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Fit Fab Glammy Mammy

31 Jan

Hi folks,

I cannot believe that we’re already a month into 2018! What is that about? Time is literally zooming by so fast.

This last month we’ve made so many changes. We’ve done so many little DIY type things around the house… not like major things, but stuff that kinda niggles at you. So, we’ve changed the blind in our en-suite bathroom to a pink polka dot one. Way better than the bamboo style we had. We added a new blue blind in the family bathroom, and a blind & new curtains in the guest room… it really looks like a different room. We don’t have a fancy guest room or anything lol… it’s the smallest bedroom, but it accommodates a double bed really well. Since we don’t live anywhere near our family – we always need a comfy guest room. We’ve also emptied the spare room… it’s literally a blank canvas now. I’m hoping that sometime soon that may become a nursery… here’s hoping!

I’ve had a little change around in Seth’s room to make way for this birthday gift! Can you believe my little bear will be turning 2 in March!? He has so many toys & books… so rather than buying him more toys, we’ve decided to get him a bedroom TeePee! I’m so gonna make him a cool little boy fort where he can retreat too. It’s something he’ll be able to play with for years & years… I can’t wait!

We had a pretty bad leak before Christmas… nightmare! The en-suite shower started to leak & the water came running out of the light fittings downstairs. It’s all fixed now & there’s no damage to the ceiling… but there’s water marks… so our next job on the list will be to prime & paint that. Well… when I say ‘our’… I actually mean that the hubster will be doing it & I’ll be making the cups of tea lol.

January 8th marked the start of my ‘back to healthy eating’ plan. 3 weeks in & I’m 1 stone down!!! Thats totally insane isn’t it!? I really would love to lose another 2 stone. I’ve not been doing anything crazy… just literally cut out the bad foods & replaced them with the good healthy ones. I have my diet page over on Facebook where you can see all of my recipes & have a spy at what I eat day to day. It’s no secret that I’d simply love to have another baby. To do that, I need to be the healthiest I can be… so my motivating factors are being super healthy for Seth & the thought of getting pregnant again. I can be a better Mammy when I’m carrying less weight… because of my leg & back, I struggle somedays. Especially when I’m carrying extra weight. I have my eye on that size 12 goal & I’m not going to give up until I reach it.

Seth’s been pretty poorly this last week with a virus & conjunctivitis. Whenever he’s cutting a tooth, he always catches something bless him. It’s just awful when he’s poorly… You feel completely helpless. I’m hoping that he’s now on the mend. Kids… they’re nothing but a worry. Honestly… I just don’t think I knew proper worry until I became a Mammy.

Driving… ugh… where do I start. I don’t know if it’s my age or what, but honestly, learning to drive is super hard. I think it’s even worse coz I simply do not have time to do it because of lack of childcare with having no family around us. So I get 1hour per week & then sometimes I miss a good few weeks due to holidays etc… I’m hoping now I’m kinda on the home stretch… I’ve mastered roundabouts – I think lol. I’ve started my manoeuvres… its just honestly harder than I ever imagined. But, I’m not a quitter… I shall stick at it until I’m test ready & then passed. My instructor really does deserve a medal! lol.

So… what else have I been up too? Well, I’ve been keeping up with my new years resolution of doing more things for me – I’m still keeping to my getting my nails done routine. I actually love it… I feel more like the old me. It’s so easy to fall into the ‘Mammy Trap’ of just becoming super Mummsy. I mean, I wanna be a Mam… but still Hayley… A Fit Fab Glammy Mammy lol. So the next step is to start having nights out again… eeeeck!

What is 2018 going to bring??? Well… we have a seaside caravan holiday booked… 2 Center Parcs Holidays & a Center Parcs Day Trip for Seth’s Birthday. I’m also hoping it’ll bring my driving license lol… and… getting pregnant. I have my positive pants on & nothing is going to shatter that sparkle & determination. Lot’s to look forward too & lot’s to work toward!

Thanks so much for sticking with me folks. Oh, just in case you noticed… my website had a bit of a glitch & went offline apparently… but it should all be back up & running so I’m told. www.hayleythorne.co.uk

Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Travelling with Mirus

26 Mar

Hi folks

As you all know – it was Seth’s first birthday last week. Eeeeeck! So, to make his birthday a little more special, we decided to take him away to Center Parcs for a little birthday holiday. We had such an amazing time.

Holidaying with babies is much different than when it’s just you & your partner. I mean… I thought I packed a lot of stuff before, but when you have kids its a whole new ball game! There’s just so much to pack! Since we don’t have a transit van, we have to neatly pack everything into our Hyundai i30… Clothing, Travel Cot, Buggy, Toys, Toiletries etc… I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a buggy that will fold (using only 1 hand) into a standing position that can sit in the footwell of the backseat leaving the whole boot free. Well… if you like the sound of that… buy the Joie Mirus. If you’re reading this having a bit of a Ground Hog day experience… yes…I have already reviewed the Mirus. But, I did promise you all that I’d continue to review the Mirus so I can cover every single little detail.

  • What did I love about Mirus whilst holidaying? 

The best thing about the Mirus is how light it is but how substantial it is. So, when you’re on holiday, you don’t have room for your big bulky travel system as well as everything else you need to bring along with you. Well, we don’t anyways. So this buggy will fold using one hand & will comfortably fit in the footwell of our back seat. But for all it’s super light & very user friendly, it actually looks quite big once it’s folded out & Seth is sat in it. He also finds it super comfortable. You can full recline the seat & also, on the side of the headrest there are padded flaps either side so if your little one falls asleep with their head to the side they have support. The hood is always great for those unexpected Sunny days too. No need to carry a buggy parasol around with you for that just in case sunshine moment… the hood on the Mirus is so big that it’ll curve right over & pull right down to keep the sun off your little one.

