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Staycation Isolation

1 Apr

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all doing okay. So much has changed & happened since my last blog post!!! How crazy is everything at the moment?

We’re very lucky, as both me & the hubster & the kids are all home safely together. Oh & we can’t forget Coco too. The hubs is now working from, so we’ve been self isolating for quite a while now. Seth has no idea about the virus really, I mean, he’s only 4 yr old, so we decided it was better to keep it from him. We didn’t want him feeling scared or worried. Our families don’t live close by, so it isn’t like he see’s family everyday. So in that respect… he’s not noticed any difference. He did ask about nursery… but we just said we are having extended holidays from school for Easter. He hasn’t even questioned it. And Ted, well, he’s only 17 month old… so he’s none the wiser too.

I’ve been focussing on keeping the boys entertained. It was easier last week, as the weather was so lovely! So we could get out in to the garden.


We’ve chalked our walk, we’ve played in the mud kitchen, picnicked in the garden etc… while the weather has been nice… we’ve been out breathing as much fresh air as possible.

To make this time as fun as possible, we’ve decorated the house for Easter, early. I just wanted to inject some fun & some colour around he place. We’ve also added rainbow colours to our windows too.

We’ve had so much fun crafting & making decorations. With Seth only being in preschool for half a day each day, I’ve decided not to make a home schooling timetable. I’m still encouraging learning & I’m constantly asking little maths questions etc… while we play, but I wanted to focus this time on fun & making memories rather than it more about school. It’s such a scary & uncertain time, so our focus is being fun, carefree & present. I’m making a photobook for the boys of this time… so in years to come they can revisit this time & see that even though things were scary… we tried our best to make it fun. Like a colourful, cheerful, Staycation.

We’ve had PizzaParty picnics, we’ve camped in the front room, we’ve excavated dinosaur eggs, we’ve had wildlife in our front room, we’ve painted etc… Seth keeps telling me this is the most fun holiday he’s ever had. I think he loves that his Daddy is home all the time & working in our office at home & isn’t going out to work. I think he’s loving the novelty of it all. The weirdest part is that he hasn’t asked to go out at all. He’ll ask to go in the garden, but he’s not asked for days out. I really thought he would have. But it’s like he’s so happy & content at home. This whole thing has made me realise though, just how much I actually go out. I’ve always gone out a lot & joined groups etc… with the boys. But since passing my test in December & buying a 2nd car, I’m out even more.

I’ve been trying each day to find a positive in this whole saga. So far… I’ve come up with so many. It’s also opened up my eyes to how much stuff I take for granted too. I have a new found respect for food. I mean, I waste very little food anyway, but now, I’m literally making sure that each thing is used & nothing is wasted.  Today I got an amazing Fruit & Veg delivery from a local market stall… everything is so colourful & looks & smells amazing. I’ve never been so excited to eat a salad for tea!

I’ve had some amazing video calls with family  friends too. The amount of giggles I’ve had is fab – considering the circumstances. I do feel that it’s brought people together.

I’m planning each week on Sunday & making a menu for things to make for tea.

Keeping organised is really helping me to get through this bizarre saga. I love meal planning & prepping… I find it really therapeutic. I’m in the process of making some strawberry yogurt… I can’t wait. The boys love fruit yogurt – so I’m on to a winner!

I do hope you’re all keeping safe, well & positive. I cannot wait for the massive celebrations to be had once this is all over!

Love, huggles, & much love,

Hayley xxx

She believed she could… So she did! 

3 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Well the weekend is finally here & I’m feeling sparkly ✨ My positive sparkly tiara is firmly in place 👑 I keep getting this feeling that new & exciting things are on the tip of the horizon for me & new things are to come soon. 

 There seems to be a new little tradition that has started each & every Friday… At work our Friday inspiring image of the day seems to be a weekly pic of a shirtless Jessie Pavelka  

 Any day that starts with topless Jessie is surely going to be a good day ✨

Yep you’ve guessed it… My Friday morning began with a Yorkshire Brew & make up!  

   For two days in a row I’ve worn massive blingy hoop earrings. I do love a bit sparkle ✨

Breakfast was my fail safe of Weetabix with semi skimmed milk. For lunch I made a quinoa & feta salad. I also took some of my easiyo yogurt & strawberries too for a mid afternoon snack  

    I’m simply loving the retro 7up cans at the moment.
 The day began with an I depth discussion on the ‘man bun’ & if it’s hot or not… Well I decided that it was! And most of my girlie friends did too 😍 

Work was really quiet today as most of my colleagues were at a conference. It was also a really sad day since it was Niamh’s last day 😩 I know we’ll still see each other socially… But gonna miss seeing her at work. 

I left work at 4:45pm & got a lift home with Matt & Joe so I was literally home by like 4:50pm ✨ When I got in I found some goodies left by the postman  

 While looking through my social media apps & catching up with what’s been going on today… I came across this little sneak peek of this months GlossyBox…  

 It looks so cute! I love French design & cosmetics… So I just simply cannot wait!!! 

The weather has been so lovely again today, so we decided on having that BBQ.  

 It was really yummy. This is what I love about Summer… Being able to spend time outdoors in the fresh air. 

It’s been a really chilled out evening ❤️ I sometimes just love staying in & being all chilled out & cozy. I really hope that the weather is nice all weekend ☀️ if just updated my iPhone to 8.4 too & I’ve signed up to the free trial of Apple music for 3months. It seems really good so far. I’ve already been rocking out in my cuddled chair to ACDC ✨ I do love me some Rock Music. I think I’m definitely a rock girl at heart. 

I’d like to say hi to my new reader in Columbia. There’s so many countries popping up in my stats now… So thank you soooooo much for reading ✨

I wanna end this post on a positive note since I started this post on a positive one. 

 Don’t focus on what anyone else is doing & find yourself wishing & wanting to be that other person. Focus on your inner beauty… Focus on what’s inside you that makes you uniquely special. You have a gift & you were put here to give that gift to the world. Whatever you want to achieve… Put your mind to it & try your hardest… Because… You may just surprise yourself ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Summer has landed! 

1 Jul

Hi People ✨

Wowzers… Well today has indeedy been muchos scorchio! ☀️ it actually hit 34°C mid-afternoon… For little old England… That’s pretty damn hot! I love oon Facebook that the same people who complain all Winter about the cold & how they wish it was Summer… Are the same people who are now complaining that’s it’s too hot! Haha… Some people just love to whinge & moan… I really couldn’t live my life like that. I’ve totally been embracing the fine weather. We have to make the most of good weather in this country ✨

So… This morning began just like any other weekday, working day… With Yorkshire Tea & getting ready for work  

 I also decided that it was about time to start carrying some sunglasses around in my everyday bag… So I went with my Guess pair  

 I actually got sent these as a gift from someone as they loved my positivity in my blog posts ✨ Hiw lovely is that!? ❤️

My lunch for work today was last nights leftover homemade chilli. And before I left for work I put a small gammon joint in my slow cooker with a can of diet coke, a few dashes or Worcestershire sauce, garlic & some sweet paprika.  

   It was kinda hectic at work today. This morning I went over to our other site to have a journals meeting. It was really nice to see colleagues I don’t see that much. It was a really productive meeting & we got loads of stuff sorted – now that’s always a good thing ✨ Then it was back to our campus to get back to our regular working day. Although, since one of the bridges is having work done – it was dinner time by the time we got there. 
It’s been so super hot today in work… I think it should be a new rule to eat ice cream at our desks during the Summer months. Around 2pm we had a really bad thunder storm that knocked the lights out… Now that was spooky for like 10 seconds… Especially since Anna felt an invisible force touch her head haha. I was trying to convince her it was a demon haha. 

I left work around 4pm… It was actually too hot to sit in the garden for any length of time… Although me & Coco did sit out for almost an hour  

 Whilst sitting out I did a little Ocado order to be delivered tomorrow… Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve ordered  

 I love Ocado so much. I just love Waitrose food. It’s always such good quality! I can’t wait for that to arrive tomorrow evening. Obviously I shall document it tomorrow evening for my post ☺️

For tea we had our slow cooked ham, with homemade potato wedges & oodles of salad  

 After tea the hubster strimmed the back garden & tidied the grass up a lot bless him… I however sat on my behind & tried to make my poorly nails look prettier  

 When my nails are this short I just feel as though I have short, fat, stumpy man hands! 😩 But at least my nails are looking less irritated which is really good. I’m just keep up with the cuticle oil. I’ll keep you all posted on how my nails are healing.

Well guys & girlies… That was my Wednesday.

Thanks again so much for reading ✨

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx

Magical Mystery Tour

18 Jun

Hi All ☺️

So, today I had a wee magical mystery tour to York. I literally love York so much. It’s such a pretty place.

Since I was spending a few hours in York… I wanted to look all colourful to match the sun. So I went for a safe bet with my make up & went with smokey eyes & an Estée Lauder number 16 lipstick  

       Above is my dress that I wore today paired with a white blazer. Whilst getting ready I had a cuppa & a diet coke  

   I decided to partner my outfit with my Michael Kors large Jetsetter bag 

 Before I left the house I made a quick bolognese sauce in the slow cooker & I had red onion & Rosemary Linda McCartney Sausages with Scrambled Egg for breakfast.  

  Breakfast was so yummy! 

I got the train into York as it’s literally only 22mins on the train from where we live. Jane met me on the platform which was so lovely. It meant that we got to have a bit gossip before my 11:11 train arrived. I don’t know about you…. But I always say a wish at 11:11 ✨ It is magical… Isn’t it!? 

While on the train I jotted down some positive thoughts for the day. I 100% believe in a positive mental attitude. Positivity attracts positivity.  

 Once in York – my handsome hubster met me. He works in York. I got to see his office or shall I say ‘dungeon’ today for the first time. It was so nice to actually see it rather than just seeing it on snapchat ☺️ whilst there I got to meet a few of his colleagues. One being Rachel – who is super lovely & super nice & just my kind of person ✨ 

One thing that I did note is that Graham’s desk is kinda messy!  

I just can’t abide disarray & mess lol… I’m such an organised neat freak. I also spied some fake moustaches!  

I was rather tempted by the ‘Professor’ tash… But I resisted. After a coffee, we headed to the Museum gardens





It’s just so super stunning there. I took the pic of the old door simply because I have this thing about old doors lol. I love an old wooden door. I did a whole project on old wooden doors for my GCSE Photography exam. 

I can’t really say why I was in York today… It’s sort of a secret mission for now. I promise I’ll disclose more information at a later date… Maybe. Sorry for being ambiguous. 

It was so lovely to just see York today… It’s been a while since I’ve visited. I really must go more often. It’s just so beautiful there. It is kinda magical too… A little like Hogsmede… Yep… I’m a Harry Potter fan ✨ After my secret mission I headed on home for a cuppa & cuddles with Coco. Then… Our new patio set & BBQ arrived!  

  Woo hoo! I’m super excited!!!

For tea we had the bolognese I made in the slow cooker with spaghetti  

It was so delicious & yummy!!! 

And there you have it… That was my Thursday in a small sparkly nutshell ✨ And guess what… Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yey! 

Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Huggles,

Hayley xxx