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Wonderful Weekends

7 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Wow… well this weekend has been a fantastical one… It’s been spent with loved ones… Just the way I like it. As you all know, it was a little touch & go whether my parents would would be able to make it for the weekend with my Dad being poorly. Normally they’d travel down on a Friday evening, but because my Daddy has been poorly they arrived on Saturday morning instead,  after picking up a much needed prescription. Then they headed on down to chilly South Yorkshire. I already had my dining table set up for our North Pole Breakfast… well actually… it became more of a brunch after all of the initial cuddling & gossiping we did as they arrived. My mammy made us an amazing Christmas cake & a gorgeous Apple Bakewell Tart. So… we basically drank tea… drank mango juice… ate Christmas Tree shaped crumpets & various sweet treats I’d purchased from Ocado. The Heston Blumenthal mince pies were truly delicious & worth every penny! Even though they’d proved a controversial choice to my parents as they’re fond of the ‘traditional’ mince pie… but… they were totally converted. They’re worth every penny!

My Mammy is so talented… The hours of work she has spent knitting some beautiful garments, along with pram blankets & a Royal sleeping bag. I’m not a big lover of ‘blue’… So she’s made the sleeping bag in the most gorgeous mint green. It’s simply stunning. Already his little wardrobe is building. I love homemade knitwear… It’s just so personal & full of love. Sometimes tradition is the way forward. I can’t wait to see what she does with the Christening cape I’ve asked her to knit.

During brunch I received a special delivery from MAM UK They’ve sent me an amazing Breastfeeding Starter Kit. Such a lovely company to deal with… I cannot recommend them enough. (See my blog post ‘Mammy to Be’ for a full in depth review of MAM UK.)

 Normally when my parents visit we go out & about & shopping… but we decided upon a really relaxed ‘stay at home’ Saturday. I wasn’t gonna argue at that, since I’m still a bit under the weather. It was lovely just spending much needed quality time together surrounded by Christmassy-ness & Christmas Music.

Ooooh, we did pop out though to put the lotto on & to pop into Sainsbury’s to buy Mog’s Christmas Calamity. I bought a one for my little niece & a one for Baby T. It’s by Judith Kerr who wrote came to tea. At least £2 of the proceeds from Mogs Christmas Calamity go to Save the Children – helping Children with literacy. An amazing worthwhile charity. Go get your copy before they all sell out!!!

 With my appetite being a little up & down & obviously with my new Crock Pot purchase… I decided home cooked healthy food was the way forward & I opted to test drive the Crock Pot. I made a Moroccan inspired Pork Stew & served alongside couscous… it was divine! You can find all of my recipes via Facebook on my Diet Page. Every plate was literally clean… so it’s safe to say that my recipe & the Crock Pot were a major success! I have to say though… That I needn’t have bothered with the homemade food & all of my little decorations, as the star of the show seemed to be my Lindt chocolate Santa place settings lol… Honestly my mam & Dad just loved them so much! They are pretty neat little things & would be great for parties or Christmas Weddings… either as favours or place settings or both! I bought mine for £4 for two packs. Each Santa is individual with a little place to add someone’s name.

 The rest of the evening was spent cozied up chatting & drinking hot drinks.

Sunday morning seemed to come so quick… So that meant my Mam & Dad were packing up & ready for their drive back up to Durham. They always leave pretty early on a Sunday, to give me & the hubster a day to ‘us’ over the weekend. I mean, when you’re working full time Mon – Fri… It is nice to have some time to spend together & to have a chill out before Monday morning arrives again.

Although… I had a busy Sunday a head of me in the shape of Carol’s Surprise Hen Party. Around 10 of us headed up to The Earl of Doncaster for a Champagne Afternoon Tea… Although mine was ‘lemonade’ based rather than Champagne. Oh how I miss my sparkles… It’s all for a good cause though. It was so lovely. It was exactly what Carol wanted… Fancy, Low Key & Christmassy. There was a pianist in the corner of the large room singing Christmassy tunes… It was just really lovely. But obviously… we all ate far too much… Oooops!

When I got home I was very much ready to slip straight into my Christmassy PJs & cuddle up with the hubster & the Chi. Coco was actually sat waiting for me to come home… She’s such a little sweetheart! No early night was on the cards though with it being the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ final!!! And of course Vicky won it! I’m so chuffed she won it… I really do love her zest. She’s super funny too. A very deserving winner in my eyes with all of the trials she completed. I’d be no good in the jungle lol… I like my creature comforts too much & I’m so not brave when it comes to insects, no make up & curly hair! lol… Eeeeck living without my hair straighteners for me would be an utter nightmare! Did you know that I have 3 pairs of GHDs, 1 pair of She & 1 pair of Kodo just in case one breaks??? lol… seriously… curly locks isn’t a good look for me lol.

So after a busy Sunday… I was very tired this morning & of course needed my Choccocino for when I got to my desk. This week also marks my last week before beginning my Christmas Holidays… followed by annual leave… followed by maternity leave. So as of this Friday I shall be off work until February 2017! Can you actually believe that!? So you can expect lots more blogging & fabulous reviews as I’m currently working with some fantastic companies right now.

 Today just randomly turned into a ‘meatfree’ Monday. I do try & make us at least one vegetarian meal a week as I’m conscious of having too much meat in our diet. Lunch was a lovely homemade salad of lettuce, rocket, cucumber, peppers, olives & mixed veg cous cous.

 Tea was vegetable fajita’s… So nice.

I’m still trying to be healthy with ‘most’ of my food choices during this pregnancy.

Tomorrow is gonna be pretty exciting… The hubster is off work all day as we’re having our new carpets fitted!!! We’re having new carpet in the lounge, porch, stairs, landing & the nursery. I’m so glad that we could schedule it in before Christmas. I just can’t wait to have everything all nice & neat & tidy in time for Christmas. I’ve literally wanted new carpets since we moved in, in March. But there just seemed bigger things to do before the carpets. I think next Summer will see the dining room & lounge being totally re-decorated & possibly new double glazing… we shall see!

 Well… I shall leave this post here.

Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,


Hayley xxx



Reviews… Business… and the North Pole Breakfast

27 Nov

Hi Folks,

Right… just wanna get some ‘businessy’ type stuff out of the way: Thanks for the response to yesterday’s blog post. My private email address that you can contact me on is: freeman.hayley@gmail.com I will review products from beauty to housey items to food items to… anything really. The free vouchers to restaurants etc… are always a nice little surprise. You’ll also find me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram @IxxyPoco I’m also in the process of having a website developed… so keep those gorgeous peepers peeled!

Woo hoo… can you believe it’s Fri’Yay!? I literally can’t believe I’ve managed a full week at work too!!! I’ve written so many procedure manuals this week it’s unreal… my eyes are gonna be square from looking at a computer screen. The hubster had to pretty much walk me to the office door this morning as I was struggling with the infection pain… but I did it… I made it… & I did it with sparkles & a leopard print cardigan lol… Oh & a massive Choccocino from Campus Coffee! Yesterday I received my official letter confirming that my maternity leave request had been accepted. So… as of December 11th I shall be on leave until February 2017. I just can’t believe it… It’s happening… I’m finally gonna be a Mammy after years of waiting. 

 Obviously with being pregnant I can’t have my usual weekend sparkles… so I’ve become a bit creative with my non-alcoholic sparkles & drinkies. Relish in Doncaster will literally make you any scrummy cocktail you’d like – but minus the alcohol content. Their Strawb Sensation is to die for. I’ve also developed a new love for Belvoir Pink Lemonade. And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without copious mugs of Mulled Wine… well… Fellow Prego mammies to Be  you need to buy some Ribena Winter Spice! Its beautiful! Just like Mulled Wine… but without the wine lol. The Tee Total thing really doesn’t phase me if I’m honest. While I was having my right leg rebuilt I didn’t drink alcohol for over 2 years. Abstaining from the stuff is an easy thing to do for me. Even when everyone else around you is enjoying a festive tipple. I’m happy with my pink lemo in a champagne flute. For me… it’s all about the presentation… if it looks good… then I’m sure I’ll like it. I’m very aesthetically minded. 

 It struck me last night after I posted yesterdays blog post – that I haven’t given you guys an update on my skanky nails for a while! Well… they’re so much better. For new readers – here’s a brief update: Back in May I went to a cheapo nail place to have some acrylics done for my birthday. I went cheap & where they use those little electric files & wear face masks – you know the places I’m talking about. Well within 4 weeks of having them on… my thumb nails lifted away from my nail bed & I contracted a water infection in each & every nail plate. The result was nails covered in brown & khaki green spots. They were paper thin & extremely sore. I couldn’t bare to have my hands in water even! Typing was a nightmare too!  Well… 6 month on & they’re almost healed. All my finger nails are back to normal. But both thumb nails aren’t quite there yet. I’ve been using a good cuticle oil daily & a Sally Hansen nail strengthener to try & repair the damage. So… the moral of the story: Always go to a good nail salon like Perfect Harmony in Sprotbrough Village, Doncaster. 

 **please note that the above polish is Holly Place by Nails Inc. 

With Christmas fast approaching – I’ve gotten myself super organised! I’ve already posted my Christmas cards & everyone’s Gifts are all wrapped. I’ve even got all my grocery shopping ordered & ready for delivery around Christmas week. Seriously… What would we do without Morrison’s & Ocado!? They’ve both got amazing deals on to be had & their customer service is top notch. Their Twitter support is incredible too… I can speak from first hand experience. Nothing is ever a bother.

With today being ‘Black Friday’… I just wanted to mention Gemma again. Gemma is a fab Younique make up rep & she has some good deals right now. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover Not only does she have her online shopping link, but she has a Facebook Page too where she holds competitions & special bargains. Give her page a like: https://www.facebook.com/Younique-by-Gemma-415392888667186/?fref=ts Liking her page costs nothing… she won’t push sales on to you… but it’s a chance for you to keep an eye out for some amazing bargains. And I mean – who doesn’t love a competition!? You’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So… Who’s heard of The Noth Pole Breakfast? If I’m honest – I hadn’t heard of it until someone told me about it on Facebook then I did some research via Pinterest. It’s a cute little idea of having a Christmas themed Breakfast on December 1st. The idea is that Elves magically deliver it before you wake up – too cute! Well this year I wanted a practice run before our bambino arrives. So this year is a dress rehearsal if you like. I’m having our North Pole Breakfast Saturday December 5th when my Parents are down visiting. I have Christmas Crockery… Christmassy Glassware & some Christmas themed foods lol… I can’t wait! I just love to ‘faff’ lol. I bought the cutest Christmas Glass bottles & straws from Home bargains for 50p each. I don’t think some of you down south of England have a Home Bargains? If not – then you can shop online. I also bought some amazing Christmassy Crockery from B&M. Unfortunately though I couldn’t get any side plates… so I’m still on the look out for those! 

 I’ve really been into pregnancy ‘freebies’ at the moment. Honestly… if it’s free then get it I say! I’ve heard lots of people slagging off the Bounty Packs, Emma’s Diary Packs etc… but seriously guys… they’re free! What do you want!? I’ve literally signed up to everything. I’ve had free pregnancy nutrition items from Boots, free Pampers packs, Free Hipp Organic feeding spoons, Free Johnson’s products… honestly loads of things. Starting your nursery is pretty pricey – so surely all of the free things you can apply for are just a little bonus. I mean the travel sized toiletries are great for taking your little one on vacation. Here’s a few links to get you started if you’re interested:

http://www.emmasdiary.co.uk/baby-offers/free-baby-samples this is the Emma’s Diary one. It’s pretty good & you get lots of vouchers for money off things sent to you
http://m.boots.com/h5/cat_hub?unCountry=uk&path=/en/Mother-Baby/Parenting-Club/ This is the Boots parenting club to pair with your advantage card… you’ll get 10 points per every £1 that you spend
http://www.hipp.co.uk/join This one is really good. You get free baby spoons every now through letterbox & you get lots of money off coupons for food & things
http://www.bounty.com/about-bounty/bounty-packs?gclid=CPiLqorlockCFYvnwgod3V8AkQ these are 3 packs from bounty you can get: Mum to Be, Newborn Baby & Family Pack. All of them are worth getting coz you get lots of sample sized things that are perfect for your changing bag.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow… we’ve got a lovely lazy morning planned with breakfast in bed. Then we’ll probably do some boring ‘housey upkeep’ type of things… but at 4pm we’ll be heading to our Village Wine Bar to watch out Village Christmas Tree being lit up! Afterwards we’ll be heading to the Boat Inn on Sprotbrough Falls for some tea by the open fire. Oh I just can;t wait. I’m feeling more & more Christmassy each day… if that’s even at all possible! I can’t recommend the food enough at The Boat Inn, plus the overall setting of the place itself is beautiful. Sprotbrough is most definitely a gorgeous Village to live in.
Ooooooh and… we’ve had word from the carpet place & our new carpets will be fitted for Christmas!!! Yey! They shall be fitted December 8th! Our literally hate our current carpets with a passion. They’re the ones that were already down when we first moved in back in March… They’re tired, worn & a bit ugly if I’m honest lol. So, some fresh new ones will really lift the place.

Right well… I’m gonna leave this post there as we’re expecting a grocery deliver any minute… so I’d best get organised & try & make some room in the pantry for it all lol. Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx


Saturday So Far…

25 Jul

Hi Everyone ✨

I hope you’re all having a fantastical Saturday so far ☺️ 

Well… So far I’ve had a relaxing yet productive Saturday. I was up fairly early as the hubby has gone out hiking in Edale. 

This morning started with a Yorskhire Brew  

I was in the shower early on as I had an Ocado delivery coming. And of course I didn’t want to look like a scary mess when the delivery driver arrived. Poor Matt got a right shock when he came this morning to pick Graham up up for their hike. I was sporting some rather wild bed head hair lol. It wasn’t a good look. 

Since I’m not actually leaving the house today – I’ve gone for comfy clothes & fairly neutral make up.

   I just love our new house so much… It makes me want to just stay at home & relax in the house & garden ❤️ I never felt like that in either of our apartments. I mean, I loved living there at the time – but we used to go out a lot as it just wasn’t as homely as our new house is. It’s just so spacious & big & cozy ✨ I still can’t get my head around having spare bedrooms, an attic & loads of saturate. Apartment living makes you uber tidy & minimal. We literally have cupboards & drawers totally empty. In fact – the third bedroom is completely empty too. I so appreciate having lots of space. 
I got some really good bargains from Ocado. I love their products so much & the customer service is always utterly amazing  

 I’m literally loving Shearer pillar candles right now. I have Vanilla in the dinning room & Lime & in the lounge. They’re on offer right now with Ocado. (I got my candle holders from Wilko’s.) Another good offer is on Voss Mineral Water. The bottles are lovely for reusing too. So now my Fridge & both freezers are fully stocked up ☺️ 

After putting the shopping away I made myself a grilled unsmoked back bacon sandwich with lashings of HP sauce. It was so yummy  

So… Now I’m chilling out snuggling the Chihuahua & watching Toy Story 💕 I really hope the weather gets a little sunnier as we’re having a BBQ this afternoon. It just seems as though Summer has gone already. 

Well, I’m gonna leave this post right there. 

Enjoy the rest of your day ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Sunshine & Showers 

8 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Where on earth has our beautiful Summer sunshine gone? I really hope that the weather picks  up by the weekend ☀️ My Mammy & Daddy are coming to stay at the weekend & I had my heart set on sparkles in the Sun.. Pimms on the lawn… & a yummy BBQ. 

We’re now entering into the Summer Vacation period at work. So Monday saw my my last late 8pm finish for this academic year.  I started he day with a Yorkshire brew as usual & getting ready for work. I went with Naked Palette 2.

Breakfast was my usual Weetabix & semi-skimmed milk. For lunch I made a fat free cottage cheese & hard boiled egg salad. 

   It was such a long day at work… It was extremely quiet. I was so happy to get home & get into my pjs & chill out with my hubster & little chi ❤️✨ 
Tuesday began in the same sorta way… Like you’re totally surprised. Tea & make up  

 I chose Naked Palette 2 again. I love the Avon Super Shock eyeliner… It’s literally my favourite eyeliner right now. You can normally get it for around £6 in the Avon Brochure. 

Breakfast & lunch were the same as Monday’s  

   I decided to take my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag to work with me today. I’ve been using my Michael Kors Jetsetter loads lately, so decided to have a change  
 Tuesday turned out to be a really naughty day for food… Me & Anna decided we needed some food around 11am  

 A bacon buttie was snaffled at my desk. It’s literally been years since I’ve bought a bacon buttie at work from the refectory. 

I came across this recipe yesterday on Instagram… I thought I’d share for anyone who’s interested. 

 Matt came for tea on Tuesday, so that can only mean one thing… Dominoes Pizza & Horror Films. The evening began with a Dandelion & Burdock in the garden with some nachos  


We ordered Two for Tuesday’s  

   The 3 of us totally demolished it all. Then watched 2 horror films… They were awful haha. I think we literally chose the worst horror films EVER. We watched Mercy & Mockingbird. To make things worse… We actually paid for them for them via Sky Store. Although… It is buy one get one free right now… So it weren’t too bad.
Today I’m having a mid week day off. I’ve felt so bloated from last nights pizza that I just had Yorskhire Tea for breakfast  

   I’ve been busying myself with housework & laundry. I like things to be kept neat, tidy & sparkly. I’ve also sorted another delivery from Ocado with a few essentials on it for the coming weekend. Hopefully that shall arrive tomorrow evening after I get in from work. 
I’ve also been hard boiling some eggs ready for tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I’m really loving my egg salads lately.  

 While I’ve been busy, Coco has been snoozing in one of her beds.

 She just loves to snooze ❤️  

Nail update: they’re still pretty brittle & sore to touch. So I’m keeping up with painting the nail hardener on & I’ve painted them with CND Vinylux in Tutti Fruitti. I love this colour. They have grown a bit, but as soon as they do they’re bending & splitting. So I think I’m best keeping them really short until the filed bits have totally grown out & are back to normal ✨

 I’m now sat watching Hollyoaks. Sharlene is coming to visit soon with her two teeny Princesses 👑 Sharlene is the Bride to Be in going to be bridesmaid for✨ I’d best get the kettle on ready for her arrival. 

So, I’ll leave this post here for now.

Thanks so much again for reading,

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Eye of the Storm 

2 Jul

Evening people ✨

So… I’ve been seeing loads of posts on social media about these storms you’ve all been having… I think they must’ve passed us by. The only slight storm we had was yesterday whilst at work & the electrics tripped… It was literally a 20 minute storm & that was it. My Mam & Dad have no SKY TV, Phone Lines or Internet, their lines have literally been fried! What a nightmare! So I do hope that this blog post finds you all safe & sound. 

Well as you’ve probably guessed… This morning started with a cuppa & make up ✨ 

   I used a mix of Naked 1 & 3 for my eyes. Estée Lauder lippy in number 16 is fast becoming my Fave!!! ❤️
For breakfast I had some Ham from the joint I cooked yesterday, 2 hard boiled eggs & a splodge of fat free cottage cheese. It sounds really random I know… But it was healthy, filling & really yummy!  

 I had a really early finish today at work & left at 12:30 ☺️ The first thing I did when I got home was to get some yogurt brewing & of course I needed a cuppa  

 I’m currently making some Greek Honey Yogurt. It should be ready by the time I get up in the morning. I’m planing on making healthy deserts with it..

For lunch I had a truly massive salad! I had Egg, Cottage Cheese, Low Fat Coleslaw, Lettuce, Cucumber, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Olives, Sweetcorn & 3 small slices of Salami cut into strips. I had a fat free balsamic dressing. Coco totally had her eye on it haha.

   While I snaffled my lunch I watched an episode of Criminal Minds… Have I ever mentioned how much I love that show? It’s literally one of my faves. It’s up there with Game of Thrones. 
After that… I headed out into the garden with the latest edition of Elle Decoration & a Dr Pepper Zero 

 The current issue is sooooo good! I spied a few things that I really do need!  

 The Patricia Urquiola Jellie Collection is just so gorgeous! I also really want a Hostess Trolley  

 I can just see me serving up Pimms to my guests on my Hostess Trolley of Dreams haha ✨

I’ve been snap chatting quite a bit today… So for anyone who’d like to see what I’m up too through my day… Give me an add  

 Just before we had tea… Our Ocado Delivery arrived  

 I simply love the colour coordinated bags! Plus, the food is always so fresh & in really good condition. 


 I’m loving the packaging on my 7Up cans & the Gruffalo design on Yorkshire Tea right now. I love fun designs & anything retro. 

For tea tonight I used up what was left of the Gammon Joint from yesterday… I made a low fat Spaghetti Carbonara using Quark instead of Cream  

It was utterly delicious & I love my vintage Willow Pattern bowls that I served it in. I love trawling charity shops for vintage treasures.

The weather has now gone from glorious sunshine… To an overcast cloudy rainy mess! I’m really hoping for good weather tomorrow as me & the hubster were hoping to BBQ for tea tomorrow night! I’ve taken out BBQ supplies from the freezer…  

 The congealed mass in the middle is Sweet Chilli Pork Sausages, just for anyone that was wondering lol ☺️

Well since I can’t go sit in the garden… I think I may pop upstairs… Take my make up off… Get my PJs on… And get into bed & watch a film ❤️ 

And… That was my Thursday. I hope you’ve all had an amazing one ✨ and… The weekend is almost upon us!!! 

Thanks again so much for reading & a big hello to my new readers in Singapore! 

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx