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Domestic Goddess Powered by GTECH

20 Nov

Hi folks,

You all know that I love a gadget… & you all know that I’m all for an easy life. I love anything that will make my life easier & will save me time. Time that could be spent, well… doing anything other than housework really.

Over the last few years I’ve had a love hate relationship with the dreaded housework. I’m a bit of a clean & germ freak. I seem to spend my life cleaning & dettoling every surface within an inch of its life. Even more so now that Seth is a toddler & pretty much into everything & seems to leave a trail of crumbs in his wake. Cleaning & hoovering is just something that needs to be done daily in our house. But hoovering for me has been a big no no for the last few years. You may all remember that a few year back I had 3 surgeries on my back. Which means the prolonged arch & bend of your back you have to sustain whilst hoovering is just impossible for me. That was until I was introduced to the GTECH Power Floor!

This nifty little lightweight gadget has turned it all around. We live in a 4 bedroom detached house which means… a lot of cleaning! Especially when you have a little boy & Chihuahua in tow. Most rooms in our house are carpeted, but a few are tiled & 3 others are wooden. The Power Floor can literally tackle them all with ease!

The Gtech Power Floor quickly and easily transforms from a floor vacuum to a handheld cleaner. I’m 5ft8’ & this vacuum allows me to hoover in the floor vacuum position with hardly no bending or arching required. It’s also super lightweight. A 4hr charge will give you 20mins of life. I can hoover my large lounge, dining room, big kitchen, utility room, downstairs bathroom & lobby all in under 20 mins!!!! Thats how quick & easy this vacuum really is. There’s no trailing cods or having to plug in, in one room then plug in another as the cord won’t reach etc… It’s completely cordless. Just amazing! It’s simply a must-have when you have children & pets. There’s no worry of them grabbing the cord etc… As it’s so adaptable, I can transform into a handheld in a matter of seconds & quickly hoover Coco’s Dog bed & nip to the car & Hoover Seth’s car seat! And it’s simply perfect for hoovering the stairs!

My lounge hosts many a playdate… so it’s amazing for tidying up after the little ones have been running riot. Gtech’s unique and patented AirLOC system* means the new Power Floor is not just great at picking up dust and fine debris but is designed to pick up larger objects too – fab for picking up those stray cheerios! It also has little headlights that will illuminate the way making smaller bits on the floor easier to spot. We actually had a glitter explosion yesterday on the lounge carpet (seriously – don’t ask) & the Power Floor was amazing at picking it all up & the little headlights even made it easy to spot every last speck of glitter!

I have to laugh, as myself & the hubster have actually been arguing & fighting over who gets to hoover lol. I think he loves this vacuum just as much as me. So… if you want your other half to start contributing more to the housework… maybe this little nifty gadget is just the answer.

With Christmas just around the corner – this would make a fab gift. You can purchase direct from the GTECH website for £249.99. With that you will receive free delivery within the UK as well as a 2 year guarantee. Also, if you buy it, try it & you decide that its simply not for you (I can’t imagine anyone would think that) you can received a full refund or exchange within the first 30 days! I mean – you can’t say fairer than that – can you?

I have to confess that I’ve had friends over just to give them a demo of the new fantastical vacuum in my life lol. Yes… I have become that person lol. But honestly… I can do a full tidy & hoover all 6 rooms downstairs in under 20 mins! AMAZING! This new vacuum has saved me so much time & hassle & it’s even reduced my pesky back pain. I simply could not live without this household item… it is a sure MUST HAVE!

Thank you as always for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Moving Mayhem

24 Apr

Hi folks,

I’m soooooo sorry it’s been a fair few weeks since my last blog post. But… this has been such a stressful week. I’m literally never moving house ever again! I mean, it’s so worth it now as we have a gorgeous new home with so much space… but the actual packing & moving part… stinks! Big time! Uber stress!