  • Are there any special benefits?

YES!!! We eat out a lot, not just on holiday. But obviously while we were away – we ate out every single day. In restaurants you’re always limited for space, & once you have a highchair at the table & your buggy & all the bags you have to lug around with you when you’re a Mammy… you just feel like you’re hogging the whole place. So… how fab would it be to have a lovely little buggy that you can easily fold in seconds & tuck away snuggly to free up some space? I can’t even count how many restaurant staff said to me how brilliant our buggy was. Literally… one hand, click… it’s folded! No fancy footwork needed to press peddles… no fumbling around pulling levels & pressing buttons. One Mammy actually came up to me in Hucks Diner & asked what make our buggy was… where could she buy a one & how much. She was mega excited to get home & order one lol.

  • Could we live without it?

NO! As most of you know – I’ve had numerous surgeries on my back & on my right leg. I can’t really manage anything too heavy & too clunky. Our little Mirus is superb on going up & down curbs. Pushing it through Sherwood Forest on grass, paths, gravel, wood chip… you name it… it was a doddle. The basket is super spacious too for a buggy. So I’m able to pop Seth’s back pack in there no problem along with rain cover & any shopping I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve also got myself a buggy buddy clip to hang my handbag on. The push bar is comfortable & just a nice width too. Also, don’t forget that you can move the push bar to switch between forward & rear facing. I use our Mirus forward facing purely because Seth is super nosey lol.

Let’s talk money… surely something so convenient & fantastical must cost a fortune? WRONG! The Mirus retails for around £120. You can buy from places such as: Boots, Babies R Us, Kiddicare, Mothercare etc… Right now Mothercare have the Mirus on offer for £80! I spotted that this weekend.

If you’re looking for an everyday buggy that’s affordable, great for holidays & isn’t too big & bulky… this is for you!

I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Thanks so much for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Barry M and it’s Fri’Yay’!

29 Jan

Hi folks ✨

Well what an up & down week its been! I’ve just not been well at all… **WHINGE ALERT** I seem to be suffering with sickness again & pregnancy sickness is so not like having a bug… you can literally spew one minute then eat a jar of gherkins the next! I’m also not sleeping well at all with the pain from the infection in my fibroids & the pain in my hips… So I’m literally the mardiest person in the world right now lol. My midwife is great though & such a massive support. She’s also great at putting my mind at ease. So since I’ve been feeling kinda poo… I’ve not been up to much.

Wednesday was spent watching Netflix… I couldn’t help but be sucked into ‘Making a Murderer’… I really do recommend it. I began watching it with a skeptical head on… But wowzers it’s a gripping watch!

This week I received a gorgeous metallic pink package from Barry M. They kindly sent me their new Nail Care Range. I literally could not wait to rip open the packaging to give it a whirl. 

 In the pack I received:

  • Super Mani 7in1 Treatment
  • Iron Mani Ultimate nail Hardener
  • Mani Mask Camouflage, Colour & Condition in Birthday Suit & Bashful

I keep my nails quite short just as I find them easier to maintain & manage in day to day life. These products were so lovely to use… the shape of the actual brush is lovely & makes painting your nails really easy. The brush is very good quality – no straggly bristles. I started off using the 7in1 treatment of which I used 2 coats. It creates such a high shine that you could actually just use this on its own to make your nails look super healthy & well manicured. Now, I’m not a naked or nude nail kinda girl… I’m very much into bold colours. But I decided to give birthday suit a go. The results look gorgeous. Both Mani Mask polishes have a matte finish… So I decided to use Iron Mani as a top coat to give a strong shiny finish. My nails look beautiful & super healthy. Even the hubster said my nails looked ‘professional & classy’! 

 Each of these products are priced at £3.99!!! I just cannot believe how good the prices are! You can buy these products from most Boots & Superdrug stores. I’ve tried nail polishes way more expensive than these ones… But these are just as good quality… if not better! I am most definitely a big fan of this brand now!

The latest editions of Elle & Elle Decoration were sent out this week too… but I haven’t gotten round to reading them cover to cover just yet. 

I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling much better by tomorrow as I’m off shopping for new specs! I’m so overdue new glasses it’s unreal. So I think it’s only right that I get 2 new pairs. Expect lots of upcoming spec selfies.

So, as you can see… I’ve really not been up to much… I’m actually writing this post from my bedroom whilst wearing my PJs. I never have a proper duvet day… That’s how unwell I’m feeling. Coco is with me though keeping me company… well… I say that… she’s actually snoring in her little nighttime bed lol.  

So far this morning I’ve organised my hospital bag so it’s ready for when I go in to have the little Prince 💙 I’ve also tried to organised my dressing table a little better too.  

 Ooooooh, I’ve also been checking out the Cath Kidston sale for a new bag that I can take into hospital with me so it’ll match my Weekened Bag & Diaper bag which are both Cath Kidston too. I don’t mind that they’re all not the same pattern… I kinda like the mis-matchey look. 

 I’m in the process of reviewing Valentte London… so please keep a look out for that review coming soon. 

 Oh & don’t forget to check out my new website: www.hayleythorne.co.uk

Thanks again for reading! 💕

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx