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Parenting Win

19 Nov

Hi folks,

The last 13 month since seems to have flown by & Ted just seems to be hitting all of those first milestone so quickly. I sometimes wish I could just slow down time. Ted is very much a toddler now. He’s no longer my 8lb 4oz newborn baby. He started walking at 10month which still just totally blows me away, Seth walked at just turned 11month old & I thought that was super early.

When Seth made the transition from Bottle to Cup for his water… I remember it taking a little while for him to get used to it. However, with Ted, he has taken to it so well. So much so, that I didn’t even actually introduce him to a cup. He literally just picked up Seth’s 360 Cup one day & started to drink from it lol. So… after hearing this, the lovely folk at Nuby HQ sent Ted his very own 360 cups.

Ted started with the lovely Nuby Wonder Mini 360 Cup. These cups are fab, as they have the little handles on them, so they’re easy for little fingers to be able to grab hold of. I really didn’t have to try with this cup, in introducing it to Ted. He literally just picked it straight up & began using it. He grasped the ‘sucking’ technique so easily.

The 360 cups are super easy to clean too, as every single part comes apart for cleaning. They also come with a lid too, so they’re great for popping in your bag for on the go. You can also buy the replacement inner valve too.

The natural next step from this cup, is to move onto the maxi 360 cup with no handles.

This has been a piece of cake for Ted. He loves his ‘big boy’ cup. I think he feels more like his big brother when he’s using it. He has taken to it so well. These cups are suitable from 6 month. We have bypassed the traditional sippy cups really with Ted, & I think it’s better. This way, he is learning how to drink from more of a proper cup.

Another lovely product we’ve been using is the 3D Silicone Bib.

These bibs are fab! Well let’s face it… anything that cuts down on laundry is a lifesaver in my eyes. These bibs are so durable. And they wipe down so easily… & did I mention that they’re dishwasher safe too!!! The bib has a ‘catch all’ feature which catches all of those pesky flyaway foodie bits. And, while on the go, it easily rolls up to go back into your bag.

The silicone is soft & flexible with an adjustable fastening on the back for around the neck, making this a comfy bib for your little one to wear at mealtimes. It’s not stiff or ‘scratchy’ at all.

Nuby make some gorgeous bath time toys. Seth & Ted have both been having fun playing with the Astronaut Foam Mirror Set. It’s a cute toy as it clings & sticks to the side of the bath & on the tiles. And with the lovely mirror feature, they can see themselves, which Ted always thinks is great fun. Ted has chomped on this bath toy lots & it’s still in perfect condition. Durability is a must in our house lol.

With a Nuby product, you always know that you’re going to get good value for money & good quality products. Perfect for those little stocking fillers!

Thank you as always for reading & I hope you’ve found this review useful!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Essentials to Make Life Simple

12 Aug

Hi folks,

I can’t believe we’re almost half way through August & the ‘Back to School’ countdown has begun! Seth is so super excited to get back to PreSchool… he asks every day if his teachers are back from their holidays yet bless him lol.

So… along with the usual new uniform & school shoes… he has his trusty favourite backpack!

Seth simply adores his Trendz Robot Backpack from Nuby. It’s the perfect size for our little people. It also has a detachable rein on it too. There’s also side pockets either side, the perfect size for a matching drinks bottle.

The new stainless steel Robo Cups are perfect for School… they keep drinks cool for up to 10hrs! They’re also very durable… Seth has dropped his on concrete several times & it’s left no marks or dints!

Ted is a BIG fan of the Stainless Steel Food jar… perfect for dinners on the go! The contents will stay warm for 5 hours & cool for 7 hrs! Perfect for when you’ve arranged those all important playdates!!!

And where would we be without those all important Catch All Wipeable Bibs!?

In fact… they’re almost good enough to eat lol.

Weaning can be such a tedious time. I have been a lot more relaxed about weaning this time around. When I was weaning Seth I was super stressed all of the time about finger foods. With Ted, everything has just felt more relaxed & laid back. Everything is so much easier though when you have good quality products thats you can trust!

Here’s a little list of some of our new found favourite products:

This has made independent drinking so easy for Ted. He has taken to this cup so well. It’s great for little sips of water during meal times. I think I may start introducing a 360 cup.

I love these little bowls. They’re perfect for food storage too when you’ve been making baby food. Also, for feeding when you’re out & about, it’s great being able to pop the lid on to avoid any food spillages in your bag.

This is great for finger foods. It grips fantastically to smooth surfaces, such as your highchair table/tray.

This is such a cute little bowl. The lovely soft texture feel is great for little hands. All of the edges are smooth etc… & I just love that you can stick it down too. It’s that first step toward self feeding.

These lovely spoons have been developed to help with self feeding. The shape & design is perfect for little chubby hands to grip. They also have choke protection guards to reduce gagging and choking.

Such a perfect first cutlery set. Ted hasn’t gotten round to using these ones yet, but once he’s hit the 12 month mile stone… I’m sure he’ll be using them.

I used these fantastic lolly makers with Seth. So you can be assured that they’re long lasting. Ted adores his homemade fruity ice lollies. They’re perfect for sore teething gums. The clever design catches any stray drips & the handle itself is perfect for little hands to grip. They come with a lovely little freezer tray too.

If you head over to the Nuby Website, you can get free delivery when you spend £15 or more & there’s also some Back To School bargains.

We simply adore all of our Nuby products. I love anything that will make day to day life that little bit easier!

We’ve not got long left now of the Summer Holidays… so let’s hope that this weather of ours picks up!

Thanks so much as always for reading!!!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative posts – I have received gifting &/or compensation for featuring some of these items, but all opinions are my own.

Baby Bathtime

29 Jan


Hi folks,

Wow… January really has been the longest month. I feel like Christmas was forever & a day ago! Not long now to wait though & we’ll be into a shiny new month.

Over this last ‘long’ month, we’ve been trying out a lovely new baby bath from Nuby.

When Seth was a baby, we had a baby bathseat that you popped into the main bath. I just never really got on with it. I used to find it very awkward when I was trying to bath him. It gave me really bad back ache too. In preparation of Ted’s arrival I bought a bog standard baby bath. But to be honest… that was as bad as the bath seat. Except this time, I had to make sure my arm was behind Ted’s back holding him up while I bathed him & again – major bath ache. However… after receiving this lovely Nuby Baby Bath… no more back ache!

Ted adores this bath… as you can see lol. The bath has a built in seat along with cushioned headrest for baby. I mean obviously you would never leave your child unattended. But it’s nice there’s a little seat that they can sit in so they’re not slumped etc… The nice curve to it means they’re resting back enough, with no worries of slumping forward. But again, when bathing a baby you need to be on the ball with making sure they;re safe & secure. being an Octopus would actually help, as you sometimes feel like you need several arms available. There is a little plug in the bottom so you can let the water out easily when sat inside the main bath or shower tray. And, there’s also a water indicator which is handy. I really do love this little bath. Ted is so much happier being sat within the curve design seat, he can splash his little legs to his hearts content.

All in all, this bath has been such a lifesaver when it comes to giving my back a rest. I’d recommend this no end. At £15… it’s totally affordable. It’d be great as a baby shower gift – you could add a load of essentials in it too! I’m always asked about which items I couldn’t live without as a parent… this bath has to come pretty near the top of the list. It is without a doubt an essential item.

It really is a perfect little essential & it’s suitable from birth. Also, if you’re quick, you could bag yourself FREE DELIVERY on ALL ORDERS! But be quick – this offer ends at midnight Thursday 31st January.

I’ve got a few of the ‘Trendz‘ products that I’ll be reviewing very soon – Seth is currently trying a new drinks bottle & his lovely pencil case. These items are perfect for Preschool & School! Look out for that review coming soon! Also… Potty Training is ongoing… so I’ll be sure to give you all another update on that soon too!

