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Bizzi Growin

3 Apr

Hi folks,

I cannot believe I’m already into double figures… 10 weeks pregnant! Eeeeeck… how exciting! This pregnancy seems to be flying by way quicker than my pregnancy with Seth.

I do apologise for my little lapse in posts… I’ve been suffering petty bad with morning sickness… actually make that ‘all day sickness’ & with it I’ve had the most horrendous headaches. I’m hoping once I hit that second trimester goal post, it’ll start to subside.

So… with everything on fast forward… it’s most definitely time to make a start in the Nursery. It’s like Bizzi Growin read my mind when they sent the most amazing & beautiful bundle of goodies.

So… what was in the bundle…

With all of these gorgeous goodies… where do I start!?

Okay, let’s start with the utterly fantastic Pod Travel Changing Bag. This product is a total game changer! If you’re following me on social media – you’ll have noticed me posting about this on Twitter & Instagram. It’s utterly amazing! I just wish I’d had this for when I had Seth.

The bag itself is lovely & roomy with plenty of pockets & compartments. There’s also an insulated bottle pouch which is always a welcome accessory. Now… here’s where things get clever. This bag completely unzips & inside you’ll find 2 lightweight poles to give your travel cot a shape. It took like 2 mins to convert the bag to a cot. I know this as I did it myself. The changing mat doubles as a lovely thick cot mattress for the travel cot. And voila! You have your very own travel cot!!! How mad is that!? No need to take bulky travel cots etc…

Honestly – it’s the most amazing thing EVER!!! We go on holiday Christmas week to Center Parcs… so the baby will be around 8wks old… guess what I shall be taking with us!? Yep – my trusty Pod! I’m simply in love with it! Everyone I have shown just cannot believe how excellent it is. It’s currently £30!!! I mean come on! You can’t go wrong. If you’re expecting… if you know someone who is… then you really do need to buy the Pod. It’ll definitely be money well spent!

The Little Dreamer bedding is so beautiful. It’s like the gorgeous people at Bizzi Growin HQ read my mind with this bedding. We’re going to be decorating the nursery white & pale grey & we’d decided that for soft furnishings we wanted white & black. This bedding is going to look absolutely stunning. Once we’ve decorated & built the cot bed, I’ll be able to take pictures & really show case how adorable & stunning it is. So you can expect another blog post featuring those items.

The Little Dreamer Bedding is so well made & is beautiful quality. The embroidery gives it such a luxurious over all feel. They would make perfect baby shower gifts. And the best thing about the Little Dreamer range is that its gender neutral.

The Bunny Playmat is just the cutest little thing. It’s made from super soft materials & is lovely & plush. Perfect for baby having a spot of tummy time. There’s a little mirror, squeaker, some ‘crinkly’ textures & different fabrics to make baby want to explore & play. I can’t wait to see Little T rolling around on his or her mat. Again, I shall be reviewing this item again once Little T is here.

Now, if it’s luxury you want… look no further than the Koochicoo Blanket. What a stunning item. This blanket comes in 3 colours: Pink, Blue & Porcelain. This blanket would suit all ages really. My little boy is 2yrs old & loves it lol. He does love a blanket. I think he gets that from me… I never carried around teddy as a kid… I always had a security blanket.

The Koochicoo Blanket would make a beautiful christening gift or baby shower gift. It’s so super soft. It would look so elegant in your pram. Just love love love this item.

The Elephant Chenille Blanket is so soft & snuggly. The elephant design is super cute. Again, with the grey & white – it’s going to look fantastic in Little T’s Nursery. It also comes in pink & blue. The quality of this blanket is simply flawless. It’s lovely & thick too, making it perfect for being out & about.

The little cuddly Lamb & Blanket is just such a perfect gift for a new born. When Seth was born he had a little cuddle Lamb. So it’s lovely that Little T has a one too. The blanket is lovely & fluffy & really soft. I think this little set shall be going into my Hospital bag for when Little T arrives. I think it’s going to be his or her first blanket. What a gorgeous little gift this would make.

You can shop online & it’s free delivery on orders over £50!!! BARGAIN! If you’re in the process of putting your Baby Shower Wishlist together – then I 100% recommend that you add these gorgeous items from Bizzi Growin. Made by Bizzi Mums for Bizzi Mums.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review & thanks as always for reading!!! And please keep a look out for when I review these items again.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

The Date… We Finally Have It!

4 Mar

Hi folks ✨

Since my last blog post we’ve gotten our date! The date that our little boy will enter our lives. I’m just ridiculously excited & happy… I so cannot wait to meet him!!! As you all already know – I’ve got my bag & his bag packed… his nursery is totally completed & everything is set in place for his much anticipated arrival. I tell him everyday how I can’t wait to snuggle him 💙 

 Just like our scan pictures… we’ve decided to keep the date a closely guarded secret. Why? well… With our scan pictures we just thought it was very personal to us & we wanted to keep them special & private. With regard to the date, I was going to let everyone know, but over the last few weeks I’ve been really stressed out & crying a lot with worry about the c-section & with staying in hospital. I really can’t can’t cope with the horror stories people are telling me & I really didn’t want people contacting me the night before to try & frighten me further. So… we made the decision to keep it under wraps. However… You will find out the fantastical sparkly news once he’s arrived. Probably when I get home though… I just don’t want to run the risk of receiving negative messages whilst I’m in hospital. I’m just a very happy positive person & I intend to make my birth experience exactly that. Well how could it not be… I’m meeting the most perfect little in the world 💙

I had some tests & a scan on Tuesday… It was so amazing to see our little poppet again. Eeeeck… the anticipation is killing me. After having my scan & talking with my consultant about my concerns & worries, receiving my c-section date & now with making the decision to keep it secret – I actually feel so much lighter & less stressed. My Midwife has also assured me that my hospital stay will be as perfect as it can be. She’s so lovely.

Another thing making me rather giddy… is the fact that it’s currently snowing here in South Yorkshire!!! I just adore the snow so much. Well… when you grow up in County Durham, you don’t really have a choice. It’s literally been snowing since 6am!

This week has consisted of having lunch with friends, a spot of bargain shopping & coffee mornings with croissants. Next week shall consist of lunch with friends with a visit to the dentist. I’m trying my best to overcome my dentist phobia as I really don’t want to pass that on to my Baby Bear. I’m thinking tomorrow will be our usual Saturday of lunch out somewhere & a little waddle around the shops lol. Sunday shall be a lovely family day since it’s Mother’s Day. I’ve actually already received some flowers off baby Bear & Coco… how cute is that!? I have such a clever baby bump & chihuahua. I’ve also spied a bottle of perfume… Eeeeeck. At the moment I’m also trying to resist the temptation of using my non ‘push’ present! I’ve got a beautiful handbag upstairs but I’m not allowed it until Baby Bear has arrived. Well I guess it’s only right really.

 I don’t think I have anything else to tell you… I’ve been pretty boring this week really.So, once again – thank you to you lovely lot for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx







What’s in My Hospital Bag?

25 Feb

Hi folks ✨

Well… Since Baby T’s birth day is fast approaching I thought I’d share the contents of my hospital bag. I just thought some people may find it helpful. I was a little clueless if I’m honest, about what to pack. So I’ve based my bag around helpful emails from Mothercare, Emma’s Diary Tips, advice from my Midwife & advice from close friends. So… hopefully I’ve covered all bases. 

 As you can see, me & Baby Bear have 2 separate bags. I’m not going to share the contents of bambino’s bag in photo format as I want to keep his potential coming home outfits under wraps.But in there I have:

  • 23 Diapers (I hate the word nappy)
  • Pack of cotton wool pleats
  • Pack of baby cotton wool pads
  • Sensitive wipes – more for me really – not bambino
  • Sudocrem
  • Bepanthen
  • Johnsons Rash Cream (just in case)
  • 7 Outfits including knitted cardigans
  • 2 Pairs of scratch mitts (just in case)
  • 7 Hats
  • Snowsuit
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Baby Shawl
  • 1 Hooded Bath Towel (Just in case)
  • 4 Dribble Bibs
  • 4 Large Muslin Cloths
  • New Born C&G Formula Milk – Just in case I can’t breast feed – hopefully I won’t need it!
  • Travel Changing Mat – just in case

Half way through checking the contents of Baby Bears bag… Coco came in to the nursery to see what I was doing. She’s so cute. 

 My bag… Well I have more diapers (I have way more in his nursery too in case I need more for in hospital), bath towel, make up (I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pack some make up essentials… after 6 hrs of surgery to break my leg in 14 places & fit an external frame… I was applying lip gloss & mineral foundation lol), & my toiletries bag. 

My toiletries bag includes:

  • Contact Lenses
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Face Mist
  • Face Wash
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Flat Loofer
  • Hair Bobbles
  • Hair Clips
  • Lip Balm
  • Tissues

I also have slippers, cotton robe, 3 Mothercare breast feeding friendly nighties, bedtime nursing bra from Mothercare, regular day time nursing bra from Mothercare, 7 pairs of knickers that are c-section scar friendly & my glasses. I even went & bought 2 pairs of brand new glasses especially for my hospital stay. 

 Dove deodorant, iPhone charger, hair brush, 1 pack maternity pads, 2 packs sanitary pads – purely because I have heard mixed reports on which are the best to have with you. I do have more packs of both at home. So if need more or favour one type more than the other, then the hubster & my mammy can bring me more in. 

I also have another toiletries bag lol, which includes:

  • Mamascarf from Mothercare
  • Flannel
  • Medela & Lansinoh Nibble Balm
  • Garnier Micellar Water Face Wipes
  • 24 Breast Pads
  • Alice Band
  • Tissues
  • 1 Fruit & Veg Bar
  • 3 Alpen Nutty Bars ( I also have 2 large bottles of Evian in my pantry ready to take into hospital)

I’ve not packed my coming home outfit yet… But I will be taking in leggings, maternity tunic & Uggs boots. I’m going for pure comfort. Also, my medical notes are always in my handbag as my consultant told me that I must carry them around with me at all times due to my many complications. Along with my birth plan & my diary for any notes I may need to make etc…

Obviously the day we come home, the hubster will be bringing in baby bears little car seat etc… 💙

So there you have it… That’s what is in my hospital bag. I decided to take my Cath Kidston Foldaway Holdall as it’s so light & very spacious. It also has the removable toiletries bag/zipped pocket. It’s such a handy piece of luggage. I’ve used this bag for my previous operations & hospital stays too.

I hope you’ve found this useful or… just interesting 💙

Thanks again for reading.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx




Being a Glammy Mammy to Be

15 Feb

Hi folks ✨

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Valentines weekend ❤️

Over this last week I’ve been out & about wearing my stunning maternity dresses that I was sent from Mothercare.

On Tuesday I went out for tea & cake with a friend to one of my favourite places in the little Village where I live. I decided to wear my Oh Ma! Grey & Navy Knitted Maternity Dress which is priced at £40. This dress is so lovely, comfortable & fits perfectly over my bump. I’m now 33 weeks pregnant & my bump is increasing everyday – I’m already pretty big in the bump department haha. 

There are no zips or buttons. So this literally just pulls on which is great. The knit is very generous too. Before becoming pregnant I was a size 12 & now I’m a size 16. The dress I’m wearing is a large. It’s great as it’s roomy & not restricting at all. I’m actually considering taking this into hospital with me & wearing it as my outfit for coming home in. I wore the dress with a pair of black maternity leggings. I love the dress as I felt trendy & glam. I’ve found that some maternity brands can make you feel fat & frumpy. I’d seriously recommend this garment… you could easily dress it up or down with the right make up & jewelry. 

 The second dress I was sent to try is the Blooming Marvelous Stripped Midi Dress priced at £32. Like the Oh Ma! dress, this dress has no buttons, zips or fastenings. It’s a pull on style of dress. I went for the size 16 & it’s a very generous fit with plenty room to grown into. I wore the dress with a pair of black maternity tights. Yet again – super comfy & I felt really nice & dressed in it. I actually wore this Valentine’s weekend. 

 I found that the colours & design are super flattering & I even got a few compliments on it. Now a compliment is always very much appreciated when you feel the size of a whale! Again, with the right jewelry, make up & accessories – this dress can easily be dressed up. 

 The great thing about both dresses are the lengths. ‘Non-maternity’ wear can ride up & make you feel a little exposed. Both dresses are a great length. I’m 5ft 8″ & the lengths are perfect. 

Now I just need to get more social events scheduled in so I can show off my lovely dresses!

I was also sent a lovely pale pink Night Dress & Robe Set priced at £30. 

 I’ve popped these straight into my hospital bag ready to take in with me for when my little bambino arrives. I will give a more in depth review of the robe & nightdress after my hospital stay. But, what I can say is that I love that it’s breast feeding friendly with drop down clip/straps. I have this in a size large – well you want your night wear nice & loose & roomy don’t you. The robe is perfect for hospital as it’s a lovey thin cotton. Anything thicker is just too stiffling for when you’re in hospital as it’s always so hot & stuffy in there.

 Last but by no means least… I was also sent the Mamascarf in Navy which is priced at £17.99. Again, my full review will come after my beautiful bambino arrives. I’m super excited to try the Mamascarf as I’ve been a little anxious about the thought of breastfeeding in public. I’m such a clumsy person & the thought of exposing myself in public just fills me with dread. But this beautiful scarf will hopefully protect my modesty. So please keep your peepers peeled for that!

Well, once again – I hope you’ve found this review useful & thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Beauty Box Obsessions and Being Busy Busy Busy!

19 Jan

Hi folks ✨

I didn’t get round to blogging yesterday as I was so super busy. I’m also currently waiting for the formatting of my new website to be tweaked… it’s viewing fine on a regular desktop computer or laptop, but the mobile view just isn’t right yet. Hopefully, it’ll be perfect by the end of this week. If you want to have a little looksie at my website, you can view it here: www.hayleythorne.co.uk Like I say – the mobile view is still not right… but on a laptop it will look fine. I wanted a place I could host all of my reviews, recipes & a place to view this blog along with my other social media channels.

Yesterday was also spent talking to lots of different companies about reviews etc… Lots of things coming in the pipeline 💕

 I’ve been melting some beautiful scents at home… In the kitchen I’ve been using a Cleaves Candles Lavender Soy Wax Melt & upstairs I’ve been melting the gorgeous Baby Powder. Honestly I cannot tell you enough how beautiful these fragrances are & for such a decent price too! Hit the embedded link to their facebook for more info. The Teddy Melts are priced at £2 & the Lavender Clamshell is priced at £4. Postage is 2nd class at £2.80. 

Today has been another pretty busy day really… I was up early to head into work to drop some keys off. It was so lovely to catch up with a few people. I decided to have a little looksie around town… but being 30 weeks pregnant with a fairly big bump… It’s just so tiring… so I didn’t wander far lol 💙 

 When  I got home I had some much needed lunch of:  baked potato & low fat cheese with a salad of spinach, rocket, carrot, chick peas, bulgar wheat, couscous, pomegranate, peppers & sunflower seeds. It was so yummy & I think bambino liked it too as he was kicking away straight afterwards lol 💙 

 I’ve also received a lovely steriliser from MAM UK. I can’t wait to use it & get a review written up about it. It came with a pair of tongs, 2 bottles & a cute little soother. 

Beauty box’s… I love a beauty box subscription. At the moment the only beauty box I’m subscribing too is My Little Box. Well… I say ‘beauty box’… really it’s more of a lifestyle box as you get various gorgeous items for day to day life, not just beauty items. I’ve been subscribing to My Little Box for well over a year now & I have to say that it’s consistently fabulous each & every month! This month I received a stunning little hard back Diary, little bracelets, Too Faced Lippy, Lip balm & Ren Cleanser. I also loved the Walt Disney Quote enclosed. You get a little illustrated quote card each month… I have them all saved… I keep saying I’m gonna frame my favourites ✨

 Being a bit of a subscription box connoisseur or beauty box obsessive lol… It’s landed me with a huge collection of pretty box’s. One of our bedroom cupboards is just totally stocked full of them. Some of them are so super pretty though… I’m going to have to get myself on Pinterest to find some good tutorials on maybe making them into a cutsie set of make up drawers. 

 Anyways… I’m gonna leave this post here & go make a much needed cup of tea.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday ✨

Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx