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Drama, Drama, Drama at Thorne Towers

14 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well… Yesterday & today has been a day for drama & calamities! Urgh… I’m so accident prone!!! 😩

Yesterday I was making a gorgeous low fat pasta bake… It was all going fine while the bolognese was bubbling away in the Crock pot… I part boiled the wholemeal pasta with no dramas… then I mixed it all & spread it out into a lasagne dish topped with yummy homemade low fat cheese sauce… transferred it to the oven… all fine & accident free! Then… I burn my arm as I’m taking it out of the oven… OUCHIE! 😞 Honestly it hurt so bad 😦 It’s now blistered & is all bubbled up. However… the pasta bake was yummy. 

This morning began with yet more drama as I’ve not slept… at all. But, I didn’t mind since the weather man on the TV this morning promised that today would be a day of snow in the UK… You can imagine my delight when it began snowing. ❄️ I was so excited when the tiny white flakes started to drift passed the window… then the banging began… the wind had knocked the back gates off of their latch & I noticed that the newly emptied recycled boxes were starting to blow around off the bottom of the drive. So… I headed outside in my Harry Potter PJs, leopard print dressing gown & Ugg Boots… with no make up on I may add! I headed out of the back door & down the drive where the gates proceeded to clash behind me. I successfully rescued the recycling boxes but couldn’t get back into my garden as the gates at clashed & swung the wrong way & had bent the latch so I could swing them the right way. So… there I was… Crying in the snow… prego… in my PJs & freezing my backside off! I don’t know how, but I managed to squidge through the teeniest of gaps. I scraped my bump though 😦 Then I needed to somehow secure the gates… so after 20 minutes of dramatic crying (and I do cry very dramatically) I managed to secure the gates but the latch is still broken, and, while sorting the gates… my iPhone 6 plus fell out of my pocket & onto the concrete, thus smashing the screen… ace! Honestly… I’m just so gutted!!! 

 So I’ve spent this afternoon watching Criminal Minds & feeling sorry for myself. I’ve aired on the side of caution after last nights burny arm incident & opted for a Crock Pot meal for tea. I decided to get creative & added  load of stuff to the Crock & I’ll hope for the best… It’s all healthy though:

  • Chicken Breasts
  • Tinned Chopped Tomatoes
  • Frozen Diced Onion
  • Frozen Oriental Vegetables
  • Frozen Sweetcorn
  • Piri Piri Seasoning
  • Garlic Granules

I’m hoping it’ll turn out nice… I couldn’t stand anymore drama today lol. 

Yesterday I received a lovely gift package from Cleaves Candles. The wax melts are made completely of soy wax & natural botanical oils, they’re also environmentally friendly. The scents I received are:

  • Lavender
  • Angels Whisper
  • Baby Powder
  • Bedtime Bath

Once I’ve tried them all I’ll be writing a full review on each scent I’ve tried. But so far I can already say… I love them. They smell lovely even before they’ve been lit. The prices are so good too at £4 for a clamshell or £2 for a pack of 4 melts. They’d be gorgeous little favours for a wedding. It’s the first thing I thought of… Plus Wedding season is fast approaching. Check out their Facebook Page too for some Valentines themed gifts 💙

 Coco also received her latest treat box from Top Collar . If you fancy ordering a box for your furbaby… simply click the embedded link & enter coupon Code: COCO to receive a totally free box! They’re gluten free & great for sensitive tummies. If Coco is impressed… then they must be good. Also… They come in a personalised box!!! They’re so cute 🐾

 Righteo folks… I’m gonna leave this post here… But stay tuned for more reviews! 💕

Thanks again for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Barking Mad for Bark Beats!

30 Dec

Hi folks 🐾

Well… 2 days before Christmas, Coco received the most gorgeous Christmas box from Bark Beats. The box was actually bigger than her lol… But then she is a teeny weeny 1lb 7oz Teacup Chihuahua.