Thank you as always for reading 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Scorching Summer

3 Aug

Morning folks,

Wow… what a heatwave! I mean I know we’ve had some freak hail storms & some heavy down pours… but I think they’ve most definitely been needed. Our lawns have been so scorched from all this red hot weather. But, we have been out & about having so much fun in the sun – while staying safe of course… lots of sun block, hats & staying hydrated. And what better way than to use some of our new Nuby goodies!

As most of you know, Seth has started his football training with our fabulous local academy. He’s been staying on trend & hydrated with his new Super Slurp Blue Shark Cup The pop out spout is great for on the go slurping. It’s also bite proof which is great for any little ones still teething… we all know how bite happy they can be bless them. The bottle itself is super durable too made from crystal clear tritan from Eastman. So… don’t worry if it gets dropped or thrown in a tantrum.

One of our all time favourite cups is the classic 360° cup. From day one of Seth transitioning from bottles to cups, it’s been our favourite. He utterly adores his new Tritan Wonder No Spill 360° Cup with Car Design. It’s great for popping into your bag for on the go as it comes with a little lid to pop on the top. We don’t go anywhere without a trusty Nuby Cup… especially in this weather.

Here’s Seth enjoying a spot of still flavoured water at his Music Bugs Class. These cups are so easy to drink from for little ones, & they’re great for gearing them up to using a proper cup.

So… who says bath toys have to stay indoors? Not us! We’ve been playing with the new Robo Spinner Bath Toy in the garden. He’s been in the paddling pool & the water table. It’s so easy to clean too – so there’s no problem from going from pool to bath! And as with all Nuby products… he’s super durable & well made – so nasty sharp bits!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Summer so far!

Love & Huggles & stay safe in this heat!

Hayley & Seth xxx

Nuby Goodies Make the Perfect Stocking Fillers 

15 Nov

Hi folks,

We’ve another gorgeous bundle of Nuby goodies to review. 

In our bundle we received:

It’s no secret that we simply adore our Nuby products. I don’t think we’d get through a day without them. The only cups Seth will use are from Nuby. Whilst out & about I always have a Nuby cup in my bag… whether it’s a 360° Cup or a Snack n’ Sip Cup… they’re fab! I’ve not had any pesky leaks either!

Seth is 20 month old now & very much getting used to using his cutlery. The Toddler Training Cutlery is fab! The handles are lovely & grippy & are shaped perfectly for chubby little hands & fingers to grab on to. For all they are metal, the ends aren’t sharp & pointy. So they’re just that wee bit safer. Unlike some plastic cutlery, these forks don’t bend with them being metal. Which in itself makes practicing with cutlery so much easier.

We’re all about making ‘munch-times’ – ‘fun-times’… & what could be more fun than snaffling your snacks from a Monkey Mat. The monkey mat is a suregrip product, so your little one won’t be able to lift it & launch it. Now that’s always good to know! Seth loves a plate with ‘sections’. I love this mat for lunch times. A cheese toastie, breadsticks & strawberries fit so perfectly… but I’m sure you’ll find your own winning combo’s.

The Snack n’ Sip Cup is fab for keeping some fruity snacks in. On top of the cup there is a 4.5oz snack keeper. We’ve been popping strawberries in ours. If you fill your cup with cold water, that’ll help to keep your strawberries nice & cool. It’s great for out & about… means you don’t need to carry a separate drink & snack pot! It’s 2in1!!! I’m all for making things more simple!

Bathtimes have been extra fun with our new Bathtime net! It’s been great for working on Seth’s hand eye coordination. He loves trying to find the sea creatures to catch. It’s also great for flicking water up at Mammy & Daddy too to give them a good soaking lol. Again, with a brand like Nuby, you never have to worry about sharp edges. This bathtime toy is so well made.

As always – we love trying & testing our Nuby products. The colours & designs are always spot on. Seth just loves all of his Nuby products. Whilst out & about – we quite often have people approaching us asking where we’ve bought his drinking cups etc…

I’ve added all of the shopping links you’ll need for browsing & purchasing these gorgeous products. Nuby make such lovely individual items that would be fab for any little stocking fillers. It’s also that time of year when you’re looking for the perfect present for your little ones little buddies. Something fun, nice & practical… yet not too expensive. Well, look no further than the Nuby website! And… it’s free delivery on all orders over £15!!! Now you can’t say fairer than that!

Happy browsing & happy shopping!

I hope you’ve found this review useful & I’ve given you some good stocking filler filler inspiration.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Nuby Goodies 

6 Jun

Hi folks

As you all know, we’ve just been on holiday… we had such an amazing time. But I shall fill you all in about our lovely little vacation in a separate blog post. 

So, just before we went away we received a gorgeous little package of lovely goodies from Nuby UK

In our pack we received:

So… let’s begin…

Lock n Roll Bib 

OMG… this bib is quite frankly amazing. We tend to dine out a lot & the one thing that can be a bit of a pain is what bib to use. Seth’s bibs get so utterly covered in food, that I tend to buy him disposable ones for when we eat out. Quite simply as I don’t want a dirty bib rolling around in my handbag smearing food all over. This bib is a total game changer! It’s a catch all bib so it’s fab for catching all of that food debris. It’s also easy to wipe clean with a baby wipe. Then… get this… it rolls into a little rubber case keeping all of the nasty foodie bits encased!!! So you can pop straight into your handbag with no worry of foodie splatters leaving disgusting crusty bits in your fave handbag! I’m so unbelievably pleased with this product!

360 Insulated Maxi No Spill Cup 

This is the must have Cup of the summer. This cup is for 12m+. It’s great for the transition from sippy cup to open cup drinking. The fab design makes it non spill. Seth loves this cup. He even takes it to Music Bugs with him.

This cup is insulated to keep drinks cooler in the summer. I have to say that it defo works. I take this cup out with us when we’re out & about, with Seth’s water in it & it’s always nice & cool. It comes with a little lid too that you can pop on for when it’s in your handbag.

SureGrip Plate 

The SureGrip range is fab for developing those all important table manners. I don’t know about your little ones, but if I give Seth a plate he just throws it within minutes. So the Suregrip plate is great. It sticks so well to Seth’s Cosatto Supa Noodle High Chair tray. It’s such an easy safe way to teach him to eat from a plate rather than just his tray. This plate washes so well too. Seth hasn’t been able to pull this plate off his tray yet… so we’re doing well!

Garden Fresh Fruitsicles

Fruitsicles are for making your own ice lollies at home. Cleverly designed for little hands and they even catch drips. I made some yummy fruit purée ice lollies. Hopefully they’ll help Seth when he has sore gums from those pesky teeth he’s sprouting.

You can see from the pics below just how much Seth loves them. He was even trying to drink every last drop from the drip catcher. I made banana, apple & blueberry purée lollies. Deffinitely a big hit on those sore teething gums. 


Squirters Bathtime Vehicles 

Seth adores bath time playtime. These little squidgy cars are a fantastic addition to his bath toys.

With them being made from squidgy plastic – they’re great for biting. Seth has used these as a fun teether whilst in the bath. Not only do they squirt water, but thy squeak & float too. Fantastic little bath time toys that are great for developing hand eye coordination. 

So there you have it… that’s our latest little Nuby bundle of goodies. Don’t forget that you get free shipping on all orders over £15 from Nuby. Utterly amazing! 

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you found this post useful 🙂

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Developing, Learning and Having Fun!

30 Jan

Hi folks,

We recently received our latest bundle of goodies from Nuby. The folk at Nuby HQ are fab at always choosing such a perfect selection for us. We’ve had so much fun trying our lovely new products. 

In our latest bundle we recieved:

Seth has had so much fun with this toy. I have to say though… it’s me who has been building him & Seth likes to pull him apart. We have some Nuby stacking rings which are plastic, but the build a buddy is a nice change as it’s plush. The ball attached is squeaky too… so Seth just loves squeaking that at every opportunity. The colours & textures are lovely. Seth spends ages turning the shapes around in his hands & feeling the different materials. You can see the little cogs turning in his head as he’s taking it all in. We all know that baby learn from touch, colour etc… this is such a lovely little toy for that fun sensory experience.

Seth loves bath time, especially with all of his bath toys floating around. The Octopus Hoopla is a lovely bath toy. Unlike a lot of floating duck toys etc…, there isn’t actually any holes in this. So there’s no risk of it filling up with water then having to dry it out etc… You get 3 rings with it that you can throw to try & get them on the tentacles, or like Seth, you could just throw them at mammy & daddy 🙂 endless fun! lol.

I LOVE this plate!!! This plate really doesn’t budge once you’ve stuck it down on your highchair tray. We have the Cosatto Supa Noodle high chair & this plate sticks so well. There’s no risk of Seth picking it up & throwing it on the floor. Just simply fab! This is a must have for weaning.

We haven’t started cutlery training as such yet… but… I do give Seth the spoons to hold & explore during lunch times. He’s only 10 month so he isn’t really eating his food with them – he’s still using his hands. But I’ve used the spoons for yogurts & he seems to like them & he’s had fun holding them & playing with them.

This beaker has been an utter Godsend. Seth just has not wanted to drink water from anything other than a bottle for what seems like forever. He just does not like the hard plastic feel of a sippy cup. But this beaker has a silicon spout. So it’s somewhere between a sippy cup & a bottle. Seth literally took to it straight away! It’s also non-spill. It’s a fantastic size too for when you’re out & about. I don’t know what we’d do without this beaker. Seth can pick it up himself as it’s easy to hold with the shape of it. He can also drop it on the floor with no risk of spilling everywhere. Utterly fab product & such an amazing price too!

I have embedded the links to these products within the titles if you’d like more info or if you want to purchase. When buying from the Nuby website you get free delivery on all orders over £15!!! How fab is that!?

Nuby have so many specially tailored products for all ages right from birth. If you’re a parent looking for that must have product, or if you’re simply looking for that perfect gift… head on over to the Nuby website for some inspiration.

Thank you as always for reading & I hope you’ve found my review helpful.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx



I’m a Nuby Blogger!

21 Nov

Hi folks ✨

I’m so excited to be working with Nuby! For anyone who hasn’t heard of Nuby – they were originally founded in the 1970s. They design & distribute a wide range of products from toys to soothers to breast pumps. They’re constantly researching to bring you the best quality & design to make life as a parent or a child, the most simple, exciting & vibrant it can be. 

So, as a brand rep I shall be reviewing Nuby products on a regular basis. The products will be a variety of what you can currently buy on the market. Seth has totally agreed to help me with my reviews 🙂

Above is a picture of our most recent Nuby goodies. As a Mammy, when I’m out shopping for things for Seth… I look for good quality, lots of colour & above all: safety. I don’t like anything flimsy or with sharp edges. Nuby are a brand that you never have to worry about. Everything is so well made & beautiful. 

The items Seth got stuck into straight away was the Splish Splash Stacking Cups & the Stacking Rings

Seth’s now at the age (8 month) where bathtime is fun & not something to scream about lol. He loved playing with the cups… well he loved knocking them over & then using them to throw water at me… well… he was happy! 

The Stacking Rings have also been a huge hit! Not only can you play with them but they also double up as a teether apparently lol. 

I began weaning Seth at 4 month old, just on purées etc… but now we’ve progressed onto more textured foods & finger foods. I have to say that the Nuby suction plate has been utterly fantastic, as well as the wipe down bib!

The clever design of the plate means it sticks to the tray of the high chair. I love it… no more flying plates! 

We’ve also been trying out our new 360° Cup! Such a fab non-spill design to help the transition from bottle to cup. 

Orders over £15 come with FREE delivery on the Nuby website!!! Utterly perfect for buying those last minute Christmas gifts! Also, when your first order arrives you’ll be treated to a 25% off your next order voucher! Now… we all love coupon! 

Stay tuned for more Nuby news! 

Thanks for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx