cake for G as she didn’t get to see him all weekend… So he had this beauty to arrived home too. 

Monday was a total write off really. I felt really under the weather… So I spent the day watching Netflix & feeling sorry for myself. But… My Younique Presenter Kit arrived so that cheered me up a bit!  

 In the afternoon I sorted through Baby T’s clothes… Cutting off tags etc… So everything is ready to wash over the coming weeks. That way everything will be freshly washed & lovely for his little arrival💙 

 Luckily I woke up Tuesday feeling not as grotty. Still headachey… But not quite as bad. 

Yesterday marked 31wks 💙 

 Not long now until this little bambino of ours will be here for plenty of cuddles 💙

I decided to have a play around with all of my new Younique goodies. I decided I needed to be well acquainted with all of the stock so I can give the best advice to potential customers & for anyone wanting to join my team ✨ 

 If anyone would like to purchase any Younique products or for info on joining my team, either comment on this post or message me via my Facebook Page ✨

Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival of a gorgeous prize I’d won from Not Shabby Very Chic  

   They sell some gorgeous items! Great for gifts & great for treats to yourself! They’re also now selling a monthly treat box 🎁!!! How fab does that sound? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. So don’t just take my word for it… Go view their items for sale yourself ✨ 
I also received some tea from Twinings to try  

 After the excitement of receiving my goodies… I headed to my Midwife appointment 💙  

Then finally… Yesterday evening I made enchiladas for tea. As the sickness seems to have come back… I’m craving spicy food more than ever  

 So… That is what I’ve been up too. Rather long winded wasn’t it!? Lol.

I’d got some fab reviews coming up for Cleaves Candles & Valentte. I’m also being sent out some items from Barry M to try. So please keep your gorgeous peepers peeled for those reviews! 

Thanks again for reading ✨ 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Bamboozling Travel Systems

21 Jan

Hi folks ✨ 

So… You’ll all have read my blog post a few week back all about my shopping day at Mothercare Meadowhall. It was so helpful to go in store & speak to the knowledgable staff about all of the travel systems currently on the market. The member of staff who was dealing with us, was like a little fountain of knowledge. Being a new Mammy to be for the first time – it’s such a minefield. This whole travel system malarkey was a whole new world to me. I had no idea what I was looking for.

Well… No… That’s a lie. I wanted something comfy for Bambino 💙 Something light as I have some collapsed discs in my lower back & too much weight can be incredibly painful & obviously… I wanted something pretty to look at. I think the only brand me & my husband had heard of was Silver Cross. I mean… Everyone’s heard of Silver Cross. So you can imagine our faces when we entered Mothercare & were faced with a massive amount of choice. Numerous brand names… 3 wheelers… 4 wheelers… Prams, buggies, travel systems… I mean… What’s the difference? Don’t they all do the same!? Isofix? What’s that!? Gone are the days where you go buy a standard pram, I mean, I love the Call the Midwife books & this was nothing like that. So much choice! Arrrrrgh! 

I asked the poor sales lady so many questions. She was ever so patient. We pulled apart so many different systems. We folded them up & down. I test drove several around the store while knocking things over & bumping into things… I’m such a bad driver 😁 literally nothing was problem at all. We were free to try out every system going. I have to say that the one that really caught my eye was the Mothercare Roam. Firstly… It was the colour. I mean, you all know that pink is my favourite colour… But I don’t know how Baby T would feel about cruising around in a girlie system 💙 so the aubergine shade for me was an amazing compromise. But, not only does it look good – the shopping basket on the bottom is a great size! For me – this was a major plus. It’s also super lightweight & very easy to collapse. It was so important to me to have something very light weight & user friendly. The other major selling point for us was that the carry cot/pram also converts into the buggy/seat for when your bambino outgrows the pram. It was literally everything that we wanted ✨

We decided to leave the store to have a discuss about the system we wanted, purely as it’s such a lot of money. The sales lady was so understanding & not pushy at all. This just made me all the more in favour of the Mothercare branded system. So helpful. 

Well… As you’ll have guessed, we did indeed decide upon the Roam. The isofix is sold separately, but most definitely worth having. Mothercare kindly sent us our system yesterday & it’s utterly stunning.  

 I was really good & patient & didn’t even open the box until the hubster arrived home. He’s been as excited as me about receiving it so I didn’t want him to miss out on the excitement of unpacking it all.

 It was so easy to fit together. Now that’s always a good thing when you’re super impatient & just want it built in like 10 minutes ago lol. It took hardly no time at all. The fact that the manual was so easy to follow was a a massive plus. 

 It’s just so beautiful & lightweight. I’m going to get it out in the garden for a test drive lol. I’ve even bought a cute little buggy buddy from Scentsy  

 I’ll be doing more reviews of the Roam once Baby T is here… I’m sure there’ll be lots of pics of my gorgeous boy cruising around in his carriage 💙 

As your travel system is one of your main purchases – you need to be fully informed of the choice & what is going to suit you best. Get yourself to Mothercare for some great advice with no pressure to buy. Purely down to the positive experience we have had with Mothercare, we decided to make our other major purchases from them. 

 For all of the most up to date offers & new arrivals,  follow Mothercare via Twitter & Instagram

I hope you’ve found this post helpful! 

Thanks again for reading!!! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


“Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down”

11 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well I don’t really want to test that theory in my title too much. I’m getting to that stage in my pregnancy now that I’m just so unsteady on my feet. I think with my pre-existing back condition & nerve problems in my right leg… Then paired with my ever increasing baby bump… I feel wobbly on my feet most of the time. Daily tasks… & shopping… Are becoming harder everytime! Yesterday we went to Dunelm shopping for more nursery bits & a few much needed housey bits. Not even half way round Dunelm I needed a pit stop in a cute little bucket chair… It weren’t so cute though I can tell you – when the hubster had to replicate a hydrolic crane to get me out of the chair! Lol 💙 

 Baby T seems to be sitting rather low these days & that seems to be impacting on the pain/infection in my fibroids. I think I’m managing the pain quite well really, plus I just don’t like giving in. I’m too much of a ‘doer’… It does mean though that my 7pm I’m just literally shattered.  

 I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect Winnie the Pooh cot bedding for in the nursery & eventually found what I was looking for in Dunelm. The bedding pack came to £39.99 & then the two fitted sheets were an additional £14.99. They’re so cute!!! We even spotted some Winnie the Pooh wall stickers, so once the Cot Bed arrives we can start getting the stickers on the walls. The cot is the only piece of furniture that we’re waiting on for delivery. So once that’s built & in place, we’ll know whereabouts on the  walls we want the pictures to be 💙  

While in Dunelm we also bought a new curtain pole for the window at the top of our stairs along with a white sparkly voile curtain. We just needed something to finish off the staircase. We also bought new placemats for the dinning table & a chintzy oil cloth table cloth. I really do love a bit chintz! 🌸 

 We must’ve only been in Dunelm for around 30mins… But that’s literally all I could manage. I really wanted to go to Boots & M&S too but I just couldn’t do it. So instead we headed off for some food & a pint of lemonade! We decided on the Pastures at High Melton. I love that place! The food is always so nice & there’s always plenty of staff too, so you’re never waiting long for your order to arrive. I should’ve taken a picture really of my Mediterranean Chicken… But I totally forgot to lol… I think I was just too excited to eat it all! ✨

The only things left to buy now for the nursery is some new curtains & a new curtain pole. But… I’m hoping to buy that today with the help of my Bezzie who is coming down today to stay overnight. It’s pretty exciting to see her coz I’ve not seen her in ages! But it’s even more exciting that she’s also pregnant… So we get to be pregnant together & waddle around!  â¤ï¸ Luckily… Where we’re off to shopping today has a cafè with homemade cake… So I’m sure we’ll be making an emergency pit stop in there! Then tonight will be pyjamas, Celebrity Big Brother & Take Out. Sounds like a pretty perfect night to me! 💕

Talking about CBB… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since it started! I didn’t actually watch the launch, I was actually planning on giving this years a miss. But once I discovered that Scotty T from Geordie Shore was in the BB house – then I had to start watching as well as watching the live launch on catch up! I just love him & as you all know I’m a massive Geordie Shore fan. What can I say… I love the trashy TV!  

 So here’s hoping for a more pain free day ahead… Although… I have been awake since 4:10am. I honestly don’t know how I’m surviving right now on such little sleep. I’m gonna have to slap extra lashings of Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eye make up on today to hide the tired eyes  

   I just don’t know what I’d do without the magic of make up! 
Anyways… Have a great Monday ✨

Thanks again for reading… It’s lovely to see my stats gradually climbing with all of you new readers 💕✨ 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Time for Reflection and Time to Achieve

31 Dec

Hi folks ✨

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to each & every one of you for your continued support. In Sept 2012 I started my weightloss journey as a UK size 24. I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle in the hopes of gaining my confidence back & becoming healthy enough to conceive. I got down to a UK size 12 last year & managed to maintain with the support of my family, friends & you lot!!! In July of this year we found out it’d finally happened… We are going to be PARENTS!!! 💙 It’s been an up & down journey with lots of complications, but I’m now at 27wks & a UK size 14/16. So 2016 will see the birth of our miracle boy & me getting back to my target size of a size 12. I know I can do it with everyone’s support. Once again… Thank you! This blog has helped me to overcome my weight issues & you’ve all inspired me to keep going. So… My resolutions for this year are:

  • To be the best Mammy I can be
  • To continue blogging… This blog is almost 6 years old
  • To continue with my healthier lifestyle
  • Be as successful as I can be & build our business
  • Be more assertive & strong  

It’s so overwhelming to know that you’re reading this blog in 64 different countries. This blog began in 2010 as a Wedding blog to help me document our wedding plans… but with everything life has thrown my way since then, it gradually transformed into my lifestyle blog. It’s just nice to know that you’re reading… enjoying… & supporting me. 

 This morning I received more goodies to review!!! I have been sent the most beautiful travel toiletry set for my hospital bag when I go in to have my baby, from Gilchrist & Soames. Talk about luxury… the bag itself came in a lovely dust bag… I simply love it!!! The set included: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Face Mist, Lip Balm, Body Soap, Face Soap & a Loofah. It’s gorgeous & looks right at home in my hospital bag. You can get free UK delivery with code: FS2015. I also received an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner. I wear a lot of eye make up on a daily basis & I have to say that Eyeko is my favourite liquid liner brand. If you’re not very good at winged liner… then this is the liner for you! It’s so easy to use… Much easier than a separate wand & pot. The Eyeko Liner is just like a felt pen really & it also holds it shape. It stays put all day too… I always get compliments on my eye liner. Right now you can save 25% on all Eyeko purchases quoting code: NYE25

Talking of discount codes… Top Collar are doing an amazing deal right now where you can try their home baked doggy treats for FREE!!! They use gluten free flour… all fresh ingredients & are great on sensitive tummies! You even get them delivered to your door in a personalised box for your pooch! If you fancy giving them a go simply follow this link: http://www.topcollar.co.uk/#!book-delivery/yqpgz then add code: COCO. My Coco is a very fussy little furbaby & she absolutely adores these biscuits. I’d seriously recommend giving them a go. 

 So… what are our plans for tonight? Well, we shall be having a lovely snuggly night in. Just me, the hubster & Coco. I have party snacks & yummy nibbles… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else ❤️ Tomorrow I’m going to be cooking a Christmas Dinner & then at teatime we’ll be heading round to our neighbours for snacks. Nice chilled celebrations for us this year ✨ I’ve put make up on… but I’ll be seeing the New Year in, in my pyjama’s. I had to take this pic to show just how long & thick my hair has become… It’s growing so fast. It must be the pregnancy hormones. 

 Oooooo… well the postie has just dropped the latest issue of Elle & Elle Decoration through the door… so I think I’m going to go & give those a read! 

 Enjoy your evening whatever you get up too, thanks so much for reading & continuing to do so &…


 Love & Huggles,

Hayley 😘 xxx



Feeling scared by the word ‘hysterectomy’… But the glass is definitely half full!

22 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Wowzers… Only 3 more sleeps to go!!! How exciting is that!? I’m super excited!!! I’m such a Christmassy soul 🎄

 We had such a lovely relaxed date night last night… It was just what we needed. But… after all that horrendously naughty pizza… I’m craving clean, healthy foods! So today is gonna be spent eating well. I got on the scales this morning & I’ve gained 11lbs – not from the pizza lol, but since the strt of my pregnancy. I’m 26wks pregnant today… so I’m hoping I can continue with only little gains. Then once he’s here… you can all join me on my weightloss journey back to my before figure. 

 I need to tell you all about a fab-tastic night cream I’ve been kindly sent by Birchbox HQ. Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Cream. It’s priced at £26 for 40ml & right now that includes free shipping. Now… That’s not bad when you think of how expensive some premium brands are… & then for a supermarket/pharmacy own brand you’re gonna pay around £15. I have very pink skin. Most things will make it either very pink or red… especially after a shower. I have lost count of the brands I’ve tried in the past. But this one is most definitely a keeper. It’s really thick – but isn’t greasy. It’s almost like an overnight face mask, but completely absorbs in. It smells amazing too. I don’t know how, but it’s really calmed my skin tone down a lot. I can’t recommend it enough. (Please excuse my naked face in the pic) 

Eeeeeck… So I’m 26wks pregnant. That’s only 14wks left to go. But for me I’ll be meeting our little boy sooner than that. As you all already know, I’ll be having a planned c-section at around 36 to 37wks. I needed one anyway with what is wrong with my back, but now with my fibroid’s & along with the infection, it’s safer to have a c-section. I want my Mam to be here for when I go into hospital. If I had of been having a natural birth – my Mam would’ve been my second birthing partner, but obviously with a section you can have only one. Of course I want my gorgeous hubster to be there. Like any operation I’ve had in the past, I’m understandably scared. But I think more so now as I’m scared for my baby too. But I’m also scared for my hubster. We’ve been told by my consultant that they will do everything possible to allow me to be awake during the birth, but, with any fibroids – there is a massive risk of hemorrhaging, even more so for me, due to the infection, the amount of fibroids I have & the size of them. They said if I begin to hemorrhage my hubster will be removed from the theatre & I will be knocked out. I just know how panicked Graham will be. At least if my Mam is there, she can be there to hold his hand & be a support. She’s s amazing in a drama… She was a rock for us while I was having my leg surgeries as my hubster was a lecturer at the time & couldn’t just take time off to be with me. I’ll feel less scared knowing my Mammy & Hubster are there close by. The other thing we found out at my last meeting was that removing the fibroids when they’re this big is a very risky operation. Again down to the amount of blood loss & the damage it can do to your womb. So, he’s recommended that if we want more children, to not wait too long to try again… then they recommend a hysterectomy. I could literally cry every time I hear that word. I just feel far too young to even consider such a big operation. So I think after baby number two (hopefully) I’ll ask for guidance on just living with the condition the way I am. All I think now is just how lucky I am to be pregnant. With everything stacked against me… This little prince so wants to be part of our lives 💙 It’s just another reason why I’m feeling more drawn back to the Northeast… I think with my family closer by I’ll feel better. I’ve dealt with medical drama & surgeries before… so I’m sure I can do it again. Just like being pregnant again won’t phase me either… Pain & recovery just doesn’t frighten me anymore. I’ll do it in a heart beat to have another miracle. I’m just so happy I lost the bulk of my weight before any of this, because being the size I was would’ve made this so much harder to cope with. 

 On that healthier note… It’s a vegetarian day today in the Thorne household. I’m going to make a tomato & spinach pasta bake with a nice side salad for tea tonight. I may even push the boat out & do some garlic bread lol. I do enjoy naughty treat food, but I always feel bloated the next day & start craving healthy foods. I think I’m just so used to a new healthier diet these days.

Well, I’m going to leave this post right here ✨

Thanks for reading & hello to my new readers in Singapore ☺️ my stats seems to be booming right now… So thank you!!! 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 

1 Dec

Hi Folks ✨ 

I’ve had a pretty exciting two days of emails from various companies UK & USA based who want to collaborate with me. Eeeeeeck – exciting stuff!!! Even a Doggy company have approached me who’d like to send Coco her own subscription boxes to review. Coco is totally gonna be my co-blogger 🐾 

 I’ve always wanted to write a successful blog… So thank you to each & everyone one of you who continue to read ✨ Maybe one day I’ll make it to the National Blog Awards!!! I literally started with like 10 views & now I’m hitting over 9,000 views! So a MASSIVE huge thank you! As a thank you I’m gonna put together another giveaway of goodies. So once I’ve sorted that out, you can all enter again 🎁

 So then… What have I been up to today? Well this morning started with my weekly blood tests. It’s a total chore… But then it is kinda nice & reassuring that me & my Bambino are being closely monitored & looked after 💙  I headed straight to work afterwards… When I got to work I found a lovely little gift off Carolyn.  
   I know it’s not technically the ’12 days of Christmas’ yet… But she said I was allowed to open it like it was an advent calendar. It’s so cute & I love it ✨ I haven’t actually opened my proper advent calendar yet though coz me & the hubster got up at different times this morning & he’s working late this evening… So I’m gonna wait until he gets home so we can open them together  

 Nothing fancy this year… Last year I got a Benefit MakeUp advent calendar & it was such a waste of money. So I decided on good old Cadburys this year for the grand total of £2 ☺️  

Oooooh actually I’m going to have to back track a little as I really wanted to talk through some of my current favourite makeup must haves!  

 I’m simply loving my Mineral Touch Younique foundation. It’s such a silky consistency, it literally glides on. I have such a pink complexion & it’s by no means ‘flawless’, but this foundation gives the illusion of it being so. I always use Benefits Fake Up under my eyes to disguise any dark circles. Then I set in place with a Clinique translucent loose powder.  

 I don’t go in for any of this ‘contouring’ malarkey… But I do always use a Benefit blush across my cheek bones to give a little colour. My favourites are Hoola, Sugarbomb & Rockateur. Today I used Rockateur.  

 Benefits Stay Don’t Stray is an amazing eye shadow primer. This morning I used a Benefit highlighter under my brows with a little shimmer power from Virgin Vie. Urban Decay Naked Smokey was my eye make up of choice & of course my brows are preened with Benefits Brow-zing palette.  

Eyeko Fat is my new fave must have liquid liner. It’s also a big fave with Alexa Chung. I used Benefits They’re Real Mascara & Younique Moostruck Kohl Liner for under my bottom lash  line  

 Then finally I finished off with a festive red lippy. I used Younique precision lip liner in Primal & a red glossy lipstick by My Little Box. My Little Box is my favourite monthly subscription box. If you fancy giving it a go just follow this link: https://www.mylittlebox.co.uk/home

  This was the finished look. If any of you are inspired to try Younique, you can order direct here via a friend of mine: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover
So…. Back to my day…. It was so cold in my office that I totally needed a Wispa Hot Chocolate  

Confession time: it’s actually been such a naughty day so far with my food choices… Not only did I have a hot choc but I had a Pot Noodle of all things for my lunch!!! So bad!  

 I think I talked myself into the bad choices simply because it was blood test day lol. Tonight for tea we’re planning on having a take out pizza when the hubster gets home. So… The healthy eating shall recommence tomorrow. I mean…. We’re allowed a naughty day aren’t we!? 

Work was pretty normal… Writing more procedure manuals & sorting out our Social Media sites. Since getting home I’ve done nothing apart from snuggle Coco under my fleece blankie whilst watch How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory. I can predict that next up will be first look Hollyoaks 😁 Tonight is literally gonna be a lazy night under my blankie whislt watching trashy TV… Sometimes you just need nights like this. Ooooooo and let’s not forget ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here’. I can’t wait to see who wins in the final… I’ve been voting each night via the app to keep Vicky Pattison in. I’d love to see her crowned Queen of the Jungle. 

Well, I’m gonna leave this post here. I hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday whatever it is that you’re up too. 

Thanks for reading ✨


Hayley xxx