Needless to say she was completely giddy about the box… I think her favourite part was the ZippyPaws plush squeaky toy. It’s such a well made toy… It’s withstood some harsh beatings from Coco & it still looks perfect. The box also comprised of lots of yummy treats to tuck into:

  • Pupbake Cupcake in Turkey flavour & topped with a little bone shaped cookie
  • A freshly baked doggy friendly gingerbread man
  • Fresh baked Christmas cookies
  • Tribal biscuits enriched with Vitamin E  

Coco has taken her time to try & taste every single treat & has told me that her favourite snack was the Dakis cookies. They’re freshly baked with doggy friendly ingredients. They had a good crunch to them & she found them incredibly moreish. Normally, Coco squirrels her favourite treats away for safe keeping… but this time she just ate them straight away! She couldn’t get enough of them! 

 From a furbaby parent point of view – the Bark Beats Box is beautifully presented. The box itself is well made & some with shredded paper packaging & wrapped in a piece of tissue. It looks like a lovely gift. You could easily gift this to a family member or friend for their furbaby. The overall feel is ‘good quality’. A little more fancy than what you can buy at your local pet shop. Bark Beats are a doggy loving company who give 10% of their profits to good causes. Each box for every month will include yummy treats along with a fun toy toy to keep your furbaby amused. 

 All in all the Bark Beats box is a fantastic treat for your precious pooches!!! It’s a no commitment subscription box. The box Coco received is £19 per month, but right now you can get 50% off your first box by using coupon code: BOX5. Subscribe here. They’re a fantastic gift for a special occasion or for simply treating your furbaby. The boxes come in 3 different sizes depending on the size of your doggy. Shipping is completely free & will come via Royal Mail.

On behalf of Coco… I can’t recommend this box enough.


Thanks for reading & go get your first for half price! 🐾

Love & huggles,

Hayley xxx

Coco’s Corner

7 Dec

Hi Folks 🐾

Coco is gonna be featuring a little more in my posts since she’s gaining interest from various fabulous doggy companies who provide subscription boxes for our precious furbabies, whether they be big or small.

 For my newer readers I’m not sure how much you know about Coco… so I thought I’d dedicate a wee post in her honour to give all a few facts about my little doggy diva. Coco’s full name is: Princess Coco Chanel Thorne… lol… a mouthful I know. But the more you learn about her, you’ll realise that she most definitely lives up to her regal title. We decided to name her after the fabulous designer Coco Chanel, as her mother is named Gucci. So we wanted to continue the designer name. Plus, when we met her – she just seemed like a Princess Coco. For all her parents are pure bred full sized Chihuahua’s, Coco is a lot smaller in stature. It was very much touch & go with her as she was very teeny when she was born. But her breeder is a fantastic person with a heart of gold & is very much dedicate to all his babies. He hand fed her & nursed her 24/7.

 Coco was 3 years old on June 2nd of this year. She still only weighs 1lb 7oz… Coco is very much a tiny tot. However… although she’s only very tiny… She has a rather large personality haha. Everywhere we go… Everyone knows her. She even has her own personal designer who makes all of her knitwear for her. You can find the lady who makes her garments here. Everything is handmade from scratch. They’re really beautifully made & everyone always complements Coco on her knitwear. With her being so small, we tend to struggle in finding her warm items for Winter walks. So when Pam started to make jumpers for Coco – she was Godsend! Now… we can’t let our furbabies freeze can we!?

Coco is very pampered & loves nothing more than being cozy. She has 4 bed dotted around our home that she can curl up in… But she can also be found snuggled up to us too. She’s also recently become aware that she’ll be gaining a human baby brother in the New Year… She’s already become very protective of him & frequently snuggles into my bump to keep him warm. I wonder if she can hear his heartbeat? 💙

 Recently we’ve been talking to a great company called Top Collar. They provide high quality homemade treats for your furbabies. It doesn’t matter how big or small your doggy is as the treats are freshly bakes & easily breakable. Check their website out here: http://www.topcollar.co.uk/ But stay tuned for some bargains coming your way in the form of a unique discount code to this blog. This way you’ll be able to try the treat boxes at a discounted rate. Your furbabies will love you for it I’m sure.

Well… It’s about time for Coco’s bedtime so I shall leave this post here.

 Thanks for reading all about Coco.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley & Coco xxx