So… where do I start!? First of all… packing up your whole entire home with a one year old is just so hard. As I was packing a box… Seth was unpacking another lol. I always thought I was pretty good at multitasking & juggling my time with mammy-ing & working… but wowzers… doing all that & moving house is like another level! Let’s just say that over the last few weeks I’ve been doing well with McDonalds Monopoly. In fact… our first meal in our new home was a  MacD’s whilst sitting on the floor lol. Honestly though… the healthy eating has so gone out of the window… I’ve eaten so much junk t’s unreal. The side effects of that… a massive ulcer in my mouth & a huge spot on my forehead. Just awful!!! Now we’re moved in… healthy eating has resumed.

Moving day… I was so super organised for moving day. How can anything go wrong??? Everything is boxed & labelled. There’s a concise list of everything & where it needs to be. The moving company & movers are booked. On hand ‘chihuahua’ sitting is arranged for Coco. Seth’s Nana & Granda are here to take him out for the day… it’s a fool proof plan! Surely nothing can possibly go wrong… or can it? Why yes! Everything can go completely out the window. So… the movers were 4 & a half hours late! I mean… really! They were 4 & half hours late! When they eventually rocked up, my anxiety was just through the roof. Then… when they did arrive they insulted my dog!!! I had to leave the house at that point & just head to our new house.

The whole day just seemed to last forever. I assigned myself the job role of chief co-ordinater. I literally stood & pointed where everything needed to be carried too. I think my heart was in my mouth the moment I saw my Samsung American Style Fridge freezer with no doors on. They had to pretty much take it apart to get it out of our old pantry & in to our new pantry. I just do not understand how we have moved to a bigger house but we still have stuff in boxes with no home! How does that even work???

I did a Facebook Live tour of our new house & it just struck me that I should really do a Youtube tour of the house so I can pop it on here for you all to see. That shall be on my to do list!

We still have so many boxes to unpack. We need to buy new curtains, new curtain poles… all sorts! We also need a wall bracket for our tv in the bedroom. But… at least we have our Sky Fibre back & Sky Q! It felt like we were living in Victorian Britain with no internet!!! Running a business from home wth no internet is mighty hard. But it also just highlights how much we actually rely on our mobile devices & being connected. It’s kind of bad really.

So, now we have made the move… we just have a long list of things that need to be done to make it 100% like home. But, I have to say that already I feel so settled. Seth is loving all the new space & his new big bedroom. At our old house Seth had a really small room. But here – his room is so big. It’s a big double bedroom. I shall take lots of pics once we have sorted every room. I’m just far too excited… can you tell!?

What’s coming up??? Well… I have so many reviews coming up! Stay tuned for a review on the new Joie Every Stage Car Seat. I’m also heading down to London next month… stay tuned for that… it’s promising to be a fun trip! I’ll also be reviewing some goodies from the ELC. I’ve also got a fab review coming up for Bearfaced Groceries . I’ve got the most scrumptious review to write on Appleby Crafts. Oooooh & a lovely review of Melting Creations. And… a review of Music Bugs!!!! So… lots of reviews!

Not only do I have lots of reviews coming up… but it’s also my birthday in 2weeks times… along with my hubsters too! If the weather is nice I can see a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park happening. I love that place! Fingers crossed I get the bag I’ve been not so subtly hinting for!!!

Right then.. I shall leave this post here. I need to go & start making lists… lists of every deadline I have & how I’m gonna meet it! Thanks so much for reading & sticking with me whilst I’ve been up in the air & away with the fairies on this move!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Victorian Hydro

5 Jul

Hi folks ✨
I’ve been trying & testing some new scents. Victorian Hydro make & handpour their very own candles & melts. I was sent a lovely a package of wax melts in a variety of scents. 

Sometimes I feel like I buy the same kind of fragrances… Very sweet & generally food related. Cookie or ice cream etc… Well the scents I was sent were like a breath of fresh air. Lovely fragrant scents, but not too overpowering or overly sweet. I’m a big fan of their Opium scent, Jasmine & Patchouli & Raspberry & Peppercorn. I’m a huge fan of Molton Brown Black Peppercorn showergel… The Raspberry & Peppercorn is very reminiscent of it. Fresh & clean with a hint of spice. 

The scents I received: 

  • Opium
  • Raspberry & Peppercorn
  • Violet Seduction
  • Alpine Forest
  • Nut Cracker 
  • Orange Zest
  • English Rose
  • Fireside
  • Musk & Sandalwood
  • Amber Noir
  • Jasmine & Patchouli 

The Alpine Forest & Orange Zest are very Christmassy. As you all know – I LOVE Christmas. Alpine Forest was just like Christmas Trees & Wreaths. I love that smell. Orange Zest made me think of the Orange you find at the bottom of the toe of your Christmas stocking. 

All of the scents melted really well – no black smoke or fumes. You know my pet hate for black smoke coming from candles & melts. Some of the better known brands seem to be chemically & smokey… These were not. They melted so well. When melting I used a regular Tealight that lasted around 3hrs. Each scent I managed to use 4 times before the smell started to fade! I thought that was really good. Especially as a wax melt is priced at 60p!!! Amazing value for money! 

With Wedding Season upon us, these melts would be amazing as favours for your guests.

I really enjoyed trying this brand. The scent combinations were lovely & different to the norm. Even more sensitive noses enjoyed them… My Chihuahua Coco sometimes sneezes when I’m burning a scented candle. There’s just certain brands & scents I can’t burn now, but Coco didn’t sneeze once while using Victorian Hydro.

You can find them on Facebook or via their Website.

Thanks for reading & happy candle shopping! ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Feeling scared by the word ‘hysterectomy’… But the glass is definitely half full!

22 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Wowzers… Only 3 more sleeps to go!!! How exciting is that!? I’m super excited!!! I’m such a Christmassy soul 🎄

 We had such a lovely relaxed date night last night… It was just what we needed. But… after all that horrendously naughty pizza… I’m craving clean, healthy foods! So today is gonna be spent eating well. I got on the scales this morning & I’ve gained 11lbs – not from the pizza lol, but since the strt of my pregnancy. I’m 26wks pregnant today… so I’m hoping I can continue with only little gains. Then once he’s here… you can all join me on my weightloss journey back to my before figure. 

 I need to tell you all about a fab-tastic night cream I’ve been kindly sent by Birchbox HQ. Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Cream. It’s priced at £26 for 40ml & right now that includes free shipping. Now… That’s not bad when you think of how expensive some premium brands are… & then for a supermarket/pharmacy own brand you’re gonna pay around £15. I have very pink skin. Most things will make it either very pink or red… especially after a shower. I have lost count of the brands I’ve tried in the past. But this one is most definitely a keeper. It’s really thick – but isn’t greasy. It’s almost like an overnight face mask, but completely absorbs in. It smells amazing too. I don’t know how, but it’s really calmed my skin tone down a lot. I can’t recommend it enough. (Please excuse my naked face in the pic) 

Eeeeeck… So I’m 26wks pregnant. That’s only 14wks left to go. But for me I’ll be meeting our little boy sooner than that. As you all already know, I’ll be having a planned c-section at around 36 to 37wks. I needed one anyway with what is wrong with my back, but now with my fibroid’s & along with the infection, it’s safer to have a c-section. I want my Mam to be here for when I go into hospital. If I had of been having a natural birth – my Mam would’ve been my second birthing partner, but obviously with a section you can have only one. Of course I want my gorgeous hubster to be there. Like any operation I’ve had in the past, I’m understandably scared. But I think more so now as I’m scared for my baby too. But I’m also scared for my hubster. We’ve been told by my consultant that they will do everything possible to allow me to be awake during the birth, but, with any fibroids – there is a massive risk of hemorrhaging, even more so for me, due to the infection, the amount of fibroids I have & the size of them. They said if I begin to hemorrhage my hubster will be removed from the theatre & I will be knocked out. I just know how panicked Graham will be. At least if my Mam is there, she can be there to hold his hand & be a support. She’s s amazing in a drama… She was a rock for us while I was having my leg surgeries as my hubster was a lecturer at the time & couldn’t just take time off to be with me. I’ll feel less scared knowing my Mammy & Hubster are there close by. The other thing we found out at my last meeting was that removing the fibroids when they’re this big is a very risky operation. Again down to the amount of blood loss & the damage it can do to your womb. So, he’s recommended that if we want more children, to not wait too long to try again… then they recommend a hysterectomy. I could literally cry every time I hear that word. I just feel far too young to even consider such a big operation. So I think after baby number two (hopefully) I’ll ask for guidance on just living with the condition the way I am. All I think now is just how lucky I am to be pregnant. With everything stacked against me… This little prince so wants to be part of our lives 💙 It’s just another reason why I’m feeling more drawn back to the Northeast… I think with my family closer by I’ll feel better. I’ve dealt with medical drama & surgeries before… so I’m sure I can do it again. Just like being pregnant again won’t phase me either… Pain & recovery just doesn’t frighten me anymore. I’ll do it in a heart beat to have another miracle. I’m just so happy I lost the bulk of my weight before any of this, because being the size I was would’ve made this so much harder to cope with. 

 On that healthier note… It’s a vegetarian day today in the Thorne household. I’m going to make a tomato & spinach pasta bake with a nice side salad for tea tonight. I may even push the boat out & do some garlic bread lol. I do enjoy naughty treat food, but I always feel bloated the next day & start craving healthy foods. I think I’m just so used to a new healthier diet these days.

Well, I’m going to leave this post right here ✨

Thanks for reading & hello to my new readers in Singapore ☺️ my stats seems to be booming right now… So thank you!!! 

 Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Wonderful Weekends

7 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Wow… well this weekend has been a fantastical one… It’s been spent with loved ones… Just the way I like it. As you all know, it was a little touch & go whether my parents would would be able to make it for the weekend with my Dad being poorly. Normally they’d travel down on a Friday evening, but because my Daddy has been poorly they arrived on Saturday morning instead,  after picking up a much needed prescription. Then they headed on down to chilly South Yorkshire. I already had my dining table set up for our North Pole Breakfast… well actually… it became more of a brunch after all of the initial cuddling & gossiping we did as they arrived. My mammy made us an amazing Christmas cake & a gorgeous Apple Bakewell Tart. So… we basically drank tea… drank mango juice… ate Christmas Tree shaped crumpets & various sweet treats I’d purchased from Ocado. The Heston Blumenthal mince pies were truly delicious & worth every penny! Even though they’d proved a controversial choice to my parents as they’re fond of the ‘traditional’ mince pie… but… they were totally converted. They’re worth every penny!

My Mammy is so talented… The hours of work she has spent knitting some beautiful garments, along with pram blankets & a Royal sleeping bag. I’m not a big lover of ‘blue’… So she’s made the sleeping bag in the most gorgeous mint green. It’s simply stunning. Already his little wardrobe is building. I love homemade knitwear… It’s just so personal & full of love. Sometimes tradition is the way forward. I can’t wait to see what she does with the Christening cape I’ve asked her to knit.

During brunch I received a special delivery from MAM UK They’ve sent me an amazing Breastfeeding Starter Kit. Such a lovely company to deal with… I cannot recommend them enough. (See my blog post ‘Mammy to Be’ for a full in depth review of MAM UK.)

 Normally when my parents visit we go out & about & shopping… but we decided upon a really relaxed ‘stay at home’ Saturday. I wasn’t gonna argue at that, since I’m still a bit under the weather. It was lovely just spending much needed quality time together surrounded by Christmassy-ness & Christmas Music.

Ooooh, we did pop out though to put the lotto on & to pop into Sainsbury’s to buy Mog’s Christmas Calamity. I bought a one for my little niece & a one for Baby T. It’s by Judith Kerr who wrote came to tea. At least £2 of the proceeds from Mogs Christmas Calamity go to Save the Children – helping Children with literacy. An amazing worthwhile charity. Go get your copy before they all sell out!!!

 With my appetite being a little up & down & obviously with my new Crock Pot purchase… I decided home cooked healthy food was the way forward & I opted to test drive the Crock Pot. I made a Moroccan inspired Pork Stew & served alongside couscous… it was divine! You can find all of my recipes via Facebook on my Diet Page. Every plate was literally clean… so it’s safe to say that my recipe & the Crock Pot were a major success! I have to say though… That I needn’t have bothered with the homemade food & all of my little decorations, as the star of the show seemed to be my Lindt chocolate Santa place settings lol… Honestly my mam & Dad just loved them so much! They are pretty neat little things & would be great for parties or Christmas Weddings… either as favours or place settings or both! I bought mine for £4 for two packs. Each Santa is individual with a little place to add someone’s name.

 The rest of the evening was spent cozied up chatting & drinking hot drinks.

Sunday morning seemed to come so quick… So that meant my Mam & Dad were packing up & ready for their drive back up to Durham. They always leave pretty early on a Sunday, to give me & the hubster a day to ‘us’ over the weekend. I mean, when you’re working full time Mon – Fri… It is nice to have some time to spend together & to have a chill out before Monday morning arrives again.

Although… I had a busy Sunday a head of me in the shape of Carol’s Surprise Hen Party. Around 10 of us headed up to The Earl of Doncaster for a Champagne Afternoon Tea… Although mine was ‘lemonade’ based rather than Champagne. Oh how I miss my sparkles… It’s all for a good cause though. It was so lovely. It was exactly what Carol wanted… Fancy, Low Key & Christmassy. There was a pianist in the corner of the large room singing Christmassy tunes… It was just really lovely. But obviously… we all ate far too much… Oooops!

When I got home I was very much ready to slip straight into my Christmassy PJs & cuddle up with the hubster & the Chi. Coco was actually sat waiting for me to come home… She’s such a little sweetheart! No early night was on the cards though with it being the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ final!!! And of course Vicky won it! I’m so chuffed she won it… I really do love her zest. She’s super funny too. A very deserving winner in my eyes with all of the trials she completed. I’d be no good in the jungle lol… I like my creature comforts too much & I’m so not brave when it comes to insects, no make up & curly hair! lol… Eeeeck living without my hair straighteners for me would be an utter nightmare! Did you know that I have 3 pairs of GHDs, 1 pair of She & 1 pair of Kodo just in case one breaks??? lol… seriously… curly locks isn’t a good look for me lol.

So after a busy Sunday… I was very tired this morning & of course needed my Choccocino for when I got to my desk. This week also marks my last week before beginning my Christmas Holidays… followed by annual leave… followed by maternity leave. So as of this Friday I shall be off work until February 2017! Can you actually believe that!? So you can expect lots more blogging & fabulous reviews as I’m currently working with some fantastic companies right now.

 Today just randomly turned into a ‘meatfree’ Monday. I do try & make us at least one vegetarian meal a week as I’m conscious of having too much meat in our diet. Lunch was a lovely homemade salad of lettuce, rocket, cucumber, peppers, olives & mixed veg cous cous.

 Tea was vegetable fajita’s… So nice.

I’m still trying to be healthy with ‘most’ of my food choices during this pregnancy.

Tomorrow is gonna be pretty exciting… The hubster is off work all day as we’re having our new carpets fitted!!! We’re having new carpet in the lounge, porch, stairs, landing & the nursery. I’m so glad that we could schedule it in before Christmas. I just can’t wait to have everything all nice & neat & tidy in time for Christmas. I’ve literally wanted new carpets since we moved in, in March. But there just seemed bigger things to do before the carpets. I think next Summer will see the dining room & lounge being totally re-decorated & possibly new double glazing… we shall see!

 Well… I shall leave this post here.

Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,


Hayley xxx



Saturday So Far…

25 Jul

Hi Everyone ✨

I hope you’re all having a fantastical Saturday so far ☺️ 

Well… So far I’ve had a relaxing yet productive Saturday. I was up fairly early as the hubby has gone out hiking in Edale. 

This morning started with a Yorskhire Brew  

I was in the shower early on as I had an Ocado delivery coming. And of course I didn’t want to look like a scary mess when the delivery driver arrived. Poor Matt got a right shock when he came this morning to pick Graham up up for their hike. I was sporting some rather wild bed head hair lol. It wasn’t a good look. 

Since I’m not actually leaving the house today – I’ve gone for comfy clothes & fairly neutral make up.

   I just love our new house so much… It makes me want to just stay at home & relax in the house & garden ❤️ I never felt like that in either of our apartments. I mean, I loved living there at the time – but we used to go out a lot as it just wasn’t as homely as our new house is. It’s just so spacious & big & cozy ✨ I still can’t get my head around having spare bedrooms, an attic & loads of saturate. Apartment living makes you uber tidy & minimal. We literally have cupboards & drawers totally empty. In fact – the third bedroom is completely empty too. I so appreciate having lots of space. 
I got some really good bargains from Ocado. I love their products so much & the customer service is always utterly amazing  

 I’m literally loving Shearer pillar candles right now. I have Vanilla in the dinning room & Lime & in the lounge. They’re on offer right now with Ocado. (I got my candle holders from Wilko’s.) Another good offer is on Voss Mineral Water. The bottles are lovely for reusing too. So now my Fridge & both freezers are fully stocked up ☺️ 

After putting the shopping away I made myself a grilled unsmoked back bacon sandwich with lashings of HP sauce. It was so yummy  

So… Now I’m chilling out snuggling the Chihuahua & watching Toy Story 💕 I really hope the weather gets a little sunnier as we’re having a BBQ this afternoon. It just seems as though Summer has gone already. 

Well, I’m gonna leave this post right there. 

Enjoy the rest of your day ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Oooooo… That Friday feeling ✨

24 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s been quite a busy week. I’m so glad that it’s Friday & that the weekend has finally landed. I really need to get back to blogging daily, as when I leave it for a few days I have to do an epic recap of my week lol. 

Well this week marked the start of the new restructure at work. It actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. In fact… Dare I say that I actually quite liked it!? It was good to see the LTS department whom we are now sharing an office space with. It was also good to see the technicians from our IT department – who we are also sharing an office space with. I’m a socialable person, so it’s nice working with a big team. This coming week though, I shall be back at my beloved University Site ❤️ It’s always going to be my favourite place to work as it holds such good memories for me & the team I’ve worked with there for so long have made the place feel so safe & like home. The HM family vibe is still gonna carry on ✨ I don’t care what anyone says… They’re not my work colleagues – they’re my friends. Just like one big family we all stick together & support each other. 

So… Here’s a rundown of my make up, breakfast, lunch & dinner choices over this week lol:  


Today I’m having a well earned day off… So I get to enjoy a little extended weekend. I so needed a break since it was such a hectic weekend last week. All I’ve done today is snuggle with the Chihuahua. Oh & wash & straighten my hair which in itself is an epic task! My hair is so long, thick & curly! Oh & then… At lunch time Joe & Matt from work popped in for lunch & brought me a warm pork sandwich from the Deli in the Village – how nice is that!?  And for those of you who haven’t been to The Pantry in Sprotbrough Village – you are truly missing out! They stock some amazing Ales, Coffee, Cheeses, Bread… Etc… It’s just lovely. I’m so lucky to have it as my corner shop.

 Matt & Joe are good lads… Even if they do mock my taste in handbags & insist that kit kats aren’t biscuits lol. 

Later on this evening Rachey Roo & Michael are popping over for a catch up, giggles & drinkies ❤️ Me & Rachel always have such a giggle.

Tomorrow apparently it’s not gotta rain… So… It’s gonna be BBQ day! We’ve been promising Matt a BBQ in Thorne Gardens (yep… That’s my garden lol) for ages. So tomorrow is it. We have burgers… Kebabs… & like a million sausages in all different flavours. I’m also gonna make Matt drink his dandelion & burdock out of one of our girlie pink cocktail jars lol. They totally make drinks taste better!  

 I’m guessing we’ll also need the Chiminea on too… We wouldn’t want to get chilly would we?  

I’ve been really trying to eat well this week after the Wedding last weekend. I actually do feel so much better for it too. I’ve been drinking a lot of water too. It sometimes feel good to have a little detox. I’m gonna keep it up now I think… I’ve had far too many treats & indulgences lately. It’s time to knuckle down to a healthier me… Again. Plus… I have my vacation coming up in Novemener… Then a Wedding in December… Then another vacation in January… Then a Hen Party in July & then… I’m bridemaid again in August 2016! I’m so super excited ✨

Well, that’s all for now folks ✨💕

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday & as always… Thanks for reading ❤️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Living the dream in the south of France🇫🇷 

4 Jun

Hi All ☺️

Awww so this morning when I got up I had a lush little message on my diet page from a girl called Alicia… It proper brightened my day 

 I’m a total self doubter… So when I get little messages like this it proper boosts me ☺️ So thank you Alicia ❤️ 

This morning I was feeling a ‘neutrals’ kinda make up day… So I went with Naked 3. My fave palette was always Naked 1… But I have to say that of late I’ve been more drawn to Naked 3.  

I had a brief convo with Anna & Christine today about getting the perfect winged liner… I’m asked this a lot & I Know Niamh is always practicing. I’m seriously considering doing some YouTube tutorials. I always use a liquid liner to create my top line & wing. I don’t know why but it’s always come natural to me. Something to consider ☺️

        I went for the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Crayon  

I know High Beam by Benefit is kinda Old School these days… But I still bloody love it. I always just think of Kylie Minogue when I use it lol. I was 21 when I first got into Benefit Cosmetics… I remember the girl in House of Fraser telling me that Kylie used High Beam… I was hooked! So I’ve literally been using this product for like 12 year! Ha… Gosh that has made me feel proper old. 

Breakfast was my old faithful… WEETABIX  

 I had a proper busy morning this morning… I made a packed lunch of mackerel salad & then I threw together a chilli in the slow cooker for tonight’s tea  

   Since I work with amazing people… I decided to take some Marshmallows in to work as a wee treat.

I didn’t anticipate just how much of a conversation piece the mallows would be… We entered the great debate of FLUMPS vs MALLOWS! I have to say… That I’m a Mallow Girl! Although… I did like the Refreshers mallows… & to be fair they’re very ‘flump-ish’. But, after a Haribo vs Refresher mallows taster test, I decided that the Haribo Mallows were better than the Refresher flump mallow imposters. Joe disagreed though & thought the Refreshers were bestest… & since the Refresher ones were eaten waaaaay quicker than the Haribos… I guess everyone agreed with Joe lol. Who knew Marshmallows could be so interesting!? But then Sue G & Niamh threw a spanner in the works by declaring that they didn’t care much for FLUMPS nor Marshmallows! So Niamh feasted on Skittles whilst Sue G settled for a Twirl! Then the chocolate debate began… Wispa vs Twirl vs Flake vs Boost… You get the picture! Basically… It turns out that us library folk love a sweet of some description lol. 

So… When I got home from work I had a lovely Avon order waiting for me from my bezzie Kirsty.  

The Avon Supershock Eyeliner is literally my most fave kohl liner right now. It’s amazing! It lasts all day & it’s practically smudge proof! Avon generally have some kind of offer on it too so you can get it for less than £6… Utter bargain!  

I love Avon bubbles & I love the room sprays too. 

It’s been such a gorgeous day here in South Yorkshire. I love living in Sprotbrough Village… With all of the old stone buildings & quirky little side streets & cottages… It feels like we’re living in South France. Especially in the beautiful Summer weather. It’s just so beautiful around here. I can’t wait to buy a new patio set & chiminea for the back garden.   

All of this gorgeous weather just makes you think of luscious chilled beverages….  

Chilled Pinot in my new chalice ❤️

Tea was utterly divine… Homemade low fat chilli with rice & fat free cottage cheese instead of soured cream!  

Coco has been so cute all evening… She’s been mostly hanging around pretending to be a Fruit Bat lol  

Look at her big ears… Awww she’s just so cute! I’ve always loved Chihuahuas. I always said I wanted a pet Chi, but my hubby has never been a fan. He always said they were ugly little things, but when I talked him into to seeing Coco… He just fell in love with her. I’ll never forget seeing her for the first time as a pup with her brother & sister… She was so teeny compared to the rest but she was so fiesty & such a diva… Oh we just fell in love! She may be tiny… Be she has such a BIG personality ❤️ She is my baby ❤️

Well… The weekend has almost landed! How exciting is that? I’m getting the sparkly feeling that good things are on the horizon… I hope my sparkle sensors don’t let me down… I’m hoping for good news this month. I’d love some sparkly news which means I can just celebrate all of the Summer with sparkles in my garden ✨ I’m exercising the “Positive things come to positive people” mantra. 

Have a fabulous evening folks & thanks so much for reading! Oh & thank you to my new readers in Switzerland, Luxembourg & Austria! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx