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MOTs and Meaningful Moments 

31 Jan

Hi folks ✨ 

I hope you all had a great Saturday yesterday. We went on a jolly to Barnsley. I decided it was about time to treat myself to some new spectacles. I never ever wear my glasses… well… only when I’m ill. I’m a dedicated contact lens wearer. But since becoming pregnant, I’ve found that I cannot tolerate them all day like I once could. I don’t know if my eye’s are more dry or if it’s because I’m tired from not sleeping. Whatever the reason… I’m finding that I’m wearing my glasses like at least 4 days out of 7 a week. I really despise my glasses… I’ve had them for such a long time & I think I’m just bored of them. Plus, I have mega bad eyesight, so I need ultra thin lenses too.

My hubser is a glasses wearer & he suits them so much. So… I decided to bite the bullet & go get a spectacle makeover. We went to iVision in Barnsley & they were utterly suberb! The staff are so nice & friendly. I think I’ve most definitely found my new opticians. I’ve never really had an opticians in Doncaster… It’s so naughty but I just buy my contact lenses  & never bother with eye tests etc… Such a bad habit of mine… I’m a very “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” kinda person. But now I’m going to be a Mammy, I need to practice the mantra orfpreservation & staying in tip top health. My little boy needs a strong healthy Mammy 💙You know I lost all that weight to be healthy inside… so I need to extend that to all aspects of my being. 

Since becoming pregnant I feel as though I’ve had such a massive MOT. I’ve registered with a new Dentist in my Village who is amazing & my teeth are in tip top shape. I’ve had every test going on my glucose levels, cholesterol & heart, & because of the weight-loss – everything is spot on. Now I’ve had my eyes checked & tested & they’re actually slightly better. So I’m very happy with my Mammy MOT. Oh & you’ll have to wait until next week for some speccy selfies as my lenses needed to be ordered in to stock… coz I’m special lol. I can’t even remember the makes I’ve ordered. But they are both beautiful… One pair is Black & White & the other is Purple.

It was hail stoning in Barnsley yesterday which is like the closest thing to snow in my eyes… so I was pretty excited with that. Since we didn’t have to wait around while my glasses were made, we headed back to Donny for lunch. We headed straight to the Mallard in the Frenchgate Centre. I was such a hungry Piglet that I forgot to take a pic of my food!!! 🐽 I literally just hoovered up my Piri Piri Fajitas. After lunch & 2 glasses of sugar free lemonade – we headed to Accessorize for a bobble – Graham thought that was hilarious… That we went ‘bobble’ shopping. I ended up buying some little grippy clips – nothing super exciting. 

 It started snowing pretty much as soon as we got home. Where we live is much higher than the town centre, so the wind chill is way worse here. The snow didn’t last though unfortunately ❄️ I also had a parcel waiting for me too from W7. They sent me a lovely little bundle of things to try & review

  • Argan Eyes Mascara in Black
  • Big Blusher/Powder Brush
  • Chunky Lips Crayon in Spontaneous
  • Honolulu Bronzing Powder

I’ll be reviewing those products as soon as possible 💄 

 I’ve also ordered me & Baby T (yes… it was totally an essential purchase for the baby… lol) the Kingswood Rose Big Leather Trim Tote. I wanted it for hospital & to match Baby T’s diaper bag for when we’re out & about. Plus, it was an uber bargain being reduced down from £75 to £32. I love Cath Kidston… her products are such good quality & totally timeless too. My brown Michel Kors purse won’t really match it, but I have a lovely baby pink Jasper Conran purse that will match it perfectly. I do love it when a winning combo comes together lol ✨ 

 My purse was also a bargain as it was in the sale… But also had a glue mark on the front. So I haggled a little… The RRP was like £80 or something. The sale price was £38 but we paid a mere £18.50. Haggling for  a good bargain used to scare me… but if you’re nice & polite & have a legitimate reason – whats the harm. They can only say no. 

 Hey presto… the glue came off the soft leather with a good old Johnsons Baby Wipe. 

 I so love a bargain. You all know that I love a bit of glamour… But I love it more when it’s at a cheap affordable rate. Being a first time Mammy to Be – we’ve had a LOT of expense getting everything ready for the little Prince’s arrival 💙… so bargains are much needed in the glam & beauty department for Mammy & Daddy lol.

Being married to my best friend, soul mate & lover is the most amazing thing in the world ❤️ All of my surgeries brought us closer too… I didn’t think we could be anymore close. But now we have this little miracle growing… I just feel so overwhelmed with love, connection & adoration. We’ve shared some amazing meaningful moments over the 11 years of knowing one another, but now we seem to be more in tune with each other more than ever. Romance seems to be occurring all of the time in the teeniest of situations. I was never one of these girls who from being little wanted a baby. I’ve watched friends & family become parents & it’s never really bothered me. But one day it just clicked… I looked at my hubster & thought “yep… I want your babies”. Sounds soppy I know – but that’s how it happened. It’s only taken us 5 years to achieve that dream & I couldn’t feel more blessed. This journey is something I will never ever take for granted 💙  

 Righteo… well I shall leave this bloggy post right here.

Have a superb Sunday & thanks for reading. It’s lovely seeing new countries popping up on my stats ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx 


Hark the Herald Angels Sing

21 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Today is mine & the hubsters 4th Wedding Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 4 year since I walked down the aisle to “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. But then again in some ways it seems longer… Purely because of everything we’ve had to deal with since we got married.

 During the last 4 years… I’ve undergone 6 surgeries & my hubster has been there by my side during every single one. He’s been amazing during my recovery. He’s also been there & supported me during my weightloss journey too. When he met me I was a UK size 10… when he married me I was a UK size 24… I got down to a UK size 12… & now I’m pregnant I’m a bump-a-licious size 14/16. So he’s literally loved me at every size. I have no doubt he’ll be there for me when I’m losing my baby weight. We’ve been though a lot… but it’s made us even more close. I’m just so excited to start our new chapter with our little boy 💙

Even at 26wks pregnant I’m lighter & thinner than I was on my hen party!

 I never in a million years thought we’d be in the position to be getting ready to have our little boy. With the size I had become then with my last 3 operations… I just thought it was going to be an impossible dream to achieve. I just feel so lucky 🍀

The hubster had to work today… so I had a quiet day at home with Coco. She was super excited when a package arrived for her from Top CollarTop Collar are a fantastic company who bake fresh, healthy dog treats. Coco will be passing on her thoughts to me so I can write a full review of their yummy treats. But on first impressions… Coco seemed well impressed… & she’s one hard pooch to please!

 One mini victory achieved today… I ate cereal! Since becoming pregnant I’ve really not fancied cereal at all… but this morning I had some Alpen granola & really enjoyed it. I’m glad as you can’t beat cereal for a simple hassle free breakfast.

 I also tried my new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani make up palette this morning too. I absolutely love it!!! I used Pop & Blackout as my chosen shades. I have Naked 1,2 & 3 along with Naked Smoky… I have to say that this one is by far my favourite. Priced at £40 it’s such a good buy… 15 shades for this price. There’s no fall out from the shadows & the longevity of the shadow is fantastic. I can’t believe the hubster surprised me with this gift.

More work has been done tonight on my up & coming website! It’s starting to look really good… I’m so happy with it. You’ll be able to find it at: www.hayleythorne.co.uk once it goes live. For now that link will just direct you straight back to this blog. Eeeeeck it’s a bit exciting. For now, if anyone would like to contact me about reviews you can contact me via: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email me at: IxxyPoco@gmail.com The website will feature all of my social channels & I’ll be hosting reviews on their too… along with this blog. So everything will be in one place altogether making it a lot more neat & tidy.

So… for our first Wedding Anniversary spent at home we’ve opted for a snuggly date night with Dominoes Pizza & I’m on the pink lemonade since I can’t drink proper sparkles. Normally we’d be going away for a night or two to celebrate… But decided that this year we’d stay at home with me being up & down with pregnancy related sickness & now also with Coco recovering from her operation. 


 Coco was sent a gorgeous little gift off Rachel who works with my hubster… a gorgeous little peach knit scarf. I had to open it as Coco started to nibble through the paper… she blatantly knew it was for her. She looks so gorgeous in it all wrapped up. Thank you so much Rachel!!! 

Well… I’m gonna leave this post right there.

Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx




Daddies are Amazing… Mammies too! 

26 Sep

Hi Folks ✨

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m curled up on my cuddler snuggling Coco watching TV. Makes me sad since it’s so sunny outside ☀️ But… At least I’m ill for a good reason. As you’ve probably guessed – I’m still being sick… A lot. I was up all night again being sick. Although… I’ve been majorly cheered up this morning with some gifts.  

   My lovely neighbour Maureen bought me some lovely roses as a little ‘Get Well’ gift. She’s so thoughtful. We’re so lucky to have such lovely neighbours. We lived in an apartment for 7 years, but our neighbours were rude & just didn’t want to know. It’s so nice now to live in a lovely village… In a lovely big home with Fantastical neighbours. This morning we also received this gorgeous handmade gift from a family friend. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all & it’s a lot bigger than it looks. We’re having our first scan next week & I simply cannot wait to put the pic in this beautiful frame 💕

I have to say that while I’ve been off work poorly – I’ve so appreciated living in a house with a garden. With being sick all the time – I have a constant bad headache. But it’s been so nice being able to wander into the back garden for some fresh air. Had we have still lived in the apartment, I would’ve felt so cooped up. You begin to appreciate the small things when you’re not well.  I’m just hoping that this extreme sickness passes soon. I’m at hospital next week & the week after… So… Fingers crossed it does pass. 

Like the title suggests… I wanna discuss Mammies & Daddies ❤️ I’m 33 years old & I still need my parents. They’re simply amazing human beings. Myself & my hubster live in Yorkshire with no family close by. So we’re very independent & rely on one another whole heartedly. Which I think – makes us stronger ❤️ But… If I need my Mam & Dad… They’re literally here in a heartbeat. I speak to my Mam almost everyday. Whether it be a quick 5min chat just to ‘check in’ or an hour long call of giggles & gossip. My Dad isn’t a big talker on the phone…. He says I talk too much & his arm aches holding the phone lol. But we send the funniest texts back & forth. Since I’ve been suffering with the dreaded morning sickness…. He took it upon himself to come down a few week back to decorate our downstairs loo or ‘Netty’ as we’d say from the Northeast lol. Our downstairs loo is what used to be the Coal House. Our house is an old 1920’s house with very high ceilings, 3 bedrooms, large lounge, dinning room, kitchen & seprate pantry. But the little loo is just off the back porch & was a bit of a ‘non’ space. It was cold… Dingy & lacked any attention. When we moved in there was literally the oldest toilet in there!!! It was seriously like something from Beamish Museum. So… We had a new toilet fitted. On the floor was really old tiles & they just weren’t nice. So…. My Daddy carpeted the loo & the porch…. He painted the loo & ceiling & we’ve finished it off with nautical bits & bobs lol. It’s a little tacky… But it’s clean… Tidy & spider free! And as you all know I love a bit tackiness! Plus… My Dad said I now have somewhere nice to spew downstairs lol. We also painted the back porch pink to match the kitchen. It’s looking so much nicer.  




You can tell by the brick & the wooden door – just how old the house is. But I love old houses. I find them so much more chacteristic & spacious. I really do love our home. 

My Mam has been amazing while I’ve been so poorly. She’s like a fountain of knowledge & she’s literally my Bezzie. My husband is doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks next weekend in aid of Myeloma Cancer & since I was gonna be home alone – my Mammy & Daddy are coming down to stay with me & look after me. I’ll be expecting gifts & homecooked food ☺️ Plus…. My Dad is going to paint the step in my porch & a few other little jobs – he’s a good’un ❤️ If anyone would like to sponsor Graham on his hike – please do so here. 

Something beneficial I’ve done whilst I’ve been off work – is switching utility providers! I’ve always been meaning to look on U Switch for the best deals but it’s always something I never have time to do. Plus I always thought it’d be a hassle. We used to get our gas & electric supplied from British Gas. I know we have a big ‘older’ house, but we were paying £160 per month for both utilities. I always thought that was super expensive. So… I went on to U Switch. We’ve found a new supplier that has reduced our payment buy more than £40 a month & we’re now due a refund of almost £400 from British Gas… Bearing in mind that we’ve only been customers with British Gas since March of this year! It really does pay to shop around. The switch over was easy as U Switch did it all. 

For those of you asking… Here’s an update on my nails.  

 They are slowly healing & the infection has almost gone. Seriously – NEVER go to those cheap nail bars where they use the electrical files. 

Unfortunately my little Coco is poorly too  

 She’s been going to the Vets daily to treat a nasty abscess. She’s currently on a course of antibiotics – so hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Well… That’s all my news for now. No doubt I’ll be blogging after my scan appointment to give you all an update on how Poppy is doing.

Thanks all so much for reading & a massive hello to my new readers in South Korea! ❤️

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“I used to feel famous, now I feel successful”. Victoria Beckham 

7 Jun

Hi again folks ☺️

Well I’ve had a successful cozy relaxing day. I’ve literally been wearing my Barbie pyjamas all day. I’m happy to say that my slight hangover only lasted until around lunchtime. 

  Haha this was so me this morning! Niamh kept laughing at my smudged half on half off make up! My pillow was literally caked in the stuff! Sleeping in your make up just makes you feel utterly horrendous when you wake up & your eyelashes are all glooped together… It’s so classy & ever so fancy… Not! 
Today I’ve watched so much trashy TV… From ‘My 600lb Life’ to ‘Botched’ to ‘Judge Geordie’. I just love Vicky Pattison so much. She’s so funny & I think she’s utterly stunning.  

 Haha and she kinda looks like me when she’s hungover… Clearly haha. Love it. 

I made such an easy peasy Sunday dinner today… Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary sausages, mash, peas, carrots, cauliflower & sprouts.  

   It was so yummy & mega quick to make. 

After dinner I had some gorgeous snuggles with my baby girl ❤️ 

 She’s been mega sleepy all day bless her. She’s so cute. I love how she loves a lazy pyjama day too. 

One of my most favourite things is when my hubster brushes my hair. So he’s literally just been brushing my hair for the last 40mins while we watched a lush little programme on Animal Planet called ‘Too Cute’. I now feel utterly relaxed & sleepy! So… I’m gonna go make my lunch for work tomorrow & then probably head on up to bed to maybe watch a film. 

I’ve got my positive head on & ive got high hopes for a sparkly week ahead ✨

I shall say nignt nignt now people, hope you’ve all had a fabulous Sunday ❤️

Love & Huggles & thank you for reading,

Hayley xxx