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Any Excuse For a Party!

8 Aug

Hi folks,

You all know what family life is like here at Thorne Towers… hectic, busy, fun & full of giggles. You also know that we don’t need an excuse to celebrate & have a party.

Since Seth is becoming a big brother in October, we’ve been trying to get him to understand that we’re having a baby join our family. He’s only 2 year & 5 month old… sometimes I think he totally gets it & other times I think he’s still not quite sure.

So… what better way to get him excited? Have a little tea party! And what does every party need? Well, cake of course!

bakerdays are a fantastic company who make letterbox cakes… yes that’s right… a cake delivered through your letterbox! How fab is that!?

Yes you read that right… they can make you a stunning personalised cake to celebrate any occasion that comes in a lovely tin & fits through your letterbox. They also offer gluten free, wheat free & dairy free options!

Seth was sent a cake to celebrate the fact that he’s going to be a Big Brother. I can’t even begin to tell you just how stunning the photograph was. The detail & quality was so high. And Seth adored having a Ace with his face on… he’s such a poser.

Seth’s cake was a plain sponge – simply because that is his favourite. But you can choose other options. You also don’t have to choose a letterbox cake. They offer 4 different cakes sizes as well as cupcakes.

Now for the important bit… how did it taste?

As you can imagine… Seth takes his role as cake testing rather seriously. After snaffling his first piece… he hastily demanded another. I can therefore confirm that he did indeed think it was “Nommy Nommy” lol. That’s a direct quote right there. This 2 year old knows good cake when he tastes it.

Everyone agreed it was really lovely & super fresh. I have to admit that I was thinking “will it be fresh?”… but it really was! Plus it’s such a fantastic novelty having it delivered through your door. You could send this to any loved one for a special occasion & it would most certainly make them smile. You don’t even need an occasion really… just simply treat someone who needs a pick me up perhaps?

Thank you so much bakerdays for making a little boys day. What better way to become excited about being a big brother than with cake!

Thanks as always for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

I Sea Pasta

14 Mar

Hi folks

I’ve got a bit of a different review for you today… I Sea Pasta from Seamore. I was sent a 100g bag of I Sea Pasta to try. Now, this pasta is a little different as it’s made from seaweed. That’s right… seaweed. This means it’s 100% gluten free. It’s also suitable for vegans & is also organic.

The seaweed is 100% wild & handpicked from the rocks on the coast of Connemara, Ireland. I have to admit that I really didn’t know what to expect from this product as I’ve never ever tried seaweed before. But as it’s low in fat & super healthy with high levels of vitamins A and C, & Calcium… I was obviously going to try it!

To prepare the seaweed pasta, you need to soak for around 30mins in boiling water. I have to admit that whilst soaking the pasta all I could think about was the seaside. The smell is just the same as the rock pools at Bridlington. I do love a good look about the rock pools on a lovely sunny summers day.

After soaking, cook for 20mins-ish. Depending on how soft you’d like the pasta. You can either eat hot or allow to cool to add to salads etc… I served hot. I made a carbonara sauce from garlic, onions, black pepper, a little chilli, quark & unsmoked back bacon. I added the cooked pasta to the sauce & stirred through before serving. I normally wouldn’t add the chilli to a carbonara style sauce, but I was a little nervous of the seaweed pasta… so I thought a little chilli may spruce things up.

The texture of the pasta was actually very ‘pasta’ like & it looked like pasta too once stirred into the sauce. Although, I didn’t think it tasted like pasta really as it’s quite salty. However… I really quite enjoyed it. I think it’d also be great in a homemade coleslaw & it’d be fab stir fried I think with some yummy sweet chilli salmon. It’d also work well alongside Chicken.

It was great reviewing this product as I don’t think it’s something I’d have bought until trying it.

You can buy I Sea Pasta from Planet Organic.  A 100g bag will cost you £5.99, but if you like it & want to buy more… buy 5 & save 10%.

So, if you’re fancying something a little different & a little more healthy… give it a whirl!

For more info on Seamore… click here.

Thanks so much for reading as always & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx