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18 Dec

Hi Folks

I know a lot of you are searching for that perfect diary right now… Something cute, functional & user friendly. Well, the gorgeous folks down at Paperchase HQ kindly sent me a lovely package to review… & guess what!? There was a lovely little 2016 organiser in the pack. 

The organiser is the Ditsy Floral Organiser priced at £16. Now this organiser is totally reusable as you can buy new yearly inserts. So £16 is a mere bargain if you ask me. The little ‘Ditsy’ is seriously cute. It’s pink & chintzy… Very Cath Kidston really. Everyone loves a little retro chintz. It’s also very lightweight – so it’s perfect for on the move. One thing I truly hate is when you have a diary in your bag & all of the pages become torn or crumbled from it opening in you bag. I mean, if you’re anything like me then you’ll have everything but the kitchen sink in your bag with you at all times. so you’ve got your phone, purse, make up bag, umbrella etc… all smashing against your diary. Well, the Ditsy has a little fastening on it, so you’ve no worry of it opening up whilst you’re lugging all of your handbag essentials around with you. 

 In the front of the Ditsy there’s a great little ‘to do’ list for the day ahead. It’s great for jotting things down really quickly. There’s also a handy pocket in the front & at the back too. So they’re great for holding documents, receipts etc… And lets not forget the essential pen holder on the side! I really hate it when your pen becomes lost at the bottom of your bag. This way… you’ll always know where that pesky pen is! I love nothing more than a divider & a sticker. There’s a great little sheet of stickers to use in the diary section & you can even name some of the dividers. You’ll find some blank sheets at the back too to be able to make notes. All in all – this is a great little pocket organiser that won’t take up too room in your handbag & when you’re in that important meeting at work – all of your colleagues will be sat admiring your cute stationary. 

 The next item Paperchase sent me was the lovely little Raindrops Index Card Box complete with a set of cards & dividers. This little gem is only £8 to buy & at the moment it’s in a 3 for 2 special buy… You really cannot go not wrong with this desk accessory. It’d be great for any kind of filing. I’m using mine to keep my business contacts in all neat & tidy whilst being super accessible… But you could use it for literally anything… Recipes for example. It’s a great size that won’t take up too much room on your desk, shelf, drawer etc… I have to share our home office with my hubster… but I’m sure he won’t mind if I sneak this little cutie on to the desk 🙂 

 We all know Paperchase delivers fab looking stationary… but it’s also good quality but don’t just take my word for it… Click the links in this post & purchase some for yourselves. Or pop in store to buy someone a fancy little stocking filler.

Thanks for reading folks & I hope you found the reviews useful! Stay tuned for a review coming up about The Journal Shop.

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Christmas Holidays 

14 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

So I’m now on my official Christmas Countdown! As of 12noon Friday gone – I began my Christmas holidays. I’ve then got annual leave until the end of January 2016… Followed by my maternity leave commencing Feb 2016 to Feb 2017 💙 

Friday was such a lovely last day at work… Well… half day. I had loads of paperwork to finish off, so I started the day with a large Chococcino & a Cadbury ‘reindeer’ Chocolate Cake  

 I was given a lovely ‘Thank You’ card off Amanda at work. I’ve literally only known her a few weeks – but she’s so lovely.  

   I also got a little plant from everyone as an ‘annual leave’ gift lol  
 It’s so cute & is currently living on my kitchen windowsill. I’m a bit superstitious & I didn’t want any ‘baby’ gifts yet. Plus, I’ve not officially started my maternity leave yet either. I have plenty time now to organise my baby shower. I was initially thinking of having it here at home, but since there’s so many people already who want to come – I think it’s gonna be easier to book somewhere & have it there instead. Plus, Coco will be beside herself if there’s too many people here. I mean I have two nice big reception rooms… But I can’t be bothered making constant cups of tea lol. So… I’m thinking I’m gonna source somewhere nice to have afternoon tea. Then they can have the mess to clear up lol 💙

After loads of Huggles all round I headed into to town just to have a little look round the shops… Then I picked up a naughty KFC lunch, then headed home. I figured I was allowed a KFC since it was a bit of a celebratory day. When I got home one of my lovely neighbours popped round with a parcel she’d taken in for me. Oooooooo & it was from Paperchase!!!  

   They’ve sent me a cute little organiser & an index box file. I’m gonna use them over the course of this week & I’ll give a full review of them at the end of the week. But just on how they look… They’re super cute! Thank you Paperchase for sending me such lovely items 💕

Friday evening was spent looking at my website I’m having built. My hubster bought me my domain name bless him. My website is looking so good!!! It just needs some tweaks etc… But the colours & the layout look fantastic. I’m gonna have some pages on there dedicated to my reviews. So for any companies who would like to contact me, it’ll be even easier. Of course my blog will be on there too, along with all of my social media channels. Here’s a little sneaky peeky:  

I’ve been asked a few times to start a video blog. Is that something you’d like to see? So many people have approached me about lit now that I’m seriously starting to think about it. 

Saturday was spent with the hubster ❤️ We popped to town to buy one more thing for under the tree for him, then we headed to Wetherspoons for lunch. You gotta love Wetherspoons for how cheap & cheerful it is. The food is always nice from our local Wetherspoons. The weather was horrid & rainy, so it was very much needed, to sit & have a relax over a nice lunch. While we were sat relaxing I received loads of pics from my Mam of all the snow they had this weekend… I was so jealous!!! ❄️🌨☃ 
 They ended up with several inches of snow!!! We live in South Yorkshire & we literally get no snow! We get like a little flurry now & then. My hubster is from Liverpool & he’s said that down there they don’t get much either. Yet up in County Durham they get some beautiful amounts of snow. It makes me quite ‘homesick’ for where I’m from. I love where we live & I’m really happy here… But now we’re starting our own little family – I think we’d like to look into maybe relocating over the next few year. I’d love our little ones to grow up in such a pretty part of the U.K. with snowy winters. Plus it’d be lovely to have the support of my Mammy too. I also feel as though we’re missing out on so much with our little niece growing up. She’s the only niece we’ll ever have as my hubster is an only child & my brother is the only uncle our children will have. Maybe it’s because it’s Christmas… But I seem to be missing my family a lot lately 💙 

When we got home from town my BirchBox was waiting for me. It was beautiful!!!  

 It arrived in a glitzy clutch bag – I think I’m gonna use it as a pretty sparkly make up bag. Inside I had:

  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
  • Model & Co Lippy
  • Ciate Nail Polish 
  • Skin & Co Shower Gel 
  • Benefits They’re Real Liner 
  • Benefits Puff Off Eye Cream
  • Face Mask

So worth every penny at the bargain price of £6.95… Especially when the collective total is £60+ I’ve had word that there’s still some left! So follow this link then add code: CLOUDXMAS to order yours! 

Sunday was a gorgeous day 🎄 we got to spend the day with Carol & Eddie at their Wedding. Although, I was a little stressed about finding something to wear for the Wedding since my bump is getting bigger & bigger everyday  

   Luckly I managed to shimmy into a size 16 TopShop number. It was actually so comfy – so that was a massive plus!!! The Wedding didn’t start until 3pm, but from 12noon I was by the Brides side ✨ I did hair & make up & then helped her get into her gorgeous dress. We even watched Elf to calm some nerves ☺️ She drank sparkles while I drank Diet Coke lol… It was such a lovely start to the day. So so so Christmassy 🎄 The Wedding took place at the Race Course – it was so beautiful inside.  
   The service was lovely & the reception was utterly stunning  
 I was so unbelievably touched by a gorgeous little gift I was presented with  

 Such a gorgeous delicate sparkly necklace. 

All day I’d been craving a Cadbury Wispa bar… Then at 7pm when the evening guests arrived… My friends hubster was an utter star & turned up with this!!! 

 What an utter hero! Lol.

It was a lovely day & an amazing evening spent with fantastic people & surrounded by Christmas trees 🎄 What more could you want!?  Now I’m just feeling utterly Christmassy… Even more than before ✨

So… My first day of my Christmas Holidays has been spent in my Christmas Mickey Mouse Pyjamas snuggling Coco  


 Coco’s favourite place to sleep these days is on her brother… She loves my bump 💙

My Little Box arrived today!!! It’s such a good box this month… My Little Magic Box  

 The the thing I love about My Little Box is that you don’t just get beauty products… You get lifestyle products too. To subscribe it’s £11 per month plus £3.95 p&p. This month I received: 

  • Navy Mittens with Gold Sparkles
  • Navy & Gold due Nail Polish  
  • Nars Blush
  • Rituals Body Lotion 
  • Kushmi Russian Tea
  • Denim Make Up Bag

The bag itself is really cute. I can’t wait to wear the mittens. If you want to subscribe, just follow this link

Tea tonight was fajitas… So nice!  

Well… I’m gonna leave this post here… I’m super sleepy this evening so I’m gonna spend the rest of the night relaxing with the hubster & the Chi ❤️

Thanks always for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

“Organising is what you do before you do anything, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.” AA Milne

9 Dec

Hi Folks ✨

Sorry for my lack of post yesterday… I just really wasn’t feeling well. So yesterday was spent laying around recuperating as much as I could. But… a few exciting things have happened since my last post…

  1. We have new carpets… Eeeeeeeeeck!
  2. Paper chase are sending me some goodies to review for them… so stay tuned for that!
  3. Lots more companies have contacted me showing interest in this blog… one company being MULBERRY… As you can imagine I’m practically peeing my pants about that one!

I’m really excited to receive my parcel of goodies from Paperchase. I love nothing more than organising! In today’s society we’re all so busy juggling work, family, commitments, etc… People are always asking me how I stay so calm & ahead of things & the answer is so simple: I organise… a lot. There’s nothing better than a good pen, notebook & a diary. I’m really old school. I may own an array of apple products, but I rarely use my calendar function on them. I’m all about the pen & paper. The act of just writing things down seems to help imprint important dates into my brain. Honestly… it’s just something that I’ve always done. All you need is a sparkly pretty notebook & a glammy pen. I so can’t wait to see what my goodies will be as I love Paperchase products. I will most definitely be writing an in depth review of the things they send me with links & prices in case you’re inspired to purchase them!


Any discounts I’m offered via this blog I shall pass on too! Why not spread the bargain love I say… We could all use money off coupons these days! The BirchBox code I was sent is still active & there’s still Christmas boxes available too… so head over & order yourself one or maybe one as a gift. It’s a fab little box with over £60 worth of products inside. The link & code will give you £5 worth of points to spend in their online store & you’ll also get the box for the bargain price of £6.95 including postage!!! Mine has already been dispatched & I can’t wait for it to arrive. Simply follow this link to get yours ordered: https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/zd49d & add discount code: CLOUDXMAS

 So today has been a much better day than yesterday… I’m still not feeling 100%… But like I said – better than yesterday. Plus I only had a half day in work – so that was a lot easier than doing a full day. Of course I started my working day with a Chococcino from Campus Coffee… I even went for the large rather than the regular lol. It was totally needed though. At 12noon a few of us headed over to Relish for lunch. Matt is leaving us… I’m sad, but super happy for him as he’s gotten a fab job elsewhere. So this was kind of an unofficial leaving lunch. I had a lemonade & then lasagne for my nom noms… It was so good! But then, I’ve never had a bad meal at Relish! I probably shouldn’t have gone for a pasta dish since we’ve had pasta for tea tonight too lol… Oh well.

Well, at least tonights was a veggie bake though lol. 

 After lunch I headed straight home. I love getting home & turning the Christmas lights on & having the fire on… It’s just so cosy. There’s no place like home as our Dorothy would say!

 This afternoon has been spent blogging… reading blogs & chilling. Of course Coco needed to be involved too lol. She’s so cute bless her & totally inquisitive of everything.

 Oh, before I forget. My fab friend who is a rep for Younique was telling me that the company have now launched in France & Germany! Honestly if you haven’t tried their products yet then you really need too. I’m such a make up snob & even I have to admit that they’ve ticked every box for me! Especially their foundation… It’s amazing & gives a flawless & even coverage without being too ‘cakey!’. If anyone is interested in purchasing or becoming a rep themselves… Follow Gemma’s link here: http://youniqueproducts.com/gemmadover Joining her team is simple & you’d be able to earn lots of commission – imagine that! You could either use it as an extra income… Or save it for a rainy day! If you have any questions, you can drop her a message here on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746243582154021/

 I don’t actually think there’s much more to tell you… It’s been a pretty quiet Wednesday. Eeeck… that’s means its Thursday tomorrow & that then means… Only one more day until the weekend!!! Friday see’s the start of my annual leave… Saturday will involve a spot of lunch with the hubster & Sunday see’s Carol & Eddies Wedding! I love a Christmas Wedding!

I’m gonna leave this post here folks as I’m getting to that time of the evening where I just wanna snuggle up in bed with some crappy TV & have hubster cuddles ❤️

Thanks again for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx