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The Magic of Christmas

1 Dec

Hi folks,

I’ve got that festive feeling. I know this year has been… bumpy shall we say. I also know it’s not going to be the Christmas we’re used too. I mean… for the last 8yrs we’ve gone to Center Parcs for Winter Wonderland & this year we can’t. Our holiday has been cancelled. Normally in December we visit Santa each weekend. Normally in the first week of December, Santa rides passed our house in his sleigh playing Christmas music. Normally in December we spend time with family. Normally on Christmas Eve we have breakfast with Santa & then have a Christmas Disco. Unfortunately… 2020 is not going to be the Christmas we ‘normally’ have. But you know what? For all it’s really sad… it’s just an opportunity to make new ‘normals’ or ‘traditions’ at Christmas.

We started the festive period wth a lovely delivery from Santa. Seth received the most gorgeous letter, certificate & activity book from The Lapland Mailroom.

Seth couldn’t believe it when the letter dropped through the door for him. He was super excited!!! He was even more excited when he seen the certificate!

The letter itself was utterly gorgeous. When choosing your letter online, you can add little personal touches such as your home town & best friend etc… Seth was utterly gobsmacked that his best friend Holly was mentioned in the letter.

In the pack, Seth also received the activity pack, which included a window sticker. Such amazing value for money. The letters & certificates are lovely quality & delivery was really quick. What a lovely keepsake. This will definitely being going into our memory box.

While we can’t got about our ‘normal’ lives… it’s time to make new amazing memories during a crazy year. I love that this letter is dated Christmas 2020… it most definitely is a year we will not forget. However… my babies will remember what an amazing Christmas they had & little touches like these gorgeous letters are just the icing on the cake.

If you’d like order, I have a discount code for 25% off!!! just enter code: BLITZEN at checkout.

Thanks so much as always for reading!

Stay Safe,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Educational Easter Activity Ideas!

28 Mar

Hi folks,

I’ve teamed up with the fab folk over at Education.com , who have kindly put together a fun, educational activity that you can do with the little ones over the Easter holidays, since Easter is literally just around the corner. If you check out their website you’ll find lots more activities & exercises.

So… here’s your fun activity:

Write Parts of Speech Acrostic Poetry!
You’ve packed up the kids, jackets, water bottles, tchotkes and all, and you’re off for a special afternoon. Maybe you’ll see a park; maybe a museum; maybe a special friend. Whatever it is, you know it will be fun, and you’ll want to keep some memories. You might even want to send a few along, perhaps in a letter to a relative, or a thank you to a host. Here’s a creative way to do it…while helping your second grader with adjectives, nouns, and other classic parts of the curriculum this year!

What You Need:

  • Camera
  • Pencil or pens
  • Booklet Paper

What You Do:
1. Next time your child goes somewhere enjoyable—to the park, or on a day trip to a museum, explain that to add to the fun, you’re going to collect words for what you see, hear, and feel. On the trip there, you have a perfect chance to review what we call some different kinds of words in our written language: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. Second graders are studying all of them this year, and if you get a “we already know that!” go ahead and applaud; that’s great news!

2. As you’re traveling, it helps to review these fundamental parts of speech, even if your child feels pretty confident. Here’s a list, and a brief description to get you going:

  • Nouns: a person, place, thing (there are common nouns, which are not capitalized, and there are proper nouns, which are capitalized because they are names of people, places, or things). For example: cat, day, sound, coffee, bone, book (common nouns)
  • Verbs: action words. For example: run, read, eat, skipping, jogged, loved, thought
  • Adjectives: describing words. For example: green, round, shiny, tall, old, woodenbug
  • Adverbs: words that describe verbs (many end in –ly) For example: quickly, busily, happily, angrily

3. When you get to your destination, do like any typical tourist: take some pictures! Enjoy everything about your experience!

4. Then, on the way home or later that day, make your “Parts of Speech Travel Guide” for today. Have your child write the chosen part of speech vertically, in all capital letters, down the left side of the paper, as shown.

5. Now have your child create an acrostic poem about this word, using only words that are that particular part of speech. This means that for the first line, she will need to think of a noun that starts with the letter n, such as nest, net, or noodle. She writes her noun beside the capital letter N, and uses the capital N as the first letter. Then she goes on to the next line, and thinks of a noun that begins with the letter o, such as octopus, octagon, or ox. She continues in this way until all the vertical letters have been used.

6. Have her reread her NOUN (or verb, or adjective, etc.) acrostic poem. Ask her to explain what all the words in the poem have in common. (They are all nouns, or they are all people, places, or things.)

7. Repeat for other parts of speech. Then, compile all the parts of speech pages into a stapled booklet with your favorite trip photo on top. You’ll have a creative, unique “travel guide” memory of today’s experience—a book to keep or to send to a relative or as a thank you to a host. You have also given your child a natural, memorable lesson in basics of language that she’ll be using for the rest of her life. Not bad for one day’s excursion!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Education.com for sending that over! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you’ve found this useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Let’s Have a Gossip 

16 Jan

Hi folks,

Right… let’s have a wee catch up! So far 2017 is getting off to a lovely little start. Well apart from the continued appointments I need for this abscess/cyst I have on my shoulder… the steroid injections really hurt. And… I now have physio fortnightly too, to help with the pain in my back. But… as long as they work/help… then it’s all worthwhile.

I’ve been in full ‘1st Birthday’ planning mode. We’re taking Seth on holiday to Centre Parcs for his first birthday, but I’m thinking I’d like a little low key birthday tea party at home before we go maybe. I’ve already bought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Plates, Party Bags, Napkins & a Banner lol. Eeeeeck! Of course there’s gonna have to be some kind of Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake too. I’m just so excited. I can believe in 2 month time my little handsome man is going to be 1 year old!

We’ve also got a lovely little beach holiday coming up too at the end of May on the Northeast Coast… So excited. I’ve so many great memories of holidaying on the Northeast Coast when I was little. Admittedly… it may not always be the warmest… but the scenery is stunning & the Fish & Chips always seem to taste nicer.

I was asked to write a lovely little guest blog piece for a fantastic, creative little company called Cofi Coo. Once my post is up on their blog – I shall pop the link on here.

I’ve some fab reviews coming up for you all – been chatting to some lovely brands & PR folk… watch this space.

I received a fantastic package from Nuby UK today. 5 gorgeous items for me & Seth to review.

  • Trainer Sipeez
  • Toddler Training Spoons & Forks
  • Toddler Training Suction Plate
  • Octopus Hoopla
  • Build a Buddy

    I love the Nuby brand… well made & vibrant. Seth is just so in to everything right now. He’s loving playing with toys & exploring all of the textures & shapes. I shall be reviewing each item & writing a full review with lots of pics 🙂

    We discovered a new tooth yesterday! I can’t believe my little boy has 8 teeth! He’s standing up unaided too. When people said to me that time flies when you have a baby.. I don’t think I actually appreciated just how fast! I mean, today I was yet again sorting through clothes that are too small for him. I have them all packaged up in the loft. Hopefully to use again if we’re blessed enough to have another bambino at some point in the not so distant future. I just love being a Mammy so much. I feel like I waited so long to be a one.

    I’m totally into my healthy eating right now too. When I’m eating healthy I’m always so much happier. Healthy foods seem to make you feel happier & more positive about everything. Low fat, low sugar & lots of colour.I need to get my website updated so badly with some new recipes. Tonight for tea I made a really yummy turkey stir fry with freekeh grains & salad. Freekeh is very much like bulgar wheat – I love it. And, it’s practically impossible to ruin when you cook it!

    I know this is probably really sad… but I’m already planning for this coming Christmas too! Well, you all know it’s like my most favourite time of the year! I’ve gotten most of my Christmas cards already, gift wrap & ribbons & bows. We’ve also booked a lovely Winter Wonderland holiday to Centre Parcs again. We’ll be away Christmas week – so that means we’ll be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary while we’re holidaying in the forest. We will be home for actual Christmas though. I just cannot wait. I love to have things to work toward & look forward too. Seeing Seth’s little face as he met Santa etc… was just magical. That’s why we just had to book & do it all over again. If you’ve always fancied going to Centre Parcs – I truly recommend going around Christmastime… it’s just so magical. I mean, we’ve been at all different times of the year… but it’s most magical during the Winter Wonderland season.

    Talking of Christmas… luckily last week we had some gorgeous storage arrive from Mothercare to home some of Seth’s new toys. Since he plays downstairs – obviously, it kinda makes sense to have most of this toys in the sitting room. Although, we have had to add more shelving in his room for his Charlie bear & various Disney Characters. I love how excited he gets when he’s playing with all of his toys.

    My driving lessons are going well… I’ve had 8 lessons now. I so wish I’d just bitten the bullet years ago & learnt to drive when I was a lot younger. But I always used being a poor student as an excuse. But really… it’s not an excuse. I’ve kind of waited to the point where I NEED to drive. I need to be able to drive my little bambino around to all of his social engagements, rather than just relying on the hubster all of the time to be our chauffeur lol. Although, I guess it is kinda nice to be chauffeured 🙂 I am so happy though that my leg doesn’t seem to pose a problem. That’s been such a relief.

    Oh, I’d like to say a big thank you for the fantastical & positive response I had to my article in New! Magazine. I was so nervous… but everyone seemed to love it – so, thank you so very very very much.

    I did make a shocking discovery last week actually… You may already know this but, did you know that the series Stalker has been cancelled? I mean… why!? I loved that series! It was so good & I really wanted to know what was going to happen between Jack & Beth! And, an even bigger shocker… Grimm has been cancelled too! So this next series that is to start soon, is only like 11 episodes long & that’s it! No more!!! I’m simply heartbroken! Why do I feel so sad when a series comes to an end? It’s like that same sad grieving feeling you have when you watch the last episode of Friends. I love me a good TV series. At least the new Prison Break is starting soon… YESSSSSS! That should help with those sad feelings of loss.

    Apart from that… life has been same old same old really… Going out for lunch, going to Music Bugs & Play Group, etc… I’m kind of a creature of habit really. I know what I like… & I like what I know lol. honestly… I’d eat out at the same place every time if the hubster would let me get away with it lol. I’m one of those annoying people too who literally orders the same thing off the menu too lol.

    So… there you have it… that’s what I’ve been up too.

    Thanks so much for reading… it’s lovely to see so many new countries being added to my reader statistics.

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx



    Making Plans… Booking Holidays… Being Happy 

    24 Aug

    Hi Everyone,

    I’d like to say a Big hello to my new readers in Japan! Thanks for subscribing ✨

    Today has been a pretty good Monday. No vomiting! Woo hoo. I did, still get the queasy feeling – but the anti-sickness wrist bands must be working. I really do think that the fresh Orange juice is helping too. So I’m gonna carry on with my new little rituals in the hopes that this no-spewing continues! 

    So… Today began with putting my make up on & drinking OJ  

     I went with a Benefit & Mac makeup eye make up combo today. One of my fave combo’s if I’m honest. 

    Since I was feeling pretty queasy this morning, I didn’t think I could face any porridge for breakfast – so I went with Sugar Free Peanut Butter on Toast. Not the healthiest choice , but I was craving the dryness of the peanut butter. I didn’t end up finishing it all anyway.  

     Coco was desperate to have some – but we don’t allow her to eat any human food as she has a really delicate little tummy. So she only gets her special holistic dog food or special dog treats. But… She still tries to scrounge food at every given opportunity. 

    For lunch I made a Ham & Cheese sandwich with salad & lots of snacks  

     I actually forgot to drink my juice… So that’s still in the fridge at work for me to have tomorrow. 

    I’ve been thinking about our babies Christening a lot lately. Like… Would I have her or him Christened in the village where we live or would we have her Christened back where I’m from in the Church that we got married in. But… We’ve come up with an amazing little idea of when & where we’ll have it. We have chosen somewhere that means a lot to us personally ❤️ I just need to contact the parish council to sort out if it can be done & on the date we’d like it. We’ve always said we’d want the Christening to be before her first birthday. So it’ll definitely be well before that date. I already have an amazing lady in mind for making the cake too✨ 

    I’ve also been thinking of Baby Shower ideas… I know I’m thinking well ahead… But that’s what I do. I plan. I love to organise things & to have things set so I know when & where things are happening. I could never be slap dash or sporadic. I’m just not built way. I just already know that I’ll make my little Princess or Prince’s birthday parties sparkly magical events each year ✨💕 Eeeeeck… So exciting. 

    We’ve already decided on when we’d like to go on holiday next year. It’s such an exciting thought to think of going on holiday as a proper little family. 

    Tonight for tea I made a really quick & simple tea: LowFat Carbonara with Wholemeal Penne Pasta on a bed of Spinach – yum!  

     I cooked the ham yesterday so this was just what was leftover. I added it to a wok with some garlic, green peppers & red onion. Then I stirred in some lightest Philadelphia. It was so super yummy for being a very quick & easy meal. 

    So now that Monday is drawing to a close, it means we’re one day closer to the weekend ✨ Plus – this weekend is a Bank Holiday – Yey! I love a long weekend. Hopefully if the weather is nice on Monday, we’ll go for a little walk & maybe have some lunch out. I love little date days with my hubster ❤️ 

    Another thing to be giddy about this weekend is the fact that Aldi have a special buy on Dyno LetraTag machines & label cassettes!!! I already have a pink LetraTag… But I could do with some replacement cassettes. They’re so handy to have around the home. But being a Library worker – I get ridiculously giddy about such things. All respectable library workers need a Dymo lol. The LetraTag prints onto iron on fabric as well as plastic tape. So that’s super handy for kids clothing!  

     I’d really recommend that you all head over to Aldi on Thursday to get a Dymo! 

    Tonight I’ve got some Greek Yogurt in to brew  

     Everyday at work, one of my colleagues brings natural yogurt & frozen morello cherries in to work & it always looks so super yummy!!! I’ve always got major food envy! Honestly – I’m practically in that little tub snaffling it before she can lol. So… I decided that I needed to jump on the cherries & yoggie band wagon!  

     So… That’s my mid-morning snack sorted out for tomorrow! 😋

    Well… I shall leave this post here.

    Thanks again for reading & enjoy the rest of your evening! 

    Love & Huggles,

    Hayley xxx